Sanju 2nd Friday Box Office Collection

Sanju has an excellent hold on second Friday by collecting around 12.75 crores. The drop is around 65% from the opening day which is very good.

However, the hold should have been higher if the film was to challenge Dangal. Aamir Khan starrer collected over 18 crores on second Friday and later grossed 32 crores on second Sunday. Sanju will also show big growth over the weekend however it will not reach on the levels of Dangal.

As of now, Sanju is likely to cross 300 crores and the lifetime gross can be in the range of 325-350 crores.

Day 134.75
Day 238.60
Day 346.71
Day 425.35
Day 522.10
Day 618.90
Day 7 16.10
Day 812.90
Day 922.02
Day 1028.05
Day 119.25
Day 128.0
Day 136.60
Day 145.85
Day 154.42
Day 167.75
Day 179.29
Day 182.81
Day 192.59
Day 202.42
Day 212.34
Day 221.28
Day 232.19
Day 243.28
Day 251.0
Day 260.98
Day 270.90
Day 280.85
Total337.28 cr

19 comments on “Sanju 2nd Friday Box Office Collection”

    1. Bollyarena plz stop comparing sanju with dangal,, pk,,TZH OK reason tumhe ache se pta h ,,,,,ye sabhi badi holidays pe release Hui thi OK,,,,,agar sanju ne 340+ bhi kiya to ek bhaut bada achievement hoga and un actors aur directors ke muh pe thappad hoga Jo sirf holidays ke liye ladte h......in my opinion sanju is already ATBB AUR agar sanju eid pe ya Christmas pe aya hota to 400 kya 500 cr bhi confirm tha,...

      1. Honestly this holiday release business is over hyped......in the long run it can make a difference of not more than 5-10% if the film is good enough.

        Remember, Christmas and New Year holidays for Dangal fell on Sundays......there was no national holiday so to say, nor did it have a big director/actress/budget......Yes Xmas NY period is a holiday period but business of Dangal would not have been less than 350 cr anyway surely.....

        Sanju too hardly has any competition for 3 weeks and even in the 4th week there's no big film hitting the screens.......

        Net net, its the film and stardom that matter.....holiday (period) releases are over hyped as long as the film has sufficient buzz and and a positive WOM.....Sanju and Bahibali have more than proved this!

        Festival/holiday factor works more for weaker films.....like Race 3 where the collections would've probably been 30-40% lesser that what it ended up with finally!

    2. If your logic applies

      Nitesh tiwari > Raju Hirani

      Bcz dangal collected more than any Raju Hirani films

      In First 100 crore movie, 200 crore and 300 movie directors were different but one thing was common in all those movies are Aamir Khan

  1. Aamir ko christmas chahiye 300cr ke liye
    ranbir-hirani,akki(gold) ko kuch bhi nahi chahiye

  2. Sanju 2 kab bana rahe ho kyunki sanju abi zinda hai....hirani must have more to tell about his drug addict friend heroism

  3. Forget about dangal and let’s enjoy and marvel at the success of sanju and hope gold and satyemev jayte also acomplish great collections it just feels so good when a film goes on a record breaking spree.

  4. Sanju's dad:kya dhoond rahe ho beta,mangalsootr

    sanju:nahi papa,aamir fans ko dhoond raha

    dad:beta,dhoondte reh jaoge

    1. Sanju's dad: Kya dhoondh rahe ho beta??? Mangalsutra?
      Sanju: nahi papa, akshay ke fans aur uske box office achievements ko dhoondh raha hu.
      Sanju's dad: beta dhoondhte reh jaoge.

      1. Papa : kiya doondh rahe ho.

        Beta : 150 Crore ka Akshay ka movie.

        Papa : Din me swapna dekhta hain . Chal doctor ke paas.

  5. yah log Aamir ko down lane ke liye Sanju ka sahara le rahe hai aur bol rahe hai ki Aamir needs Christmas period to reach 300.... Bhai content baap hota hai... Aamir's performance with content is a record breaker combination.... Ab tum kya jano content kya hai waise Bollywood mai bhi content ki kami chal rahi hai.... Der was an era of Dilip Sahab jab Indian film industry was running neck to neck with Hollywood but things changed after tht era... Now we have very few actors like Aamir, Irfan, Ajay Devgan, Nawaz, Manoj Bajpai joh ke content driven movies karte hai.... In young actors Ranbir tries to do experiment but it will take time for him to hit the acting jackpot.... Salman and Akshay ne sab barbad kar diya hai.....

  6. Sorry Aamir Fans ye sallu fans ko Sallu The Lashey king ko troll karna hi pasand hai
    Sallu 2010 se best phase main chal raha hai (Ha lashey bichadi back to back eid pe)
    Phir bhi bechara ATHG nahi de sakta.

    Now Ranbir also beat so called best phase of Sallu bhau!

    Aur aise stardom ko Ghanta stardom bolte hai!

  7. Bechare sallu fans dua kar rahe hai Sanju ko BZH cross na hone de!

    Nahi toh sallu Sanju hi chase karta rahega...

  8. Are ye Akki pagla gaya hain. Sun bhain 200 Crore na pauchne wale star ke fan tu aayega Aamir ko sikhane. Sun Aamir ka record Aamir hi tod sakta hain. Har saal Christmas aata hain kisne beat kiya Aamir ko. Itna hi tujhe confident hain to Akshay ko bolna Christmas me aane ko dekhte hain kitna kamata hain. And 2.0 Rajnikant ka movie hain to Akshay ho na ho isse 39 Crores ka difference hoga at max.

  9. Bro Parshya, stop pulling down Salman Khan who deserves accolades for his immense contributation towards bollywood. One bad film will not dilute his image among the die hard as well as nuetral fans. I am a big fan of Aamir Khan who is my one and the most favourite actors. But it is disheartening to see comments trolling superstars / megastars or any other newcomers. Peace.

  10. Dangal's collection will stay at the top... But Sallu bhai's second spot with Bajrangi Bhaijan is in trouble.

    Ranbir is not a competition for Aamir...

    Salman and Srk were not able to beat Aamir... Ab Ranbir kya chees hai...

    By the Sanju is a brilliant movie..

  11. Highest grossing bollywood movie record holders

    Gadar (2001)
    Dhoom 2 (2006)
    Ghajini (2008)
    3 idiots (2009)
    Chennai express (August 2013)
    Dhoom 3 (Dec 2013)
    PK (2014)
    Dangal (2016)

    These are the highest grossing Bollywood movie record holders since 2001. These no Sallu movie in the list.

    From 2008 Aamir khan's movies are holding the record (except for 4 months in which chennai express broke the record and held it for only 4 month)

    Lallu fans say Lallu is ruling the bollywood since 2009. Even in his best phase he is trailing behing Aamir and never get a chance to hold the record of Highest grossing movie of alltime.

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