Sanju 2nd Monday Box Office Collection

Sanju 2nd Monday Box Office Collection: Sanju has collected 9.25 crores on second Monday which has taken the total collection to over 274 crores in 11 days. It is a very good hold though it could have been better considering the excellent trending during the second weekend.

In comparison, Dangal collected 13.45 crores on the second Monday. It means that Sanju is unlikely to surpass Dangal. However, it can cross the 350 crores mark and will become the 2nd highest grosser of all time.

Day 134.75
Day 238.60
Day 346.71
Day 425.35
Day 522.10
Day 618.90
Day 7 16.10
Day 812.90
Day 922.02
Day 1028.05
Day 119.25
Day 128.0
Day 136.60
Day 145.85
Day 154.42
Day 167.75
Day 179.29
Day 182.81
Day 192.59
Day 202.42
Day 212.34
Day 221.28
Day 232.19
Day 243.28
Day 251.0
Day 260.98
Day 270.90
Day 280.85
Total337.28 cr

29 comments on “Sanju 2nd Monday Box Office Collection”

  1. Aamir ko beat karna mushkil nahi namumkin hai!

    Hence proved Hirani needs Aamir to give ATHG but Aamir does not need Hirani!

    Aamir ka record Aamir ke siva kaun break karega?

    Note:Bahubali2 overseas n ww already beaten by Aamir's Dangal n TOH will break bahubali2(hindi) record!

    Arey koi toh Aamir ka record break karo kab tak Aamir khudka record khud todta rahega.

    Sallu fans ko toh sharam se doob marna chahiye so called best phase mein bhi Aamir ka record tod nahi rahe..

    shame on sallu fans..
    Ranbir ne dho dala sallu fans ko


    1. Boss not fair to compete with a holiday release Dangal got 2 hidays xmas and newyear but im not saying Aamir is a bad actor he is so is everyone but Sanju was just phenominal one for Baba two for out and out stupendous performance by Ranbir frankly its worth than ₹400 cr if its a holiday

      1. The real fact about dangal was Xmas and new year on Sunday and also demonitization affect still ATB because the movie was excellent
        But Sanju was also very good film

    2. Abey besharam persiawala

      dangal ki tarah xmas and free run milta toh sanju 400cr mein hota
      dangal hojata The laash

    3. nobody remembers that in 2016 when Dangal was released bot Xmas and New Year came on Sunday..... Faltu ki bakloli kar rahe hai... Aamir is infact Bollywood's king in numbers...

  2. Parshya started crying good to see you cry loudly !! you always pretending amir and insulting Salman / abe ye dekh ki bina kise holiday day ke sanju ne kitne recored bna diye or break kiye . RoNa Band Kar . Hater

  3. Never..... Amir needs Christmas to give ATB..... secret superstar was average without holiday.... Sanju without any festivals has crossed over 250 Crore.... it means RK is better than Amir.... if Raju Hirani will come with munnabhai 3 without amir .... the movie will cross over 350 crore

  4. bewkoof hai tu....remove 15% holiday advantage from Jungal tumhari aukat pata chalegi it will be less than 350...there is zero stardom of Amir...387cr due to content as well as holidays.....

  5. No one can beat Aamir khan records only Aamir with TOH. The issue is he is only one giving ATHG Ghajini onwards, only once it was with SRK for 4 Months.

    1. @arijit singher
      kis record ke baat kar rehe ho beta...tumhare aamir ke pass kuch nahi bacha

      lifetime-bahubali hindi 500

  6. Aur Salman ka naam liye tak KRK aur KRK mentality type log yaha pe Salman OK abuse karke apni zindegi jire.
    Within 6 Mont Salman given TZH 339cr n Race3 170cr total 500plus cr within six month power of Salman.
    Without content his film did 170cr.
    KRK n some user here always take Salman name without Salman name they don't have food.
    TZH collected 7.75cr second Tuesday .
    Sanju need to collect atleast 8cr to break PK n TZH record.
    Salman the superstar without content one Blockbuster TZH 339cr n Race3 170cr both same genre n action one got good n other god very negative review still collected 170cr.
    Power of Salman .....now start dislike my Comment no problem krk type ppl always bark n dislike on Salman success.
    Keep dislike n bark ...

  7. Top crowd pullers if movie is commercially right
    1.akki(pulls audience 4 times a year)
    2.raj kumar hirani

  8. Dangal ko beat karne ki koi zarurat nahi hai sanju ko. The first 7 days 200crs have proved that raju's crowd pulling ability is 2 times more than chotu fan-less aamir

    1. Amir we to sanju good h baghair holiday he 330 crore Kare gi amir best content me sath itna business Marta h aur amir ki film ke ticket price bhi ziyada hotte h yad n vinid chopra me kia kaha that amir ka koi Jamal n story ka kamal h had raha karo

  9. Sanju's dad:beta,yeh baata tera favorte actor kaun hai
    sanju:favrte actor bole toh,aamir khan
    dad(laughs):pk hai kya??
    sanju:nahi papa,aaj chutti hai
    sanju:papa aap aise kyun dekh rehe ho
    dad:beta,zindagi mein pehli baar ek aamir fan dekh raha hu

  10. Parshya...aamir 3 highest domestic collection

    Dangal.. 388
    Pk .. 338
    Dhoom 3...284

    Baahubali 2 ...domestic cillection



    1. Aamir top three world wide collection
      Dangal -2200cr
      Secret superstar -950cr
      Bahubali 1-650cr
      Bahubali 2-1800cr
      Total -2450cr

  11. Tbh it's just an ordinary film, though ranbir's best performance so far. Worst movie of raju hirani. Now people will call me sallu fan but sallu is worst actor in bollywood. Aamir is not best actor but he is giving the best films one after another. I can't remember one scene or dialogue from sanju. I saw the trailer of mulk and that's looking good movie but india hai hype or bhedchal me he sab bikta hai.

  12. Dusri sanju film me bomb blasting ko bhi indirectly justify kr diya hirani ne to. Bar bar Babri masjid giri to bomb blast. Masjid gire ya mandir. Terrorism ko justify krna ghatiya kaam h

  13. Kisi ko nimibia ka pta hai? Ek country hai ek bar galti se cricket world cup khel liya tha. Ab agar wo aaj nimibia kahe ki hum world cup me khelge or hum best team hai to?? Wo he haal akshay kumar k fans ka hai. Salman k fans aamir sharukh ranbir ranveer k fans aapas me lade to smjh ata hai. Ye akshay ka fan kis bat pe badi badi fenk rha hai. Akshay ko bolo pehle kangana ka tanu weds manu returns ka record tode hahaha

  14. ek baat mai sabko clear kar deta hoon chahye wo kisi ke bhi fan hoo even aamri,salman,srk or any other actor...
    bollywood mai pehle baat toh aamir record maker baat
    2.agar koi uska record bhi tod de toh wo jada din tak nahi tikta hai means saal ke end mai sabki baand bhoot aachse se bajata hai.
    3.sirf aamir hi only one aisa actor hai jiski movies hamesa yaad rakhi gayangi..
    or baat rahi acting ki toh khud amitabh,salman,rajkumar hirani,rajnikant even bill gates and jacky chan ne ye khud kaha hai aamir world ka best acot hai..
    ab bolo kuch..or pehle dangal ka record tod ke dikhao worlwide tab baat karna...
    note agar dangal ka record aamir ke alava koi or todta hai toh meri taraf se party hai jo aap jaise aap chaho sabhi users ko party dunga apni taraf se 2019 tak time de rha hoon aapko..

  15. Dangal Christmas and news year fell on Sunday and Christmas holidays were not nation wide but ABA( anyone but aamir) bragrade just want to put him down.

  16. To all the haters all the baseless commenters first beat Dangal record WW the talk. For now shout as much as you can nothing going to Change the truth.

  17. Top Five Stars Today - BOI

    1. Salman Khan

    2. Aamir Khan

    3. Shahrukh Khan

    4. Akshay Kumar

    5. Ranbir Kapoor

    Rabbies Dogs will now bark against BOI

    The fact is Salman Megastar Khan rules all the top records and rankings!!! The fact is his fans were so annoyed at race3, they took twitter in anguish against his choice to cast struggling actors.. now that is his stardom.. when SRK struggled, nobody bothered.. neither will fans for tingu.. but such is salmania.. peopl react!

    Tingu bahubali keep dreaming about stardom..
    SRK has shut his stardom
    Rest keep chasing 100crs..

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