Salman Khan's Race 3 to release on Eid 2018

Salman Khan's Race 3 has been in the news since the film was announced. The producers had already announced that Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez will star in the third film of the franchise and will be directed by Remo Dsouza.

Now the release date has also been confirmed. Ramesh Taurani has confirmed that Race 3 will release on Eid 2018. He made the announcement on Twitter as he welcomed Bobby Deol in the franchise. He wrote,

"Welcome to the family #BobbyDeol @BeingSalmanKhan @Asli_Jacqueline #Race3 #Eid2018"

Eid belongs to Salman Khan and he has not any scheduled release on Eid 2018 yet. Well, it seems that Race 3 will be released next year on Eid.

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  1. Excellent news...13 back to back successfull film for salman bhai is loading eid 2018..

    1. With Tubelight this Eid it won't be 13 back to back success. Maybe two back to back success after TZH. But to be honest Remo D'Souza is a terrible director, I really hope he won't spoil the whole franchise. I really don't understand why he was chosen as the director.

    2. They shouldn't have removed Saif, it was his movie! It doesn't seem nice! They could've names it something else and made the movie, how are they going to show the connection between previous race movies and this one!

      They need to admit that they are just trying to use the brand value of race! Pathetic, Salman should not have accepted this movie but well see how it turns out!

      Hopefully blockbuster on Eid!

      1. Saif acting will be more natural than Salman Sir. Race 3 will be or of Action and lesser dialoguebaazi which Suits Saif more for this particular project Race 3.

      2. Yes.. Whatever may be brand value of Saif now, he actually had set this franchise.. I think casting both Saif & Sallu would have been good.. At least original followers of Race franchise (remember this movie was close to 100 cr back in 2013) would then be satisfied.. Anyway removing the main actor of a franchise & then trying to use the brand value of d franchise is not looking very sincere at all

    3. @zuber
      Shayad zuber ne galti se Jai ho and tubelight ko blockbuster bana diya ?

      Hota hai zuber aisa hota hai..
      Apne actor ki koi movie box office pe pitati hai to aisa sadma lagta hai.

      Log ginti tak bhul jate hai ?

  2. no body have guts to release film on eid that show the fear of salman .
    Tubelight fail honese bhi koe fark nahi pada koe nahi release declare kiya eid ko.
    kisi me dum nahi hai salman ko eid me takkar denekeliye.

    1. takkar ki baat ni takkar toh ranbir or varun dede eid m agr unki movies ki script m dum ho ??

  3. So, Eid 2018 - Race 3
    Diwali - Thugs of Hindostan
    Christmas - SRK's dwarf
    My prediction is : TOH >Dwarf > Race 3

      1. Agreed if talking about WW collections on Indian movies(bolly+regional+holly)
        Here its stictly Bollywood Hindi movies

    1. Because race 2 was barely above average or semi hit in the boxoffice. And producer wants it to be the next dhoom series. So its about money

  4. That means film will be ready in 7 months and after that post production works.

    Bas film acchi ho

    1. Actually now i understood that doing this same ajay or akki thing is pointless and boring..cause we all know the truth and ye hameeds right ajay has faced a lot of hatred from akki fans in specially in lst two years when akki started improving bt both 2.0 and devgn stop now..cause akki and ajay are very close friends and know each other before coming to films...let them be as they are both are legends and good actors...as they have been friends from beginning so their fans should also be the same...and btw i never ever called ajay kalwa or shitty actor i told it to devgn...anyway sorry and end of discussion..peace...and actually akki isnt my favorite.i like all of their work.even if now 2.0 and devgn does not stop i wont argue now.. And telling others to ignore them for greater good...

  5. race 3 bht doutful movie h sidharth malhotra ne reject kri script ki wjha se yani 2018 ki eid bhi bkwaas jane wali h tublight ki trha??

  6. Saif is in real trouble now and without race franchise its going get worse.

    On the other hand race 2 was crap and the franchise needed a new direction to get back its mojo

  7. Good This movie will be aswm . Star cast is great . Heroine is my favourite . Love u Jacqueline . Only concern can be the director. I think this franchise belongs to Abbas Mustan . So should have directed this movie.

  8. That’s what I don’t like about this Indian cinema that Removeing actor from previous series. And will come up with new story, New directions and if u wanna do some serious action pack please hire another actor I’m tried seeing this buddho virgin that has in everyfucking movie....

    Indian doing same shit over again not improving anything and our fans pagal go after those ppl who really don’t give shit about u guys...

    1. @JD agreed but you are talking based on a stand out audience. These producers know the importances of Franchises and sometimes change in lead roles.
      Producers look at some crucial factors like
      High budget positive results
      Obsessive fans
      Mass appeal
      Big star names
      Special effects positive outcomes

      Projected ticket licences generated etc
      In hollywood you have James bond, iron man avengers, Jurassic park, Shrek,Spider man,star wars pirates of carribean etc etc.

      So not only Indian industries even bigger scale Hollywood do the same. Most times our Producers wants a Title thats already a big hit familiar with audiences so as to improve it and get atleast their 1st Week collection greater than the entire collections of the previous franchise. Eg Bahubaali , krissh,Don Singhm Raaz golmaal etc.
      Movies like Jolly llb and Dhoom3 weekend alone was way more that Jllb orignal lifetime collections and they had different star casts and were franchises too. So it all depends with the Producers getting the mixed ingredients right.

  9. Bobby Deol is a perfect choice for Race 3, he has done some superb Suspense Thriller in his earlier career like Gupt, Hamraaz, Ajnabee.....I think there is one more hero (supporting) in this movie let see who will that be......

    Till now cast is Amazing Salman, Bobby, Jacqueline......

  10. Tubelight is a below average movie...jise ye pata nahi hai wo jake kahi doob ke mar jaaye..kabhi suna hai kya 120cr pe kabhi movie flop hoti hai ?? Yes i agreed the loss for distributers is huge but verdict is not decided on the basis of distributers...only bollyarena gives the verdict on the basis of distributers.....but trade and boi gives the verdict on the basis of movie budget which crosses the tubelight after end of theatrical run...the movie which lossess for distributers but profitable for producer and cross its budget after theatrical run is a successful movie...mind it!!!!

    1. @zuber shah
      U r right. But what about distributor
      Producer ko profit milne se kuch nahi hota distributor ko profit milne par hi movie success mani jati hai.

      Aur aisa hi chalana distributor kabhi jyada price nahi denge actors ke movies ko kyunki unko pata hota hai kiski movie chalti kiski nahi.

      Sallu ki movie chalti thi isliye unhone jyada price di lekin unko nahi pata tha ki unko bahot loss hoga.

      Aab TZH ke time distributor 10 bar sochenge price kitna de.nahi to unko tubelight ke din firse dekhne padenge.

      TZH ka budget kam se kam 160-180cr
      Hoga yane 210cr ke aage business karna padega hit ke liye.

      Muze to TZH flop honewali hai aisa dikh raha hai.

      Mai troll nahi kar raha such bol raha hoon

  11. Few peoples are saying that why they remove Saif from the franchise.....To all those, Race 3 is a completely different movie, there is no connection between previous 2 parts and this one, that's why they make it with completely new star cast......

    2nd stop defending those actors who are unsuccessful in their entire career, its good that people show concern about them, but why bring down others......Saif is not a Big star, he cannot pull movie on his own and Chef is the perfect example, where beside him there is no other big star cast in movie, also movie plot was weak, so movie completely relies on Saif's Star Power, but it fail badly.....Remember Race2 did not do anything Big on Box Office beside it was a sequel of a successful movie, also Race 3 is a Big Budget movie (100-120cr) which is too Big for Saif.....
    Ramesh Taurani is a producer why would he put his money on someone who cannot guarantee the return of his investment....Just imagine if you are the producer will you put your money on Saif or on Salman, so think logically....Flim making is a business bro, don't think that they are doing any Samaj Seva......So definitely Salman is the Best Choice for the movie.....

  12. Akshay 2.0 looks similar Shaktiman VILLAIN look.
    it does not mean 2.0 copied Shaktiman look for robot.
    i say similar not copied from shaktiman.

  13. TOH will be highest grosser in 2018

    World Wide top grosser in 2018

    TOH WW - 1300-2200cr
    2.O WW - 600-700cr
    DWARF WW - 500-600cr
    RACE3 WW-500-550cr
    TZH WW-450-500cr

    1. Dear parshya..toh action film hai ...aur tumhe hame aur sab ko pata hai ki d3 record opner to thi but holiday over hone ke bad film crash hogayi thi kyu ki content mixed tha aur firr bhi film 540cr ka collection kiya tha ww me.. waise hi toh ki sath bhi hoga kyu ki bahubali ko chhod ke aisi konsi action movie hai hi nahi jiska content extremely positive side hai...yes toh may become all time grosser from bollywood but max 700 cr ww ...screenshot lelo parshya bhai...amir is a content star bhai Parshya not a auction star...

      1. @zuber
        D3 Weekend-108cr tha baad me
        177cr ka business kiya aur tu bol raha hai crash ho gayi.

        Aab tu bolega d3 brand tha. Ok

        Aab tu screen shot lele

        In worst case

        India gross- 450cr


        Aab ye bata kaunsi movie bb2 chodke 700cr ke aage gayi hai
        Without Aamir starrer.

        This shows d megastardom of Aamir

  14. both race and race 2 have not trended well. race was a record opener but still a small hit and race 2 trended even worser and was not even a clean hit. let's see how this film trends, but the opening should be huge and if it released directly on the eid holiday then opening record should happen.

  15. Aur parshya tu ye bhi dekh lena ki tzh kai distributers price record breaking Hoga...kyu ki distributers ko bhi salman pe amir se zyada bharosa hai nahi to dangal ka distributers price record breaking hota..

  16. Trade says tubelight below average
    Producers says it was average
    It's not flop yaaro
    Salman me abhi tak yeh decade mein flop nhi diya
    Veer - below average
    Dabangg - atbb
    Ready - bb
    Bodyguard - bb
    Ek tha tiger - bb
    Dabangg 2 - bb
    Jai ho - semi hit
    Kick - bb
    Bajrangi bhai jaan - atbb
    Sultan - atbb
    Tubelight - below average
    12 success film in a row... he is on its way to beat Rajesh Khanna 15 film record

  17. Distributors ki laashe bik chuki hai tubelight se. how on earth is it below average. it is a flop. period. accept it and move on...

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