Salman Khan's Tubelight is a beautiful film: Salim Khan

Kabir Khan has shown his upcoming film Tubelight to Salim khan who has loved it. Earlier Salman Khan has revealed that his father is his biggest critic.

Kabir Khan, who directs Salman in Tubelight, feels the same way about Salim. He says, “I showed him the first cut. He came out of the edit room and without saying a word, gave me a big, tight hug. Need I say more?”

Reportedly Salim’s inputs worked for Bajrangi Bhaijaan as well. Salim Khan says, “I told Kabir to not put the song at the end of Bajrangi Bhaijaan because it was diluting the impact of the film.” He confirms having watched Tubelight and calls it a beautiful film and adds, “Kabir has made it well.”

On the other hand, Kabir is grateful to Salim Khan for being a great support while developing the story. “I always make it a point to narrate the script to him before I start filming. How many people have the privilege of getting a living legend to doctor their script? He has always come up with invaluable inputs for me. For Tubelight, too, he gave me a few pointers that made the screenplay better,” reveals Kabir.

In fact, the catchline in the posters Kya Tumhe Yakeen Ha is actually written by Salim Khan. But he doesn’t like to take credit for it completely. “We were all discussing it and it is always a team effort."

Tubelight is gearing up for Eid release.

34 comments on “Salman Khan's Tubelight is a beautiful film: Salim Khan”

  1. Kitni beautiful hai pata padega release hone doo
    Salim ne toh prem ratan ko bhi bahut accha bola tha and got flopped
    And plz aur regional movies lao clash karne keliye

    1. I must rate you as 'lack of knowledge' in Hindi movie. PRDP is not a flopped film. It was collected above 220.21 crs plus.

  2. Muze ek bat batao movie dekhne par koi celebrity bolta hai kya movie bakwas hai wo to acchi hi bolenge..
    Public decide karegi movie acchi hai ya nahi..aur isme sabse aage hai Aamir..
    Poster dekh ke to lag raha hai BB2
    Kabir waar drama se kab bahar niklega..game over..it will be flop.

    1. And also I HV watched movie lost boy jahan se fusslight copy ki hai
      Itni bakwas and pakau movie thi ki poocho mat
      So I think salman career will fall down from here...

    2. Comment:well bro ye to teak kaha aapne ki sabse age hain amir but salman keep big kam fan nahi hai I'm not his fan but film 350 crore to pakka gross karegi Hindi main or 700 wb

  3. Kuch bhi karlo Dangal ka record Aamir hi todega... Sallu jaise recordless chote star ke bas ki bat nahi

  4. @parsya bro,, if u don't like sallu that is OK,, but bringing aamir in every where is not good I think,, as a aamir fan I don't want someone abuse him,,, salmir are good friends,, sallu is the one will stand by in a bad situation of aamir ,same goes to aamir,,aamir is the best but sallu is there staying almost 30 years for a reason , the way u talk now I doubt ,may be u r a bigggggg srk fan!!!

    1. Are dangal ka time bhul gaya..
      Kitni bakwass ki thi sallu fans ne..
      Mai to sallu fans ko troll karte rahoonga...

      1. Dangal b konsi amir k karn chli na usme uska zyda kc role na kc bs do ldki k krna n xmas n lots off holiday n 3 open weak wrna dangal b 250tk ruk jti
        Or rhi bat record k do usko b open weak n itti holiday nh toda to bolna
        Phle usko bol Non holiday p 100kre n ss k fiqr kree 50b mushkl. Lgrh h mjhe to

      2. During the release of aamir they did and they will, there is always will be a blackship everywhere to f**** around u,, but but I wonder weather u want to be like them or not,,, always aamir doing well and haters are getting tight slap, I just don't like aamir fans doing silly things. I am sure u don't want yourself to be a bad person,,, u know why i am telling? Now everybody started saying, "abb parysaa kuch bolegaaa "which is a very degrading to aamir fans,,,

      3. Ha ha troll to salman fan

        Tujhe khud pata nahi ki to sirf joke banke rah gaya hai

        But keep continues atleast we get entertainment with joker like you

        Too much fun

    2. Trolling is other things but he is doing worse,since dangal he is just behaving like salman haters, i admit he will take revenge but he is just doing war, let release Teaser first then troll, how Bollyarena allowed him to say only nad things since many days, @BollyArena disappointed with you, i am not replying to parshya since many days because i was thinking he trolled.

      Apart from Boxoffice, Aamir and Salman are good friends and their fan bases always good to each other. When tubelight will release troll salman fans but after that stop and live like a friends

  5. 320 possibility
    400 outright chances...

    Can't connect to families like Dangal with every father mother and daughter son...

    Its brother story so some less chance of 320+

  6. TUBELIGHT will be another ALTBB for Salman Khan. It will cross more than 325 crores plus. Salman will get another biggest blockbuster this Eid.

  7. Parshya tu bewkoofi kab band karega.amitabh NE ab tak sirf 1 atbb diya hai.hgoty bhi 6 hai to wo kya superstar nahi hain.dimaag lagao.sabhi movie sholey nahi ho Sakti .mega star ke karan movie Kuch din chal Sakti hai uske baad story he megastar ka kaam karta hai

  8. kuch to garber hai daya Saleem khan aj tak koi salman ke liye film nahi likhi aj tareef kr raha

  9. salman Khan: papa mujhy yaqeen nahi ho raha ap meri film ko spot kar rahe hai ap ke dil mere itna pyar
    papa Saleem: bas kr pagly ab rolaye ga kiya

  10. Akkal shunya's comments have become quite boring.. no real spice... parshyaaaaaa..dimaag ka dushman... come up with something innovative..

    coming to the stills.. do i need to say anything?.. it looks super special!!!... dying to c the trailer... whallloppppp!!

  11. Parshya, bro you need to be more calm and stop trolling Salman non-stop. I do agree that some salman fans said many things against Aamir and Dangal before and after its release. But at the end Aamir showed his class and his haters were seeking of new excuses. Being an Aamir fan, you should do the same. Dangal was tough film for Aamir, intolerance controversy,demonetisation,lack of holidays in weekdays etc but still he achieved the biggest. So Aamir already trolled his haters so you don't need to take revenge.
    Tube light is coming and its looking very promising, if the movie is good than you can't stop its success but if not than still you can't do anything for the same. Be happy and enjoy the fun.

  12. margin of breaking opening day records( salman vs srk)( all datas taken from boi.com. only solo films are considered)
    1. prem ratan dhan payo ( 39.32 crore) previous record- hny( 36.31 crore) margin-8.29%
    2. ek tha tiger(30.61 crore) previous record- bg( 21.17 crore) margin-44.59%
    3. bodyguard( 21.17 crore) previous record- dabangg( 14.55 crore) margin-45.50%
    4. dabangg( 14.55 crore) previous record- 3 idiots(12.98 crore) margin- 12.09%
    5. biwi no 1( 1.23 crore) previous record- bmcm( 1.08 crore) margin- 13.89%

    average of % of margin beating opening day record- (8.29%+44.59%+45.50%+12.09%+13.89%)/5=24.87%

    shahrukh khan

    1. happy new year(36.31 crore) previous record- d3(32.48 crore) margin- 11.79%
    2. main hoon na(2.72 crore) previous record- k3g(2.38 crore) margin- 14.28%
    3. koyla(1.06 crore) previous record- trimurti(1.06 crore) margin-0%

    average of % of margin of beating opening record- (11.79%+14.28%+ 0%)/3=8.69%

    so numbers prove that not only salman has more record breaking opening day than srk in overall career but also he has beaten the opening day records by bigger margin than srk.

    salman has 5 record breaking opening day in overall career while srk has only 3. and on the other hand salman has broken opening day record by a margin of 25% approx while srk has broken them by a margin of 9% approx.
    so salman is way way way ahead of srk in terms of initial in overall career.

    i will like to end my comment saying this about the loosing khan

    a cat can walk like a tiger, a cat can look like a tiger but a cat can never roar like a tiger.

  13. Hahahaha
    Why r u people force me to support sallu n fusslight..
    Sab dar gaye shayad...
    Kahi meri vajah se fusslight flop na ho.

  14. Sahi kha bhai tera ye analysis spot on hai ye billi hai jo mimyati rehte hai mehhhhhh mehhhhhh kkkkkkkkkk karan lol

  15. Let’s see overall career:
    1993— SRK> sallu
    1994- sallu> SRK (due to Madhuri’s favour)
    1995-SRK> sallu
    1996—SRK> sallu( Jeet isn’t Gangu Teli’s film. Chahat>Khamoshi)
    1997—SRK> sallu
    1998—SRK> sallu
    2000—SRK> sallu
    2001—SRK> sallu
    2002—SRK> sallu
    2003—SRK> sallu
    2004—-SRK> sallu
    2005—sallu> SRK(Maine Pyar kyu kia> paheli. No Entry isn’t Gangu teli’s film)
    2006—-SRK> sallu
    2007—-SRK> sallu
    2008—-SRK> sallu
    2009—-Gangu Teli sallu 1 superhit and 2 Disasters>SRK absent
    2010—-sallu >SRK
    2011—-sallu> SRK
    2012—sallu> SRK
    2013—SRK> sallu(absent)
    2017- sallu> SRK
    So in 26 years 15 times SRK>>>11 times Gangu Teli sallu.

    This is THE OPENING.
    1992—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1993—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1994—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1995—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1996—-SRK> sallu (Jeet isn’t Gangu Teli’s film. Chahat opening> other Gangu Teli’s film)
    1997—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1998—-KING KHAN> sallu
    1999—- sallu>KING KHAN
    2000—-sallu>King Khan
    2001—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2002—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2003—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2004—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2005—- sallu> KING KHAN
    2006—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2007—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2008—-KING KHAN> sallu
    2009—- sallu> King Khan(absent)
    2010—- sallu>KING KHAN
    2011—- sallu>KING KHAN
    2012—- sallu>KING KHAN
    2013—-SRK> sallu (absent)
    2014—- King Khan>sallu
    2015—- sallu> KING KHAN
    2016– sallu>SRK
    2017- sallu>SRK(as he has Christmas and Eid)
    So in 26 years SRK 16 times >>>> sallu 10 times.
    Let’s look at other achievments of Gangu Teli:

    Number of flops sallu =2* SRK’s flops
    Number of Disasters of sallu= 3* SRK’s Disasters( Let BOI update whole 90’s, the number of flops and Disasters will increase for sallu)
    According to BOI: Success Ratio of SRK>>>>>success ratio of sallu(huge difference)
    HIt Ratio of SRK>>>>> Hit ratio of sallu(Huge difference)
    Blockbuster Ratio of SRK>Blockbuster Ratio of sallu(small difference)
    Sallu’s achievement in Clash:

    In 1990s sallu lost these clashes
    -Biwi ho to aisi vs sone pe suhaaga(madhuri)
    -Kurbaan vs 100 days-Suryabanshi vs Panaah(nasserudheen shah)
    -Nischai vs Julm ki Hukumat(govinda)
    -Dil tera aashiq vs ek hi raasta
    -Chandramukhi vs Ek hi Raasta(Ajay)
    -Chand ka tukdaa vs Naaraj
    -Sangdil sanam vs HHB(akki)
    -Andaaz apna apna vs suhaag
    -Agni sakshi vs Yeh Majhdar(nan patekar)
    -Auzaar vs Juddai(anil kapoor)

    In last decade
    -Phir milenge vs Dhoom(uday chopra)
    -SKPGY vs Anthony kaun hai(arshad warsi)
    -Don vs Jaaneman(SRK)
    -Saawan vs Positive(Akshay Khanna)
    -MAMK vs Blue vs All the best
    -Andaaz apna apna vs suhaag
    -marigold vs buddha margaya(Rakhi sawant,)
    -God tussi great ho vs bachna ae haseeno(Ranbir kapoor)

    Indeed SRK in his lifetime can’t surpass this achievements and records. That’s the fate of SRK, cause sallu has indeed contributed in the history of Flops, Disasters and Clash Defeats. ??
    And I have only included the Domestic stats here. I don’t want to embarrass sallu fans by posting his ahievements(!!!) in the overseas…!!??

    Let BOI update, you will see Gangu Teli sallu’s Disasters(Even after HAHK he has 10 Disasters. Just imagine what will be the case before HAHK).The number of his Disasters>>>>His blockbusters and HGOTYs. His failures>>>his success. And for those who don't know SRK has 5 record openers including Trimurti and K3G.

    A conclusion: small Local Stars can dominate for 5 to 7 years, but Great Global Stars rule for 25 years. Have you guys ever heard of a Non-actor who has more Disasters than blockbusters...?? That's Gangu teli sallu for you.

  16. @ sayar but was k3g a solo starrer. the opening was due to hritik. in fact i should not have considered koyla also as record breaking opening day. the opening day of trimurti and koyla both was 1.06 crore. so koyla has not broken any opening day record. so actually srk has only 2 solo record breaking opening day in his career main hoon na and happy new year.

    to all users,by the way some mistakes have done by me. biwi no 1 broke the opening day record of border and ett broke agneepath's opening day record. so the % of margin of salman beating opening day record with this changes comes down to 23.32% but still it is more than double of srk.
    and one more information koyla never had a record breaking opening day. it only equalled the opening day of trimurti but failed to beat it. so with this salman has solo 5 record breaking opening day with a margin of 23.32%and srk has only 2 solo record breaking opening day in his entire career with a margin of 13.02 % and if you count koyla as a record breaking opening which is controvertial then srk has only 3 record breaking solo opening day with a margin of 8.69%.

  17. Actually SRK has 6 All TIme record opener. Guys don't pay attention to this mental Dishonest man. CE and HNY easily broke opening records according to producer figures and BOI(which I always follow and is the only dependable trade site) made a mistake. Koyla and Trimurti were SRK's solo record openers. Biwi No.1 wasn't Gangu teli lallu's solo film, people came to see the "Biwi" and Anil Kapoor, not sallu. And K3G 's opening had both contribution from SRK and Hrithik and the lifetime belongs to SRK alone as he was the lead.

    Trivia: Do you guys know in the 90's Sallu-Madhuri starrer Dil Tera Ashik and Sallu -Sridevi starrer Chandramukhi came on the same day and still Ajay Devgn starrer Ek HI Rasta beat them left right and centre? Another Trivia although well-known: in 2007 Sallu's Hollywood 20 crore budget Big film Marigold was beaten left, right and centre( both in terms of opening and lifetime) by Rakhi Sawant's Buddha Mar Gaya. Proof enough that Gangu teli Sallu is a 2010 born star and has only 5-7 years of longevity.

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