Salman Khan's workout for Tiger Zinda Hai

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is known for his fitness regime. The actor has taken his workout to the next level for his upcoming release Tiger Zinda Hai.

The film's director, Ali Abbas Zafar called Salman’s fitness levels awe-inspiring. Ali was quoted speaking, "Salman had trained, and actually, we should say he has killed himself for about 3 months at the gym before the shoot began. Altitude training is something that Salman had to do given the fact that we were shooting in the Alps and pulling off some daring stunts with him. During the shoot, be it the middle of a desert or on top of the snow-capped mountains; Salman was training every day."

"He used to ride his cycle to the set and we all know it’s not easy to cycle in such harsh environments. He used to easily ride for more than 10 kilometres every-day to get to the set. He had worked out his own exercise regime given the limited options. Salman’s diet was incredible. His diet kept him light and agile and he paid minute attention to whatever he was eating. The cheat day came in the last schedule of Greece!"

'Tiger Zinda Hai', also starring Katrina Kaif, releases on December 22.

61 comments on “Salman Khan's workout for Tiger Zinda Hai”

  1. Esp of recent, never doubted his honest commitments towards his projects on hand. We are expecting alot from this movie and I believe Salman Sir won't let us down. Best of luck Salman sir and team TZH. Though amongst his upcoming projects I have huge hopes for Daabbng 3.

      1. Top 10 Influential & Popular Indians having Highest Twitter followers as on Dec 4 2017..

        1. Narendra Modi - 3.75 cr
        2. Amitabh - 3.15 cr
        3. SRK - 3.09 cr
        4. Salman - 3.85 cr
        5. Akshay - 2.28 cr
        6. Aamir - 2.24 cr
        7. Deepika - 2.21 cr
        8. Sachin - 2.17 cr
        9. Hrithik - 2.09 cr
        10. Virat kohli - 2.08 cr

        1. Salmans TZH is the last hope for Bollywood to prove it's Stamina.....
          I wish it to be a Record breaking Blockbuster...
          300 cr should be on the cards...
          It should surpass all the expectations......
          All the best to TZH

    1. Tiger Zinda hai day wise collection
      1st day 32cr
      2nd day 33cr
      3rd day 33cr
      Weekend 98
      4th day 27cr (Christmas)
      5th day 17cr
      6th day 15cr
      7th day 12cr
      1st week 169cr
      8th day 9cr
      9th day 11cr
      12th day 12cr
      Remaining days - 30cr
      Lifetime 230cr ..hit

      Race 3 140cr flop
      Bharat 90cr disaster
      Dabang 2 145cr average

      1. Padman day wise collection (clash with aiyyary)
        1st day 8cr
        2nd day 8cr
        3rd day 10cr
        Week days - 15cr
        1st week 41cr
        Remaining days 20cr
        Lifetime 60cr ..

        Aiyyary prediction
        1st day 7cr
        2nd day 9cr
        3rd day 11cr
        Weekend 27cr
        Week days 25cr
        1st week 52cr
        Remaining days 25cr
        Lifetime 77cr ..Neeraj Pandey ka movie hai akshay ka so called friend haha

        1. @2.0 storm. if ur an Akkian stop spreading negativity n give the chance to haters to troll Akki unnecessarily.....

          If anyone bashes Akki unnecessarily then rip them apart...
          Akkians r with u......

  2. All The things is That...

    If u are body building for your movie then u r great.
    no one give attention on salman or katrina Acting ...
    both r worst actor of bollywood...
    acting toh dono ko nahi aati............
    when come to the acting point salman is fusslight.....

    salman ka carrer kaval body building or superhit south ki script se chala h....

    Bolywood biggest remaker or script theif is salman...

    ek alag level ki movie try kar ke dekh lo.....salman chudd jayegaaa...

    or iske ch""""""e fans kaval iski body dekh kar kush ho jate h....

    stupid salman & his fan both are far away from the concept of actingggggggggggggggggg.....

    salman is biggest gatiya star of the world acc to acting skills...........

    1. Haan "Chu...e" tujhe bada knowledge hai Acting ka, tu toh master hai na.......Aur 3-3.5cr public jo Salman ki movie dekhti hai aur pasand karti hai, vo bewakoof hai.....Waah re Gadhe Ki Dum.....

      Abe Gadhe if public only like Salman's body then why they waste money on his movie, when they watch it free on Internet and TV.......

      And Salman is much better Actor then Chakki, atleast Salman don't Beg in front of others to get Award....LOL

      And do one thing "Pichwade Pe Ice Lagaya Kar Roz, Toh Zalan Thodi Kam Ho Jayegi"........Idiot

  3. 2000cr....WW likh ke le lo...Lashe bichegi laashe ticket ke liye...ye koi Amir ki PK dk nahi hai Tiger hai tiger....

    stardom on his peak.....go tiger go.. de dhobi pachad FUNGAL ko....

    1. @Dr.

      Tera PK or Dangal ne dimaag kharaab kar rkha h

      Aamir 52 ki age me , shadi shuda hone k bavjud

      30 kg weight bdha k....25 weight loss karke fir se fit ho jata h

      Na ki lultan jese VFX abs bnata h?????

      Bina body shody k .....salman ki movie 50 crore b nhi kregi....???

      Aamir to pichle 10 saal me 5 baar body bna or ootar chuka h

  4. first day...Hindi 50cr...all version 55cr....hu gaya samjho.....kb hai ye 22 dec kab kab hai ...hahahahaha

    Amir ke ekaa dukka fans bhag jaw...Fattte tak marega bhai..

    1. Good to see that a certain faded flop actor's Ekka dukka fans have made Salman their official baap to bark against india' s biggest global MEGASTAR AAMIR KHAN. I am so loving this. ????? but even Salman fans know what Salman's aukaat is in front of Aamir's global megastardom.

  5. Can't believe that he is at the age of 52 and he is doing so much hard work to keep himself fit.....

  6. This is big slap on those faces who says amir the is only dedicated towards his work and perfectionist......now what you call for this.....true workaholic/professional not media made perfectionist.....

    Bhumi pednekar have done weight gain and loss mush before than Dangal Pandey....for role...perfectionist/Perfaketionist/Retaketionist copied....LOL

  7. bhai content gaya tell lene ....bas entertainment hoga na bas kafi hai 1000cr domestic....

  8. YRF released 3 videos till date from TZH:

    Trailer: (1 Month)
    Views: 51M (Fastest 50M Viewed Trailer in India)
    Likes: 990K (Most Liked Trailer in India & 2nd Most liked in World (once it was Most Liked Trailer in World))
    Comment: 114K

    Swag Se Swagat (Song): (15 Days)
    Views: 67M
    Likes: 891K (Soon it will become Most liked Song Of Bollywood just 9k more required)
    Comments: 73K

    Dil Diyan Gallan (Song): (4 Days)
    Views: 19M
    Likes: 542K (Fastest 500K likes in India)
    Comments: 41K

    Every video has broken some records and create some huge records which is tough to break.......The Buzz for TZH is HUGE......I can confidently say it that it beat the ETT in term of Buzz.....Now I am eagerly waiting for the movie.....

  9. mera bas ek hi sapna hai....SRK or SK hi top pe hu bas...i hate this Dangal pandey actor.....
    jo khud apne fertinity ki izzat nahi karta....jis me khata hai usi me ched karta hai...

    Filmfare boycott...rotdo..
    TV shows never respect...but say satymave jayte...
    IFFI never attend...
    OSO farah khan invited him whole hardheartedly he refused....farah is one who gave him gem like Pehla nasha..but he never respect
    latest one Shahsi kapoor funeral not attended...

  10. According to Buzz I am predicting the 1st day, 1st weekend and 1st week collection of TZH:

    1st Day (Normal Day): 40cr+ (It may touch 45cr if WOM is Positive after first 2 shows)
    1st Weekend (3 Days): 115-120cr (With Positive Report)
    1st Extended Weekend (4 Days): 150-155cr
    1st Week (7 Days): 210+cr
    1st Extended Week (8 Days): 220-225cr

    TZH can break Sultan's 1st week (7 Days) record of 208cr.....

    Note: My above predictions (except 1st Day) are with the + WOM (same as Sultan WOM)......If the WOM is equal to BB (Extremely Positive) then collection can go higher.....

    1. @S.G
      kuch bhi matlab kuch bhi...

      multiplex me koi nahi jayega weekend ke baad..

      sirf single screen hi bacha sakti hai BZH ko

  11. This is called Dedication, for Sultan he made same kind of Body, then for Tubelight he again (remember for Sultan also he has to put on weight for certain scenes) put lots of weight because of character's demand and now again he made such a Tough Body for TZH.......It shows how much he dedicated for his work, that too at the age of 52......

    Hatts Off to you Salman Sir.....

  12. Dwarf agar achaa hua to pura chance hai 400cr jaane ka
    Dhoom 4 me Srk hua to 350cr + to aise hi ho jaega average reviews me ..agar Dhoom 1 2 jaisa to fir 400cr
    Don 3 se mujhe collection wise itna ummid nahj 250cr zyada se zyada

    Salman ka tzh below 250cr
    Dabang Bharat below 150cr

  13. Here is Just a small example to show the craze of TZH:

    Padmavati and TZH both have 1 Slow Romantic Song......

    Padmavati (Ek Dil Ek Jaan): (26 Days)
    Views: 18.2M
    Likes: 180K

    TZH (Dil Diyan Gallan): (4 Days)
    Views: 19M
    Likes: 545K

    This shows the craze for TZH is on another level now......Let me tell you that I Loved Both these Songs.....

    1. @S.G
      Tubelight trailer ke time pe bhi bahot craze tha :)
      sab chilla rahe the abki bar 400cr par


      analysis band karo craze ka sallu se kuch nahi hone wala

    1. Are video aahet YouTube var fake body abs ( there is video on YouTube ) . Real fitness guru is khiladi of Bollywood .

  14. VFX se body dikhate hai aur kuch ni..
    fake actor...remake/copy actor

    jago audience jago..

  15. I admire Salman but please stop using terms like dedication and perfectionist. The man is being payed millions to do this. For heaven sake. Pay me 0.001 % of that i would deliver a body more than that. I already have a body like that so .

    1. @Elba; I agree that he paid highly, also body building is not a big deal now, because every actors make their body now a days......I am praising him because he is at 52....Elba just look around yourself and see how many 52 year people are having body like Salman, that too when Salman is suffering from Health Problems......Also he keeps gaining weight and reducing it (For Character's Demand) from last 2 years, which is not an easy task.....Aamir did it just once in 2 year.....That's why I said that he is so much Dedicated for his work........

      1. Nice one @SG?

        Always great to see those around 50 years still in perfect shape!! The v cuts and chest curves are additional icing on the cake.

      2. You are ryt mate. I also admire with his age and health issues. But the good thing about exercising is you get the advantage when age comes knocking. They call it muscle accustom. Salman has been training since his Maine pyar kya days so he got that advantage get use to pain. So he hardly deels 52 years old

  16. BZH-34Cr (working day,sequel,masala)

    22 dec-27cr
    23 dec-28cr
    24 dec-32ce
    25 dec-28cr
    26 dec-17cr
    27 dec-15cr
    28 dec-13cr
    29 dec-10cr
    30 dec-11cr
    01 jan-10cr
    02 jan-6cr
    03 jan-4cr
    04 jan-3cr
    05 jan-2cr
    06 jan-3cr
    07 jan-4cr


    My prediction -260cr(best case)
    145cr(worst case)

    Note:sallu fans 145cr isliye kunki xmas ke karan verna aap log bologe
    worst case me bhi 140cr thats d power of bhai..


    1. If aamir did this movie then you call it "Spy Thriller", but Salman is doing this so its a Masala Movie.....Waah Aunty Kya Logic Hai.....

      So according to your logic, Talaash was also Masala movie, Dangal, Lagan, RDB all are Masala Movie, because all have Romance, Comedy, Emotion, Action.....

      Aunty yeh Budhape ka Asar hai, aap Sathiya Gayi Ho.......Toh zayada excite mat hua karo, Budhape mein itni excitement achchi nahi......

      1. Nice one S.G bro,,,sach me parshya aunty sathiya gyi hh,,,,budhape ka asar hhh....TZH ke har record ke saath aunty ka 2 kilo weight kam ho ja raha h....hahahaha

  17. Sallu The tiger one man Army puri ISIS organization ka khatma karta hai

    agar such me samna hua na toh sallu ki pant gili ho jayegi..
    kuch toh realistic dikha do bhai...

    I think tubelight on way.....

    1. Bhai ki bajrangi film chod ke koi BhI acchi nahi hai . But no denying fact that he is mass hero nobody can beat him .

  18. he is just toooo goood man for his age!!.. understand its his profession.... but..
    Those who are barking about vfx, abs etc.. should just take a glance at thier own physique once befr commenting :D

  19. Latest buzz is Temper remake will now release on 28 December 2018. If true ,then good decision by Rohit Shetty .

  20. Another Record:
    Swag Se Swagat crossed 900K likes on Youtube, and become the "Most Liked Bollywood Movie Song".......

    Trailer Likes: 990K
    Songs Likes: 900K (SSS) and 550K (DDG)

    1. @S.G
      Kya faltu stat leke ate ho ..
      comments padh youtube ke kitna bura song hai pata chalega..

      aur wait for 22 dec sab pata chalega kitne record kiye aur kitne nahi
      youtube views to samay ke sath badne vale hai..
      usme koi khas nahi box office matter karta hai..

      1. parshyaaaaaa.. tumhaara dimaag tho ghaas khaane jaata hai hamesha.. :D
        Bohut nervous dik rahe ho!??? :D

    2. what TiGerrrrrrrrrr is doing with those stats is just extraordinary!!!!
      It has broken all records in whatever it has done so far...
      i cant even imagine the impact it will create on the box office and on parshyaaaaaa :D

  21. Release 1 week after dwarf .earlier it was also supposed to release on 21 December.

  22. Dont forget.. TZH trailer likes are at 991k likes.. that humongous!!!!!!
    It will be a celebration when it touches 1000k..just imagine, previous world record was 735k likes fr a Hollywood film..
    Bollywood is on the radar courtesy Tiger!!

  23. yr body to definitely acchi h...lkn Sallu sultan k baad bahut Buddha lgne LGA h....shkl bigaad li isne....

    1. Yaar Miky we all know that 3 Khans, Akki and Ajay all are getting old, so its ok that if they look little old/off now......But I think that even at the age of 50+ they all look Superb & Young......

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