Salman vs SRK vs Aamir: Who is the biggest superstar today?

A year back, Salman Khan was considered the biggest superstar in India by the audience and trade. Well, there was nothing denying this fact as we had numbers to prove the same.

But since then things have changed and the perception of the trade is changing too. First, we saw the release of Aamir Khan's Dangal which went on to break all records at the Indian box office. After releasing in China, the worldwide gross of the film went over 2000 crores which is three times more than highest grosser of a non Aamir Khan film.

Then came Shahrukh Khan's Raees which did reasonably well despite the clash and average word of mouth. The film was a success at the box office but still not up to the expectations. Finally, the megastar Salman arrived on Eid with Tubelight. The film which was expected to be among the biggest grossers, ended up as a major failure. It went shockwaves across the industry with many distributors losing the money of their lifetime. As of now, it might even struggle to become the highest grosser of 2017.

This has once ignited the debate that who is the number one star today. Salman Khan is enjoying the best phase of his career and has delivered 8 blockbusters in this decade. So one failure should not be considered a big deal. However, for trade, only the box office numbers matter the most.

SRK is going through a dull phase yet he has been consistent in terms of openings irrespective of the content and genre. He has also faced the most number of clashes in recent times and has emerged victorious in all of them.

On the other hand, Aamir Khan is at the top of his game and has consistently given all time grossers and all time blockbusters. But he does very few films which is the only problem. Still one cannot ignore the gigantic records and milestone set by him.

So who do you think is the biggest superstar in India today? Vote and let us know in the comments section.

Who is the biggest superstar today?

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120 comments on “Salman vs SRK vs Aamir: Who is the biggest superstar today?”

      Today its aamir. Be honest. A film like Talaash opened to 13cr which in today's time is 25cr, in that dark genre. Dangal did 30cr despite being offbeat
      in 3 khan opening(only opening)
      90s: SRK>Salman>aamir
      2000s: Early-SRK>aamir>Salman
      2010s Today-Aamir>aamir>aamir :)

      Brief comparison in solo release:-opening(Not considering deewana, ishq, darr, karan arjun, andaaz apna apna,k3g) between 3 khans
      1993-SRK-Baazigar(Weekend record)
      1995-SRK-Ram Jaane
      1998-SRK-Dil Se
      1999-Salman-Biwi no.1
      2000-Someone between Aamir and Salman
      2001-Someone between Aamir and Salman
      2010 to 2012-Salman
      2014 to 2016-Salman 2017-Salman with TZH(No big deal)

      Count youself: Do confirm 2000 and 2001 please.

      Multistarrers not included

      1. Correction
        Actually even 1992-Deewana-SRK(Rishi Kapoor was not a bankable star, if salman takes cfedit of mpk, why not srk)

      2. Salman Khan wouldn't even have 2015 and 2016 if Shah Rukh Khan has solo releases, 2017: JHMS will beat Tubelight opening day collection and then tiger Zinda hai should beat JHMS opening day!

    2. See the user and trade need to understand that there are a lot of factors that make you the bigger star, box office, stardom, influence and much more!

      Aamir Khan has box office of India and overseas but not stardom

      Shah Rukh Khan has box office of overseas news stardom but in India he's behind box office

      Salman Khan has box office in India but has still not been consistent overseas box office and the recent disaster on Eid has threw him back again but he does have a huge stardom!

      You can't pick between the three, but The Khans will always be a the top, Other actors fan understand that why they haven't named you star as a potential in the top actor!

      Akshay Kumar is the King of Box Office in India! It's the truth numbers are there!

      1. @srk varun fan

        dangal 388 crore kma gyi , jo non masala...without kajol ,deepika , anushka ,karan johar ,yash raj....

        Raess ki tarah promotion , pak heroine ,7000sejal k sath promotion....big directer k....

        non masala movie , desi movie ko AtBB bna diya..

        to kya ye stardom nhi h ?

        china me millions fan h , kya vo stardom nhi h ??

        tumhara Srk or salman dono mil k b 150 crore nhi kma pa rhe h ???

        kya ye h stardom??

        @bollyarena please add me again??

        1. real life story with big director n srk also dnt need big heroines like kajol deepika anushka yashraj banner big directors or promotions both srk n aamir needs a good story

    3. I read many comments.. aamir does very few films? Is it?? He believes in quality so if he does 1 movie in a year so what is the problem?

      2005:- mangalpandey
      2006:- rang de basanti + fanaa
      2007:- taare zameen par
      2008:- ghajini
      2009:- 3 idiots..

      Mangal pandey released in august 2005 it was flop movies still weekend collection was highest ever. After 5 months in january 2006 rang de basanti came nd rang de basanti open very well as well. Nd again after 5 months june 2006 fanna came nd shattered all the records again despite no release in gujarat.

      Back to back 3 films .... nd u guys still thinks aamirkhan do less films so that is the reason his films do well?

      Tell ur akshay,salman,srk to do less films nd do quality films.

      Atleast in aamir's films everyone knows if v spend 1000 rupees to watch the film it is worth it. But that is not in case of other actors.

      In trust,quality,acting,senseofscript,boxofficerecords there is no one i repeat no one clost to aamirkhan..

      Megastar for a reason.

    4. I would like to say this for me it's aamir Khan for 1 reason tell me one actor from 2000 onwards that has delivered hgoty at Christmas let me talk about the biggest hindi film in my life time k3g which released on 14 Dec 2001 on 17 Dec 2001 it was eid 25 Dec Christmas than the new year 3 big big holidays yet the film could not be hgoty than ghajini and 3 idiots came in 2008 and 2009 than from 2010-2012 no film on Christmas was hgoty than 2013 and 2014 dhoom 3 and Pk became hgoty 2015 was a big clash so we won't go there 2016 dangal hgoty so isn't that proof enough that aamir is the real big name in hindi cinema.

    5. Out of context**

      Pahlaj nahlani asked people to vote whether they have a problem with the word 'inter course' and if 1 Lakh people vote that they don't have a problem he'll pass the movie certificate, so they did a poll on twitter and 1 lakh people voted in favor of the movie with 20hours! Hahaha pahlaj nahalani what planet do you live on?

      And Shah Rukh Khan ki izzat ka socha hota?10 Lakh tho min karna chaiya tha!

      Such an idiot! People are having sex in thier movies all the time and it's alright but not one word from a SRK movie!

      Pahlaj Nahlani now needs to stick to his promise!

      1. @srk fan

        bhai vo movie ko promote krne ka , srk ka nya fanda h

        tbi to usne ye word dala???

        aamir ...dil chahta hai , fanna , dhobi ghat ...sab me khub adult word bole h...

        par srk to promotion king h???...

        sala etne promotion k bad b.....20 crore ki opnning?

    6. AbE lallu lallu Prashanth on what base you are telling srk go and check records in boi - opening day , highest days , weekend and first week mean stardom most records belong to Salman and you bark for srk

      Really you people are out of planet and aank ka aande

  1. SHAH RUKH KHAN. Opening dekh lo sab ki, kiski kaisi picture Hai( Fan,Happy New year) kisko clashes milte rahe Hai(Dilwale, Raees) aur phir bhi Kya opening Hai. The answer will be very clear :D

  2. Now voting prove who is bigger.... Bollyarena you have only 10 k followers which is nothing in front of India's population... And here either srk or Aamir wins because their fans are exist here mostly...

    So Bollyarena please do something tough

    1. Hahaha now followers are not enough, to the poll anywhere you want the winner will always be Shah Rukh Khan!

  3. This poll doesn't decide who is number only box-office number matter because public pay for watching his favorite star in theatre

  4. This is the silliest question.There is no comparison for Aamir with rest of Bollywood.Aamir is in different league.Among rest Salman is no.1,with one failure Salman will not come down.TZH will be biggest Bollywood hit of this year.SRK films will open big with or without clash but lifetime he is struggling since 11 years only barring Chennai express.SRK upcoming films are nowhere looking to cross 300 crore but may open good to excellent.AKSHAY is making good cinema & in near future he will give 200 crore in his solo hero film.

  5. First I am telling u I am fan of salman..But Honestly as a box office number my ranking-1) Amir 2)Salman and then definitely 3) Akshay 4)Srk..But considering Fanfollwing and as big superstar brand my ranking- 1)Salman khan 2)Srk 3)Akshay 4)Hritik

  6. 3 Back to Back to ATGs In
    India,Overseas & WW.
    Top 2 NonHoliday Records Belong to Aamir.
    Highest Single Day,Weekend &
    All Major Bollywood Records Belong to AAMIR KHAN.
    If Boxoffice is Criteria to Judge 'Megastardom'then no one is close to

    1. Screenshot le liya . Ab yeh bata agar JHMS 15cr above open ho gaya to kya karega tu .
      Aur reply zarur karna .

        1. Bhai Fan to mai Akki ka hi hu . Waise hi maine kaha . Kyu ki SRK ki movies opening day acha collection kr let hai .
          Mai koi fan war nahi krna chahta. Maine reply is liye kiya kyuki mujhe lag raha hai ki JHMS 15cr plus opening legi.
          Par phir bhi fan mai Akki ka hi hu . And I want TEPK to be biggest grosser of all time.

    2. Screen shot done, 3 screenshots! 15cr hahaha it will do double! Min 25cr first day but could hit 35cr first day!

  7. Now as Box office- 1)Amir 2)Salman 3)Akshay. BUT considering Fan following and big brand 1)Salman 2)Akshay 3)Srk If Tiger zinda hai collected more than 300 then salman become no 1 in both category

    1. @Siddesh tu pagla gaya hai chore!

      Akshay Kumar is no 1 at box office
      But Shah Rukh Khan as a brand and stardom fame is ahead of everyone!

    2. @Siddharth good joke. Really made My day. Keep making more and more such funny jokes. Putting akshay salman and srk above aamir in fan following? Can't stop laughing. Box office collections decides fan following not some popat like you.

  8. Jai ho - Distributer loss
    Prdp - Distributer loss
    Tubelight - Distributer loss
    Dabangg 2- Distributor loss
    Kick - Distributors loss

    Salman Khan is the superstars for Rickshwala association.

    1. teek hai.. tuje aur khush karta hoon..
      Indias best 5 movies in the last 10 yrs
      1. RNBDJ - Declared best movie to spin human minds.
      2. HNY - Best indian movie ever as headache tablets were sold for higher thn the price of tickets in ticket counter
      3. Dilwale - made for Asylums only and SRK warrior
      4. FAN - Best SRK movie ever as it didntveven cross 70cr
      5. Ra. 1 - world cinema thought of putting an end to super hero films after watching it

      1. Mr Jeet ethically ...Salman is criminal ....... Even though he didn't go to jail but using money power.........ND amir and Salman both have rich family background ....so u can compare baap k paiso par ... Bollywood me and pe aur struggle krne me bahot fark h.......ND film flop hone se srk ki stardom pe popularity pe .....koi asar nhi hoga.........we r fan of his acting.......

      1. Well said....Stop hate mongering..And its not like SRK is at the top of his game. All this might come back to haunt us post JHMS

  9. Account to me
    1 aamir
    2 salman
    3 akki 1 failure does not impact stardom but akki can catch up salman too because 2.0 is coming which will open well due to akki also and will break many records

      1. Bhai crack aur Mogul ko na bhulo . Akki ki movies ko le kr excitement day by day increase ho rahi hai . Akki has best lineup at situation.
        Hope he becomes number 1 by end of 2018.

    1. High chances
      It will depend on how Akki films perform before and after that. Robot is very popular in TV, so it will open big in Hindi automatically. For Akki to surpass SRK, Padman, Battle of Saranghai, Mogul, Gold should do well.Chances of Akki entering top-3 ae very high at the moment. In 90s Aaki was in top-5 biggest crowdpuller with SRK , Sunny and Govinda in opening.Last decade too, his films did very well.
      Chances of Akki surpassing SRK and even Salman(If Akki decides to clash with Salman) are high at the moment.
      90s-SRK/Sunny Deol
      2010s-Aamir(He can give opening in any genre)/Salman
      2020s-Akki(Seeing his lineup)-As this decade is about to end, so Akki cant surpass Salman and Aamir in 2010s

      But if SRK/Hritik rise up as phoenix then its gonna be tough.

      1. 100%jisko think se acting nhi ati vo Bollywood king banega.........Kal ko phir rajpal yadav bhi Bollywood king banega jayega????????

  10. And Srk not because he has lost his stardom despite 1 or 2 films a year akki has almost caught him even after doing 3 to 4 films so it's clear akki>Srk also tepk will leave jhms behind to prove it further

  11. @ sayar, In 2014 HNY was highest opener.why don't u include ? Do u think its record opening is due to Abhishek, sonu or vivan ?

      1. Actually even 1992-SRK in deewana(Risi kapoor was not bankable, if salman can take credit of mpk, why not srk?)

    1. Well, this is true if current box office situation is kept in mind. But i will not believe it generally bcoz its obvious if Aamir makes a mistake in choosing a better script..then u will witness what salman has, a failure at box office. Acc. To me Shah rukh khan is biggest star..
      In terms of BO it is Aamir as his films carry universal appeal.....and thus gross big numbers .....and this brilliant choice of films have earned Aamir huge fans ...they trust him now that he will not dissapoint them...

    2. at this point of time aamir s unbeatable earlier he was not
      he was beatable n beaten by srk

  12. I dont know if Akki is a bigger star than SRK, perhaps he is today as SRK is doing flop scripts. But Akki is always a bigger star than Salman since 90s atleast in opening and clash.
    In 90s Akki defeated Salman 2 times in a clash.
    Sangdil Sanam vs Hum Hai Bemishaal
    Andaaz apna apna vs Suhaag

    Akki’s Mohra opening in 1994>>>All Salman Khans film opening as the lead hero
    Akki’s Khiladiyo ka Khiladi=Bumper Opening. 2-3 times the lifetime of Yeh Majhdar

    Last decade, Salman lost 2 other clashes with Akki and a semi clash

    Kyun Ki vs Garam Masala
    Main aur Mrs. Khanna vs Blue

    Semi clash
    GTGH vs Singh is King

    Akki was in top-4 last decade with Hritik, SRK and Aamir.

    In all 4/5 clashes in 90s and 2000s Akki won in both opening+Lifetime

    Akki official Baap of Salman from 1992 to 2010
    In 1992, Khiladi>>All Salman films, In 1993 HHB, WHH>>All Salman films

    In 1994 Ajay and Akki's Suhaag opened 55% more than Aamir & Salman’s film Andaaz apna apna

    So from 1992 to 2010 Akki>>Salman
    From this year Akki may overtake SRK, I fear.

  13. @it's average and akki yes akki is the king and a beautiful lineup is there but srkian's abhi bhi bolenge Srk at top lol

    1. @Sayar and @Abhijeet Well , acknowledge the fact that SRK was the "top" for 20 years or so but from 2015 he is not top. Akki was ahead of Salman for 18 years in terms of giving openings(From 1992-2010, Akki>SRK) as you said. So yeah even if Akki surpasses SRK, its gonna be matter of fact that upto 2010, SRK>Akki>Salman in crowdpull. And now its Aamir all the way.
      @Singh yes well said.

    2. Top me to akki hai. Ye Salman, Aamir, SRK to sab bacche hai. Inke paas to ek bhi hgoty/atbb hai hi nahi. HAHK, DDLJ, RH Pardesh, Devdas, CDI, karan arjun to sab solo festive releases hai. Blue, TMK, Action replay, Aitraz, Janeman to sab non-holiday releases hai. Chandani chowk to china aur patiala house mai to newcomers thai. khans ko to sirf badi heroines hi chaiye

      1. akki ko bas flop movies aati h
        akki hasn'T get any atbb joker
        aamir has got 5 srk has2 salman has3 and akki 0 apni film ki tarah

  14. Salman of course! One flop (which is even bigger than others semi hits) can't change this fact. And that flop also entered 100 cr club...

  15. Bolly arena what is this, Does a poll decide who is bigger at boxoffice. Numbers prove.
    Aamir had 3 universal movies, all were all time grosser Domestic, overseas & worldwide. Each of these three have 3cr + footfalls at domestic box office back to back.
    Dhoom 3 - 3.1cr (2.97cr Hindi + 13lac dubbed)
    PK - 3.5cr
    Dangal - 3.75cr (3.61cr hindi + 13-14lac dubbed) and 4.2cr + In China.

    Highest Non- Holiday opening, Highest weekend, Two films with 100cr in 3 days (Only 1 holiday). Look at the variety of films D3, PK & Dangal. All are different but equally huge at boxoffice.
    Its Aamir show all the way. From 2008-2017, Its Aamir, Aamir & Aamir. Period

  16. First amir is nowhere near Salman and srk if he does 2 film per year he will give flop he needs solid content to run a movie anyway tubelight will finish around 120-140 cr with flop verdict by so called analysts so dats the no.. For which Srk gets semhit status and Amir semihit status for Talaash at 85 cr so by Number logic it's Salman And Salman carries hardcore fan following after so much controversiew and where is akshay Kumar he has highest number of box office total lifetime followed by Salman
    So Competitin shud be b/s Srk Salman and akshay Well media is always biased towards tingu khan who give manipulated figures as reported by financial express

    1. Bhai.. pata hai AAMIR ka bo collection digest karna thoda mushkil hai.. isi liye 'manipulation' ek acchi bahana hai.. kya baat! bt aamir-haters, next time se koi acchi excuse dhundo aamir ki success ko ignore karne ki liye.. all the best!
      & giving 3 back to back ATTB & ATHG ko kaise ignore kar sakte ho?? who have said Sallu aur SRK ko yr mein 2 films release karne ki liye? Aur Sallu, SRK 2 saal gap k baad kya diya? 'My name is khan' & 'Jai Ho' .. kitni badi ATTB tha wo?? Don't give shit excuses.. give something authentic..

    2. @Baahubali2 ha ha ha. Never seem a bigger retard than you in my life. Abe dehaati aamir is Baap of all bollywood stars you gawaar. Aamir has biggest fan following and biggest audience who throng to watch his movies much more than hakla tingu, lallu tingu and gobar kumar. Let gobar hakla and lallu do less movies and then we will see whether people remember them or not. Doing less movies is risky. Hakla and lallu are short actors so the word tingu applies to them as well. And gobar is tall but very short in terms of popularity and fan following so don't even dare to compare him to aamir. Aamir is the baap of all bollywood stars and he kicks the ass of akki, srk and salman. Period..

  17. In terms of box office collection:
    1. Aamir
    2. Salman
    3. Shahrukh khan
    In terms of domestic stardom :
    1. Salman khan
    2. Shahrukh khan
    3. Aamir khan
    In terms of worldwide stardom:
    1. Srk
    2. Both Aamir and salman
    Please tell me, Am I right or wrong

  18. I tou think u media/blogs r the biggest star today...
    Given a chance You guys can shift loyalty every week... Hats off?

  19. This list according to 2017
    If we look at overall career between srk vs salman vs aamir
    Then srk is way way ahead than both aamir and salman
    If anyone has doubt, please ask @NN and @sayer
    They can tell better why srk is the king of the Bollywood

  20. Of course, AAMIR KHAN..
    acting ki depth
    + giving something new all the time
    + audience ka faith (even for hardcore fans of other stars)
    + grand success in films of every genre (pure masala, smart commercial, semi-commercial, art)
    + grand opening, even in non-holiday
    + above all unbeatable box-office net collection ( both domestic & overseas)

    And this poll should include Akshay Kumar also.. He is now doing some quality movies.. & getting success after doing 3/4 films every year is not a joke at all..

  21. it's aamir. there is no comparison to him. i am not saying this because he gives all time grossers but i have noticed one thing that irrespective of genre , trailer he always assures that the multiplex audience comes for his films first day first show. he does lesser films which appeals to the masses but when he does them like ghajini , 3 idiots they also support him like they support salman. so salman has no edge over aamir in single screens but aamir has big edge over salman in multiplexes and that is proven after tubelight opening.

    according to me advance booking is the best criteria for judging stardom because it is hardly affected by wom and audience books tickets in advance without knowing much about the film. these are the top ten advances of all time acccording to boi.com
    1.baahubali 2 - 31.5 crore( non holiday)
    2. sultan - 21 crore( holiday)
    3. dangal- 17.5 crore( non holiday)
    4. prdp- 16 crore( holiday)
    5. dhoom3- 14.75 crore( non holiday)
    6. happy new year- 13.75 crore( holiday)
    7. kick- 13.25 crore( non holiday)
    8. bajrangi bhaijaan- 13 crore( holiday)
    9. tubelight- 12.5 crore( non holiday)
    10. raees- 12 crore( holiday, clash)
    ( holiday and non holiday are counted by how many national or partial holidays you have in the weekend. adavnce in bulk is normaly done for the weekend till sunday. though dangal has x mas holiday in weekend but it fell on sunday so not counted)

    as expected almost all are khan films except bahubali 2.

    you can easily see in the list that aamir films releasing in non holidays has almost equal or better advances compared to salman films releasing on holidays. so between aamir and salman it is aamir who had much bigger initial craze.
    as far as salman and srk is concerned you will also see salman films releasing on non holidays has much better advances in compare to srk film releasing on holidays( just like kick has more advance than ce despite of not being benifited by eid holiday in the weekend)
    so for me
    aamir> salman > srk

  22. illogical comments again by most..
    this article is largely for.. who is bigger at the moment..
    people are getting their past 20yrs into consideration.. omg..
    it is so obvious its salman.. one flop 135-150 cr movie will not dampen him anyways.. This figures are rich for some other stars except aamir who comes and peeps once in two years.. lol
    His last 8 yrs is considered the best by any actors even surpassing the gold period of rajesh Khanna...

  23. Actually it is Prabhas!!!! His record with BB1 (India net: 418crore)and BB2 (India net: 1000 crore +) can't be broken easily. His earlier movie "Mirchi" was also a blockbuster in Telugu and can easily work in Hindi heartland as well.

  24. On one hand they block Parshya and Roric for spreading 'negativity' and on other hand come out wid stupid articles like this one.. which encourage more trolling ...

    There is no point of debating on this ..audience deserves good movies ...that's it..we know what we want

  25. You blame Aamir for doing less movies But the fact is that neither Srk nor Salman do more movies as well.

    Superstar is one who has multuple releases through out the year and consistent at Box Office.

  26. faltu question.. sabko patha hai its salman in todays generation.. and y is SRK in the list?
    There are three categories..
    salman /aamir..
    SRK, akshay, varun..
    ranveer, ranbhir, hrithik, ajay
    issise hi patha chalta hai..
    This article is simply to spur a debate

  27. These online polls don't matter as we've seen with youtube views........

    For me Aamir is neither no. 1 or no. 2 or no. 3.........reason being - he seems to be a different industry in himself, he's like an institution which works different from the industry.......and yes, for anyone to be no. 1 his contribution to box office or the industry on an annual basis has to be the highest which will never be the case with Aamir (because he does such few films).....but still he hold those massive records and manages to beat them too, thus u cant really give any rankings to Aamir Khan!

    Now coming back to the no. 1 star - I feel it has to be a combo of HIT Films and box office nos........Say if Salman grosses 400 crores with both Tubelight and TZH combined (One Flop and One Super Hit film) and Akshay grosses 300 crores with three films but all three films get HIT status, then maybe Akshay is no. 1 for that year.....

    Mostly Salman has delivered on both these paramteres in the recent years.......and hence is still no. 1 , I fee..........However, things can change pretty quickly and if TZH underperforms then this discussion could be more meaningful......

    Coming to Akshay if TEPK really performs well, remember he has Robot 2 as well. Though it is a Rajni film, Im sure Akshay will have an equally big part to play as well.........So yes Salman is no. 1 but he has some stiff competition coming in........Sadly Raees didnt perform well, and JHMS doesnt seem to be real big grosser, else even SRK would be in the running as well!!!

  28. Every sharuk will get more vote than other.
    Sharuk fan more active in social media than watching movie of sharuk.
    One trailer does not matter still salman and Amir lead from front.
    If tiger zibda hai fail
    We usually calculating no of movies and success ratio of the decade
    This decade belongs to only Salman
    And Amir sharuk
    Don't judge from single movie
    Tiger zinda hai manage to earn 300cr definitely Salman no 1 star of this decade

    1. Well said....since jai ho and talaash the biggest superstars(so called) are busy booking festivals 2-3 years in advance to avoid failure....and this question is useless now....they are enjoying their last phase of career....1991-2000,2001-2010 were the most vital phase...the first phase is to capture the top slot,create fans and the next phase is to hold the spot and fans....the last phase is where they are free to experiment....their fans will not change support even if they give back to back flops....bollyarena the question should be who is bigger star between ranbir,ranveer,siddharth,varun,arjun etc...this is their test not srk,salman,aamir,akshay,ajay's....they have achieved a lot already

  29. One and only srk...
    Amir ,salman k to din hote h srk ka to zamana h....
    Srk borns to rule the bollywood.....

  30. I think SALMAN is best..as its all film at quite simple and no over acting lk SRK
    .....salu had highest no. Of blockbuster film...nd 1st Bollywood actor to have 6 pack abs..

  31. Dishonest Joker has lost all logics after the Debacle of tubelight. He is now judging stardom on the basis of Advanced booking which not all the fans get the opportunity to do. By the way, according to BOI, Gangu Teli sallu has more Disasters than Blockbusters and more flops than success. So it's a shame calling him a Superstars. Both SRK has extraordinary success ratio, hit ratio and blockbuster ratio(according to BOI). He is now in his worst phase, but he is still ruling like a King. P.S. Congratulation to Aamir for achieving the landmark 2000 crore at the boxoffice. I don't like him, but can't deny that he has extraordinary shrewdness and sense of script. Probably the only one in bollywood.

    1. @NN i also don't like srk. But I have to agree that he is excellent in terms of romantic movies and family drama movies. He is also a very shrewd business man and knows how to market well. But for me aamir is ruling and will continue to rule. No offense.


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