Sanjay Dutt Biopic to release on 30 March 2018

Sanjay Dutt biopic starring Ranbir Kapoor has was scheduled to release during Christmas 2017. However, we reported a few days back that the film will be postponed to 2018. Now the official confirmation has been made.

According to the official announcement, Dutt Biopic will release on 30 March 2018. Fox Star Studios has signed a 3-film deal with Rajkumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra. One is Dutt biopic while the second is Vidhu Vinod Chopra directional. The third film is yet to be announced.

The clash between Tiger Zinda Hai and Dutt biopic has been averted. Salman Khan starrer will get a solo release during Christmas this year.


22 comments on “Sanjay Dutt Biopic to release on 30 March 2018”

  1. We knew to take on salman is not going to happen but dutt will be very nice movie ,the third one may munnabhai3,,,

  2. Tzh k liye badiya h..iska toh budget bhii jyda nhi hoga aur upar se raju hirani ka movie bahut fark pdta tzh ko..aur kuch log bol rhe h bhai ka darr h are daar nhi bhai movie ready hi nhi h toh release kaise karega..aur aab badiya h bhai k liye aamir ka rocord todne ka mauka h agar nhi thod paye to mtlb aamir sabse bada superstar h aur bahubali to maine bola nhi kyunki bhai se na ho payega..

    1. Dude dutt shooting started in January,...Tiger zinda hai shooting started in march ...TZH is much bigger than dutt ..so if this can complete than why not dutt.....don't give this lame excuse ...ki jab complete hi nhi ho payegi to release kaha se hogi ...padmavati shooting started in November 2016 ...its one of the biggest project,it is releasing in November 2017 ....so complete na hona is all farzi excuse...Bhai se koi bhi clash nhi karna chahta

      1. My friend TZH needed highly rehearsed action scenes, that can be done within get days, but in Dutt Biopic , they need more than just action scenes, it's the acting and getting the look right, getting the facts right being a Biopic! Lucky Aamir is not doing the movie it would've came out after another 2 years maybe in 2020

        1. If I am not wrong then somewhere I read that hirani said that shooting of the movie will end by June or max July ...now coming on to looks Ranbir has already gained 17 kg from Oct to march +whole last year he was practicing to be like sanjay dutt + there is intense makeup for looks .......aur hirani pehle hi Puri taiyari k baad shooting start karta hai

  3. i think the next time anyone announces his film to release with a salman film he should be slapped on his face with a boot. everytime it can not be a coincedence that people first announce their film alongside salman film and then postpone it. they are doing it intentionaly to promote their film. nobody knew that a film called raees exist in the world. but after the news of it clashing with sultan evrybody went to know that there is a film called raees starring srk. and then there is the jobless sunny from worthless deol family . that useless garbage 90's dead star the son of nonactor dharmendra decided to clash ghayal with prdp but then ran away. then that shameless actor again claimed to release bhaiyaji superhit with tubelight but where is that film now.
    but i never expected this from rajkumar hirani. and now it is proven that he is basically a talentless director who got everything due to aamir's stardom and scriptsense.

    tiger zinda hain should be a great oppurtunity for salman and the film will determine his boxoffice standing because tubelight is bound to dissapoint. hope that the dissapointment of tubelight is less and when tiger zinda hain releases it beats the opening day collections of all xmas releases by a huge margin.

  4. now i m not interested in dutt...
    sallu bhau aab kam se kam PK ww record record to tod do..

    aur nahi toda to filme copy karke banana chod do..

  5. Are bhai bhaijaan ka stardom h pta h par king sirf eek hota h wo h content aur raju hirani ki movie me best content hota h..aur raju hirani movie me kaffi time leta h..isliye postpone hue h..

  6. Honest man, 'nobody knew that a film called Raees exist in the world.' Tu pagal ho gaya hai kya.Raees was in the news when its 1st teaser was out in July 2015 and receives a good response.he doesn't need fake publicity from your gangu teli.I accept film was postponed.SRK films is not performing up to expectations because of poor content and lack of support of neutral audience.if his films content become strong then his ability is more than both Salman and Aamir.now u will tell no one knows SRK film is coming in August and Christmas 2018.bhai tera kuch nai ho sakta.

    1. @honestman you have lost it, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan both need no introduction, Raees has over 53 million views on its trailer you telling me his man needed to tell people his movie is coming out?! Lmao you make me laugh! ?

  7. @Dishonest Joker-Why should Gangu Teli sallu give bigger opening than all Christmas releases? Why shouldn't it cross Bahubaali 2's Non-Holiday opening..?? So Gangu Teli sallu is a smaller star than a regional star..?? Why shouldn't it cross Dangal's worldwide collection when Gangu Teli sallu fans call him the no.1 star..??? Raju Hirani had pity on your 21 clash losing Gangu Teli sallu, that's it...!!
    @Prashant Abhisek- SRK's last two films haven't been of poor content, they didn't have universal content, that's it. And SRK had severe injury and his friendship with Aditya Chopra was important to.. So no need to blame him for the postponement.

    @Bollyarena- You guys have pretty decent moderation, but how can you publish a comment containing a phrase like "slapped on his face with a boot"..?? We all know sallu fans are gawar and don't have character but you guys should moderate the comments well. Publish my comment if you have guts.

  8. @nn tiher zinda hain can beat the 40.73 crore net of baahubali 2 and become the first bollywood film to take 40 plus crore net opening on non holiday. but even if it takes a 35 crore plus opening it will be proved that he is way bigger than anybody in bollywood .
    yes tiger zinda hain can also beat the worldwide business of dangal as par boi.com ( boi.com does not include china and i follow boi.com). and even if it does not the highest worldwide opening weekend still belongs to sultan and tiger zinda hain will beat it and the top 2 worldwide weekend will belong to salman.

    as far as china is concerned no salman film till date has released in china and i can only comment on his boxoffice standing in china when his films will release there. aamir khan right now is the only star who is recognized there and salman is yet to make debut there. but one thing is definetly right that srk is a flop star there as he had 3 releases there and all of them had been disasters there. so how can you being a srk fan comment about china as srk is a proven flop star in china while aamir has broken all records there and salman is yet to have a release.

    and it can not be a coincedence that everytime people decide to clash with salman and run away at the right time. it is quite clear they are doing it to make their film hot in the trade. if they had pity on salman on first place they would not have clashed. i will definetly call srk, sunny deol and raju hirani a bhagoda because thay are doing this silly thing again and again and giving people the opportunity to call them so.

  9. @Dishonest Joker- Don't you feel shame about talking about only the Hindi Non-Holiday opening of Bahubaali 2 with lesser screens? Tiger ZInda Hai should do more than 100 crore opening on CHristmas festival to prove that Gangu Teli sallu is a bigger star than Prabhas because Prabhas has beaten All India Opening by 600% margin. Otherwise it's proven that Gangu Teli sallu in his best phase is behind Prabhas and Aamir. And talking about China, SRK's films weren't dubbed in Mandarin and My Name Is Khan was already an ATG before releasing in CHina. So SRK has some 6 ATG, 16 HGOTY and 23 blockbusters in overseas. Failure in one territory wouldn't do any harm to his Superstardom. WHereas Gangu Teli sallu is still a Local star in his best phase and behind Prabhas and Aamir according to the same logic you were applying all along. He needs bheeks from CHinese actress to get a release in China whereas SRK can release whichever film he wants, even his niche film Fan.

  10. And if SRK and Raju Hirani are bhagoda then Sallu is an "All Time Gangu Teli Looser" cause he lost 21 clashes in his career...!!

  11. @nn tiger zinda hain will release just before xmas in a working day , on the same day dangal opened to 29 crore net and dilwale with clash opened around 20 crore net. on the same kind of potential day let's see what salman does in comparison to the other two khans. if he beats the 29 crore by a huge margin then no one can deny the fact that salman is the biggest in bollywood . there can not be any excuse like sultan was released on a holiday and dangal or dilwale on non holiday so the opening was less . here tiger zinda hain is a complete working day release like dangal and dilwale and if tiger zinda hain goes towards 40 crore net on opening day then every discussion about stardom will end with that and whatever tzh does in lifetime willl become irrelevant because it will be proved that on the same kind of potential day salman's initial pull is way bigger than anyone .

  12. Dishonest joker-Opening doesn't depend on stardom only, it also depends on genre. On non-holiday Gangu Teli sallu has been molested by Prabhas by 600% margin. so Gangu Teli sallu is a small local Non-actor in his best phase according to your logic..!! LoL.

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