Sanju Teaser - Ranbir Kapoor

Few lives in our times are as dramatic and enigmatic as the saga of Sanjay Dutt. Coming from a family of cinema legends, he himself became a film star, and then saw dizzying heights and darkest depths: adulation of diehard fans, unending battles with various addictions, brushes with the underworld, prison terms, loss of loved ones, and the haunting speculation that he might or might not be a terrorist.

Sanju is in turns a hilarious and heartbreaking exploration of one man’s battle against his own wild self and the formidable external forces trying to crush him. It depicts the journey of a man through everything that life can throw at him. Some true stories leave you thinking “did this really happen?” This is one such unbelievable story that happens to be true.

Watch the Sanju teaser below and tell us if you like it.

51 comments on “Sanju Teaser - Ranbir Kapoor”

  1. It will beat all Salman films released outside EDX.Salman is yet to cross 125 crore but Ranbir has already crosses 150 crore and high chance to cross 200 crore without EDX which Salman can't achieve .

    1. Teaser is good but RK is excellent......

      Are you a Salman hater from your child birth days or you are just an ASS......????Poor Salman haters....

    2. One word epic and mind blowing trailer no words left how to praise it
      And hats off to makeup artist no one can bilieve its ranbir who is in form of sanjay

    3. Zero rukh khan yet to cross 250 cr mark even with EDX
      disaster khan Rocks

    1. Srk last movie jo achii thi ya jo majority ko pasand aai thi vo th my name is Khan 2010 me ..or my name is Khan non holiday me (February me ) overseas me $23M kar lia ..aaj ke date me bhi $20M krne me struggle kr rha sb ..saal me 1 2 jaata hai $20M ..or srk ne 2010 me kar dia or fir 2nd $20M 2013 me aaya

      Ab socho agar srk zero achaa movie hua majority ko achaa laga to overseas me kitna krega ? Mai batata hoon easily $40M + krega ..or china me bhi $50M ....my name is Khan aaj ke date me aata to non holiday me $30M rehta ...khud socho dilwale negative reviews or clash me Christmas me $26.6M kr lia to zero solo ne or positive reviews me kitna krega ..hahahaha honest man sun rha hai na tu ?

  2. In 2008 1 year and 1 film old Ranbir defeated Salman from left ,right and centre in BAH vs dog tussi great ho clash.
    Aisa hota hai number 1 star ka dominance ? Aisi hoti hai ruling ? Salman is content dependent star and content stars are not superstars .

    1. Shameful people even go to the extent of twisting God name to prove a point... atleast have some grace and shame

    2. @Prashant mind yiyr bloody language. Even I am a Salman hater and I hate him much more than you but how can you abuse God???? Shame on you??? The movie was a flop so troll Salman as much as you want but don't u dare to troll God like that you moron. You don't have any upbringing or what??? Shame on you. Get a life and next time stay within your limit. U are in my watch list.

    1. OK last baar jab tino khans festival pe aae the (2014 me ) to aisa tha result
      Salman eid , aamir Christmas srk Diwali ...according to BOI :

      1st day :
      HAPPY new year 36.6cr
      Pk 25.5cr
      Kick 24.6cr hahahaha

      1st weekend :
      HAPPY NEW YEAR 93.6cr
      Pk 93cr
      Kick 80cr hahaha

      Overseas 1st weekend :
      Happy new year $8M
      Pk $7.7M
      Kick $3M hahahaha local star

      Worldwide 1st weekend :
      HAPPY NEW YEAR 176cr
      Pk 173cr
      Kick 125cr hahaha what a shame

      Honest man kya yahi hai salman ka best phase ? Hahaha shame shame

    2. Haii Lisa how r u
      Why don't u comment on each and every article
      Ur mere presence here makes me happy

  3. This will surely be a blockbuster ranbir has really worked hard really getting into the skin of sanju and director is rajkumar hirani who for me is best director of present generation so i predict that this will be 1st 200 crore for ranbir and will be a game changer in his fledging career

  4. Honest man jahil sun
    Srk ka kabhi bad phase aaya Hi nahi ..kon hisaab se srk ka bad phase hai ye decade 2010-2017 ?..10movies me 4 hits 1 superhit 1 blockbuster 2 semihit 2 flops

    Ok srk ka 2010-2017 vs salman ka bad phase 2000-2009
    Salman 31 movies me bas 5 hits dia vo bhi 5 hits multistarrer movie mtlb khud ke dum pe ek hit nahi ..2004-2009 lgatar har saal sbse clash haara ..rakhi sawant ek item girl se clash haara 2007 me ..rakhi sawant se clash tushaar kapoor bhi na haare or salman haar gaya ..

    Srk 2010-2017 me dekh :
    1 all time grosser Chennai express
    Highest 1st day all time to opening 36.6cr (boi )
    Only 2 flops
    Non holiday me 137kar ke hritik ko clash haraya
    Bajirao se bas clash haara but bajirao war drama movie tha jo bhut chalta hai like padmavaat bahubali ...ab bol tu ..illogical comparison krne aata hai teko

    1. @Abhi. Last decade Salman had 5 clean hits. Usme dulhan hum le jayenge aur wanted käise multistarrer ban gayi. Out of those 5 hits only wanted came on festival, so he had 4 hits without edx. This decade srk has 6 clean hits till now, only mnik is a hit without edx. Ra one,.don2, hny would have not become hit without festivals. So salman's hits has more credibility than Srk's hits.

      1. Salman 31 movies me 5 hits dia
        Srk 10 movies me 6 clean hits
        Or ab festival ka baat krle laga ..tu sb Hi bolta hai ki festival release ke liye bhi AUKAAT chahiye
        Or salman festivals me flop dia hai ..Diwali me mai or mrs khanna 7cr disaster hui thi hahahaha eid Christmas sbme flop ..eid me janeman flop hahahaha ..festival me flop dena salman se seekhe ..like tubelight also

  5. Nice excellent ..1st day 25cr + ...lifetime 200cr touch krna chahiye ..race 3 ko beat krega ...
    Ranbir ne to apne career ka 2nd movie me Hi salman ko buri tarah clash hara chuka hai hahahahaha ..ranbir what a transformation

  6. Shameless joker comparing TZH with Zero .one is action franchise film and other is drama .drama films doesn't take bumper initial .iss joker ko ye v nai pata ki TZH solo release thi,4700 screens me release hui .Zero is clashing with accidental PM and may be kedarnath also .no chance of getting 4600 screens like TZH .considering all the factors ZERO should open in 25 crore range .but 25 crore will be equal or even big than 34 crore of TZH as there are many negativity around SRK and JHMS pair of SRK - anushka is repeating .

    1. i know you srkfans are hoping that zero don't get a solo release so that you can put up excuses. it will get a solo release because no film will clash as another big film will release 1 week later, small films can only clash is there are open weeks.
      and i really hope that it gets a solo release , doodh ka doodh aur pani ka pani hoga. zero is coming 1 year after tzh with higher ticket price so it should beat all the collections of tzh atleast till one week.
      what? only 25 crore opening with two 30crore plus opening heroines is good enough for you. forget about tzh, bajrangi bhaijaan had 26.67 crore opening 3 years ago. and you are saying srk's zero can't even beat that. bajrangi bhaijaan in today's ticket price will do 30 crore plus on day1. according to me zero should take a 20 crore plus advance, 30 crore plus opening day, 100 crore plus weekend and 200 crore plus first week because salman has done these things many times on festival release dates. if srk fails to do those things then he does not deserve festival release dates. and don't forget ajay devgun has delivered 30 crore plus opening with clash and the films you are mentioning are not bigger than secret superstar, unless ajay is bigger than srk.

    2. Shameless jokers like u compare Don action remake film with jaanemann romantic drama

    1. tera dimaag ghaas khaane kahaan jaata hai be? Tuje bola tha.. jab bhagwaan akkal baat raha tha.. sahi time pe pohunchne ke liye.. lekin tu tho hakle ki chaat raha tha tab.. ab bhuktho :D :D
      Tere jaise logon ki hi kami thi yahaan pe.:D

  7. Excellent! So many looks,,, Ranbir is a gem & brilliantly portrays all the characteristics of Sanju

  8. Now srk fans support ranbir why why why
    Tum kabhi overseas aur clash se aage mat badhna srk ke billions of fan 70cr touch nhi karpai rom com genre me
    Sanju teaser is good i expect movie earn 150-200cr
    But race 3 have eid holiday and 3 installment so business 300cr+

    Zero movie bahut achi ho kya pata par pehle se hi 40m 50m count kar rahe ho
    Indian box office ki baat kiya kar rahe ho

  9. mind blowing excellent osm no words left !!! awaiting for release sanju baba ki real life story ...

  10. flop king ka fan,,, race3 k liya itna mat chose. pehle zero ki liya choose,,, zero,,, is zero,,,

  11. flop king ka fan ranvir ko bap banaliya,,,, so sad,,, tike he bhai tera flop king ko aukat kiya!

  12. Sallu fans ko aur ek excuse mila..

    Aab bolenge Sanju thi isiliye collection Kam hua Race3 ka Varna TOH ko beat karti ..

    Ye tha wo tha bolenge...
    Abey paglo SOTY2 bhi toh hai Thugs ke baad aur wo tho sequel hai..

    Phir phi Aamir fans excuses nahi denge
    Jaise sallu fans dete hai..

    Agar asal Mai sallu tiger hai toh Aamir ko beat karke dikhado without excuses..

    Kuch nahi bolne ka sirf TOH se 0.000001 cr jyada kamane ka phir sab actors ke fan man lenge sallu bahot bada star hai..

    Varna bakwas mat karna baad mein..

    Hai dum toh dikha do..

    Too much fun

  13. Bekar teaser. Efforts to look like Sanjay Duty is clearly visible. Another flop for a talented actor is coming.

  14. Irony....
    The real reason why Sanjay Dutt started drugs was because of his mother(Nargis) link up with Ranbir Kapoor(The one playing his biopic)'s grandfather-Raj Kapoor(As per some reports)
    Yes, Raj Kapoor and Nargis had an alleged affair right from the time of Shree 420

  15. @ ABC, ye grace and shame jaise words keval mere liye hai , dishonest man ke liye nai ? I think u are new .visit every article.u will find even more worse comments than me.

  16. IQ rating of users out of 10
    roric-2point something
    parshya-negative 5
    The 3 idiots of BA

  17. @Honest man
    Infinity war is all set to take a bumper opening in INDIA. May go 30cr+. So are Marvel>>Aamir, Salman now...Come on dude reply me...opening, opening hi karte rehte ho. You have the audacity of comparing action masala films with urban films...But answer me are Marvels>>Aamir, Salman in INDIA?

    1. @srkian sayar. Bahubali has already done it, that didn't make Prabhas biggest. These are flukes. You have to repeat it again and again then you are considered the biggest. Ranbir kapoor broke dabangg 2's record with yjhd, just think how big was that. A romantic film opened bigger than a franchise action film. He should have been the biggest, but look at his position now. That's because he was not consistent. Now after baaghi 2 people are banking on tiger shroff. If he remains consistent then he will be a top star if not then another Ranbir kapoor. So it's about consistency.
      All the films which has done 300 crore till now has 100 crore weekend so if dwarf has to get a huge lifetime it has to open huge, you can't get 300 crore lifetime with 14.69 crore opening and 43crore weekend.

    1. It will easily heat mindless crap movie race 3. Salman and his fans ghamand will be destroyed. And show his aukaat.

  18. abe joker Golmaal again was released on national holiday ,day after diwali.your are comparing national holiday release with working day release Zero .that's why everyone calls u autowala fan base .then I can also tell TZH failed to beat HNY after 3 years with 800 more screens,high ticket price and being a franchise film .
    And Zero is not an action film ,it is a romantic drama .and there is very much negativity whenever any SRK film releases .and main negativity is SRK- Anushka pair is repeating after JHMS .

  19. @Parshya
    Abe excuse kon de raha hai
    And wait for Bharat, teri TOH ka to kachumar karr dega

    1. @Sallu Billy hai
      Abey Pakistan toh remake hai..
      Yaha bb kuch ghanta ukhad nahi saki toh ye remake Pakistan Kya ghanta ukhadega

      Yaad hai na last Eid Wali remake
      Fussssslight kaise fusssss hue


      Abey TOH will break Walk3 and Pakistan into pieces

      TOH ww = walk3 ww+Pakistan ww


  20. Superb teaser heard Jim Sarbh will be playing role of sallu bhai rk’s looks are brilliant

  21. hmm! they didn't want to make this biopic too intense for it's audience and that's why there is a bit comic angel to it. and as we all know hirani always mixes up good theme with entertainment value which becomes a total package for everybody and hence the ATG/ATBB. A potential hit for sure and 2nd or possibly highest for Ranbir. Not sure if it was a threat for Race 3 before but surely seems like it now, not a big one but for sure a small considerable dent in overall collection of Race 3.

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