Sanju 2nd Week Box Office Collection

Sanju has a strong hold in the second week as it grossed 92.67 crores. The drop was slightly more than normal on weekdays as compared to other biggies.

The total collection of the film now stands at over 295 crores. It will enter into the 300 crore club today or tomorrow. The film has been getting huge numbers on weekends but then has dropped on weekdays. It will be interesting to see how far it can go as the screen count has been decreased.

Day 134.75
Day 238.60
Day 346.71
Day 425.35
Day 522.10
Day 618.90
Day 7 16.10
Day 812.90
Day 922.02
Day 1028.05
Day 119.25
Day 128.0
Day 136.60
Day 145.85
Day 154.42
Day 167.75
Day 179.29
Day 182.81
Day 192.59
Day 202.42
Day 212.34
Day 221.28
Day 232.19
Day 243.28
Day 251.0
Day 260.98
Day 270.90
Day 280.85
Total337.28 cr

24 comments on “Sanju 2nd Week Box Office Collection”

  1. I only want to see the condition of arrogant sallu fans when non festive release Sanju crosses Christmas release TZH

    1. Not possible now as the collections are coming down still it is great achievement for RH & RB

      1. Not possible for what?! Haha this weekend will be another 20+ cr collection thats 315cr sso it just needs another 25 cr which will be done in remaining weeks!!

        And if it suprises and the jump is huge again like last weekend then 350 will be crossed as well!

        @bollyarena do you guys just wait for Taran Adarsh to tweet collextions and then copy him or you have you own sources?

        Wheres the overseas box office collections?

    2. @s-haar-k vin diesel(vd) uk(uttrarkand) fan base

      salarukh yet to cross 150cr without deepika...wat a shame! Ranbir crossing 350 so better dnt think abt it

      1. As usual the stupidity comes from the one and only Sallu Bhai Fans, have you ever even for a second of your life ever wondered that if Salman Khan was actually globally a huge star, how he would be called on BBC “ Ladies and Gentleman, today we have the one and only Sallu Bhai with us” lmao ? ? ?

        Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan are pure actors!! While Sallu Bhai is pure production of nepotism!! And so are his failure brothers who can’t direct or act for shit!!

        1. Atleast sohail and arbaaz dnt overact and kill like ur yrf-dharma khan

          shaark is a pure garbage

  2. Meri talaash 2 bhi non holiday pe jayegi aur sanju ka record Tod degi....

    To much fun

    1. Jese Tubelite or Race ne all time disaster ka record toda tha???

      Vese talash semi hit h....vh b km screen me

      Lallu bnata to 50 crore b nhi karti

      0r 2009 se phle bnata to merigold bn jati

  3. Mere fans KO bata du ki TOH ke baad aatank hi aatank 2 ayegi aur aatank macha degi ,,,,,aur meri bhi real aukat ye h ki bina holidays ke me bhi sirf talaash hu....

  4. TOH ke baad mujhe koi content hi nhi mil raha h isliye lagta h agli film meri 2050 me ayegi jab me ek great grand father ka role karunga my fans,,,,tab tak mujhe pyar karte h parshya....

  5. Sanju ke excellent collection ke baad log salman KO bura bhala keh reh h ki wo eid made star h lekin reality ye h ki sanju ne mujhe meri aukat dikha di ki me Christmas ke bina sirf talash hu

  6. Boi sanju collection 290cr week two.
    Boi TZH collection 291 plus week two.
    So biased people here only say Salman calculator ajay calculator no body saying Hirani calculator
    Hirani increasing collection to get more than pk n TZH.

  7. Top Five Stars Today – BOI

    1. Salman Khan

    2. Aamir Khan

    3. Shahrukh Khan

    4. Akshay Kumar

    5. Ranbir Kapoor

    Rabbies Dogs will now bark against BOI

    The fact is Salman Megastar Khan rules all the top records and rankings!!! The fact is his fans were so annoyed at race3, they took twitter in anguish against his choice to cast struggling actors.. now that is his stardom.. when SRK struggled, nobody bothered.. neither will fans for tingu.. but such is salmania.. peopl react!

    Tingu bahubali keep dreaming about stardom..
    SRK has shut his stardom
    Rest keep chasing 100crs..

    1. You know Aamir is going to come Diwali and whoop some ass. It doesn't matter what you think. Another Highest grosser on the way.

  8. movie koi bhi ho... comments are always on salman khan... LOL
    he is on everybody's mind... rattled his haters with his crazy fan following and line of blockbuster movies. Hopefully he will not go the SRK way

  9. @s-haar-k vin diesel(vd) uk(uttrarkand) fan base

    salarukh yet to cross 150cr without deepika...wat a shame! Ranbir crossing 350 so better dnt think abt it

  10. @sakht lauda
    a very gud movie directd by a top director struggling to beat an ok action film
    #lol so no change in arrogant salman fans condition
    imdb rating

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