Sanju 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection

Sanju has a huge second weekend of 62.97 crores. It has easily recorded the highest 2nd-weekend collection of 2018 and also the 2nd highest of all time after Dangal.

The film faced some drops on weekdays and it looked like that film will finish at 300 crores. However, there has been massive growth over the second weekend and now the film is once again challenging the all time grossers. It is sure to cross 350 crores and can even have a shot at Dangal.

Day 134.75
Day 238.60
Day 346.71
Day 425.35
Day 522.10
Day 618.90
Day 7 16.10
Day 812.90
Day 922.02
Day 1028.05
Day 119.25
Day 128.0
Day 136.60
Day 145.85
Day 154.42
Day 167.75
Day 179.29
Day 182.81
Day 192.59
Day 202.42
Day 212.34
Day 221.28
Day 232.19
Day 243.28
Day 251.0
Day 260.98
Day 270.90
Day 280.85
Total337.28 cr

39 comments on “Sanju 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection”

    1. Articles written on Khans over in 3-4 years and Ranbir, Ranveer will take over @bollyarena, i personally think it wont happen because overseas box office is a huge thing in order to take over and the new comers are no where close to the Khans!!

    2. Is this website run by some goons or what????

      Sanju Movie is excellent by every aspect, so it is earning so much.......Why to compare it with poor movie like Race 3......However,

      It is also a fact that no other star has that fan following like Salman Khan ...which is why a heavily trolled movie also got 100 crs+ weekend....(Eid only supported it a bit....).....It had done 170 crs apprx. businesss....which is good for such trolled movie....Every film can't cross 300 crs......The content must be there.......

      In today's time Bajrangi Bhaijaan would have crossed 425 crs easily......

      Salman Khan only need to work with capable directors and good scripts.....He is currently following the same path which he used to follow during 2000-2010.......(few exceptions....)

      A movie like BB and Sultan could change everything....However next few bad scripts could also cause his fan following to decrease....It's a fact with every actor.....

      GST plus multiplex increased ticket rates also also increasing the collections a lot.....So check for footfalls.....A decent movie like TZH collected 340 crs......So think before commenting.......

      Aamir Khan- 3 3crs+ footfalls movies(3 Idiots, PK, Dangal ).....
      TOH may be his fourth but content has to be there.....I only have problems with directors like Victor and Remo who doesn't know how to make good films.....(Dhoom 3 was a decent movie but other Victor's films are completely bullshit)......

      Salman Khan- 3 3crs+ footfalls movies (BB, Sultan, TZH)...

      Sanju will get around 2.5-2.75 crs footfalls......yes collections would be same as PK and TZH but it is because of (75-80)% contribution by multiplexes especially higher ones.....

  1. Sanju's dad:beta,internet pe kya dhoond rahe ho,cocaine dealers?
    Sanju:nahi papa,cocaine toh mere pass hai mein toh aamir ka non-holiday 100cr movie dhoond raha hu
    papa(laughs):beta,aisa picture uska pass nahi hai aukaat nahi hai chotu ki. Even that newcomer karthik has sony ke tv ka sweety

    1. Sanju's dad: beta,internet pe kya dhoond rahe ho,cocaine dealers?
      Sanju:nahi papa,cocaine toh mere pass hai mein toh akshay ka koi 135 cr movie dhoond raha hu
      papa(laughs):beta,aisa picture uska pass nahi hai aukaat nahi hai chotu akki ki. Even that 4 films old tiger shroff has 160 cr+ movie.

  2. Aamir fan's(neutrals)
    soch raha tha ki raju ko 300cr dene ke liye fan-less aamir chahiye ab dekho....baar baar dekho
    agar aamir itna bada star hai toh pk with top director,top content lifetime hona chahiye tha 450cr

  3. Salman so called "era" is over once and for all. Aamir was already stronger than him but as he does 1 film every 2 years some stupid fans thought criminal bhai was bigger. Now Ranveer and Ranbir proved they can deliver 300 cr grossers without EDX and with less screens than Race 3, Tubelight, etc. In fact without holidays Ranbir will beat Salman's highest grosser ever. So time for flop bhai to go back to his flop series and let the real actors take the lead now !

    1. @clemk
      yes,salman era is over
      who have givn a 340cr blockbuster just 5 months b4 race 3
      and ur salarukh who is struggling for clean hits for years still rocks

      1. TZH would have crossed at least 250 cr even with Tiger Shroff due to genre, good direction, franchise factor, chartbusters and Christmas !

        And btw yes I'm a fan of SRK, but also big fan of Aamir, Ranbir, Akshay, Ranveer and many others. No need to hate all the others to be a fan. I just don't like Salman because of his poor acting, horrible choices of movies and most of all his hateful fan base. Peace !

  4. Salman have 3 moviews 300cr club no one catch salman easily.
    one hit film cannot define startdom n no one near to three khans.
    Today 2nd monday film is crashed .........
    it can go PK n TZH but Dangal out of equation...mark my word....
    Salman haters dont bark like KRK.....

  5. Truly high collections......

    Lack of competition resulting in very high no. of screens and Sanju is good enough to capitalise

  6. Aamir's Classics

    Dangal etc

    Srk's Classics

    VZ etc

    Criminal's Classics

    Chandra Mukhi
    Marigold ( My All Time Favrt)
    Race 3

  7. Film ne prove kar diya ki movie achi ho to use holidays ke koi zarurat nhi h like teeno khans,,,,,ek eid,,,ek deewali and Christmas,,,sanju ne sabko galat saabit kar diya....even amir bhi holidays aur content ke bina sirf taalash h,,,,,,go sanju go and Dangal ki game baza de....

    1. Salman without content and holidays is just veer, marigold, etc. even jai ho was manipulated to cross 100 cr and it didn't cross 100 cr in reality. we all know that. so salman is fake stardomless 2010 born eid dependant star. aamir is already much bigger star than him and aamir has maximum 300 cr, 200 cr films which salman can never match.

  8. Salman = disaster machine.
    After a mega disaster like race 3 he is going back to his Marigold days.

  9. Sanju ne sabit kar diya hai ki achi movie ho to koi bhi record tut sakta hai. Khans ki koi jarurat nahi hai

  10. Sabhi salman KO keh rahe h ki wo eid made star h lekin sachai ye h ki sanju ki super success ne amir ki bhi aukat dikha di ki wo bhi bina holidays ka kuch bhi nhi h....aur taalash ne saabit kar diya tha jab usne 100crs se pehle hi dam Tod diya tha......reality ye h ki amir me bhi dam nhi h ki wo apni filmo KO bina holidays ke release kare wo bhi 2-3 saal me ek baar and ke baad.

  11. Aur ek sabse badi sachai ye h ki dangal ka record to pehle hi BB2 ne dho diya h wo bina holidays ke aur amir fans excuse dete h ki BB2 south ki film thi aur overall collection me dangal ne BB ko dho diya h,,,,Abe ek baat suno hame China aur kabhi ke bhi collection se koi matlb nhi h hum Indians h aur BB2 ne dangal KO India me dho diya h wo bhi bina holidays ke....

  12. Only one film has a chance to beat Sanju record that is TOH & no other movie will come close to 300 crores this year now.
    Some other biggies which can do 150-200 crs are
    1) zero
    4)Total dhamal
    6)student of the year 2

    Robot 2 maybe not releasing this year & even Hrithik film also not releasing this year (both are big films, specially robot 2)

    Some other films which looking interesting are
    Sui dhaga, namaste England, satyameva jayate,loveratri, dhadak.

    1. If zero does anything less than 250cr its a flop!!!

      He cant do 150-200cr its not good enough!!!

  13. Akki always non holiday karta hai iske liye collection less hota hai par ab ye haal hai ki Bahubali 2 aur Sanju non holiday pe release hokar bhi itna kama Rahi hai

  14. Impressive collection really impressive collection. Congrats to Raju and ranveer. This year is proving to be great year for Bollywood. So many hits and blockbusters hollywood, Bollywood both working well and the successful movies all different kind of movies, . This shows audience are back in threatres big time and enjoying it . Any decent movie have a chance now. Next week antman will open decent than the week after that a nonsense actress will hit a sixer in the box office , even Irfan might have a decent opening next month and above all fking John might win a clash with akki. 7 months ago if someone said fking John will win a clash with akki by giving a more entertaining movie you would have laugh at his face. Lot of weird things can happen when audience are back in threatre , lots of rules will be rewritten

    1. Forget Aamir, Salman is now chasing Ranbir record.... Oh and Race 3 was chasing Tiger Shrift despite Eid and 3D prices. Isse kehte hai stardom ?

  15. Most. Frustrated people Salman haters n KRK both are same mentality always barking on Salman name.

  16. Ranbir Ranveer tiger everyone film crossed 150cr ye Akshgay kab karega 150cr.
    Now competition is for 300cr but Aksgay kumar still chasing 150cr

    SANJU is a great film about a well known personality with a questionable life, LOTS OF SCANDAL and BACCANHAL, and well acted by Ranbir. After this what has Ranbir to offer? If he gets another great role, I have no doubt that he will score again, but he does not have a following like the Khans or other top actors. It will be interesting to see what his next film returns at the Box Office will be....Best of luck Ranbir, the bar has been set high, but not necessarily due to you.

  18. even rain cannot stop this Sanju.....this is easily 400cr...shame on those who says Dangal in bigger than Sanju...abhi bhi sharam baki hai...Christhmas release comaparing to non holiday release

    According to Amir fans he has biggest stardom...lost with Sanju same director with young star....respect others.

  19. @modest fan akki is not sallu who will lose clash from john wait n watch he will defeat him badly jab hritik ni tika to john kya cheez hai

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