Sanjay Dutt Biopic to clash with Tiger Zinda Hai on Christmas 2017

Rajkumar Hirani's Sanjay Dutt biopic has gone to floors today. The film which features Ranbir Kapoor in the lead will release on Christmas 2017.

Rajkumar Hirani shared the news on Twitter. He wrote, "First shot taken now for Sanjay Dutt's biopic. Canning a very funny scene. Excitement in cast and crew."

Earlier in a statement, Raju has said that they are targeting Christmas 2017 release.

"It goes on the floors today, January 14, and Sanju will give the clap. We are one big family. We hope to wrap it up by June and are targeting a Christmas 2017 release”.

“It’s not a film about guns, drugs and the underworld. It’s a feel-good film about a father-son relationship with Paresh Rawal playing Sunil Dutt and Ranbir as Sanju. A buddy film with Sanju’s many friends adding up to one from the US, played by Vicky Kaushal”.

This will set up a big clash between Salman Khan's Tiger Zinda Hai and Ranbir Kapoor starrer Dutt Biopic. It will be a very interesting scenario as one has India's biggest superstar who is at the peak of his career and other has India's best director who not only enjoys critical acclaim but also tremendous box office success.

45 comments on “Sanjay Dutt Biopic to clash with Tiger Zinda Hai on Christmas 2017”

  1. This is the biggest clash of 2017 right now, and if Jagga Jasoos does well then the clash can get more interesting! TZH will definitely have the better opening but the Lifetime Collection can Surprise if TZH has Bad WOM. Rough Prediction:
    Tiger Zinda Hai:
    Day1: 28-30cr
    Lifetime: 260cr
    Sanjay Dutt Biopic:
    Day1: 12-14cr
    Lifetime: 130cr

    1. Tahshir abtak nahi samja salman people's create super star not media bad wom par b 200cr easily no guts any Indian star to beat domestically!
      India's biggest super star

      1. @tahshir dear do you think day one collection will be above 40 on a non holiday....that is impossible bro even not a single khan had made 1st day 40cr+ as non holiday....then how it is possible for this time...be logical bro...

  2. Maybe movie wil postpond. bcz both salam khan and raju hirani is best frind of amir khan. Or salam aamir se is clash ko tokne kahnga. Or waise b salam fan ko christmas enjoy krne dena h na. Dekhte h tigar Dangal ko cross kr pata h ya nai.

  3. It won't clash on same week for sure - as vidhu vinod chopra has brains.

    They said they will release in Christmas - so may be 15th or 24th depending on tigers Dates...

    Even film releasing on 24th is not a bad idea if Tiger releases on 15th or 17th Dec.

  4. Very excited for the film.... But why they r clashing with TZH.... In my opinion they should release it on Diwali 2017

  5. Honestly, both films can do extremely well on that big weekend. Its really big this year with Xmas and New Year falling on Mondays.

    Salman has booked both Eid and Xmas, which honestly is a bit unfair to be honest....

    But both TZH and DUtt can be real big even if they clash. Remember 3I had clashed with Avtar and both turned out to be the biggest money spinners ever!

  6. salman ki nikal pori. salman vs best bollywood director clash. big clash. i think hirani win it. also munna vai biography.

  7. Question comes why now a days - 2 big movies release on same dates both don't be successful ?

    Earlier we have seen clash :
    Dil vs Ghayal - Dil (Block buster) Ghayal (Super HIT)

    Raja Hindustan vs Ghatak:
    Raja Hinds (ATBT)
    Ghatak (Super HIT)

    Kutch Kutch Hota hai vs Bade miya. Chote..
    KKHT (Blockbuster)
    Bade miya (Clear Megha HIT)

    Lagaan Vs Gadar :
    Gadar (ATBT)
    Lagaan (Clear Megha HIT -some places Super HIT)

    Answer is : Previously majority clashes were of Quality Vs Quality. We're as now
    It's Quality vs Quantity or Quantity vs Quantity
    Quality movies classes has been not seen for long.

    Eg :
    Don vs JanemaN
    Don - HIT
    JanemaN - Flop. (Both avg film huge stars (quantity Game)

    Bajirao vs Dilwale
    Bajirao - Super HIT
    Dilwale - Semi HIT
    (Dilwale avg & Bajorao above avg hyped movie) --its was again quantity game - no quality..

    Shivay vs aeh dil hai :
    Shivay - Below avg.
    Aeh dil hai mush -- HIT (but not a Megha HIT)
    Both were poor quality hyped movies

    Om Shanti Om vs Ranbeers debu
    Om Shanti - Blockbuster
    Ranbeers - Disaster
    (both were hyped and 3rd class movies) - quantity

    Rustam vs Mohanji
    Rustam - super HIT
    Mohanji - Flop
    (quality rustam vs quantity mohanji)

    And it's clear now both movies can survive even today - both can be super Hit but contend and quality is required.. for case Bajirao did 172 crores and was super HIT where has Dilwale was semi HIT with 150 -- with 30 more crores (180 possible movie would have been super HIT - delhi door nahi thii) but quality was and issue plus politics.

    But overall today also 2 films released on same day can be successful -- but require to have good quality.. film makers and trade analysis then cries and ends up saying clash made film flop but in fact it's not clash it's quantity which customers don't buy. They need quality.

    For Raees FIM vs Kaabil
    It's seems
    Raees to be a Good to above avg movie 2.5 to 3.5 stars
    Kaabil - as per directors record - will be 2 to 2.5 stars.
    So where is quality clash.. infact this producers makes us full get hyped due to clash where contend itself will be poor..

  8. Aab dekhte hein salman ki asli power.
    Weekend ke bad TZH marnewala hein.
    My prediction if clash happens

    1. Beta ab ranbir ka clash Salman khan se ajay devgn se...tingu toh tushar kapoor ki movie se bhi insecure ho jayega..?

  9. Well if it happens than it would be the clash of titans ana most colossal one i think than tzh wont cross 300crores as this film will eat up its business

  10. Tiger Tiger Tiger Se Toh Rajnikanth bhi dar gaya postponed his movie and parshya tumhare papa ka papa ka movie clash ho raha hai isliye khus ho

  11. Ab pata chalega tum jaise bewkoofo ko ki asli papa aamir hai hirani ka.tum jaise apni shakal dikhane layak nahi rahoge.

  12. Hirani ne kaha tha release krega or agr krna hta to 1st shot ke sath tweet bhi kar deta 21st december 2017 release par abi sochega phr posponed krlega :D
    salman khan he chota star nhi jo takkar le asaani se

  13. Salman Khan is the greatest superstar of all time in India. koimoi box office star ranking: Salman Khan 1700 points, aamir 1300 and srk 950. Box office is only a number. The biggest success in India is for sure Bajrangi Bhaijaan. At the same condition of Dangal sure 400 crore. Copy, copy from Sultan, five open weeks, wildest publicity, no clash, highest ticket price, fake reviews and word of mouth, biggest festivity in the world, college and school closed, festivity mood. What else? And neither 400 crore? When aamir release a film on eid with hard clash like bahubali and kaabali, one open weeks, less ticket price and do 320 crore like Salman Khan i say that aamir is not a fake actor. Now TZH clash with sanjay dutt biopic but aamir never a clash. Why? maybe is not at the same level of Salman and need help like a baby? This is the truth. God bless Salman Khan.

  14. Salmaniacs got an excuse if Chinkada Zinda Hai fails 2 beat Dangal thy ll blame DUTT

  15. It will go same way TZH will win 1st week .Post that it will not have much screens as most of the screens will be assigned to Dutt biopic and Hirani knows that he is facing competition from one actor who rarely do good films. And Salman is not Aamir that everyone would avoid clashes. As Salman did when Jai Ho was supposed to be released on 30th December but Salman postponed as Dhoom 3 was in full form.

  16. Salman gone. With TZH he will not compete against Sanjay Dutt biopic. TZH will be postponed just like Jai Ho which was postponed due to Dhoom 3

  17. Aab to 150cr bhi mushkil hein...300cr to doooooooor ki bat hein...
    Raj kumar hirane se panga hein iss bar......not sanjay lila bhansali sala dar gaya tha sallu ko..

    1. @ dumb parashya - Your hirani either will run like other and if not than trash by salman and will show you stardom

      Be here live on Christmas

      For bigger trolling

      Too much fun ?

  18. if tublight collect more then 300 crore and jagga jasos collect less then 130 then hirani change reales date Surely...

  19. What happ to hirani how he can cast ranbir for Baba role Baba has different style and body which ranbir cannot get in whole life

    Mad decesion taken by hirani plus clash with salmAn completely big mistaken

  20. Abhi excuse denge open weeks nehi Mila TZH ko. Are pura saal bhi mile to bhi Aamir ko beat nehi kar sakta Salman.

  21. wow.. super news!!
    Ab hirani's gamand ka satyanash hoga!!!!
    All will now be aware of Salmans dominance!! way to go.. Tigerrrr!

  22. टाइगर ज़िंदा है cross on 300करोड़ इन clash in दत्त बायोपिक
    Is single रिलीज़ cross 450करोड़
    क्योंकि क्रिसमस रिलीज़ है इस लिए नहीं क्योंकि यहाँ सलमान खान की फिल्म है इस लिए क्योंकि यहाँ सलमान खान का स्टार dum बुलता है वर्ल्ड वाइड cross 1000करोड़

  23. I think Raju Hirani has made the best decision. How can one person claim 2 holidays. This is dangerous for other film makers. And also we all know criminal has never won a clash

  24. The whole myth of Clash is being propagated by Trade for no apparent reason. In Hollywood there's always an event film and then there's as Studio call it the term called "Counter Programming" to target the Spill and the Neutral Audience. Now the problem with Bollywood Clashes is both movies would be high on a cost and would charge insane amount from Satellite and Distributor, making it really difficult for recoveries.

    In this case, they should keep this DUTT Biopic low on Cost, good on content and that will definitely help it survive TZH.

    TZH on the other hand, is an event film and will be high on lot of the aspects and definitely the commentary from the Trade will be spinned off in its favor. But no one in the right mind can count out Rajkumar Hirani, he is light years ahead of Abbas Ali and since this will be featuring Paresh Rawal and as Hirani mentioned will be a fun film. I bet it will out gun the movie from the following week onwards.

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