Salman vs SRK vs Aamir: Box Office Performance in this decade

This decade opened on a high note as there was good growth in yearly business. However, Bollywood films have underperformed in the last couple of years. With just two years left, one hopes that this decade will end on a high.

Khans are still the biggest crowd puller in India. It has been an interesting turn of events especially for Salman and Aamir as far the box office is concerned. Shahrukh Khan, on the other hand, has not been able to match them but has been consistent.

Salman Khan:

Salman was enjoying the best phase of his career post 2010. He has delivered 8 blockbusters in this decade only. His golden run has come to an end with Tubelight which is his first outright failure. But still, he is the biggest superstar in India right now as the stats suggest so.





Ekk Tha Tiger
Dabangg 2
Jai Ho
Bajrangi Bhaijaan


Shahrukh Khan:

SRK has struggled to deliver a big grosser in this decade as he has only one blockbuster. Though the main reason is due to the average content of his films. Almost his all releases have taken excellent initials but have struggled on weekdays. Also, he is the only one among Khans to face box office clashes with biggies.





My Name Is Khan
Ra One
Don 2
Jab Tak Hai Jaan
Diwali, clash
Chennai Express
Happy New Year
Super Hit
Semi Hit
Christmas, clash
Semi Hit


Aamir Khan:

Aamir is the one to set new benchmarks with his each release. After Talaash, his all films have gone on to become all time grossers in India, overseas and worldwide. His average is the best among Khans. However, the only drawback is that he does few films.





Semi Hit
Dhoom 3


Salman Khan will have at least 4 more release before this decade will end. So he will probably go much ahead as compared to other superstars. SRK has an important Christmas release next year which can put him back on track. Aamir, on the other hand, has only one confirmed release, Thugs of Hindostan which will release next year on Diwali. It will be interesting to see how it will perform as his biggest hits have been released on Christmas earlier.

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    1. @ arena is joking with us
      Ra-one and happy new year were utter flop of this decade correct it

      1. Wow Ra one or happy new year flop ?...you idiot ek bhi site dikha do Kahi bhi dikha do jaha ye dono Ko flop bataya ho

        Or happy new year superhit tha ..budget 120cr .. collection 178cr (trade figure ). 204cr producer fig

        Agar happy new year flop hai tere hisab Se to prdp disaster hui kyuki prdp budget 180cr and collection 190cr

    2. Raees has finally beaten Dangal trailer and he's gone to become the most liked and viewed film trailer of India!

      Dangal Trailer:

      351k Likes and 35k Dislikes

      Raees Trailer:

      487k Likes and 50K Dislikes

      1. Congrats srk fans ??

        Now mission bb2!!
        But don't see JHMS in theatre

        Only lage raho on YouTube.

        Duniya ka sabse bada star. ?
        Srk ????

        1. @parshya bb2 mission is for Aamir Khan fans too and that too mission impossible, I don't care about what others do, our target is to beat last record which is chennai express, anything more than that is bonus!

          Congratulations for 2000cr worldwide, people may not accept it but Dangal has crossed 2000cr!

          Good luck beating bb2 with TOH!

      2. @srk insecure fan

        tum log bas trailler ko 1000 -1000 baar dekho??

        sare srk fan youtube pr , ek dusre se request krte h

        " please RAEES k trailor ko 1000 bar dekho , me rat ko sote time hmesha dekhta hu"

        srk ki movie b 100 bar dekhte ho , fir 100 crore k vande h??

        sab k sab 3idiot k CHATUR h........................

  1. What a JOKE @bollyarena.
    RA ONE - HIT


  2. Please post without holiday article of khans films...than compare to others...there is always more than 30% businesses on edx holidays...Tubelight is a colossal failure in eid which is biggest holiday with Christmas in india...solo release n only less than 120cr n distributor loss of around 70cr is disaster...n u bollyarena you're saying flop...Tubelight is a disaster...atleast posta article on disaster of movie tubelight.thanks

  3. Aamir is in his own league. Compeition should be between SRK and Salman only. And comparison should be of full career
    Copying a comment by a fellow commenter @NN

    Let’s see overall career:
    1993— SRK> sallu
    1994- sallu> SRK (due to Madhuri’s favour)
    1995-SRK> sallu
    1996—SRK> sallu( Jeet isn’t Gangu Teli’s film. Chahat>Khamoshi)
    1997—SRK> sallu
    1998—SRK> sallu
    2000—sallu> SRK
    2001—SRK> sallu
    2002—SRK> sallu
    2003—SRK> sallu
    2004—-SRK> sallu
    2005—sallu> SRK(Maine Pyar kyu kia> paheli. No Entry isn’t Gangu teli’s film)
    2006—-SRK> sallu
    2007—-SRK> sallu
    2008—-SRK> sallu
    2009—-Gangu Teli sallu 1 superhit and 2 Disasters>SRK absent
    2010—-sallu >SRK
    2011—-sallu> SRK
    2012—sallu> SRK
    2013—SRK> sallu(absent)
    2017- sallu> SRK
    So in 26 years 15 times SRK>>>11 times Gangu Teli sallu.

    This is THE OPENING.
    1992—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1993—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1994—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1995—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1996—-SRK> sallu (Jeet isn’t Gangu Teli’s film. Chahat opening> other Gangu Teli’s film)
    1997—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1998—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1999—- sallu>KING KHAN
    2000—-sallu>King Khan
    2001—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2002—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2003—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2004—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2005—- sallu> KING KHAN
    2006—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2007—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2008—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2009—- sallu> King Khan(absent)
    2010—- sallu>KING KHAN
    2011—- sallu>KING KHAN
    2012—- sallu>KING KHAN
    2013—-SRK> sallu (absent)
    2014—- King Khan>sallu.
    2015—- sallu> KING KHAN
    2016– sallu>SRK
    2017- sallu>SRK(as he has Christmas and Eid)
    So in 26 years SRK 16 times >>>> sallu 10 times.
    Let’s look at other achievments of Gangu Teli:

    Number of flops sallu =2* SRK’s flops
    Number of Disasters of sallu= 3* SRK’s Disasters( Let BOI update whole 90’s, the number of flops and Disasters will increase for sallu)
    According to BOI: Success Ratio of SRK>>>>>success ratio of sallu(huge difference)
    HIt Ratio of SRK>>>>> Hit ratio of sallu(Huge difference)
    Blockbuster Ratio of SRK>Blockbuster Ratio of sallu(small difference)
    Sallu’s achievement in Clash:

    In 1990s sallu lost these clashes
    -Biwi ho to aisi vs sone pe suhaaga(madhuri)
    -Kurbaan vs 100 days-Suryabanshi vs Panaah(nasserudheen shah)
    -Nischai vs Julm ki Hukumat(govinda)
    -Dil tera aashiq vs ek hi raasta
    -Chandramukhi vs Ek hi Raasta(Ajay)
    -Chand ka tukdaa vs Naaraj
    -Sangdil sanam vs HHB(akki)
    -Andaaz apna apna vs suhaag
    -Agni sakshi vs Yeh Majhdar(nan patekar)
    -Auzaar vs Juddai(anil kapoor)
    -Probably Chamatkar vs Jaagruti(Though not updated but as per IBOS) in 90s clash-1992 with SRK

    In last decade
    -Phir milenge vs Dhoom(uday chopra)
    -SKPGY vs Anthony kaun hai(arshad warsi)
    -Don vs Jaaneman(SRK)
    -Saawan vs Positive(Akshay Khanna)
    -MAMK vs Blue vs All the best
    -Andaaz apna apna vs suhaag
    -marigold vs buddha margaya(Rakhi sawant,)
    -God tussi great ho vs bachna ae haseeno(Ranbir kapoor)

    The stats clearly show that Gangu Teli sallu wasn’t even a star before 2010.

    Indeed SRK in his lifetime can’t surpass this achievements and records. That’s the fate of SRK, cause sallu has indeed contributed in the history of Flops, Disasters and Clash Defeats. ??

    Plus Madhuri dixit without Suraj Barjatya from 1990-1997
    Khalnayak-Record opener with Sanjay Dutt-Blockbuster
    Saajan-HGOTY-solo heroine
    Raja-BB with C grade hero Sanjay Kapoor(Footfalls more than Blockbuster like Mohra)
    DTPH-BB with a megastar, no big deal

    Salman without Sooraj Barjatya or Shah Rukh Khan(as a solo hero)
    What to say???

    This decade
    Solo Eid Release-115cr, Real value=60 crore LOL

    Doodh ka doodh pani ka pani!!


    1. Don't include Sawan vs Positive next time as Gangu Teli sallu fans say it's his cameo. They will go mad seeing this name in the list. Thanks for sharing Sayar bro.

    2. Wow osmm superb well said bro i appericiate You i think you are big fan of srk biggest fan of srk wow itni bada likha hai apne

  4. Thugs of Hindoostan will open 55cr and will enter 400cr net in India. In China alone 2000cr will be achieved. Aamir is now in different league. Dont put him in comparison

  5. ha ha amir 4 blockbuster aur kahan salman 8 .... Koun hai king ha ha ha aur hansao mat amir fans

    1. Abey copy paste king Sallu bhau..
      Kaha Aamir aur kaha Sallu d copy paste local star ????

      Aaj Kal to usko copy paste bhi nahi Ata
      Fusslight disaster ho gayi.

      Agli eid ko ayega aur ek copy paste ke sath..

      Bahot ho chuka copy paste Aab Saha nahi jata audience se. ???

      Agli bar copy paste Kiya na to marigold ka record break ho jayega.

      1. Aamirkhan last atbb was rajahindustani after almost 10 years to another atbb with copy Telugu-tamil gajini hi & everyone no how hi put back

  6. ab akkians bolenge holiday
    abey akkians, blue, tmk, aitraaz, janeman, action replay sab holiday release the. aur clash ka bahana mat banao. hahk, ddlj, kkhh aur raja hindustani clash mai atbb huye the jo ki akki kavi nahi dega

  7. Good very good but I think ki Akshay NE Jo speed pakdi he us hisab se ane wale samay me wo in teeno KO takkar DE sakta he har sal 3 Ya 4 movie Kara he or har movie 100 se upar jari he well done akki

    But but but in teeno NE bhi Jo apni jagah bana rakhi he use defend krna bhi asan nhi over all 6 hi to super star he Aj Warna Bollywood ki nayya kon bachayga youngsters me itna dum ni he abhi unko time lagega set hone me
    BTW 6 super star

    1. Fan wars aside i agree and have no doubt's about Ajay and Hrithik superstardom but BUT they now have to be wise with their scripts and do what Akki is doing which is mixing big and small budget movies. Akshay has impressed me the most amongst the Non khans superstars AAH(akki ajay hrtk). He is the closest now to the Khans based on box office verdicts.
      Not anyone just like that be it franchise or National holiday deliver 300 million rupees on a single day! Hrithik and Ajay has done so a fleet only the Khans have delivered. Both of their movies can not be missed be you any fan but their content of recent has been average. Hope they can bring back their old selves. Akki needs a big grosser but i dont think its a MUST as long as he delivers his Hits verdict. Ajay and Hrithik crossed 100 crs (producer) with below average and average verdicts which says alot about their content and doing expensive movies so they shoul change!! As for the 3,Khans Aamir has a very beautiful fairy tale at the Box office but he needs to do more movies if not the glory will always go to Salman and Shah Rukh. Overall yes Bollywood belongs to these 6 superstars
      Varun and Ranbir have to do half the numbers of movies Akki Ajay Srk Salman did in their 1st 5 years which is phenomenal! Right now they are Golden spoon fed boys with big banners always supporting them unlike Akki Ajay who even rejected movies with Supersrar Directors and producers back then. Hrithik had some comfort zone to be honest like SRK in their Early and mid careers. Lets even be honest in 90s Akki and Ajay movies opened bigger than Salman and Aamir movies and had more successful movies than them but post 2008 everything changed back to Salman and Aamir favour. Srk case he still remains the most consistent Khan in the industry but sadly Aamir and Salman strategy have been more lucky with their game plans and now Akshay kumar too has reinvented himself.

    2. Akki successful movies since 2010
      According to Bollywoodarena
      Khilari 786~avg
      Baby~above AVG
      Jolly llb 2~hit
      Hit machine of Bollywood

  8. Lool SRK: 50% of movies all clashes. .. only 1 EID & 2 XMAS (ONE WITH CLASH) he is the biggest star if we look the opening.
    Give him only 1 XMAS and Eid without clash and than you will se what SRK is..
    Aamir Khan is a geniuos because he choose always good movies and work 1-2 years for 1 movie. . so is difficoult to compete with him .
    Salman Khan depends on Eid and Masala movies without Eid he cant reach 100 crore.

  9. Overall srk 26 Hits 19 flops 13 average /semi hit in 58 movies
    Salman 24 Hits 33 flops 15 average /semi hit in 72 movies

    Higest hit ratio srk ka hai sbse zyada hit srk ka hai

    Or Bollywood arena trade figure ka collection Kyu Bata rhe ho ? Producer figure count hota hai smjhee HNY or prdp dono 200cr kamaya tha producer figure add kr ke

    1. Bro you are wrong kya bol rahe hu Srk ko 19 flop naii he Srk ko 15 flop movies hai ma proof doon mere pas srk ki movies ka real verdict hai ye sale sab fake dikhate he

  10. Khans ko takkar hritik hi deta hai ..vo chakki Canadian kumar ka kuch aukaat nahi ...sala Varun Ranbir Ranveer zyada kama rha or overseas me 30cr ka krne ka dum nahi hahaha Bhojpuri actor akshay
    Koi record nahi iske pass ..bas 54flops hai or kuch nahi ...akki ka baap hai hritik

    1. Next year yaad hai Na HR Ka rap Kia tha Akki rustom se he jitna hit whole career me nahi diya hai utna Akki 4 years me de diya hai samjhaye lallu

  11. Trade figure kyu Bata rhe ho? Producer figure ke sath batao collection

    Raees 2600 screens clash with kaabil non holiday fir v 139cr ..
    Tubelight 4400 screens biggest holiday release fir v 120cr touch nahi Kia ..agar non holiday me aata fan ki tarah or ipl ke season me to 80cr cross nahi kar pata

  12. 274/Avg
    Last 3 Films-1000CR+
    Aamir Khan is UNBEATABLE!!!!
    He is in His Own Different League.
    Put Any Other Actor in Suspense Thriller & OffBeat TALAASH,
    It Wouldnt've Crossed 60CR.
    Pk-Only Movie Which Was Released Without Any Trailer,
    But Movie took Excellent Opening.(Better than Kick)
    Dhoom3 had Negative WOM,but Did 280CR+
    With Positive WOM,Aamir Would've Opened 350CR Club in 2013 Itself.
    But Yes
    After Disastrous Result of Tubelight,
    SRK is NO-2.

  13. Sallu fans ka ghamand todna tha wo tod diya.. ??

    SRK ke fans agar Aamir ke khilaf kuch bhi Bola to yaad rakhna Jab hary met sejal ka Aamir fans Jab SRK met dog ? Bana denge.

    Sallu fans sochte honge Kash Dangal ke time hum Chup rahte to aaj ye din dekhneko nahi milta. ???

    I want to see d power of SRK on next Xmas with solo release.

    1. Parshya, there is a malayalam saying 'theeyil kuruthathu veyilathu vadilla” roughly translated as, 'those tempered by fire would not wilt under the sun'.We have seen the hatred and negativity for each and every SRK movies.We r immune to these unlike Salman fans.So don't threaten us.

    2. First aquire the "aukaat' to do one film evey year and then bark so much. A fanbase with ekka dukka fans is threatening the biggest fanbase...!!

    3. @Parshya hahahaha :-D :-D :-D tere jaise kitne hutiye aye aur kitne gaye... Jab tak tere jaise haters nahi honge tab tak maza hi nahi ayega...
      Aur tu jo bol raha hai wo tu apni baat bol raha hai... Main Dangal k waqt Aamir k against nahi tha par ab uske har film k against rahunga aur haa kisi ko bhi b regret nahi hai k wo dangal k waqt kyun aamir k against the. wo to tu apne khud ko kehke dilasa dila raha hai... Jo Dangal k waqt aamir k against the wo abhi bhi hain aur rahenge Par jo tu bol raha hai k wo pachtaate honge to waisa kuchh bhi nahi hai "kaash wash" sirf tu soch raha hai humlog nahi...

  14. Even in his bad phase SRK gave an ATHG.but a certain megastar is struggling the same for 23 years.

    1. @NN urff @Ashant

      10 saal ka bad phase ?????

      lalluo accept kyo nhi krte , aamir or salmaan ka time hi chal rha h.........

      ab to , akshay , ranveer , ranbir bi dho dalte h , srk ko .

      1. Salman ka time humne dekhliya.Aamir ka bhi dekhlenge.Tu bhikar math kar beta,tera time bhi ayega.

      2. @bhojpuri mahaveer-SRK is giving excellent openings, Hits and one ATG in his worst phase, certain other superstars were giving disasters after disasters before being born in 2008 and 2010. SRK's worst phase seems like a golden phase compared to their worst phase. Ja beta ja school pe ja, What will you do in bollyarena if you remain a gawar for the rest of your life..?? Your idol at least made a film career after being a 10th fail.

        1. @NN

          Mirgi k dore jesi acting krne vale k fan ....
          ...tum log hmesha oppning ka rona kyo rote ho ??

          srk good oppning k liye , promotion pr 100 crore (extra promotion )kharch krta h.........

          tb jake b dhang ki oppning nhi kr pata h......

          actuly log ab Buddhe Srk ko drkhna hi nhi chahte ???

          or 10th ki kyo bat krta h , PHD holder h aamir...molana univercity se.....

          or knowledge k mamle me , srk k baap ka b baap h??

          1. Even after spending extra 100 crore in promotion according to your jokes(which gawar cracks jokes like this..??), he is the second richest actor in the whole world and the highest paid celebrity in India. Even after being budhdhe SRK is the most popular actor in the world(according to CNN, BBC, Forbes) with the biggest female fanbase being a romantic actor. Whereas Bhikhari aamir... Error 404, not found. LOL. And talking about knowledge, first pass school and ask your idol to pass school before talking about knowledge...!! Writing bhojpuri comments on bollyarena proves your "aukaat"...!!

  15. Hrithik will beat everyone with his krrish 4. Huge movie coming with high octane Hollywood stunt in 2019 diwali.

  16. no comparision 3 are best in terms of circumstances ,aamir hss done only 4 movies bt 3 are attb while srk n sallu did more than 10 bt sallu did more than srk so his collection is higher than aamir n srk ,no doubt these 3 are always proud of bollywood n india (except sallu only in real life he is nt proud of india )

  17. Tubelight: Salman Khan
    Distribution right Sold Worldwide : 250 cr
    Boxoffice Collection: 120 cr
    Movie Budget: 100 cr
    Verdict: Flop

    RaOne: Shahrukh Khan
    Distribution right sold Worldwide : 161 cr
    Boxoffice Collection: 125 cr
    Movie Budget: 135 cr
    Verdict: Hit

    I don’t have that much knowledge about box office, bollyarena can you plz explain the reason behind RaOne is Hit BUT Tubelight is Flop? Kindly, I just want to know the secret.

    1. Tube light movie verdict by boi-below avg not flop (distribution rights not compare to movie because of value of starpower not comparing too movie) eg:- distrubution's sold too 200cr hi lost almost 75cr at box-office but producers return 75-100cr for db then movie hit status wrong
      Movie verdict depend only budget of movie

    2. @sohel khan

      tumne to srk ko pura expose kr diya .

      RAONE ,disaster thi.....india ki sabse bdi disaster movie me se ek...

      fir ye Hit kese ho gyi ??

      @bollyarena explain kro .

      1. Bollyarena......

        Talaash to minus disaster thi to ye semi hit kaise ho gyi plzz tell me

        1. Talaash budget was 42 cr including promotions.

          Aamirkhan took a share from it 60%.

          96cr net in india.. plus overseas collections..

          Despite of dull period nd buzz talash was profitable for everyone(producers,distributors,actors nd all)

          That is the reason it is semi hit..

  18. as per bhaitard logic BB>>ATBB, ATG. Yeh saab ulluh hai. ATBB , ATG greater than BB.

  19. Now it is clear that salman will top this decade bcoz aamir has only one conform movie toh and i think it will be last movie of aamir khan in this decade or at least could be one more & i think srk cant give 5 -6 blockbusters to beat salman........
    So probably sallu bhai is clear winner of this decade

  20. @Parshya
    We wont say anything unless someone instigates. When noone is saying anything , this @Mahaveer comes and bashes SRK. I think this guy i a chameleon.

  21. aamir is the only star who can give initial to a film without genre, trailer , songs etc. this thing gives him i big advantage over the others. when he has to choose a film he has to concentrate on just one thing that the content is great and the film holds excellent on monday and the rest is history. he can do this because he has the confidence on his fans or followers that they will come to the theatres in any condition without thinking about the appeal of the film. his biggest competitor salman is way behind him in that aspect and tubelight's initial proves it.
    as far as srk and salman is concerned the best way to judge their stardom is by looking at the advance of their films. according to me advance booking is not afffected by word of mouth at all. let's compare salman and srk's ce, kick, hny in terms of advance. all these three films are full masala commercial films released solo on festivals.
    kick at it's time has the second highest advance of all time at 13.25 crore net after dhoom3 beating ce. ce was directly released on the eid weekend while for kick eid was on tuesday , for that film there was no holiday in weekend while for ce all the three days were holidays but still kick has more advance. hny released almost 1 and 1/2 years after kick has 13.75 crore advance which is just 50 lacks more than kick despite of having all the three days as holidays and hiked price. so you can cleary see a salman film released on non holiday( actually that was ramzan which is worser than non holiday, but let's not count that) has more advance than srk films released on holidays. so who is bigger star between them? whose film has more initial craze? you yourself decide.

  22. Are ye prdp or sultan ka producer q plus kr diya......CE or HNY ka itna km collection kaise.....ye bollyarena wale nhi sudhrenge

  23. Don't worry Salman Haters the real competition is between Salman And Akki the total of Salman By January 26 will he total of SrK +Amir
    Secondly Salman gives flop status on 115 + cr a True Superstar

  24. Amir aur srk salman se moqabla n kar sakte good action hone ke bawajod salman se pechhe h amir. Best. Story aur 1 2 year m sirf one film phor bhi salman se peche h truth is truth salman ki action ab good ho rahi h

  25. @bollyarena-during festivals people want to enjoy so they watch movies ... tell how much business srk did other than festival releases....that shows real crowd pulling...at what position he is on non -festival...I want you to give ranking based on non festival releases....plzz consider all the actors and give ranking based on non festival releases

  26. @Dear Bollyarena
    If Follow BOI
    Jai Ho -Semi Hit
    Tubelight - Below Average
    If Follow Prod...etc
    Dabangg ATBB
    PRDP Super Hit
    Talaash - Average
    Samajh Me Nahi Aya
    Ek BOI Hai To Dosra Prod
    GharKaBoxOffice.Com Ka Hai

  27. @ honest man, From when Advance booking become the best criteria to judge stardom ?lets talk about 2017.Raees advance booking was 12 crore on 3400 screens for working day.Whereas Tubelight have 12.5 crore for 4400 screens on working day.so only 50 lacs difference.And what is pre Eid ? Is there only muslims in India ? I don't think any film loses more than 5 % on opening day in pre eid.Tubelight without pre eid would have take opening only 1 crore more I.e.22 crores.

  28. salmans list of events are a dream for any actor.. catapulted him to Heights pf stardom..BOI says.. he has even surpassed rajesh khannas run.. needless to say tubelight ruined his crazzy run..
    His honest and crazy fans following has only multiplied leaps and bounds..
    ofcourse.. ably supported by few haters here and thr who cudnt tolarate his unbelievable run.. they are humans after all.. so jealousy is quite natural to those poor peopl :D

  29. After amitab period ... Madhuri is the biggest than these 3 khans. the only _ (minus) is - madhuri is a lady

  30. @prashant abhishek why the hell you have to always bring the excuse of clash always. you think pre eid is an excuse , i think clash is also an excuse. because of clash a film gets lower screens and shows, but the lower screens and shows can only be an excuse if a film is running to packed capacity and many people are not getting tickets, that was not the case with raees. it opened to 55 % response , which is nowhere near packed capacity. and can you prove pre-eid only affects by 5%.

    no one can prove how much the affect of pre-eid and clash can be. that's why i have choosen equal competition.

    kick, ce and hny were all solo festival releases. i am not giving pre-eid excuse for kick but kick was a working day release. it had no holiday on the first three days , you have to accept that. while ce had 3 back to back holidays in the first three days, you also have to accept that. so who had more advantage? the answer is ce( kick only had advantage of ticket prices). but who had more advance? the answer is kick. srk's another solo festival release hny also had back to back 3 holidays in the weekend and higher ticket prices than kick but had only 50 lack more advance. so it is clearly showing that a salman film releasing on non holiday is equal or better than a srk film's advance on holidays. do i need to say more, whose film carries more initial craze.

    and tubelight and raees are not similar films. put salman in raees , do you think it will open like tubelight in the single screens. it will open like every salman film has opened on eid till date in the single screens.

    kick, hny and ce are similar comparisons as all are solo releases and all are masala entertainers .

  31. @ ajay Salman fan, lol u are talking about SRK festival releases whereas Salman have most number of festival releases in this decade.see , Tubelight solo on Eid , 4400 screens - 120 crores
    Raees- non holiday or small holiday Republic day , clash, 3400 screens - 134 crore
    Pata chal gayi apne gangu teli ki aukaat !!

  32. There is nothing called pre eid . K3g in pre-eid opened to 100% occupancy. And festival days working days can't be compared with other working days as people get bonus on festivals and they are on a spending spree. Gangu Teli sallu fan dishonest joker is now measuring stardom by advanced booking which all fans don't get the chance of. Gangu teli's gangu teli fan

  33. In a country with 14% muslim that too when most of them watch movies even in pre-eid(A lot of muslim critics had left their reviews of tubelighr, my muslim friends watched it in day-1) making these filthy pantomimes is disgusting.

  34. I and my friends are SRK fan. We always watch his films on Day-1. But we prefer spot booking over advanced booking. Even the richest and most affluent among us.

  35. "Put salman in Raees" LOL, ROFL, LMAO....etc etc. Just imagine Gangu Teli Non-actor sallu saying dialogues like "koi dhandha chota nahi hota", ROFL, this would have been the biggest comedy of the century and even bigger Disaster than Tubelight...!! Dishonest joker please do us a favour and put an end to your non-stop jokes...Have some mercy on our tummies, it bursting with laughter...!!!

  36. CLash is an excuse..?? THen why did Gangu Teli sallu lose 21 clashes...??? ANy answer to that..?? Same answer-- He wasn't a star before 2010.

  37. abey sayar jaahil and gawar fan of SRK 14% muslims means atleast 30 crs Muslim.. But hardly any film cross 3 crs footfalls. if u go by ur illogical logic india'll have only 10 crs population.

    All muslims don't watch films or every film will have 30 crs footfalls and 3000 crs nett Collection. Then how can u use that logic of 14% muslims ?! Illiterate fans! BTW only counted muslims watch films in PreEid period.

  38. It's a humiliation for SRK and MegaStar... They are getting compared with Christmas, 3 open weeks, Enhanced Ticket price, content (story), Reviewz, and Good WOM dependent actor.....

  39. Ajay's highest grosser - Singham returns - 140 crore
    SRK's 3rd highest grosser - Dilwale - 140 crores
    Ha ha ha

    1. Rohit shetty gave him blockbuster... B4 rohit SRK could not even cross 100cr on non festival

  40. @nn yes clash is an excuse. the films of salman which lost in clash and became a flop would have flopped even with a solo release. for example jaan e mann would have collected 25 crore lifetime even with a solo release, clash did not made any difference.
    srk fans gives excuses of clash which is illogic. the logic they use of collecting 20 crore plus on opening day with clash and shows as if that is huge is baseless. when a film is not running to packed capacity then what the hell it would have done with extra screens and shows. raees had 55% occupancy even with lower screens and shows so more shows and screens had not made any difference.
    and if festival releases are different then why don 2 opened only 14 crore net on xmas national holiday which was way lower than the 21 crore net of bodyguard

    @sayar i am not giving excuse of pre-eid. but kick was a working day release , eid fell on tuesday while for ce eid holiday fell on opening day and the whole weekend of ce was holiday. still kick had way better advance. so a salman film on non holiday had better advance than a srk film on non holiday. tell me it's true or not.

    advance booking is a better way to judge stardom than opening day collections as advances are not at all affected by reviews or wom. a film which has big advance has also big opening, does it change? sultan had huge advance the opening was also huge. tubelight had average advance and the opening was also average. can you give me any example in recent years when a film has poor advance but it is taking a bumper opening or a film which has huge advance is taking poor opening.

  41. @Ajay sallu fan- Your ajay gave the highest number of Disasters in the history of Bollywood. Still no shame? His fortune returned because of Rohit SHetty. And even Rohit Shetty gives the credit of Chennai Express to SRK in Koffee with Karan. Why didn't Rohit SHetty's other films become ATG..?? Will Golmal 4 become ATHG..?? Have some shame, fan of two most Disaster giving actors - Ugly devgn and Gangu Teli Non-actor sallu...!!

    1. Sach kadwa hota hai festival star fan...on non festival his aukaat is just 80cr which fan proved....rohit Shetty is made by Ajay Devgan not your SRK

      1. And your Disaster Devgn even gives flops on festivals, forgot Shivaay and you are barking about one film in SRK's career - song less niche film Fan? The highest number of disasters in Devgn's career, he is not even a superstar. Even Ranbir kapoor, Varun Dhawan are bigger than him..!!

      2. And your Disaster devgn gives flops even on festivals, forgot shivaay? Highest number of Disasters in career and barking about SRK's one song less niche film fan. Disaster devgn is not even a superstar, Ranbir kapoor, Var un dhawan are bigger than him. He doesn't have the aukaat to make any director..!!

        1. Your haleshwar srk is talentless ...cant even cross 90cr on non festival s....where as Ajay sir has many 100cr movies on non festival...this shows SRK is below Emraan Hashmi... Siddharth and varun....who gave 100cr movies on non festival

          1. Abe chindichor Raees is also non festival release .but it did 134 crores.And Shivaay on diwali collected only 86 crores.even Festival couldn’t save Ugly devgn. Kuch to sharm kar !! (courtesy Prashant) Even Shraddha Kapoor, Jackeline Fernandez has more stardom than ugly devgn. DOn't have any logic still you bark day and night.

          2. and calling the most internationally awarded superstar a 'talentless' shows that you are a worthless fellow.

            1. Abe gonchu ...srk has a very few different kindoff films...as SRK was scared to do offbeat fims...wheras ajay sir proved his talent even in art kindoff cinema.... different movies karne ke liye dum chahiye jo tere hakle me nahi hai....he's most arrongant n selfish person...in many movies he did...he was not worth enough to get best actor award but he purchased them.... Maya memsaheb hai srk

              1. LOL, some of the most art-savvy nations awarded SRK with the highest civilian honour. Whereas Ugly devgn --404 error not found. He neither has box office as he has given the highest disasters, nor have any international recognition. He did some arty films cause he was jobless otherwise. He is a looser..!!

  42. @Dishonest Joker- Kindly stop your dishonest jokes. If clash didn't matter then none of the trade experts will urge to avoid clashes. There no use to give wide release of 4500 screens to a movie which is not going to collect like Bahubali 2. Bigger screens reaches to bigger crowd of people whether the screens are packed or not. Although you are dishonest to the core, at least I thought you have some common sense about trade. You don't even have that. Don 2 was a multiplex film only and it collected enough considering it's genre, it didn't fail like Tubelight. The sole reason for the Failure of Tubelight was Gangu Teli sallu's horrible acting and low stardom. He can't make films like this work. Even Fan would have collected more if it released in Eid in clash. And advanced booking can never be parameter of stardom, most people opt for spot booking, some people wait for word of mouth. Only rickshawala fans go to the hall to dance on first day. I guess you belong to that category.

  43. @Honest man
    Ra-one did 22.5cr on the day after Deewali Pooja(National Holiday) that was the highest single day at that time. The day-1 "Deewali Pooja" is "Actually" the worst day, not Pre-Eid. Other big openers in Deewali like Mission Kashmir also released the day after "Deewali Pooja"

    Also Don-2 was not released on X-Mas day. It released on working day and was the highest working day release of its time despite being a multiplex-thriller.

    Ra-One on 2nd day did more than Bodyguard on day-1. And Ra-One had negative WOM.

    And Yes, JHMS will open below 15cr, as of now. But Dwarf film, be it clash or sans clash, will open huge.

    Opening depends on many things, not only "Stardom"
    It depends on:
    -Promos response

    Instead of TL(Which opened to 21cr) if it was Dabbang-3/TZH it would open to 35cr despite pre-Eid. I hope you understand.

  44. @ honest man, pagal hai kya be ? Don 2 was also released on working friday and collected 14+ crore.at the time it was highest collection on non holiday Friday.I already told this to u some days ago.And u repeatedly saying all 3 days of CE weekend were holidays.For CE eid fell on Friday.Saturday was normal working day.

  45. @ ajay Salman fan, Abe chindichor Raees is also non festival release .but it did 134 crores.And Shivaay on diwali collected only 86 crores.even Festival couldn't save Ajay.
    Kuch to sharm kar !!

  46. @nn yes don2 was a multiplex film with dhamakedar action. don2 was a grand scale action film on the level of ett which is the best genre for initial. your baseless excuse will not change the fact. prdp with no action is opening huge in single screens, even bajrangi bhaijaan has much lesser action than don2. but what to do our gangu teli does not work in anything whether it is action, masala, comedy and now even in romance . advance booking is the best parameter of stardom. when word of mouth is comes out and then people buy tickets that never shows stardom, strdom is only known when people are buying tickets without knowing anything about the film but on the name of the star.

    @ sayar stop discussing the same thing about pre eid. i am not talking about that. kick was released on a normal working day and there were no holidays in the first three days , as simple as that. still it has better advance than chennai express which has 3 back to back holidays in the first three days.

    i have discussed about ra one's opening earlier. ra one just went on to beat bg's single day record by a margin of 2 crore while ett broke the single day record of ra one by a margin of 8 crore, that's difference of stardom. ra one has more hiked prices than bodyguard and still the margin was only 2 crore . it's a fact srk's films never takes that magnificant opening like a bodyguard , ett or dabangg. dabangg on its third day broke the single day record of 3 idiots by a margin of 5 crore and you are feeling proud about that 2 crore of ra one. now don't give the excuse of wom, dabangg's wom was nowhere near 3 idiots.

    ok you yourself arrange the openings of these films according to impact ( not numbers) - ett, dabangg, hny , ce , bg. all of these are masala entertainers released solo on national holiday, infact dabangg was not a national holiday release. do you really think the opening of ce or hny was better than that of dabangg or ett. ask any sensible trade person.

    and jhms should open 25 crore plus as it's a solo release. it should beat bajrangi bhaijaan opening day. rom com genre has opened big , so no excuse for that. yjhd had all time record weekend. adhm opened 13 crore net with clash on pre diwali, with solo august release it willl easily open above 20 crore net or may be even 25 crore. so below 25 croree net there is no excuse.

    @ prashant abhishek so now according to you eid is 1 holiday. then how can it be called a festival. eid is a national holiday which is backed by basi eiid which is a holiday in muslim dominated centres. so yes all the three days of ce were holidays. and it was not me it's @nn who is saying tubelight is eid holiday release, so definetly don2 was also a xmas holiday release and it was beaten by agneepath by huge margin which was a non holiday release.

  47. @Dishonest Joker-Don 2 was on the level of ETT..?? Don't find any more jokes in your bag.>?? In Don 2 there was only 2 songs. In ETT, Gangu Teli was dancing mashallah mashallah with the biggest heroine of that time Katrina. Don 2 was a thriller heist movie whereas ETT was action only. In Don 2 SRK was playing a negative role, oops I forgot Gangu Teli sallu can't play negative roles also, it will hamper his image....!!! PRDP had no action..?? THen what was Gangu Teli sallu doing in Black sando genji in the promos..??? PRDP was the biggest budgeted film at that time. Still it opened lower than K3G in terms of occupancy. After Tubelight's festival disaster Dishones Joker has lost all logic and sense, now he is giving excuse of advanced booking. Tubelight had universal genre, the biggest director, same copy paste Bajrangi bhaijaan promos and songs, brilliant child actor still opened below Raees level , if there was SRK or Aamir it would have opened above 30 crore. Only Gangu Teli sallu spoilt it with his "ghatiya" acting. I have given enough proof that Gangu Teli sallu is far below SRK both in terms of opening and lifetime as Sayar has compiled in the comment. So keep you crying about Advanced booking to yourself, nobody gives a damn to autowala people's gawar logic about advanced booking...!!

  48. Ek Tha Tiger was a mass+class masala film whereas Don-2 was a pure multiplex crime thriller film which masses cant relate at all.
    @NN What songs? All songs of Don-2 were disastrous. Don-2 was a dark film with no humor, romance, I dont want don-3 to happen. This genre is now dead.

  49. @nn so wearing a sando genji means action . then jab tak hain jaan is the biggest action film where srk was nanga doing shameless scenes with katrina kaif. if salman has to wear just a sando genji and just to hold a sword to get the masses in the theatres and srk despite of flying cars with dhamakedar actions can not get the masses in then it shows the poor condition of srk. you again go and watch the trailer of don2 . it has everything dialouge,heroism, action, grand scale, chasing sequence like kick and dhoom 3 but our gangu teli is a flopstar so what anybody can do.
    your gangu teli's highest opening on working day is 20.37 crore, your gangu teli can't beat opening day records even on national holiday and you are dreaming of 30 crore opening on non holiday. ok let's see if the dream comes true on 4th august. don 2 has only 2 songs, ok but jhms has numerous songs. then see if srk crosses 30 crores or not. atleast he should definetly cross bajrangi bhaijaan opening day. and here you can not give excuses of genre. with this same genre ranbir kapoor gave record breaking weekend. imtiaz ali himself has given second highest opening day with love aaj kal which belongs to the same genre. now let's see the jalwa of gangu teli where he can take jhms with same genre and same director.

    salman khan does not need biggest heroine or director to give opening. dabangg was a record opener with new heroine and megaflop director abhinav kashyap

  50. Even with the biggest director Gangu Teli sallu couldn't give a 25 crore opening on solo festive release and you are barking about SRK's working day openings in Clash..?? Let's see what Gangu Teli Sallu need to do to give opening--Jai Ho- beats up all villains but failed as it wasn't Eid, Kick- beats up all villains on Eid, Dabangg- Beats up all villains on Eid, Dabaang 2- beats up all villains on Eid, Sultan- Beats up all wrestlers with three months training, Bajrangi Bhaijaan- exception, still masala film, PRDP- The most expensive film and family drama still unable to beat K3G occupancy, Tubelight- Oops,not found, 404 error. And what proof do you have that SRK can't break opening record on National Holiday..??!! You BOI which gives below average verdict to a film that broke the Distributor Loss record of Bombay Velvet..?? Your Gangu Telli sallu survives by bribing courts and trade sites, that's evident now from all aspects. And Barking about trailer, how many people watched trailer on youtube during 2011..??? Don 2 had only 2 song, hardly a heroine, hardly any romance, SRK playing a total negative role (which Gangu Teli sallu is unable to do just like he is unable to cure his impotency), only realistic classic action scenes, whereas in ETT your Gangu Teli was stopping a Train by his own force, doing mashallah mashallah dance, banjaara banjaara dance, and lapata lapata dance with the biggest heroine...!! You don't have to demand which opening JHMS should cross, it will definitely cross Gangu Teli sallu's Eid festival release FUsslight in opening, lifetime and verdict inshallah. Because that's the aukaat of autowalas.

  51. ANs Gangu Teli sallu fans whose idol has 40 flops and 15 Disaster is calling SRK(with the highest success ratio, hit ratio and blockbuster ratio) a flopstar...???!!!! LMAO, height of jokes, that's why Gangu TEli sallu's fanbase is known as autowala fanbase...!!

  52. @nn salman has a kick around 25 crore net on a working day 3 years ago and he has another bajrangi bhaijaan at 27 crore net which is his highest film to do on a working day. while srk's highest non holiday working day is 20.37 crore. case closed. clash? then what about fan which was a solo partial holiday release still failed to do 20 crore net. do you want to know how poor was the opening of fan? here it is. fan's second day collections which was a proper working day and not partial holiday like day 1 was only 15.5 crore which was similar to what bajirao mastani collected on it's second day that too clashing . that means a ranveer singh film with clash is opening on similar level to a srk film releasing solo, thu on your actor's face. now will you give the excuse of clash? he can not even beat a ranveer singh film in opening in clash despite having a solo release.

    and what proof you want of srk failing to beat opening records on holidays. here it is. ce on the national holiday of eid failed to beat the opening day collections of ett despite of hiked ticket prices, let's not talk about the occupancy which was nowhere near.
    now comes second example happy new year which was released on the holiday weekend of diwali failed to beat the weekend collections of dhoom 3 which had no holidays in the weekend, how much shameful was that.
    that's the aukat of your star. he can'e beat opening records on holidays and on non holidays he is struggling to go past 20.5 crore mark mark.

  53. @Dishonest Joker- Comparing a niche songless film Fan(which was promoted only with a trailer and one promotional song having no other promotion) with Bajirao Mastani? well let's compare Gangu Teli sallu's solo Festive Release Tubelight with 4500 screens with a Regional film DJ with about 1500 screens. So Allu Arjun >>>>>> Gangu Teli sallu..?? Cause they released on the same day same period. Considering that, Fan did much better. If yo,u want to compare with Bajirao Mastani then compare it with Dilwale, Dilwale opened to twice the number of Bajirao Mastani. And CE had beaten ETT collection on first day itself and HNY's first day is 40 crore, don't give BOI excuse, the same BOI reported 40 crore on first day estimation which they later reduced, this much difference can't happen between early estimation and final figure. SRK has given record breaking opening twice in his worst phase whereas Gangu Teli sallu has lost a clash to a regional star on Eid festival, in spite of DJ having only 1500 screens. That's the aukaat of Gangu Teli sallu. People don't go to see him in theatre, autowalas simply want that kind of genre on Eid festival, put ALlu Arjun in Dabangg, it will have the same opening. SRK's fanbase aren't autowalas, they only accept him in classic films, it's not his limitation, it's the standard of him and his fanbase. And if you want to stick to BOI (which I also follow but not blindly) then also stick to these--
    1. In terms of all time career SRK leads others as he hasn't experienced a single bad phase.
    2. In terms of all time career SRK is no. 1
    3. Gangu Teli sallu is the only so-called superstar who has given more Disasters than blockbusters.
    4. In spite of debuting 4 years before SRK, sallu's blockbusters are only one more than SRK.
    5. Before 2010 Gangu Teli sallu wasn't even a star, forget superstar.
    6. He has lost 21 clashes in his career.
    Now an autowala like you should go and spit on your own idol's face since this year, even five year old Varun Dhawan(As already done by Allu Arjun) can also beat him in opening in Gangu Teili's best phase. Don't compare him with World's biggest moviestar who can give opening in any genre.

  54. @nn boi.com never said chennai express took a record opening. ce missed the opening day record of ett despite of higher screens and ticket prices, shame on your star. yes there are many examples like that when boi.com's early estimate has been much lower or higher than final figures. till boi.com don't give territorial breakdown of a film it's not final. and i am not talking about hny's opening day's number , i am talking about it's weekend numbers which are lower than dhoom 3 which released on a working day.

    and your nonsense will not make fan a niche film. niche film don't have chasing scenes and action scenes like kick and dhoom 3. he added those scenes to attract masses . without those scenes the film would have opened lower than 15 crore net or may be 10 crore net. bajirao mastani was a ranveer singh starrer who is not considered as a star , still srk failed to beat him in opening with solo release.

    and it's a fact. srk has not a single film in his career which has opened as well as dabangg , ett or bodyguard. i am not talking about this phase only, i am talking about his whole career.

  55. @Dishonest joker-If SRK wanted to attract mass then he could have added songs and item songs. I have heard for the first time that chasing scenes makes a film a mass film, there was chasing scenes even in Special 26. Wasn't that a niche film even with songs..?? You are commenting non-stop in bollyarena even it says CE broke opening records and HNY also according to trade figures. Verdicts can be changed from super hit to blockbuster, collection can be changed here and there, but 4 crore difference in early estimation and final figure isn't acceptable. Not that I follow bollyarena. SRK has K3G which belonged more to him than hrithik, now you will bark much about hrithik's superstardom whereas most of his films were flopping that time. SRK has MHN, Trimurti, Koyla etc. Don't give excuses. SRK never did complete action masala films like Dabangg or Ek tha tiger. On which planet did SRK failed to beat Ranveer singh in bajirao mastani's opening..?? Dilwale was almost double of BM's opening. And BM was a christmas release, epic drama, why would anyone compare it with dull period release Fan..??Festival's working days can't be compared with normal working days as people receive bonus and are on a spending spree. YOu don't even have that much common sense..?? SRK is the only reigning Superstar who gave opening records in all three decades. The only, yess...!!!! It's better than doing south remakes to gain stardom and enthralling autowalas. And why don't you explained why Tubelight opened below 1500 screen release DJ..??? WHat is your excuse there..?? Don't bark so much about your Teesra Khan for two long decades who became a small star due to autowalas but still gets beaten by Allu Arjun.

  56. @nn who said he did not add song in fan . then what was jabra song. he added it for promotion. was it in the film or not it does not matter but it was used to create awarness and hype for the film. without jabra song in numerous versions the buzz would have been lesser. fan's trailer did not have only chasing scenes but also action and punches which attracts masses. now go and watch prdp trailer and tell how many action and punching scenes you are seeing, is it more than fan?

    bollywood arena's datas are confused they shows ce's lifetime collections as 207 crore like boi.com but opening as 33 crore like producer figure. and i have said it many times when it comes to track boxofficenumbers i don't believe any site apart from boi.com. if you believe producer figures show it to any other person but not to me. according to me prdp has not done 200 crores and ce is also not a record opener.

    you don't read my comment properly . koyla , mhn are record openers but not on the same level of dabangg or ett. and k3g's opening was due to hritik and i have said it many times. hritik's initial pull was way bigger at that time. he has also beaten srk in clash in terms of initial 1 year before. he coommanded more fan following at that time. the flops you are saying of hritik are big openers whether it was fiza, yaadein, lakshya or even in this decade kites.

    i don't know about srk's best phase and good phase but the summary is honestly aamir has the best phase among any actor which he is enjoying currently. at second comes salman's phase of 2010-17. at third is hritik with his phase of 2000-09. then comes at 4th place is srk and whatever he has done in his entire career. in terms of stardom he will always remain below these three people. yes he has been consistent but at lower levels. he never has given 3 back to back all time grossers, nor he has given 5 back to back blockbusters, he can only give hits and semi hits.

    and i will not give any explanation for tubelight, it has underperformed badly but still it's opening day is bigger than any srk film releasing on working day.

  57. Fan had only one song but in the promotions it was repeatedly said that it wouldn't be in the film. You are forcibly trying to prove Fan a wide genre which all the audience cumulatively said that was an offbeat film. It was in the range of Special 26( even that film had a heroine, song and romance). You can't explain Tubelight cause Gangu Teli sallu is nothing without Eid, Masala and action. PRDP came after Bajrangi Bhaijaan and it was the same genre as K3G with biggers budget but couldn't beat K3G's occupancy. You can't find SRK's best phase cause his entire career has been that of the only consistent superstar. Gangu Teli sallu was star after 2010 to 2016. Aamir's best phase came after 2008 but according to same BOI he can't be compared with since his Volume of movies isn't appreciable, he does less films. Hrithik was probably superstar for 3/4 years. So, according to all trade site, in terms of all time success
    1. SRK ( with the highest success ratio, hit ratio and blockbuster ratio and opening records in all 3 decades)
    2. Aamir
    3. Akshay Kumar ( who has been baap of Gangu Teli sallu in clashes and from 90's to 2010)
    4. Sallu ( who gets beaten by regional stars in his best phase)
    Just be thankful to God that Tubelight didn't release in clash with Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya or Hindi Medium it would have been epic shame for Gangu Teli sallu and would n't cross even Fan's lifetime.

  58. And tubelight opened above SRK's openings on Working days..?? Lol, Eid festival's working day, 4500 widest release, universal genre, still failed to beat Raees occupancy..?? Still got beaten by a regional star..??!! Shame on Gangu Teli. If SRK hadn't lost Festival period by doing craps like HNY and Ra-one he could have easily given 30 crore opening during this period...!!

  59. @nn you are talking about screens and occupancy. here it is
    rustom 2300 screens ( clash) day 2- 16 crore
    fan 3450 screens ( solo) day 2 - 15.5 crore
    now tell rustom was a festival release. now tell rustom is a masala action film.
    both rustom and fan were multiplex films and the result is infront of you . so akshay kumar's initial pull is bigger than srk. thu thu thu.

    and barking about k3g won't help. it was a hritik film, he had bigger initial pull at that time. the 1.59 crore opening of yaadein and the 77 lack opening of 1 2 ka 4 released that same year proves it. srk don't deserve even 10% credit for it's opening.

    and the main thing is srk never had a phase like salman ever and it's the ultimate fact, he has been consistent at lower level.
    you talk about the most number of blockbusters, atbbs, hgoty, atgs, huge footfalls srk is number 1 in nothing. if srk really had only 1 bad phase and the previous two decades have been excellent then statistics would have been different. even he is not number 1 in hit ratio and success ratio as varun dhawan leads that and compare the first 5 years of srk and varun you will get the answer.

    the truth is srk always had a below average career whether it is today or the last two decades. these good phase and bad phase is an excuse.

  60. @Dishonest JOker- Fan's opening day was 19 crore which was far ahead of Rustom, why have you now started quoting Day 2, can't find enough logic for Day 1..?? Gangu Teli's gawar fan, SRK who did 55 films has to be compared with Varun Dhawan who did 5/6 films in terms of ratio..?? Have you even gone to school?? I doubt that. Barking about career, Gangu Teli sallu didn't even have a career before 2010. Let's take a look at Gangu teli sallu's career in short
    1991-1994-7 back to back flops
    1995-1996-4 back to back flops(barring KA which had SRK)
    2000-2004—-9 back to back flops
    2004-2007—-8 back to back flops
    2007-2009—-4 back to back flops
    2009-2010—-3 back to back flops
    And also struggled 15 years to give own starrer hgoty.(highest ever) Don't bark about No Entry, it wasn't sallu's lead role. Now let's look at the the clashes-In 1990s sallu lost these clashes
    -Biwi ho to aisi vs sone pe suhaaga(madhuri)
    -Kurbaan vs 100 days-Suryabanshi vs Panaah(nasserudheen shah)
    -Nischai vs Julm ki Hukumat(govinda)
    -Dil tera aashiq vs ek hi raasta
    -Chandramukhi vs Ek hi Raasta(Ajay)
    -Chand ka tukdaa vs Naaraj
    -Sangdil sanam vs HHB(akki)
    -Andaaz apna apna vs suhaag
    -Agni sakshi vs Yeh Majhdar(nan patekar)
    -Auzaar vs Juddai(anil kapoor)
    -Probably Chamatkar vs Jaagruti(Though not updated but as per IBOS) in 90s clash-1992 with SRK

    In last decade
    -Phir milenge vs Dhoom(uday chopra)
    -SKPGY vs Anthony kaun hai(arshad warsi)
    -Don vs Jaaneman(SRK)
    -MAMK vs Blue vs All the best
    -Andaaz apna apna vs suhaag
    -marigold vs buddha margaya(Rakhi sawant,)
    -God tussi great ho vs bachna ae haseeno(Ranbir kapoor)

    The stats clearly show that Gangu Teli sallu wasn’t even a star before 2010.Then how come he is comparable to SRK who has been No. 1 from 1992-2009??

    In terms of lifetime, in 25 years 15 times SRK>>>10 times Gangu Teli sallu.
    In terms of opening, in 25 years SRK 16 times >>>> sallu 9 times.

    Then how come sallu had a good career..??

    A certain 5-7 years stardom is more impactful then 25 years of superstardom of SRK...?? Is that a joke?? This year in Eid in his best phase he has been beaten by a Regional star, probably the first time in the history of Bollywood. What a shameful career..!! And still you have the audacity to bark like a dog.?? Whether it's BOI, or Indicine all agree that SRK had the most successful career, then who are you to question his career..?? With your fairy tales of sallu..?? K3G had SRK's lead role, no matter how many flops Hrithik used to give it doesn't matter. The truth is Sallu had the most shameful disgraceful career in the history of Bollywood superstars, and also in his off screen personal life. He has set the benchmark for how low a so-called superstar can stoop to. Whereas SRK has been No. 1 from 1992 to 2009 according to BOI and still among the reigning Crowd pullers.

  61. @nn fan's first day was a partial holiday which helped it to collect 19 crore, that's why the second day dropped to 15.5 crore. and the second thing is rustom was a clash and fan was a solo release. you always give excuses of srk's clashes but you can't see the clash of rustom. 14 crore on working day with clash is far better than 19 crore with a solo on partial holiday. if srk's 20 crore opening( clash) with masala universal film dilwale on festival xmas is excellent then multiplex film rustom's 14 crore opening on non holiday with clash is bumper .
    and it's not only about whole career, if you compare the first five years of varun( 2012-17) and srk( 92-97) then varun's success ratio and hit ratio is way better as varun is yet to deliver a flop while srk had delivered numerous flops.
    srk despite of having glorious 25 years and salman despite of being so called 2010 born star is ahead of srk in bbs, atbbs, hgoty, 2 crore 3 crore footfalls etc etc in overall career. so what was your star doing for 25 years? what's the point of that dominance.

  62. Gangu Teli sallu fans take the credit of HAHK from madhuri, Saajan from Madhuri- Sanjay, HSSH from Saif and Karishma, No Entry from Anil Kapoor, KKHH from SRK, Karan Arjun from SRK,Biwi NO. 1 from Karishma, Partner from Govinda, MSK from Akshay, delete this films from Gangu Teli's career, he is ahead in nothing. SRK from 92-97 delivered 3 blockbusters, so he is ahead of Varun Dhawan by blockbuster ratio. SRK has everything, excellent success ratio, hit ratio, blockbuster ratio, blockbuster count(Gangu Teli in spite of debuting 4 years before SRK has only 1 more blockbuster according to BOI) , hit count, success count, numerous clash victory, Overseas unmatchable success--all of these are extraordinary. WHereas Gangu Teli's success ratio, hit ratio, flop count, Disaster count, overseas blockbuster count----404 error, not found.

  63. @nn now why jumping to blockbuster, what about hit ratio and success ratio. you always talk about flops. now deal with it. srk in his 5 years has given flops like maya memsahab, trimurti, english babu desi mem, chahat, guddu, zaamana deewana, oh darling ye hain india etc etc. i think it's already 7 . and tell me how many flops varun has given in his 5 years. it's 0. this is the logic you always use. so varun has 0 flops and srk has 7. so varun is a way bigger star, this blockbuster excuse will not work.

    yes in saajan sanjay dutt was a bigger star than salman at that time just like in k3g hritik was bigger and in darr sunny was bigger. i have not counted kuch kuch hota hain in salman's career.
    and i think the rest of the films are easily salman films. first you give me any valid reason that why hssh, msk , partner , biwi no 1 are not salman films with proper boxoffice statistics. you have to prove that the other people were bigger stars than salman at that time then only i will consider that just like i have proven that hritik was bigger than srk during k3g.

  64. There are more than enough proofs that before 2010 Gangu Teli sallu wasn't a star. So by that logic all Big hits of his career were flukes or other co-actors' credit. He was just playing supporting roles. And about Varun Dhawan, yes SRK gave more flops then Varun in his first 5 years, but the Hit Ratio and Success Ratio logic works only if the actor has done some reasonable number of movies. Superstars with above 50 films can be judged by success ratio and hit ratio. Also about SRK's first 5 years, I don't know how big a star he was to India's toiletless people, but in the rest of the world SRK was the first superstar after Madhuri. SRK introduced us to bollywood. Case closed. You may bark more if you want.

  65. And Hrithik in no phase was bigger than SRK, he might pull a initial hype due to KNPH but in stardom, No Match.

  66. @nn so you have failed to prove that those films were not salman starrers. if you can't prove a think by logic and statistics that can not be counted. saif ali khan , karisha kapoor has an initial pull in front of salman in 1999. even if i take out biwi no 1 and hssh his other film hello brother opened to 1.04 crore while karishma's ye silsila hain pyaar ka opened to 27 lacks, anil kapoor's hum aapke dil me rehete hain opened half of hello brother and who cares abut saif ali khan, nobody offered him solo hero role till yrf in hum tum. even salman's janam samjha karo opened to 92 lacks which was way better than those star's films. so i am finding no logic that why i will give them credit for those film. they were completely unsaleable. you have to explain this way.

    hritik has beaten srk in terms of initial pull when they clashed in 2000. in 2001 his yaadein took a bumper initial of 1.59 crore which missed the opening record by just 5 lacks and the record holder was also his film. at that time the top 2 opening day belonged to him with mk at 1.64 crore and yaadein at 1.59 crore . do i need to speak more about hritik's stardom. on the other hand srk delivered a disastrous 77 lacks opening with 1 2 ka 4 which was not even half of yaadein and asoka opened at a poor 1crore . so who should get more credit for k3g's opening. the truth is hritik made it open at record response and then it was word of mouth, srk contributed nothing. he just climbed on the back of hritik's stardom and enjoyed at huge success.

    i am not comparing varun dhawan's career with srk's whole career. i am comparing the first 5 years and in the first 5 years srk has 7 flops and varun 0. so who is bigger?

  67. At that time in the 90's few other stars enjoyed better ratio than SRK. And I have given numerous proofs that Gangu Teli sallu wasn't a star before 2010, so all his bit hits were due to being fluke or other stars' credit. And there is matter of being iconinc stars. Tanu Wed Manu Returns in stead of being Madhaban's film, the credit was given to Kangana for her iconinc performance. That film made her a star whether or not the credit of its commercial success can be given to her as she couldn't pull crowd in Rangoon. Hrithik Roshan in spite of giving good intial couldn't carry a film throughout. He was doing the same type of films SRK was doing but still couldn't give hits. Then how come a humongous success of K3G worldwide be given to him..??? He failed to carry a film throughout from Kaho Na Pyar Hai to 2003's Koi Mil Gaya,(even after doing the same commercially safe films) then how come the huge success of K3G be given to him? At the same period SRK has given 5 back to back HGOTY worldwide, then it's easy for him to deliver K3G. Darr was a film where SRK overshadowed the lead actor and won over audience, tell me one iconinc performance of Varun(like Kangana) in his first five years which made him famous. If Varun had an international Hit in lead role like Darr and DDLJ then would have been called the next Khan.

  68. @nn again ghost stories, no valid numbers or statistics.

    who said twmr is a madhavan's film , it was a kangana film. she was playing a double role and her roles were the most difficult to play same as deepika for ce. deepika's role was very tough and she nailed it, her character made ce funny and entertaining. madhavan and srk was just roaming around them with the easiest roles.

    now let's come to the boxoffice point. twmr opened to 8 crore because there was no saleable star in the film. then it trended exceptionally well to reach almost 150 crore. now put a top star in place of madhavan it would have opened 20 crore net atleast or may be 25 crore or more and then with the trending it had it would have reached 300 crore net and could have been the highest grosser of the year. that's the difference between having a star or not having him. twmr will always remain kangana's film but with a big star it could have doubled the lifetime collections, that's where a star gets credit despite of the film looking heroine oriented.

    k3g opened due to hritik and then it was wom. rajnikanth's all films are flop this decade apart from robot , but it does not mean he cannot carry a film. despite of flops the craze, advance, opening for the next rajni film remains the same. hirtik despite of giving flop fiza his next mk opened to a record response . then despite of mk not being appreciated yaadein opened huge, that's stardom. on the other hand srk's mohabbatein won the clash because of better wom, despite of coming after an appreciated film 1 2ka 4 took a disastrous opening followed by asoka till hritik and dharma came to rescue with k3g.

  69. @bollyarena-please [email protected] joker- It's you who is cooking up ghost stories. Lol, deepika had better role in CE? Deepika's screen time was half of SRK's in CE and SRK did all the comedy,acting and action in CE. Deepika's only role was looking good and having an accent. Her chemistry with SRK was exceptional though but he does that with all other heroines. That's why I repeatedly say that before 2010 all big hits of Gangu Teli sallu was a fluke or other actor's credit as he was not only a Non-star but also a Non-actor.If a so called superstar can't at least give an average grosser in spite of giving record opening that means his fanbase isn't big enough, even if that is Rajnikanth. Same with Hrithik, he had craze but his fan base was svery mall that's why he couldn't give hits before and after K3G and couldn't carry a film on his own. And who says Mohabbatein's WOM was good? IT was one of the boring classics that had 6 annoying newcomers. IT was an exceptional case of SRK's stardom and performance that the film was a big hit. SAME way, in case of K3G it was SRK-Amitabh-hrithik's combined contribution for opening and the lifetime belonged to SRK only as he had given 5 back to back HGOTY at that period. DON"t try to fool people. You seem like a paid PR whose job is to fool people.

  70. @Bollyarena-Please post. LOL, It 's you who is cooking up ghost stories. Deepika's role in Ce was tougher than SRK.?? what a joke. Deepika's screen presence in CE was half of SRK and SRK did all the comedy and acting and action. The whole entertainment depended upon SRK's performance. On the other hand Deepika's role was to look good and have an accent. HEr chemistry with SRK was exceptional but SRK does that with all his heroines. And that's why I say Gangtu Teli's all big hits before 2010 were either fluke or other actor's credit as he was not only a NOn-star but also a Non-actor who was doing supporting roles. And who said Mohabbatein's WOM was good?? It was one of the most boring classics and had 6 annoying newcomers. It's SRK's performance which saved the film. If a so-callled superstar can't give at least an average grosser in spite of giving record opening it proves that his fan base is small, whether it's Rajnikantha or NOt. Same happened with Hrithik, he had craze, but his fanbase was very small, that's why his films couldn't sustain after opening. He did n't have the stardom to carry a film through. At the same time SRK carried 5 back to back HGOTY worldwide. So K3G's opening belonged to SRK-amitabh-Hrithik but lifetime belonged to SRK only. Don't Try to fool people. It seems you are a paid PR of Gangu Teli sallu whose job is to fool people.

  71. @nn srk did nothing in ce. ce failed to beat ett's opening and that was the only contribution of srk in it. deepika was the soul of the film. prove that her screen presence was half of srk, stop these ghost stories. a srk fan talking about rajnikanth's stardom, thu. rajnikanth's film sets opening records on non holidays while srk's films fails to beat opening records even on national holiday. stardom is wall about craze and nothing and a man who gives 77 lacks opening has no following or craze at all.
    what was gangu teli doing in ce? getting smashed on his face and back by tangaballi, or making faces like monkey throughout the film. if srk would have been alone in ce people would have ran away after the first half. deepika made it watchable. to deliver south indian accent perfectly is much more difficult than doing action? hero getting beaten by villain and the rising up and beating villain is nothing new in bollywood films. the refreshing part of ce was deepika's role which she played brilliantly.

  72. Yeah, with your autowala education, being the fan of the only so called superstar who CANNNOT ACT TO SAVE HIS LIFE talking about the legendary actor that SRK is. Even according to the site under which you are commenting non-stop, SRK broke opening record on first day itself whereas Gangu Teli sallu on the first day EID Festival's solo release got beaten black and blue by a regional actor with 1500 screens. Probably Deepika molested you that's why you get so excited when talking about her. Deepika wasn't there for half of the movie and SRK saved the film with his entertaining act. If there was no SRK, not even a mosquito would have gone to theatre just like what happened in Finding Fanny and Tamasha and Vin DIesel starrer XXX. Now what was Gangu Teli sallu doing in all his films from beginning to this day, Nothing but giving Constipated Expressions like he has Constipation since birth. It is the south remakes' masala after Wanted that saved his life. Who cares about the autowala star of India who is nothing but a Local Teesra Khan for 2 back to back decades.

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