Sanju 1st Day Box Office Collection

Sanju 1st Day Box Office Collection: Ranbir Kapoor's Sanju has a huge opening day. As per the official figures, the film collected 34.75 crores on day 1.

There was a huge buzz and hype around the film before the release thus the numbers are not unexpected. It had an excellent start in the morning shows with an occupancy of 45-50%. However, it witnessed an upward trend in the evening shows and there was big growth in places. This has enabled the film to collect a huge number despite not having a number opening.

It is the highest opening for a non-Khan film beating Ajay Devgn's Golmaal Again and Hrithik Roshan's Bang Bang. The film has also easily recorded the highest opening day of 2018 beating Race 3 and Avengers Infinity War. Race 3 was released during pre-Eid period so the collections were affected at some places. While Hollywood's Avengers Infinity War was released in less number of screens as compared to Sanju.

Sanju is likely to cross the 100 crores mark in the opening weekend. Avengers Infinity War could not show growth over the weekend as it had capacity problems. But Sanju has still potential to pick up as single screens and masses had only good to decent start.

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    1. Hahaha ..race 3 4600 screens+sequel + action masala + 3D release fir v 1st day 27cr

      Sanju only 4000 screens or 1st day 34cr .shame on salman..yahi hai iska best phase ?

    2. What a movie!! Ranbir Kapoor the greatest actor of his gen!!
      Rajkumar Hirani never fails!!

    3. @bollyarena please post about WORLD BIGGEST SUPERSTAR

      google par WORLD BIGGEST SUPERSTAR type karne par

      AAMIR KHAN ka naam aa rha h???????☺☺☺?????????

      Congratulation to all Aamir khan fan...and...every indian

      1. Actually what comes up as the first link is Khans of Bollywood are the biggest movie stars in the world!

        Only if you could read, yet after that there are more links linked to regarding SRK as the greatest movie star alive but their are some for Aamir Khan too!

        But the fact that you actually prove it, why congratulate yourself when none of the three khans are not even able to touch 1/4 of James Cameron or Marvels!

        So whos the biggest?!!!

        Waste of space!! Haha!!!

    1. 2018 summary
      Ranveer padmavaat 3500 screens non holiday or 280cr
      Ranbir sanju . 4000 screens or non holiday or 250cr +
      Race 3 4600 screens +3D release + action masala + sequel fir v 165cr hahahaha

      Tiger ka baaghi 2 .3400 screens ,non holiday ..160cr lifetime

      Salman ko ranbir ranveer tiger sbse hara dia ..eid ke baad v aaak thuuu .. .2017 me bhi varun dhawan se haara tha

      Salman ka kuch AUKAAT nahi ...2010 me star Hi bana ..fir 2010-2015 tak sb movie south ki action masala remake kr ke stardom bana lia

    1. Salman ka aukaat dekho ..2010-2015 tak sb movie south ki blockbuster action masala movie ka remake kr ke career banaya or stardom banaya ..fir 2015 me pehli baar bina action masala movie kia bajrangi bhaijaan tb vo blockbuster hua kyuki is vaqt tak to salman ne action masala remake kr ke stardom bana chuka tha

      .agar action masala remake nahi krta salman aaj sanju me ranbir ka dost ka role kr rha hoga hahahahaa ..or iske fans isko sbse bara superstar bolte hai

      Abe apne star ka dekho kaisa pha**u hai. South ki action masala movie ka remake krke jeene vala

  1. Yes sanju good story screenplay direction .good film ko prise karna chahye Amir sirf good story good content me siwa kuch n h ya karo vinod chopra me bhia yahi kaha that air an dekho koimoi ki web site par an content is super star surf srk and salman crowd pullerh

    1. @Fh ha ha ha ha ha. ?????????????. Like it or not this year your lallu is proven loser in front of 3 young stars i.e. rambir, ranveer and tiger as all three of them kicked his @ss despite non holiday and less screens and all three blockbusters. While lallu delivered flop on eid festival. Crowd puller my foot??? This year will belong to Aamir and with ToH he will thrash all records of opening and life time even in worst case even if it has bad word of mouth and show the aukaat of vidhu vinod chopra who is nothing without megastar aamir khan and raju hirani. And still sanju will not even come close to pk and dangal hense it will be proved that who needs whom. Sanju with content and word of mouth failed to beat 5 years old dhoom 3 opening record which had negative word of mouth. Ha ha ha. So we all know who needs whom. So stay within your limit. And who is srk??? He is not even in the picture. JHMS bhool Gaya??? LOL. Have some shame. Aamir is biggest crowd puller. Period.

  2. Salman and Ranbir should not be compared. Salman has sustained in the industry for more than 30 years while Ranbir is still few years old. Guys let us not compare them. Salman is Salman and Ranbir is also growing like a new superstar.

  3. Ranbeer rebirth as superstar.. 35cr on non holiday.. Content + Stardom.. I repeat stardom not masala stardom..

    And Rikshaw walas are bust leaking the movie.. One dialogue for you bhaitards..

    Is Ladai Me… Uska Kuch Nahe Bigdeyga… Our Tumhara Kuch Bachchega Nahe.

    No offence to salman khan..

  4. Whenever salman movie does bad or is beaten by another movie bollyarena becomes slow in updating and buttons (likes/dislikes) become non functional

    Ye chakkar kia hai ?

    1. Sahi kaha bhai. Ye 30 years se aise he paisa khila khila k king khan or pta nai kya kya kehlwate hai khud ko or salman khan khan ne kiya kya hai jo koi uska fan bane. Bus media chadati hai or india k rikshewale bewkuf to hai he

      1. I remember Indicine’s server had also crashed when Tubelight had flopped


        Guess these sites cannot afford too many negative comments about sallu

  5. Ha ha dhul chata diya Race 3 ko. Is baar Salman ka film to Top 5 me bhi.nehi hoga. Rajkumar Hirani again proves he is the best. That's why he selects Actors like Aamir and Ranbir who can justify the roles. Poor Salman fans socha tha Race 3 bara hit hoga aur ek Eid kharab kar diya.

  6. After that bollyarena justifying pre eid period and other thing....yesterday they were shocked so not reported any sanju collection and news....even half hearted info they provided....agar sallu se eid nahin ho paa rahi hai tho leave that festival to others....Eid par bhi aayega aur log justify karenge

  7. what's wrong with so called box office site yes i know you are a salman fan but why you are spreading wrong information to just show your star above ???

    first everyone know sanju is highest non holiday opener with 34.75cr you also quote earlier suddenly you change collection 33.75cr to show tiger zinda hai 34.12cr higher than sanju ??

    but at the time of HNY when you first quote that it will be first film to score above 40cr suddenly afer some hours you gave hny collection 36.12cr and than you gave sultan collection 36.41cr just why some lakh more of sultan ??? just bcoz you show srk below salman
    yar tum apni suvidha anusar apne star ki movie ke collection mai kuch lakh badha kar aur dusare ki movie movie mai kuch lakh ghata kar ushe superior banate ho mehanat karo cheating nhi

  8. Excellent opening .Now tough time for SRK .Zero would find difficult to cross Sanju opening day collection .I thought it is very difficult for a drama film to open above 30 crore that too on working day but I proved wrong .As a SRK fan I am disappointed that Ranbir get his 1st 30 crore opening on working day and he will get 100 crore weekend before SRK .it would be interesting to see can Zero beat Sanju opening and weekend collections ?

  9. Race 3 ka game over in 8-9 days!

    poor sallu fans
    race 3 ko top 5 mein bhi jagah nahi milegi shyayad!

    Sall to sallu fans:guys selfish hoke rovona..??


  10. Congratulations Mr.rajkumar Hirani and Ranbir !

    Sallu fans ka toh 8-9 din mein hi band bajega..


    Maza aagaya.ek biopic ne full on action commercial with franchise value TZH ko beat kiya aur wo bhi non holiday ko.

    isse pata chalta hai sallu nakamyab raha GST ka advantage lene mein aur wo bhi action movie ke liye.

    Mai soch raha hoon TOH toh aaram se 50cr opening degi!

  11. Aamir fans are shocked they thought Aamir is only reason in first weekend collection now they got that rajukumar Hirani is main reason Aamir comes with high ticket prices and holidays season of Christmas but still far behind in opening day collection Sanju rocks Aamir fan shocks

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