Sanjay Leela Bhansali speaks about Padmavati controversy

Protests against Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming movie Padmavati have been going on for a long time. However, it has intensified in the last couple of days as several organisations have objections over Rani Padmini’s portrayal.

The situation is worse in Rajasthan where the distributors have refused to release the film unless the controversy is sorted out. BJP MLA Diya Kumari, of the erstwhile Royal family of Jaipur, issued a statement Tuesday saying that “no film should hurt the sentiments of a community by twisting historical facts. The director of the film Padmavati, Sanjay Leela Bhansali should not wrongly depict the story of Queen Padmavati of Chittor. He should get the facts in the film verified by a forum of historians and then release the film.”

She also said, “Rajputs will not allow any distortion of the valiant history of Rajasthan and sacrifice of its people in fighting barbarians. If the movie does not display authentic history or takes any liberties, it will not be allowed to be released.”

Top Rajput body, the Shri Rajput Sabha, also wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday and gave an ultimatum of November 12 for a countrywide ban of Padmavati and an FIR against habitual offender Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali has finally spoken about the controversy. In a video, the directors said that this is his tribute to the sacrifice, valour and honour of Rani Padmavati.

Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Produced by Viacom18 Motion Pictures and Bhansali Productions, Padmavati is slated to release on 1st December 2017.

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    1. Bollywood arena qna kyu band kar Dia ..mtlb popular ho Gaye to ab vo SB khatam ? ..overseas ka stats daalo Apne site me or qna start Kro fir se ..or bhi 2 3 new cheez Lao be site me

  1. Off topic
    @Arena pls be posting my comments same time with others...i mean am not d only user here that only my comment is visible...later other user comments who actually posted before me ...appears...?? Dont feel comfortable, they are many of us so post it with theirs too...

  2. Some people just need rubbish reason to create controversy so that they get fame for few days, I totally believe that SLB won't do any such thing which harm or affect anyone's feelings......People have to calm down and let the movie release 1st.....I wish it get clean release and do wonders at Box Office....

    Best Of Luck To entire Team of Padmavati.....Eagerly waiting for this movie....

      1. @2.0

        Listen bro,to be honest i dont enjoy trolling Akki sir. You have seen many comments of mine where i praise Akshay his stardom and popularity. I never came to this site to be trolling other actors if you observe i praise every single actor. I have an image here and i really dont want to tarnish it because of fans like you. Secondly let me be honest, had Akshay Housfull 2 grossed 200 cr believe me i would never use words like fluke, multi starrer because i know talking about Any franchise Akshay will star in ,he is definitely going to be the solo Superstar,show stopper but with great co actors surrounding him.

        Your problem is GA entering 200 cr club should be credited as Rohit Shetty starrer or Arshad Varsi ...whatever only Boi ,Adda arena other reputable trade site will know whose name they will put representing that movie. Still if you insist keep on posting some irrelevant posts just to make me believe its not an Ajay Devgn movie....then Fine i agree
        GA is not an Ajay movie and Ajay is nobody compared to Rohit.

        I have agreed and accepted its not an Ajay movie so please let us have a mutual respect we are not kids. Thank you ...and to all Akkians if my comments on Akki didnt go well with you guys am sorry...was never my fault nor motive ...he is someone i will always respect. Cheers to everybody.

        1. This all started coz of ur insecurity go n get the screenshot of my 1st comment if I said anything bad about Ajay
          I just praised Rohit sir n everyone does it n if you have problem with it then go n fight with everyone n sites who say it

          I don't have problem with Ajay sir

          I just want Ajay defend his stardom outside Rohit banner

          Same goes with Ranveer singh who gets big when cast in SLB sir movies
          So he has prove to himself outside SLB movies till then he can't claim those big Grossers made by SLB to be his

          I am not against Ranveer

          This is a neutral fan perspective...
          I am happy for varun who is scoring big at bo n growing his stardom though his acting his below par
          Ranbir kapoor has big Grosser JYHD
          N he has not a single 120 cr + Grosser
          Then how can he claim yjhd to be due to his Stardom
          Now coming to Padmavati shahid kapoor doesn't have a single 70 cr Grosser to his credit n padmavati has every chance to cross 200 cr at bo
          Then don't say Shahid gave 200 cr Grosser...

          To claim any numbers one has to prove himself n be consistent at bo irrespective of banner that is the criteria...
          Coming to GA for me I am not partial to any star Arshad Tushar pari kunal anyone n I give credit n praise to everyone but I don't say this is due to their Stardom n again this is from a neutral perspective
          Coming to Akki multistarrers I have no problem with them I give credit to everyone involved but Akki has proved himself solo n his solo movies r big Grossers namely Rowdy, Toilet, Rustom n Airlift
          Thanks everyone..

          1. @2.0...nah dont get yourself wrong...

            Insecurity and I dont come in one sentence. Both superstars i big fans of Srk and Ajay have reached a level that no stain can dent their Stardom..i repeat no stain...nothin to prove to anyone. People like you and I are way to small... I repeat way too small to give them any advice....

            About fighting everyone in this site...why? Non of them go every front page of unrelated articles of Ajay and start posting....Akki donates this or that,Ajay and Akki grossers , Or something like this immediately you congratutulated Rohit ?

            Now GA has become a Highest Multistarrer Grosser ever which we have never seen before with so many stars involved..

            ☝...that alone is a Dig and am being honest ...that is insecurity!! Everybody knows GA is an out and out Ajay Devgn franchise with his co actors like a Dhoom serie , Housefull serie, His entry in the movie alone needs no cracker head...trade sites all over calls it an Ajay-Rohit Golmaal again.

            So why fight fans when everybody keep posting Congrats Ajay sir and team GA...are you more knowledgeable than them?

            let me end this with one question you ask yourself,i dont need reply cos logically am not an 7 year old boy...

            When an article is going to be confined reading..."Bollywood actors with 200 crs movies...Salman Aamir SRK and who? "
            Rohit? Multicasts? Kunal or Johnny lever???

            Done...still dont expect any anti Akki comments from me...your wish to carry on just dont say somethings everbody in this site already know about you...and i repeat the word "Insecurity" aint me, the readers already know who deserves that tag with mere common logic of people comments...Stay cool

            1. Also forgot to include...I too want Rohit to prove his Directorial Commercial success without Ajay sir, we all know what happened to the last non Ajay starrer ,it barely recovered its budget...and was his 1st Non Hit movie of this decade... This simply mean having a Huge Superstar in SRK and youth man of the moment Varun,with excellent Cinematography and Music does not guarabteee blockbuster or Super hit status ....be it Rohit or Kabir.

            2. So what's wrong??? GA is not a Multistarrer, did u go to movie n watch only Ajay in the movie n nobody else???...
              Even I accept Housefull franchise is a Multistarrer so what's wrong in it..
              Are Abhishek, Ritesh, John, Shreyas, Arshad, Tushar not stars not actors for you
              Are we just obsessed with Ajay n Akki...

    1. Yes @Bolly pls start the qna session..it was fun..now no other sites does that..and after indicine left now you guys i think are the most popular and got yourselves a lot of viewers..so pls do it

  3. Sanjay bhansali sir we all indians with u.
    But one request u to release it on 15 dec and see d dhamaka of padmavati

    This movie will thrash TZH if it released on 15 dec.

    Go a head..

    1. Hahaha.. PARSHYA.. Big fan of u.. Previously I was a silent reader of ur comments n troll.. N now I really enjoy trolling salman fan's with u.. Bhai bhai bhai, ????

      1. @Ray
        Thank u bro....

        Actually I m not against salman but his fans r very arrogant
        thats why i m here to troll his fans.

        1. tu kitna aise apne hi IDs banouge.. dkbose???
          whenever someone comments on your own faltu comment.. . its quite easy to make out its your own id.. :D..
          bewakoofi ki bhi hadd hoti hai..

        2. @Aunty , Dangal is high content film . Collection of dangal is not becoz of tingu stardom, it's becoz of content direction . Even rajpal yadav would have acted the father role it would have earned 300 cr .
          Golmal again collection is not becoz of ajay, it's becoz of comedy, rohit, khemu and tushar. Khemu and tushar acted well compared to ajay . So amir and ajay have no stardom.

          Stardom means only salman's and akki's. See that stardom in tzh and 2.0.

    2. Nowadays ppl say things like ga is only for rohit, bahubali only for rajamouli....a film is only good when all the people with it give their best..who were better than prabhas and rana in their role???the superstars can give bb openings and good weekends bt rest depends on content..3 idiots may have collected near 100 crore or a few more without aamir(still very good total) and i dont see anybody playing pk...till this year perhaps in this decade i have seen only salman to carry an average film on his own and to some extent srk( though his worst movies are highest grossers on overseas) aamir hardly does bad films..off topic

    3. Dude pasmavati shifted from christmas due to tzh..and salman is bigger star than aamir..its true..aamirs film brings mire money and can be watched even after 30 years..bt salman is popular through out the country..and i am an aamir fan bt will see tzh on sunday..and also its unfair to compare dangal with tzh..dangal was non commercial film..ppl thought it would do 200 crore..bt created history..and @parshya u should go to a mental hospital

      1. @Ceiling khan

        just compare Tubelight and Dangal before get released.
        both r with same genre and released on working day.

        Now compare stardom

        Tubelight - more screen+highest ticket price+sallu+kabir+2017

        Dangal - Less screen+lowest tp compare to tubelight+Aamir+demonetization effect+2016

        stardom means collection of first day and weekend

        first day


        this shows that Aamir has bigger stardom dan Sallu.

        now compare weekend

        kick and D3...............D3>kick (2014)

        kick and PK................PK>kick (2014)

        BB and Dangal...........Dangal>BB (2015)

        PRDP and Dangal.......Dangal>PRDP (2015)

        Sultan and Dangal.....Dangal>Sultan (2016)

        Tubelight and Dangal......Dangal>Tubelight (2017)

          1. Kya parshya aunty aap toh reply hi nahi krti aapko toh thankyou bolna chahiye mujhe aapko itna famous kr diya hai parshya aunty?? @parshya

        1. Lol parshya aunty is bigger star than aamir here ??kitna aur jalegi parshya aunty @Parshya

    4. Uff yeh parshya aunty nahi sudhregi yes we r with you sanjay sir but hum sab parshya k against hai ??

    5. Parshya mere Bhai ,I m with you .but shikar to sabhi karte hai par tiger jaisa shikar koi nahi karta ye slb ko pata hai.all the best for salman trolling lage rahe ,saayad kuch fayada ho jaye

    1. Jeet i think they are really serious about it...you know how conservative and proud the Rajputs are...i think they have a point but its good SLB clarified it....

  4. Best of luck SB sir great work hope movie will huge buzz Eagerly awaiting for Padmawati !!!!!!!

    1. Yes Jimmy both Padmavaati and TZH will definitely fare well.

      Salman Tiger Khan collection ....am sure 1st 5th day collection of TZH will comfortably cross Tubelight lifetimd.

      For Future Superstar Ranveer Singh ...he should have another 150 cr movie to his name and i hope the other talented actor Shahid (2nd lead) career can bounce back via the appreciation of the movie if well accepted.

      2nd Half of out and out Bollywood calender 2017....will wipe out the 1st half of lesser sparks!!!

  5. We r with u "Padmavati " all team.
    n best wishes its bigest hits 2017.
    250 + collection
    Baki 2nd pe sallu bhai 245.

    1. @Thug thugs of hindostan ki collection 200 cr hi naa reh jaaye phir mat bolna ki thugs of hindostan aamir ki movie nahi thi blah blah jo ki tum log krte ho chhoti height wale k chhoti soch wale log

  6. Bollyarena please post tiger zinda hai trailer has become the most liked indian trailer ever on youtube beating bahubali 2 and Padmavati in just 1 and a half day...

  7. Hope the content of the movie is clean n don't hurt any comments.. Myself belongs to Kshatria caste really honour Rani Padmavati... N I trust Bhansali now as he might not have diluted the movie.. Hope it get a 100% release n smash all the records..

  8. well.. SLB.. whateva it is.. the film and you are pretty lucky to release the film before TZH... warna the films fate would have been sealed considering the mammoth response tzh trailer is getting.. so in short.. u r a lucky man!!!

  9. Tumhara site outdated hai yar..pahli to apne man se kisi film ka prediction krna band kro...ek bat batao yar tum logo ko ajay devgan se kya problem hai....dusre box office site ki tarah neutral rha kro...

  10. Hahahaha....u guys r really headache......konsa page mein kya comment karte rehte ho and yeh parshya aunty to aur hi hai sirf TZH ko lekar ati hai....lagra ABU USMAN parshya aunty ka bhai tha jise tiger ne maara isiliy TZH k piche lag gyi.....

  11. let expose padmavati on 1st Dec....how she was dancing in front of his husband what extended she was beautiful....LOL...this is history??? why he is doing all this extramarital affair movies....
    HDDCS and DEVDAS all fictional its good excellent workbut this BM,PADMAVATI all are dirty game to get good bucks
    ...now next Shanjhan&Mumtaz than RANI LAXMI etc etc...he will continue until ppl say masterpiece banaya...

  12. thanks this movie not starring any of Khan otherwise whole India upto to them and called few bhakts deshdrohi...they dont care SANJAY LEELA BHANSALI they would have burnt khan effigies.

    thats the reason DILWALE overseas 26M and india 148....due to protest......

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