Sardar Gabbar Singh 1st Day Box Office Collection

Sardar Gabbar Singh 1st Day Box Office Collection: As expected Sardaar Gabbar Singh has set the box office on fire. The film has shattered many box office records on its opening day. But it looks like that Baahubali record is still safe.

The film was released today in around 2600 screens. As per the official figures, Sardar Gabbar Singh 1st day collection will be in the range of 20 crores from AP/TG. While it is expected to collect around 3 crores from all over India. Power Star Pawan Kalyan's SGS opened to a thunderous response even in the morning shows. The film was running with the occupancy of 95-100% in Andhra. While it Telangana it was ranging from 65-70%. Though there were drops in the noon shows as the film failed to maintain its pace.

Sardar Gabbar Singh 1st day box office collection

The opening was earth shattering in B and C centers while good in A centers. Sardar Gabbar Singh 1st day box office collection is the second-highest opening day ever behind only Baahubali. The film has beaten the record of Sarimanthudu. It is also the highest opener for a Pawan Kalyan starrer. The Hindi version of the film has performed very poorly on its first day. Sardar Gabbar Singh collection in Hindi version will be under 1 crore. It was always on the cards as except from Baahubali, South films have struggled in core Hindi belts.

The film has also performed extremely well in the overseas market. It has collected $615k from the premier shows on Thursday in the USA. It has also shattered all on-Baahubali records here. The official figures are yet to come from other overseas markets.

Sardar Gabbar Singh Vs Baahubali:

Sardar Gabbar Singh 1st day collection is nowhere close to Baahubali which collected 66 crores. But SGS has crossed Baahubali opening day in Andhra and some other small centers.

It has received mixed reviews and word of mouth also seems to be mixed. It will be interesting to see how it performs on Saturday and Sunday.



Rest of India
37.50 Cr

*Only from previews

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Note: Sardaar Gabbar Singh box office collection on the first day are only early trade estimates. The official figures will be updated soon. Also, write your views about Sardar Gabbar Singh 1st day box office collection in the comments section.

46 comments on “Sardar Gabbar Singh 1st Day Box Office Collection”

  1. Power of superstar pawan kalyan..dear bollyarena team overseas collections is from premiers held on one day before..what is the overseas collections for today..

  2. Show by show collections will drop , hope Monday will be the last day for raja sardar gabbaraingh.
    Johny was best.rsgs is nothing .
    Pity sharthmarrer,please leave pawan kalyan He is unfit in films,even in family,politics.
    No isam , only mad now.

    1. nice but you are fit for this only. movie big hit aithe ne lanti vedavalu andaru encourage chestaru kani ela vunna encourage chese vade ra abimani. we love pk attitude we wont change. just be ready for the records of first day collections...

  3. @ap trivikram

    Today is the last day for u for writing comments. If u dont like the movie, dont think that it will not be liked by others also.
    Pity on u ra... Since u r anti fan Jaffagadivi... nuvu aa magesh gadi fanva???
    nuvu deniki panikostavra, negative coments raydaniki thappa... intha negative ga alochistunavantene ardham avtundi nee mind entha negative ani... inkem peekalev nee jeevithamlo...
    Overall negaive fellow

    1. orey gudda, noru musukoni intlo paduko.ma fans ni gelikave anuko this z the last day for u
      me lanti vala vunaru kabatte telugu films ki boostup lekunda potundi kojja
      nek istam lekunte chudaku anthe kani ila negative cmnt chyku
      movie evadara flop ani chepindi?it's hit movie

    2. Well said bro. These stupids.. I mean idiots.. exactly we call them bastards.. they cant digest.. look at his thinking.. May god bless him.. what ever these fuckers say .. we dont care.. we love powerstar.. he is the best .. others need stories for movie hit n ol.. but power star just need his presence.. tht bastard @ap trivkram.. I think he is blind.. his mind was sucked nd he was ducked by life I guess.. lolzz

  4. Hi is the top most energetic star in south India ,he did the terrific performance in sgs. It will be the blockbuster.

  5. orey gudda, noru musukoni intlo paduko.ma fans ni gelikave anuko this z the last day for u
    me lanti vala vunaru kabatte telugu films ki boostup lekunda potundi kojja
    nek istam lekunte chudaku anthe kani ila negative cmnt chyku
    movie evadara flop ani chepindi?it's hit movie

  6. By heart m a hardcore mahesh fan.. Frankly PK Worked hard in this film.. He did everything he could.. I will not say it's a blockbuster but its a movie that u can come out wid smile on face and joy in heart.. Loved PK"S Style in this movie.. He is a trend setter and mahesh is DOESN need a trend as mahesh is a brand.

    Let's support good movies and support [email protected]

  7. Cenema chudatam vachina vallaku e movie flop anipinchadu kontha mandi yadavalu alage antaru sgs simply super

  8. Nenu pawan kalyan fan ee.. every movie 1st day 1st show ne chusa... kani ee movie chala kastam ga undi maa friends group lo okadu second half start aina oka 20 min lechi vellipoyadu .. johnny chala better ani pinchidi ----reality ala undi

  9. Jai pawanism

    Memu pK fans mee . maa batch mottam prathi movie 1st day 1st show chustam . kani ee movie konchm kastam ga undi . maa group lo iddaru second half start aina oka 20 min lechi bayatiki vellipoyadu . johny chala better ....reality

  10. @Bollyarena

    According to your estimate SGS collect 32.5cr gross only in India & 20.5cr Nett.

    So that means 12cr or 36.9% Tax for a regional Film from 32.5cr Gross.

    Yaha masak Chal raha hai kya ?
    Ke Collection ko Jyada dikhao to Log film ko Dekhne aayenge.

    Even for Bollywood films Tax is around 30% & You are showing 36.9% tax for a Regional Film.

    1. it collected 29 crs share ww.. nd.alone in andhra nd telangana it collected around 21 crs...dnt be jeaolus on south movies...

    2. Boss me gundala medha chai vasukoni chappandi edi hit or floop ado comment pattalani kadu k
      Movie ki manam patta comments true ga vundali k
      Prabhu fn of pk....

      1. bhayya movie result andariki telsu vadu south movies anni fake collections antunnadu...anduke vadiki chepthunna...telugu movie kuda antha collect chesthyani

  11. SGS movie is the block buster movie....first half amazing..second half sentiment..overall movie superb....

  12. @balika agree with u ..these south indians show us worldwide gross figures but our Bollybood producers give only India nett figures ..
    10-15 cr kamane wali film ko gross me dalke overseas add karke tax badake kese bhi karke 30cr tak pahucha dete hain
    Meanwhile our HNY's worldwide opening collection was 45cr nett , 62cr gross 19cr overseas= Worldwide 81cr

    1. it collected 29 crs share ww...nd in only andhra nd telangana it collected 21 share...we knw wat is gross nd share...u dnt knw power of south movies...dnt get jeaolus on south movies

  13. SGS movie is the block buster movie....Ani ane vallu okkasari cinema manchiga chudandi .....anta ledu SGS movie ki .....Try to watch The Jungle Book

  14. Hai guys, film is good, please don't compare with any film even with gabbar Singh 2012, sardar is quite different film with diff story line, entertainment is the same, and for anti's wait for few days sardar will show what he is exactly,with the collections,PK and his fans need nt prove themselves we all know what they are.......

  15. Worst ever.unwanted headache.0.5/5.routine 1990s story and routine screen play.but pawn kalyan action was some bit of relief.

  16. evaru em anukunna, em matladinaa
    power star PAVAN KALYAN gari craze,
    mattuku taggadhu....
    asalu cinema lo nachakapovataniki
    em undhi nakaithe SGS'' IS

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