Sardaar Gabbar Singh Movie Review

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Movie Review

Sardaar Gabbar Singh is a typical masala entertainer directed by Bobby. Starring Pawan Kalyan the film has been dubbed in Hindi and will be released along with the Telugu version on April 8. The film is a sequel to 2012's release Gabbar Singh.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh is one of the most highly-anticipated Telugu films of 2016. Power Star Pawan Kalyan is set to see his film, made on a budget of Rs 70 crore, releasing in 42 countries. There is a huge hype around Sardar Gabbar Singh. The promos and music have worked well. Pawan Kalyan is one of the biggest stars in South India, who has a huge fan base in Andhra, Telangana and in the USA. The trade is also expecting record numbers on its opening day. Let's move on to Sardar Gabbar Singh review to find out if it lives up to the expectations.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh movie review

Sardar Gabbar Singh Review Pawan Kalyan

The film is set in the former princely state of Rattanpur. The state is ruled by Bhairon Singh (Sharad Kelkar) who is a feudal landlord. Bhairon is a cruel leader who tries to snatch the villager's land by force (seems familiar). Arshi (Kajal Agarwal) is the royal princess of the state who wants to rescue her public from the wrath of Bhairon. But she is helpless as there is nobody who can stand against Bhairon. Here comes Sardaar Gabbar Singh (Pawan Kalyan) who is a police inspector. He is sent to Rattanpur for the help of Arshi. But instead, he fell in love with her (not again). Will he be able to succeed in his mission? Watch the film to find out.

If you are looking something new in Sardar Gabbar Singh, you will be disappointed. The script and screenplay are outdated and looks familiar.  This is amusing in some parts while it looks lazy in others. The jokes and dialogues are entertaining and are whistle worthy. One liners are also enjoyable. Pawan's romance with Kajal is not overdone (thankfully).

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Review: Direction, Editing, Music

K. S Ravindra has done a decent job if we consider that he is a second-time director. Though he fails to handle the drama, especially in the second half. Music by Devi Sri Prasad is good. Overall action sequences are well directed and are like any other South film. Arthur A. Wilson's cinematography is sharp while editing is just all right. Though it could have been better in the first half where the pace is slow.

Sardar Gabbar Singh Review: Star Performances

♦ Pawan Kalyan excels in his role and did a terrific job as a maverick cop. It is a treat to watch him again in action and comedy scenes. The film is a treat for Pawan fans. Though he is weak when it comes to emotions.

♦ Kajal Agarwal looks stunning as Royal Princess. She leaves a mark despite the fact that she had less screen space.

♦ Sadly Sharad Kelkar disappoints and is not on top of his game. Brahmanandam entertains once again with his antics.


What's Good:

♦ The return of Gabbar Singh
♦ Action & Comedy
♦ Songs
♦ Cinematography


What's Bad:
♦ Outdated script
♦ Drama does not build up properly
♦ Weak direction at times


Sardaar Gabbar Singh Movie Review: Last Word

Overall Sardaar Gabbar Singh is enjoyable with the right dose of action, romance, and comedy. If you want nothing more than entertainment, give this a try.

The film will be loved by masses but it will be interesting to see how it performs in multiplexes.




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37 comments on “Sardaar Gabbar Singh Movie Review”

  1. The gabbar singh movie 2012 was the same movie dabang 2010 star salman khan is .
    Is this movie similar for dabang 2 bollyarena??
    Please anser me

    1. Even Gabbar singh had several added scenes to entertain Telugu audience. Only the plot and Characterization are similar.

    2. No the script is entirely different.It has nothing to do with Dabang 2.The story is penned by pawankalyan garu.

  2. LOL.. It is a complete crap film. Forget Baahubali it will not even cross 50 crore

    1. Don't be a dumbass and bet on that. It likely to cross 50cr Share mark in Weekend itself.

      It's a tailor made film for tollywood. Slightly poor reviews are expected from other areas except karnataka.

    2. Wtf pawans flop movies reach 50 crores easily...he doesn't need high visuals hollywood technicians n all bull shit like bahubali....his name is enough

        1. Rey em RA lambdi Meeru caste based kaada mundu mee frnt chusukondi malla maa daggaraku vadduru

  3. If you open TV.
    all Hindi channels are showing Dubbed South films with Confusing Title like Ek Khatanak & Phir se Ek Khatarnak ,Mahabali Khatanak etc...

    All films are one liner Hero will fall in love with The Heroine & 2-3 Dance Songs & One Don who is ruling the World from Chennai or Hyderabad or Bangkok & In the end Hero jump ,Fly & Fight & Kill villain & Happy Ending.

    SGS is also looking Like a Crap.

    But I can't understand how same type Masala Films are working in South from Many years back..........While in Bollywood Masala Films rule the Box Office just for 3-4 years.

    This Film will be a bomb at Box Office like 2014's Lingaa.

  4. It's not possible reach bahubali. But Wait n see whether it over takes srimantudu records which stands next to bahubali.

  5. Songs highlight aa orey okka song aina ekkindha evadikaina... It will definitely cross 50 CR mark and can come close to 100 CR as well. No Offence here, I haven't watched the movie am just commenting about the songs.

  6. name of pavan is enough to get 50crores ,
    with some entertainment it reaches 100 crores,
    pawan has fans from all sections not from any caste
    please dont fight with caste it looks wierd

  7. Comment:The movie is only for power star fans.....i love the movie dont compare with any movie.power star always has his own way. nobody can reach him.

  8. If u trust or not i could say that this is just another average movie. can't break the great BahuBali records.

  9. Y u ppl thinking BB is great film yar ppll who watche hollywood films never feel that its great film its just copy and paste

    SGS is diffrent zoner film and BB is diffrent zoner film
    if BB is grt film thn y investor or not comeing for BB-2

  10. movie really nice pawan kalyan action comedy interwal bang kajal all are good only weak is climax part fight rest of them is superb love the film

  11. Bakwas movie only music is good. Rest all characterizing and acting is a ton of shit. Time and money waste.. Breaking baahubali records? Bull shit . it can't even collect Baahubali's parking collections.. Pawani Kalyans originality is out now with this movie.. R.I.P Pawala ????

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