Sanju 1st Week Box Office Collection

Sanju has a huge first week of over 200 crores. This is the third Hindi film to cross the 200 crores mark in the first week after Salman Khan's Sultan and Tiger Zinda Hai. Though both those had the festival advantage while Sanju was a non-holiday release.

There have been some drops over the weekdays but that is normal after a huge opening weekend. However, it will need a very strong hold on the second Friday for challenging the all time grossers. Sultan and Tiger Zinda Hai did 300 cr and 340 cr respectively after crossing 200 cr in 1st week. It will be interesting to see where Sanju will land.

Day 134.75
Day 238.60
Day 346.71
Day 425.35
Day 522.10
Day 618.90
Day 7 16.10
Day 812.90
Day 922.02
Day 1028.05
Day 119.25
Day 128.0
Day 136.60
Day 145.85
Day 154.42
Day 167.75
Day 179.29
Day 182.81
Day 192.59
Day 202.42
Day 212.34
Day 221.28
Day 232.19
Day 243.28
Day 251.0
Day 260.98
Day 270.90
Day 280.85
Total337.28 cr

28 comments on “Sanju 1st Week Box Office Collection”

  1. Lol on aamir's stardom
    raju's movie with ranbir is doing better than aamir's PiKu
    Kaha hai aamir's stardom
    where is the difference?
    With a top director, top content his movies must do 400/500

    1. Dude....we got to understand that Raju Hirani has also become bigger with films like 3 Idiots and PK behind him. Today Raju Hirani is a bigger brand than what he was before these films.....

      As for Aamir, he has worked with new comers/lesser known directors and still delivered Higherst Grossers Of All time/All time Blockbusters......case in point being Ghajni and Dangal

      Even TOH is not with a driector who can be called a brand really........

      And its not only Aamir, none of the Khans have anything to prove......they are no less brands than Raju Hirani really!

      1. Very sensible post Lisa. Non of the Khans have to prove anything and I believe all of them have higher Stardom than any other actors in the Industry though Aamir Khan is ahead in choice of scripts by far.

      2. Lisa..i respect your thought but do you think Ghajini director is new comer..LOL
        A.RMurgadose...go check WIKI.....actually Amir career revive bcz of this two Directors. Raju and AR murgadose...3 idiots and Ghajini...

    1. Tu akki ka naam rakhkar jaanbujkar amir ke khilaf bhadka raha hai tigerfan. Laga rahe...

  2. It will sure cross 300 . 2nd week 83,to 85 crrs 3rd weekend cross 300. LT will be 340 to 350 for sure . 90% chance for Sanju ATHGOY . This year good for young actors .

  3. Ranbir going to beat Zero rukh khan's highest grosser meenama express this saturday

    1. And has already beat Akshay Kumar previous and the 120cr movies in the future!

      Really and truly Akshay or Ajay devgn Fans shouldn’t even BUT in while KHANS are being discussed no disrespect!

  4. Sanju performing average in 2ND Friday.
    As per report it will do 8.5 to 9.5cr .
    It's tough to collect more than 320cr.
    As per my prediction it will go exact like sultan ways huge first week n average remaining days.
    total business end of lifetime is 305 to 310cr.
    Reason is simple no repeat value for the film sanju.
    Ppl watched PK Dangal TZH Sultan Bajrangi bhaijaan twice in theater.
    But Sanju will struggle.....reason biopic with no twist.....

  5. Ye Akki pagla gaya hain. Uske actor ke top grosser ko 4 din me beat kar diya shock me lagta hain. Beta tera Akki abhi tak 200 Crore collection nehi de paya aur tu aaya Aamir se compare karne. Abhi I personally respect Akshay for his choice of movies but looks like his fans are out of mind.

    1. Yeh sallu fan hai jo akki ka nam rakhkar amir or srk ke khilaf bhadka raha hai.
      #Naam gumnaam

      1. Salman me fan truth per believe karte h sanju good content ki film h srk akki amir ko trool Marne ki zarorat n q keh salman low acting low story me sath bhi San we agey truth is truth

    2. @arijit singher
      thoda wait kar beta akki raha....rowdy 2,hera pheri 3,houseful4 and 2point0

  6. hahahaha good to see jealousy Back here with likes or dislikes . they just wanna see their favorite stars collection as high guys don't be jealous from others stardom . if you don't like others stars not to watch their movies .simple

  7. Assume today it collect 10cr.
    Saturday 13cr.
    Sunday 16cr total weekend2 will be 39cr best scenario..
    Mon to Thur 7+6+5+4=22
    End of week 61 to 63cr
    Total 263Cr to 265cr it need another 35Ccr to cross 300cr.
    265 plus 45cr end...total 305 to 310cr
    Logically it tough to beat PK bajrangi bhaijann.

  8. Important note.
    During race3 trade figure and producer figure is different everyone opposing.
    Blaming Salman khan.
    Now with Sanju also trade figure n producer figure different no body is opposing what a biased people.
    Guys sanju producer are trying to increasing collection n proving Raju hirani is greater than Amir khan with Ranbir kapur.
    They trying very hard for Sanju to do at least more than PK record collection so that they down grade Amir khan upfront of Raaj kumaar hirani...
    Be careful Amir fan...

  9. Even BOI dreamed 400cr.
    Now BOI dreaming at least it breaks dangal or TZH record.
    TZH Tuesday business 21.60cr...
    Sanju collection first boi showed 21.50. Cr
    After that boi showed 21.75 to down TZH.

  10. I want Sanju to cross TZH
    That means Sallu will be chasing Sanju till his retirement!


  11. Ladies and Gentlemen
    From Today itself there will be no trolling from my side!
    Sorry Sallu fans!!

    Jo hua wo bhul jao..
    I m sure Bharat will break Bahubali2 all India record for sure!

    waiting for Thugs Of Hindostan!

    Note:Conditions Apply

    kya Pata Dangal ww bhi tod de after all Sallu Bhaijaan is d Megastar of d world!

  12. My comment above was credited to the FANNY KHAN trailer. SANJU'S fate is already cast in concrete....AN INTERNATIONAL BLOCKBUSTER.

  13. It deserves all the success it's a brilliant movie terrific performances given by Ranbir Vicky and Paresh rawal

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