Sanju Monday Box Office Collection

Sanju Monday Box Office Collection: Sanju has a terrific hold on Monday as it grossed around 25.35 crores. The drop is just 27% from the opening day which indicates a solid hold.

The film has sustained very well despite the opening being huge. The ticket rates were also reduced on Monday, unlike other biggies. It is in the same range as Dangal which is currently highest grosser of all time. However, Dangal was released on a festive period while Sanju is a non-holiday release.

The total collection in 4 days now stands at 145.51 crores. It is likely to cross 200 crores in the first week as it will continue to have a terrific hold in the next 3 days. It is still early to predict for the lifetime total as the 2nd Friday will give us a clear picture. However, 300 crore seems on and it will not be a surprise if it goes even higher.

Day 134.75
Day 238.60
Day 346.71
Day 425.35
Day 522.10
Day 618.90
Day 7 16.10
Day 812.90
Day 922.02
Day 1028.05
Day 119.25
Day 128.0
Day 136.60
Day 145.85
Day 154.42
Day 167.75
Day 179.29
Day 182.81
Day 192.59
Day 202.42
Day 212.34
Day 221.28
Day 232.19
Day 243.28
Day 251.0
Day 260.98
Day 270.90
Day 280.85
Total337.28 cr

32 comments on “Sanju Monday Box Office Collection”

  1. at least 205 in week 1, 85 week 2, 35 week 3 and 20 in rest of the run.
    gives 205+85+35+20(remaining weeks) = 345 total
    355-365 is more realistic.

      1. Yes that's why poor Salman and srk are still nowhere near aamir even on Christmas. If raju hirani is bigger than aamir then it means raju hirani is biggest star of all time in India becusse aamir is biggest superstar among actors so raju hirani is biggest among all whether actors or directors. Also HAHk credit only goes to suraj barjatya and Diwali stardom not Salman

        1. Aman...agar itna hi stardom hota tu Dhoom3 ko 300 le jata...ya talaash ko flop se atleast bachta...
          see HNY 1000% flop movie but saved stardom.....Dilwale 2000% flop movie saved by SRk stardom....Fan 5000% flop...even SRK not saved..

          but your tingu dont have stardom...Dangal..phogat story....PK religion plot with Raju hirani..3 bandar again Raju bhai....

          Hirani revive career of Sanjay Munna bhai....Amir with 3 bandar before he was flop star dangal pandey....now Ranbir all knows what he was before Sanju not even close to varun...

  2. Friday ko pata chalega ki 300cr hoga ki na

    Vaise ranbir ranveer tiger sbse salman ko hara dia hahaha jab ki salman zyada screens or eid me aaya tha

  3. Baaghi 2 vs race 3 both are action masala
    Baaghi 2 non holiday 3500 screens or 160cr kia
    Race 3 eid me 4500 screens me 3 D release me 165cr kia ..3D release nahi rehta to 150cr hota hahahaha

    Ye haal hai hamare salman ka .back 2 back Eid me flop

  4. Salman ka sbse zyada stardom hai ? My foot
    Dilwale race 3 dono maha bakwaas movie fir v result kya hua
    Dilwale clahs with bajirao mastani and only 3100 screens fir v 148cr india $26.6M overseas ..396cr worldwide
    Race 3 solo 4600 screens +3D release + sequel fir v bas 165cr ..$11M overseas ..280cr worldwide hahaha ..3D nahi hota to 145cr India me krta

  5. What is the colllection of RACE-3 on 3rd weekend ???
    Is it worst 3rd weekend collection of Salman Khan career or totally washout ???
    ha ha ha Holiday Weeked !!!
    See Saju's 1st weekend collection without non holiday period.
    We want more directors like Raju Hirani, We dont want that director, producer & actors who want release his movie in holiday weekend & earn some money & make a worst movie like RACE_3.
    Shame of Race_3.

    1. Record breaking success of sanju proves that it’s not Another who breaks the record….. It contents and direction that breaks the record. This movie proved redundancy of Amir Khan.
      Avg performance of race 3 despite of having bad contents proves stardom enjoyed by Salman Khan. Magic nahi logic hai ye.

      1. your comment contradict with yourself, your are saying content break the record which means audience come to watch content oriented movies and you say salman enjoys the stardom, which happens only when audience come to watch the movie but at same time you say Race 3 have bad content and the truth is salman rearly does content movies, then how can you say content breaks the record or salman has stardom ,they are just opposite to ease other. If one has to true then another just have to be false.

  6. Sanju will cross Race in just 5 days!
    TOH will cross Race 3 in just 4 days!

    Note:TOH will cross 100cr in just 2 days if it releases post diwali day!
    Aamir will be first actor to cross 50cr on single day and also 100cr in 2 days!

    wait for Diwali Dhamaka Thugs Of Hindostan!

    1. Comment:vai jyada uchal matt..agar toh ko negetive review mila to 2 din kya...lifetime vi 100cr nehi hoga

    2. I dont think TOH will make any records.. Amir is very bad on such type of movoes even i am surprised how someone can say he is star....mark my word that movie will be vrash frm 3 day itself...forget 200cr

      1. @sj Abe lallu TOH will kick your ass. I know you are very jealous of Aamir as jealousy only follow those who are biggest and best. Aamir is biggest star so no doubt many jealous dogs like you bark. But it won't affect his stardom. His superstardom is intact and TOH will easily cross 200 cr in first 5 days only no matter how negative word of mouth is. And with mixed word of mouth also it will cross 400 cr easily. 350 cr is minimum guarantee for megastar aamir khan but 300 cr is still a big task for all the rest of the actors. Aamir>>>>>>>rest of bollywood in stardom as well as acting.

      2. @Sj I also wonder how can aliens like you whose iq level is less than 2 years old baby can exist on this planet??? Because we all know and whole world knows who aamir is and he is world's biggest movie star. I know your ass burns but truth is your salamn and srk are small actors in front of Aamir's megastardom all over the world. They can never enjoy enormous fan following like aamir enjoys. So keep burning more and more. Aamir will remain baap of srk and Salman in stardom and popularity. TOH will cross 200 cr in first 5 days only and 500 cr life time even with mixed word of mouth. You will cry more baby. Wait and watch.

        1. @zero to say SRK is a kid infront of Aamir is being immature, Aamir is a huge superstar, everyone knows that but srk had conquered box office overseas long before aamir!

          It would be like saying a future star who takes over aamir will be his father!!

          You cannot forget that SRK once had all top 10 overseas box office in his name and only he broke his own records overseas!! SRK can still fill up arenas overseas in no time so use your brain son!!

  7. It is going to beat Dangal and become ATHG .last time when a non khan film became ATHG was in 2006 with Hrithik's Dhoom 2 .

  8. Akshay all movies lifetime Ranbir ne 4 din me hi tod diya....
    Kya aukhat hai akshay ki.....
    Guys m not against Akshay but akshay fan comparing Salman with Ranbir then I have to show the akshay credibility...
    Reality is it's more than Raju hirani film than Ranbir it's not fair only a Rambir movie comparing with other big star n down grating big star including Akshay...
    From Tuesday movie performing less compare to Monday today's collection may be 21 to 22Cr same as TZH Tuesday collection.
    If Ranbir open same collection with his upcoming film then we will definitely compare Ranbir with Salman n other.
    Till now don't compare n bark with Salman

    1. @james007 aukat aya tho baat kar raha hoon aukat hai tho salman Ki movies non holiday pe release ke deekao do you even rememeber when was salman released his movie with out holiday shame on you holidays pe release hua movies race 3 n tubelight Ki halat kya hua sab Ko pata agar non holiday per release hua tho lol 100 crores bhi nahin hoga woh hai aukat and people talk about stardom crowd puller bakwaas baatein subkuch do you even know akshay non holiday pe kitne hit dia in past 5 years and salman ka non holiday kya hai, aukat nahin hai baat karne aya...

      1. Kya holiday holiday kar raha hai.....jiska jyada stardom usiko milta hai holiday release. It's rule of business

  9. may just overtake Dangal too........

    its a nice film, definitely tries to rework the image of Sanjay Dutt though.......however not the kind of film that you'd expect to become the highest grosser of all times.....

    its not a classic in my opinion and the box office has yet again surprised one and all!

    1. No it doesnt, it shows what happened to him in the eyes of Sanjay dutt and Sunill dutt for the first time rather than the media!

      Entertainment is added for it to work, if it wasnt for so called media and stupid public maybe he wouldve had an easier life!!

      Love the part where the media is insulted and "kuch to log kahenge..."

      1. But do you think the film is truly a biopic? It doesnt even cover his first two wives, kids, gfs. controversies, affairs with actresses etc

        Something that as an aduience I would have expected from Hirani - to deliver a honest biopic film and that Sanju is unfortunately not!

        Is it really just from Sanjay Dutt and Sunil Dutt's eyes or an attempt at saying that he wasn't such a bad guy afterall?

  10. Contents matters.director matters.directors like hirani and sanjay leela bhansali can broke records of dangal, bajrangi or chhennai or kreesh without any khan or kapoor or roshan.

    1. Bhai dangal me konsa Hirani tha

      Denominization ka time tha

      Koi bigg heroin nhi...koi sex comedy nhi

      Koi massala nhi....koi Heroism nhi

      Koi blockbuster love music nhi

      Fir b 388 crore?

      1. Christmas season tha na aur kya chahiye...+ script was good too as it was for women upliftment ...

  11. I agree with you Lisa but the dutt euphoria is something else it happened in khal-nayak and saajan aatish and the last time was munnabhai 2.

  12. Are koi Race ka final colle tion ab to Bata do.... Koi bhi site batane Ko ready he Nahi Hai... So sad.... Hahaha hahaha...... Ek bhi ticket Nahi bika Race 3 ka post Sanju release.... Hahahahaha.... That's called super stardom of Salman khan.... Hahahaha

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