Salman Khan's Tubelight to release in China?

According to the latest reports, Salman Khan starrer Tubelight will have a grand release in China. The film is gearing up for an Eid release in India and will be released simultaneously in both countries.

“Obviously, Salman Khan Films has taken a call to promote their film in a big way in China. Salman is expected to tour key Chinese cities to promote the film. This, despite him having stopped doing city tours to promote films, a while back.

Tubelight director Kabir Khan has confirmed the same to a leading daily. “China is a huge market. The number of theatres in the country are staggering. Plus, Tubelight does have a Chinese connection, including its leading lady. We are looking at the various possibilities of how to give the film a big release in China,” he adds.

Tubelight can be Salman Khan's first film to be screened in China. Though official confirmation has not been made yet. Aamir Khan is the most popular actor in the neighbouring country. His recent film Dangal is gonna release on 5 May in China.

25 comments on “Salman Khan's Tubelight to release in China?”

  1. srk k fan dilwale hny se toh jyada hi buiseness karega tubelight
    ab Bollywood ka ijat sirf salman k hath me hai is sal
    srk ka next toh romcom hai joki aajkal nahi chal raha hai or imitiaz Ali urban filme banata hai

    1. Yeh hai asli desdrohi
      India ki fikar nahi China mai release karne chale hai jinhone 1965 war mai humare soldiers maare the
      And unhi ke saamne hum apni baar dikhaenge
      A great slap to kabir and sallu

  2. Tubelight will do well in China only if the content is extraoridniry and relevant to Chinese people. No one was interested to buy BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN in China, thus it never released there. It was excellent film for Indians but not for Chinese.

    Also Zhu Zhu is not even a B-list actress. She is a VJ on MTV and has done supporting roles in some films.

    1. koi megastar aur perfectionist nahi chalega sirf prahbas chalega,,,inn chote stars ko kaise filmo le lete hai

  3. Hahaha...
    Fusslight in china...
    10cr ka buisness kiya to bhi bahot hai..
    Kaha Aamir aur kaha ye chote stars.
    Get ready for Dangal storm in china..

    1. jitna tere star ki film south mein collection karti hai usse 5 times bahubali ne hindi mein opening kiya hai ,har khans chota star hai prahbas ke saamne ,dangal ko mangal gaha par bhej diya re bahubali ne ,pk apne planet par bhaag gay,bajrangi luul ho gaya ,sultan multan bhaag gaya only bahubali prahbas is megastar,,baune khans ki height natoh box office pe hai na real mein 3khans ke lag agye re baba

      1. Ek movie kya chali tum log uddne lage..dekhte sahoo kitna kamati hai..i challenge sahoo hindi mai 20cr bhi nahi kamayegi..
        Thnks to rajamauli n brand bahubali otherwise prabhas is zero infront of megastar Aamir, srk n sallu.

        1. 20 cr woh bhi dub language still dream for many bollywood stars ,non holiday pe 20 cr ki opening kaaregi ,tumhari non holiday,talaash ,jai ho,fan ki opening below 20 cr ,yeh log megastars hai nice joke didi

  4. Bollywood fims did not get proper release in south but south getting huge screen more than so called superstar ,in south bollywood films got 500 screens lol,

    no body knows khans in south but after 2.0 akshay wiil get identfy in souths,,poor bollywood ki band baja di prahbas ne ,kuch din baad sirf ek industry hoga south industry,na hi koi ,aamir ke record ki band baja ddi sirf 3 din mein,salmaan srk ki bhi dum tooth gaya ,sabka baap prahbas ,jiski buisness china mein 100 cr karti hai apne desh ke kuch state mein 5 cr bhi nahi kar paaati,telugu tamil hi ab chalega india ke naam pe ,hindi cinema ki aukaad nahi hai,hmare yah ke chote mote star bhi tumhare khans kumar se jyada famous hai overseas mein

    1. Abey ek movie kya chali tum log to khudko bahot talented samjne lage.
      There are so many movies from south which r only masala films.south film industry ek mazak vali industry hai.except rajamauli n shankar all r zero.where was ur prabhas before bahubali? No one knows who is prabhas?thanks to bahubali.

      1. ek hi nahi bura haal karrakha hai chote stars ki ,aur kimkya jarurat hai jb tak karan johar hai south hindi mein bhi raaj karega,ek hi ne dangal ko phod iya aur aajaye toh waat laga denge ,tum log lado ek dusre se aur ham tumhari kursi chinege,
        pehle bahubali phir bahubali 2 phir spyder phir saho sab hindi mein aa rahi hai tumhare aamir se jyada popular hai south stars tv par

  5. Coz of chinese actress 10cr will be achievable but without that sallu will not cross 2cr in china.
    Aab sabko pata chalega Aamir kya chiz hai..sallu fans moo dikhane ke kabil nahi rahenge jaise srk ka haal hua vaise sallu ka hoga.
    Thanks to zu zu otherwise china would not given d permission for fusslight in china.


    2. chinese actress zhu zhu is not leading lady of china. She is like parineti chopra. She has films in range $1m to $2m.she has one $5m movie.she has only highest grossing film $17m that is ww not in china .even pk made $20m only in china.aamir is even populas than her in china

    3. chinese actress zhu zhu is not leading lady of china. She is like parineti chopra. She has films in range $1m to $2m.she has one $5m movie.she has only highest grossing film $17m that is ww not in china .even pk made $20m only in china.aamir is even populas than her in china.

  6. ek south movie ne hindi mein hi bollywood ki lel li ache se ,highest opening hindi ,single day,weekend ,week,lifetime,three consecutive 40 cr + ,koi record nahi bacha aamir ke paas ,salman,srk ke paas,jao aamir kaho kitni bhi mehnat kare woh baccha hi hai sab ka baap prahbas hai number one star of india,
    second week mein 200 r karega re bahubali ,dangal second week R.I.P

  7. China mein sirf aamir ki fil chali, yaha tak bahubali jo indian cinema ka pride hai nahi chali, kyunki chinease ko duplicate cheez pasand hai, aamir aur chinease vhai bhai hai same face se height, Bahubali ke layak nahi hai china, chote logo ke lite hai china, chi chau..

  8. Instead of srk cameo in tubelight they would have taken Aamir for that role as Aamir is most recognised Indian actor in china now.
    As Salman & Kabir chemistry was awesome in BB, I hope the same thing will be repeated here.chinese would have love the film & there will be huge demand for Indian movie than.But still hoping tubelight will be 100 cr grosser in China & biggest hit of Salman khan worldwide.

    1. That's true he does look Chinese and plus that parshya guy is right only Aamir Khan works in China, why fight over the truth?! If he works there then he works there, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan can't even achieve 10cr over in China and that's the truth! You can't deny it like in Germany a shah Rukh Khan starter collects more than any other actors weekend collection on its first day but Germany is not a huge market! Every actor is doing something to make India proud and Indian movies bigger in every corner of the world! So respect all actors! But in today's era long are them days gone when box office estimate was all dependent on stardom of a star now it's all about how good the movie is! A Shah Rukh Khan starrer makes 44cr on first day but finds it hard to cross 200cr lifetime because Happy New Year was not a great movie but an Aamir Khan starrer starts of low but does great in the long run because the movie is accepted by the audience so not only good cinema works and stardom is just a plus point but obv a average Khan movie is guaranteed a hit but how big the hit is all dependent on the story!

  9. haha...Bahubali chaina me sirf...7 crore hi kmaye...

    or srk ne sirf 3 crore...

    salman chinease lady ki vajah se 15 crore kma lega....

    or 5-6 hzar screens barbad krega

  10. pk or 3 idiots ne...1 saal baad release hokar...

    record tod kmayi ki chaina me....


    same time pr release hokar b...15 crore se jyada nhi kmayegi .

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