Sanju Trailer - Ranbir Kapoor

The much anticipated Sanju trailer is out. The film starring Ranbir Kapoor in the lead role is set to release on 29 June 2018.

Check out the trailer below and tell us your thoughts in the comments section.


39 comments on “Sanju Trailer - Ranbir Kapoor”

  1. Ek cheez sure hai sanju race 3 se zyada kamaega ..mtlb ranbir 2nd time salman ko harane vala hai hahaha..eid me clash kr leta but kya fayda ..eid me clash se zyada ye sb movie non holiday me kamaega
    Or padmavaat bahubali 2 ka dekh ke sb ka aankh khool gaya

    1. Maza araha hai

      Salman fans acting skills pai comments kar rahe hein ?

      One of the signs of the end of world is that salman fans will talk and comment on acting skills

      God save us ?

    2. There is no doubt that ranbir kapoor is 100 time better then all the new generation actors,,,,he is so talented and excellent actor.....and he is very good guy and he always avoid himself from media....excellent trailer and I hope that it will be his first film to enter 200crs club...

      Some of his best movies:::: APKGK,,,wake up sid,,,barfi,,,YJHD,,,,bachna aey hasino,,,,

      He is future megastar....

  2. June vs December
    Bollywood me sbse zyada takkar srk salman ka hota hai or youngsters me ranbir ranveer ..or kya co incidence hai ..June me salman or 2 week baad ranbir aa rha ..December me srk or 1 week baad ranveer aa rha ...means srk vs salman and ranbir vs ranveer and June vs Dec

    Nov me bhi aamir aa rha 2 week baad tiger

    1. Ranveer ka koi movie December m release nhi hoga iss saal
      Shooting start nhi hua h

    1. Too early to call him a perfectionist but yeah he comes closest amongst the younger actors!

      This film could put Ranbir back in the reckoning.......Ranveer and Varun have taken the lead past year or so but one film could change it all for Ranbir....

  3. In 2008 that Ranbirs Bachna Ae Haseeno thrashed Salmans God Tussi Great Ho.

    After 10 years again Ranbirs Sanju will beat Salmans Race 3.

  4. Trailer is great, but I think Ranbir could have imitated Sanjay dutt better, Ranbir kapoor is a much better actor than this. There is a program called baba ki chowki in 9xm, that guy in that program imitates Sanjay dutt much better than Ranbir.

    1. There is a consensus amongst all fan bases (except obviously Salmaniacs) that Salman fans are ineligible to comment on acting skills. Reason is if they were a good judge they wuld have never been a salman fan in 1st place.

  5. what a trailer!!


    maza aa gaya!

    hatsoff Mr.Rajkumar Hirani!!

    my prediction-310cr

    aur PK jaisi hue toh 360cr

  6. Total crap trailer.....over acting ki dukaan ranbir......stop comparing him with one of the biggest actor ever salman ......mark my words race 3 will crush sanju....race 3 storm will swipe away baahubali 2 and dangal records.....sanju trailer is so boring I hv to watch race 3 trailer once again now

    1. @Riju says a lot about your IQ level you low life moron. Anyways thanks for making our day with hilarious joke..

        1. @mayyu lol. What did you find wrong with my English??? Better look at your sick mind before judging others. Your IQ level says a lot while supporting a moron.

  7. Sure shot super hit. Would expect 250 cr plus.

    Meanwhile fun shall continue. Race 3 was trolled severely. SRKians and Ranbir fans were quite active. Now Salman fans will be actively trolling Sanju.

    And come may December. Salman and Ranveer fans shall team up against Zero. And Ranbirians shall be supporting SRKians against Simba

    In between all these shitty fan wars the movie with better content shall always prevail irrespective of the negativity done by any fan base

  8. The trailer of Sanju is really good & it also seals the fate of Race 3. Nothing's working for Race 3. It would do 150 cr at best. Sanju will earn more than Race 3 unless it turns out boring which isn't likely.

  9. After a disappointing Race 3 trailer time for some great trailer. Sanju trailer has exceeded expectation. Hope movie will

    1. @jeet Well being a fan of an actor sorry non actor who has done most number of trashy boring films you have no right to judge this film and call it boring.

    2. Your jealousy speking at best , look at the response man. At one side race 3 has sa many dislikes but for salmanians that's because whole world is jealous of salman and at another side Sanju is getting positive response that's boring for salmaniaca, really jealousy is at peak and this attitude of salmaniacs will take their star down way.

  10. It has potential to become huge grosser .but 300 crore ,aren't we expecting too much ? For 300 crore it it must have to open big and weekend should be 100 crore .it is non holiday release and it isn't Baahubali or Padmavat .I think it will cross 200 crore .but 300 crore is big number and to achieve this it have to trend well after weekend and 4- 5 weeks .

  11. Every Salman haters (Srk, Aamir, Akki, Ranbir fans) are doing their best to spread as much negativity as they can (even though they like it but still they pretend to dislike)........and same doing their best to support Sanju movie (even they are not even interested in that movie, but since it is release close to Race 3 they are supporting this movie).......Ok so now we will see which movie will win at Box Office......

    To all Salman haters keep doing your best and we will see who win at the end.....But if Salman's Race win at Box Office then please don't give stupid and lame excuse that Box Office does not matter or Indian Audience are stupid or Race was action movie etc etc etc......Because these are the same audience who watch Dangal, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, 3 Idiot, Sultan and make them huge grosser.......Now let see who win at the end......Good Luck

  12. Well Raju Hirani brings it back. He puts a little bit of everything in his movies. If he picks up even the worst or most serious subject/topic he's definitely going to add some entertainment value to it making the final product a perfect mixture for everybody. Ranbir has always been a fine actor we all know that. This performance will raise the bar a little higher. This performance might even lead to a couple of awards his way. The only thing I'm a little worried about is that they don't deviate too much from the Reality. This is a biopic of Sanjay Dutt, a very popular movie star so I hope they keep it simple and mostly real, close enough to Sanjay Sir's life because that jail scene seems to be a bit far from reality(we're talking about A Star celebrity here). I really hope they don't dramatize it much and show us what really happened. Everything else seems to be good. Acting wise everybody is going to impress. A Definite box office success, most probably biggest for Ranbir. Best of luck to team Dutt☺

    1. I think they actually tone it down for the jail scene because in reallity local jails are much darker , its a hell hole , only preference celebrity gets are they get a separate cell that's it , or else 6 or 5 share a cell in a overcrowded jail. There are lots of documentaries and article written about this shit hole call jail. Sanjay dutt in real life jail me phata tha bohut phata tha lol

  13. Bhai what in the world has Salman done so that Aamir fans jealous. Neither he has highest Indian grosser of Bollywood nor overseas why Aamir fans will be jealous. Race 3 trailer is not upto the mark as simple as that.

  14. Race3 is world classic movie! Sanju is good!but not everyone! First weekend race3 will collect 130cr+

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