Salman Khan's first look in Race 3

After wrapping up Tiger Zinda Hai, Salman Khan has started shooting for Race 3. The film went on floors a few days back and the actor has shot some chase sequences for the film.

Salman shared his first look from Race 3 on Twitter. The actor captioned the picture as, "... and Race3 begins"

Apart from Salman, the film will star Jacqueline Fernandez, Bobby Deol, Daisy Shah, Freddy Daruwala and Saqib Saleem. The film is being directed by Remo D’Souza and produced by Ramesh Taurani.

Race 3 is scheduled for an Eid release in 2018.

93 comments on “Salman Khan's first look in Race 3”

    1. Aamir sach me overseas me limited appeal ka stardom hai Christmas me PK $26M and dangal $30M ..jab ki movie Ko extremely positive review Mila tha ..excluding china collection ....ek baat sach hai Aamir Indo china star hai

      Aamir total overseas collection - $370M in 40 movies. .mtlb $200M to dangal ka hi hai china me ..mtlb dangal ka china collection hatao to 40 movies me bas $170M hahahahahahah ...mtlb Aamir ek movie zyada kama lia or vo bhi ek country ki vajah se to vo global star ?

      Tiger Zinda hai $35M above krega average reviews me v

      1. I cant believe Sallu will complete d schedule just in 5 months !!
        after dat post production works and trailer launch.

        This shows dat Race 3 will have no content.
        how can they completed such a huge budget movie just in 5 months?

        Eid Eid kab hai Eid
        Just come on Eid not matter movie will be good or bad !!

        1. Ye bandook ka first look hai ya salman ka

          arey yar mein bor ho gaya yar sallu ke style se

          1. Oye parshya tere bore hone se kya hota h tu mat dekh na kisne kaha h tujhe ki comments kar salman sir ke articles pe....ja yaha se jab TOH ayega tab Ana...

            1. Tu believe mat Karo samajha film to 4 months me bhi ban jaati h akshay sir ki filme dekh le ,,,,ek saal me 4 filme karte h aur sab alag alag story hota h aur film bhi hit hoti h......mujhe lagta h ki is world me tera sabse baad dushman salman sir h kyuki ki tujhe pata h ki dangal ka record kisi actor ki movie Tod sakti h BB2 ke baad to wo salman sir h......tu jalta h...

              1. Who is biggest crowd puller in India salman sir or amir sir.....like for salman sir dislike for amir sir

              2. Akshay ne ek Baar kya 4 movie de Dia 1 saal me .uske mentor fans hamesha bhokenge ki 4 movie deta hai saal me
                2016 me 3
                2017 me 2 movies

                Or vaise even saal me 3 4 movie Bana ke koi achaa nahi ho gaya

        2. Ha ha garashya as Ka sadma SA bahar Nahi as part Raha hai

          Remember minimum for ss 100-110 Cr

          Cannot stop laughing ??

        3. @Parshya tu sach mein bewaquf hai aur rahega... 5 months mein shoot complete hoga to usse content se kya matlab.... 5 mahine mein Hollywood ki bhi film ban jaati hai pata nahi hai kya tujhe.... ? ? ? baat ye hai k 5 mahine mein uska look kaisa hoga aur VFX content wali film to Akshay 4 mahine mein hi bana leta hai... ? ? ?

      2. lol,, sapna dekhte raho beta,, tiger will die when overseas theatrical run will be finished at below $25 m,, lol.., sallu hamesha hi local star rahega, ajay, akki k tarah., overseas mai Aamir-srk ki aas paas bhi kabhi nhi jayega...

        1. Tiger Zinda hai $35M krega smjhaaa

          Secret superstar $5M positive reviews me bhi hahahaha ..Salman SB ka baap ha smjhaaa

      3. Says the fan of that actor who doesn't have any stardom in overseas. ROFL.????????

    2. I miss the old days when you could get two big stars in one film i mean what if RACE3 cast was Salman Khan, shahrukh Khan and Akshay kumar that would have been an amazing movie 400cr pakka hota that’s why the industry is struggling

      1. No it would have been much better if race 3 would star Aamir, Salman and ajay devgn. That would have been amazing movie and easily cross 450 cr in india.

    1. Courtesy Indicine

      Most number of films between 2010 – 2016:

      Akshay Kumar – 24 films
      Ajay Devgn – 19 films
      Emraan Hashmi – 16 films
      Salman Khan – 11 films
      Shahid Kapoor – 11 films
      Ranbir Kapoor – 9 films
      Ranveer Singh – 9 films
      Shah Rukh Khan – 8 films
      Hrithik Roshan – 7 films
      Arjun Kapoor – 7 films
      Varun Dhawan – 7 films
      Sidharth Malhotra – 6 films
      Aamir Khan – 4 films
      Sushant Singh Rajput – 4 films
      Tiger Shroff – 3 films
      Total Net Collections for each actor between 2010 – 2016:

      Salman Khan – 1977 crore
      Akshay Kumar – 1841 crore
      Ajay Devgn – 1172 crore
      Shah Rukh Khan – 1096 crore
      Aamir Khan – 1093 crore (will be updated after Dangal ends, could move to 3rd)
      Hrithik Roshan – 780 crore
      Ranbir Kapoor – 754 crore
      Ranveer Singh – 642 crore
      Emraan Hashmi – 619 cr
      Varun Dhawan – 577 crore
      Shahid Kapoor – 394 crore
      Sidharth Malhotra – 398 crore
      Arjun Kapoor – 382 crore
      Sushant Singh Rajput – 253 crore
      Tiger Shroff – 160 crore
      Average net box office collections per film between 2010 – 2016:

      Aamir Khan – 273.25 crore (221.4 cr including Dhobi Ghat)
      Salman Khan – 179.7 crore
      Shah Rukh Khan – 137.0 crore
      Hrithik Roshan – 111.4 crore
      Ranbir Kapoor – 83.7 crore
      Varun Dhawan – 82.4 crore
      Akshay Kumar – 76.7 crore
      Ranveer Singh – 71.3 crore
      Sidharth Malhotra – 66.3 crore
      Sushant Singh Rajput – 63.2 crore
      Ajay Devgn – 61.68 crore
      Arjun Kapoor – 54.6 crore
      Tiger Shroff – 53.3 crore
      Emraan Hashmi – 38.68 crore
      Shahid Kapoor – 35.8 crore
      Success Ratio i.e Above Average or better (probably the most important, because it’s the percentage of films that recovered investment)

      Varun Dhawan – 100%
      Aamir Khan – 100% (75% if Dhobi Ghat is included)
      Salman Khan – 91%
      Shah Rukh Khan – 89%
      Sushant Singh Rajput – 75%
      Tiger Shroff – 67%
      Hrithik Roshan – 57%
      Arjun Kapoor – 57%
      Ranbir Kapoor – 56%
      Akshay Kumar – 54%
      Sidharth Malhotra – 50%
      Ranveer Singh – 44%
      Ajay Devgn – 42%
      Emraan Hashmi – 32%
      Shahid Kapoor – 27%
      Hit Ratio i.e Hit or better

      Salman Khan – 82%
      Shah Rukh Khan – 78%
      Aamir Khan – 75%
      Varun Dhawan – 72%
      Tiger Shroff – 67%
      Hrithik Roshan – 57%
      Arjun Kapoor – 57%
      Ranbir Kapoor – 56%
      Sidharth Malhotra – 50%
      Sushant Singh Rajput – 50%
      Ranveer Singh – 44%
      Akshay Kumar – 42%
      Ajay Devgn – 37%
      Emraan Hashmi – 26%
      Shahid Kapoor – 18%

      If u talk about senior actors
      1. Aamir khan
      2. Salman Khan
      3. SRK
      4. Akshay
      5. Ajay
      Removing Hrithik cos he came much later...

      1. Why removing Hrithik?? He came much later so include him in that list!! They did not say from 1991-2002...or 2008! They said 2010-2016 where Hrithik had already been long in the industry and attained his stardom!!

        What exactly i you trying to say?
        No heading? No conclusion??

        Only heading i see is INDICINE!!?
        Only conclusion i see is..."talking about senior actors..." Yes senior actors but based on what is that ranking? When theres no headinv how do you deduce a conclusion and remove Hrithik??

        Finally wheres the list for Blockbuster??
        Your list is incomplete!! And has no head nor tail!! Work on it or just post something more meaningful please...

          1. Blockbuster analysis is there bring it out!! I know indicine will never leave that one out

          2. Let me remind u of brawl face2face fight In Khakee
            Akki n Ajay fight in Khakee n the sequence ends when Akki gives a flying kick to Ajay n Ajay rolls down the Stairs
            By breaking open the gate
            Akki gets caught in the trap due to Aish..

            Ajay any last wish Akki
            Aish should kill me
            Coz if Akki had asked 1 on 1 fight with Ajay then movie could have ended with Ajay death much early in the hand of Akki...N director didn't want it...

            1. In Khakee when Ajay gets caught by old man Amitji for being corrupt n Amitji beats him out of Blue n defeats him n by being helpess Ajay says Pachtaoge....

              1. In later part in Khakee
                2nd fight bw with Amitji n Ajay
                Amitji beats him out of blue n in midfight old man Amitji gets Asthma attack n being a coward Ajay attacks Amitji from behind but still Amitji beats the coward Ajay n crushes under his feet n Coward faints just at the hands of old man Asthma attacked Amitji

                1. One more thing in Khakee
                  Tusharrrrrr shoots Ajay n Ajay dies for just 4 - 5 bullets
                  Akki took Thousands of Bullet to die
                  Director knows the stamina of his stars
                  That's Akki stamina ????????

  1. Awesome as always.......He is perfect in action movies.....Watched 200 times TZH trailer already......

    However haters will say blah blah etc........It's their ----- job......

      11/13/2017 at 3:34 PM
      @Rudra and all Sensible fans…

      How do you guys feel when someone who claims to be a so called Akshay Fan does not even know (proving why Frustration and Madness is all over him)
      Comes out here , makes himself a laughing stock because He lacks knowledgeable completely!!

      Thats why i kept ignoring him but yeah finally am not replying to him so my perception is intact rather just want to get clarification from you real Akkians!

      AS COMMENT ? 09.21 HRS Stated that….???

      Finish thats it!! No such scene like that in Suhaag rather, its only where Ajay was abusing his mother that Akshay as a true friend who did not like that statement slapped Ajay which is very normal and understanding regarding the climax of that scene!!

      Pity n shame… So called akki fan does not even know what he is saying

      Everyone knows him…so ignore them,no need answering all of them!!!

      In above comment he is saying there is no such scene where Akki punches Ajay in stomach to prove me wrong n make a bad impression of me....

      In the comment below he realized his foolishness as he knew that everyone would knew it already n tried to defend his say...
      7 1

      11/13/2017 at 3:54 PM
      Punching repeatedly and the other actor not even having intention to defend or attack is quite different from them engaging in a brawl!! As i said that was an emotional scene requiring Akki to slap or punch him but that does not justify “trashing or flying miles away esp if the hero had no inrention of even making an attempt!!)

      So yes he punched him agree…but Dude really you call that a brawl when both parties are ready???

      I would have provided the video link but Bollyarena is blocking it that's the reason

      @temperature is trying to do his best n speaking good for other actors so that he can gain good image n giving false statements to create a bad impression of me as I am exposing Ajay reality...
      I am not Against Ajay but I am against his fans that's the reason I am exposing Ajay...

      1. I speak up my mind ,when your comment is in no article you hardly see me taking digs or my punching your replying at the expense of innocent Akshay....

        As soon as you come now the whole place becomes a mess like now whats happening!!!

        About the above comment ...dummy i have watched that movie more than you i can tell the difference between a fight brawl when two people meet face to face and a scene whereby it has nothing to do with a fight brawl rather a scene important for that climax...so for me nothing like "repeated punch or flying miles cz it was never a face ro face brawl"...nd surely everyone(including Akkians real) who saw it knows you cant call that a face to face fight!

        So for me still that aint any fight forget talking about punches or flying miles away???.i am not in the mood of telling you which movies you should watch if you want to see your hero fighting another hero when both really means business!!

        Get a life and take your drugs on time...would you..

        1. Speaking about Bad impression and negativity...just one proverb for you...

          You reap whatever you sow!!!

          You create negetivity for yourself every single day! If i were the only user here that complain about your Chicken brain then you have a point but forget me,forget other fans even your own Fans tell us to ignore you! What can be more shamful than that?

          Even if i am in a completly neutral article ,you forget to reply those who use worst names for Akki rather you come just underneath my name and start to cry or show your baseless comments!! Reason? Why only me? Cos i praise Ajay sir whom you hate!! And you are coming here crying that am creating bad impression on you...instead of thinking am just giving you a reply codedly in your own pot of soup!! You are too tiny 2.0 ,too tiny for me..

          .better thank your fans that conduct themselves properly here if not every single comments you see here would bombard you and indirectly affecting Akki sir...reason? Your height of stupidity jealousness and fustration apart from being very childish!!

        2. What about Insaan then ???
          You call it a face to face brawl behind the shutter ...
          That scene was meant 4 fun everyone knows it...
          You degrade urself n show that how insecure n jealous twat u r...
          N i give u a smacking reply?????

          1. If I am too tiny 4 u then why do u give me long replies ????
            Coz u want me to accept ur views....
            The fact is I have entered ur mind n my words r spearing u n can never ignore me....
            To be frank I had stopped trolling Ajay 4 more than a week n one day I commented that GA is the Multistarrer n Rohit is the Biggest Mass director of Bollywood n didn't say a single for Ajay neither good nor bad
            That's all
            @hameed wreaked having havoc on articles saying how I said Rohit top director....That's how it started again...

            Main problem with @hameed is
            Anyone praising Rohit not Ajay
            Coz in heart of his heart he knows Rohit is driving Ajay career ahead...
            That's what making this guy insecure...
            Coz if there was No Rohit Ajay career would have finished long ago n how i proved it by decades Analysis...

            1. Thats how it started? Even before GA news you were always against Ajay!!

              My replies ....does not force you.. Never..hello mr by looking at the dislikes you get is enough...any day i get dislikes even 35% of the amount you get, thats when i will know something is wrong...

              1. Its call Funny because of Akshays peeformance after the beating or as he realised the guy he messed up with was way beyond his imagination ...simple as that.

                1st...not that Akki was not strong in the movie throughout,he indeed was strong.

                2. He did not know Ajay being a cop if not he would have not escorted Lara Dutta who complained to Akki.

                3. Ajay was minding his business ,he was after some terrorist in that scene, Akshay comes and warns him,Ajay ignores,Akki takes it personal...Ajay slaps him and moves away...but Akki comes back ,does his exercise points his finger towards Ajay and tells him to fight!! They both start and the rest is history...so Beta 2.0...thats a brawl ,face to face both ready for each other...understood!!!

                Dont even compare the two....
                Also go and watch the Last scene of Ajnabee when Bobby kills Akshay by fighting not shooting!! Or one of the Khiladhi franchises where Mahima kills Akshay...they both were saving their lives so you call that a face to face brawl...if you dont get it ...let me show you!!...if you get it,pretend you did not read this and then ignore that will be even more matured of you.

          2. Don’t say anything about Insaan. It is my favorite akki movie and that Ajay thrashing Akki scene is the best scene of the movie. Insaan, Suhaag, Mohra & Ajnabi are my fav akki movies for reasons known to you

            Yesterday you talked about khakee. Was busy so couldnt respond. I like khakee too as amitabh and ajay had lead roles in it with tushar and akki as supporting role.

            Maza to tab aya tha when ash dumps the loser hero for the cool villain. Cant forget the look on akkis face was when he sees ash hugging ajay. Must be the same look on your face when you saw bollyarena article mentioning Golmal 4 crossing 200 cr.

            1. ??????????????

              Angrey...."Babe take this gun? and aim there...
              Mahalaxmi...where Sir..
              Angrey...his Heart❤
              Mahalaxmi...okay Sir...
              Angrey...Lighting his Cigarrete?Inspector any last wish..?
              Inspector...Yes sir please Sir dont tell anyone how am gonna die if not......
              Mahalaxmi...??...am done Sir

              1. @2.0

                Go i havd forgiven you...my concuous aint gonna let me post Ajnabee end scene though depends on you..but for now am chilling....its not a scene for those that loves Akki to see,had it been like Tushaar in Khakes,planned already or Ouatim...distrust or Company ...from behind ....it would be better but the beatng the blood and the death scene nop...for now no...besr thing is too shut up? period

              2. Haan yaar Ajay aur Ash nai buht bura kia Akki kai saath. Ajay nai pehlay to pitayi ki Insaan mein. Nagma sai Suhag mein pitwaya. Phir larki bhi cheen li Khakee mein Akki sai.

                [email protected] cr ka Ajay pai gussa theek to hua phir

                1. Haan yaar beshq!! Par ...when he posted that Akki punched Ajay in Suhaag..i wonder why he didnt post the same about Nagma??

                  2 things in common

                  Akki punches Ajay
                  Nagma punches Akki

                  Ajay...never ever thought of retaliating.(he telling Akki the truth of his Dad will definitely hurt)
                  Akki..too never thought of retaliating..(thats his girlfriend!!)


                  Bye guys...had fun today?...cheers
                  (Inspired by @Parshya dialogue?)[email protected] n others? dislike button maro?.....?

            2. Mohra.....love those spinning punches am sure most kids that grew in the 90s will always remember Suniel Shetty Sir trade mark spinning Punches fight?? Brawl in Mohra!! Thank Goodness? Raveena cheated and Hit Suniel on the head from behind if not...❌X(Salman messages in Garv)

  2. He is looking jackass
    It has been great to see his entry in movies from past 3-4 years
    Aamir and srk should more movies like salman

        1. @arpit
          Actually now it's 4.30am
          I have not slept yet
          So, writing while sleeping
          This is the craze of bollyarena ??

          1. Koi baat nahin @karan. Neend mein sachi baat moon sai nikal jati hai

            “He is looking jackass” kia troll kia hai. Jackass instead of Jhakaas. Too funny yaar ?

            How can @parshya miss this one

              1. Chalo @karan bro sai to writing mistake hogayi.

                Yeh samajh nahin araha salman fans kyun Like button hit kye ja rahay hein. ?

  3. TZH trailer crossing 35 million views in just 1 week.....Awesome......Most Liked also (in trailer)......It will cross Mersal teaser like count also in 1 month later........

    However hater will say most dislikes trailer also.........It's their ------- job.....

  4. Guys please stop hatred towards each other........We all should watch each other stars movies......whether Padmavati , TZH, 2.0 , TOH , Dwarf , Taanaji or any other actor's movies......

    Spread Love.......It is good for us.......

    Waise bhi life ek hi baar milti hai.......Love all???????????????????

  5. Kyon na hum Doston ki tarah rahe........Life acchhhi ho jayegi apne aap........

    Agar aap kisi se hate nahi karenge toh , aap jayda khus rahoge.......

    1. @MK
      Hum sab dost hi hai par fans war mein maza ata hai yaar

      Agar fan war nahi hoga toh idhar ek bhi comments nahi dikhega

      Chalte rahne de jaisa hai vaisa
      Last mein "Jo jeeta wo hi sikandar"

      1. Kya aapke ghar mein fight hogi toh aapko acchha lagega????Think Bollywood as our home for entertainment........We,actors,media are part of family.....

        unity is always better than alone.......Stop hatred towards each other guys.....

      2. @Parshya, sahi kaha tere jaisa har koi Salman ka fan ho jayega toh maza kaha ayega... Tere jaise haters honge tabhi to maza ayega... Tere kuchh bolne se koi impact hota to SecSupestar 200 crs na kama leti kya??? ? jab tu secSup ko 200 crs tak nahi le ja sakta to Salman k movie mein uska collection ghata bhi to nahi sakta... ? ? ? so jab tu bhaunkta hai to bahut maza ata hai... Be A Hater... I like u.... Jab tune kisi article mein kaha tha k Agar TZH 390 crs collect karega to tu Salman ka fan ban jayega tab main bahut hi zyada worried ho gaya tha k ab jokes kaun comments karega ab maza hi nahi ayega.... So plz be an Aamir fan and A Salman hater... We like it... Keep trolling urself and make us ? ? ? Thank you

        1. @Ragnarok LMAO. We all know who is making us ?????. It's none other than you and your other gawaar Salman fans. Salman fans are biggest clowns on this planet who always joke and make people laugh with their shenanigans. So you are the funny guy dude. And forget 390 cr, even 190 cr would be too much so just orsy that it does at least as much as its crap prequel did.

  6. Director Indra Kumar also says, “It is Ajay Devgn’s film and his role is simply outstanding! He is there right from the beginning to the end and it’s a full-fledged role like Sanjay Dutt had earlier in the last two Dhamaals. We are doing a recce in UP and Lucknow and will start shooting for the film with Ajay from December this year”.15 days in Total Dhamaal so now instead of 30, he will shoot for 40-45 days more. He is the main lead in the film, something like the Golmaal series. And his remuneration has increased too. Ajay has shown his brilliance in comedy recently in Golmaal Again which is a blockbuster"

    1. But @Karan again am hearing rumours Anil kapoor and Madhuri have been roped in too.
      ??? Confusing lets watch next 2-3 days...

      1. The filmmaker has scored a hattrick with Madhuri- Dil, Beta and Raja, and Kumar is excited to work with the diva once again. "I approached her a couple of months ago and the script worked its dhamaal on her and everybody else," said Kumar.

        Apart from Anil and Madhuri, Total Dhamaal also has Ajay Devgn as a new entrant in the franchise. The director, who will begin shooting for the film in January 2018, is looking for a Diwali release next year. "Of course, the final decision on the release date will be taken by the studio we tie up with but it would be great to have a dhamaal Diwali next year," added Kumar


    2. Thanks @temperature
      So, Ajay sir has also 3 releases next year. Speed mode activated by ajay sir

      1. Yeah...Akki fans were always lucky to see his movies 2-3 times a year, So its good for Ajay fans too,I think after Akki,Ajay is the 2nd or 3rd fastest guy to complete his movies(not sure cos i think Salman too is Fast...tzh,race, bhrt,dbbng) hope he can be as consistent like Akshay sir and most important SCRUTINIZE HIS SCRIPTS and Discard that his advisor Kumar Mang!!!?

  7. Diwali vs TOH?? Not sure its a right decision!! Let them release Total Dml any other day cos TOH as per budget wise too needs solo...esp if it wants to break records!!

    Anyways...back to this article..

    All the best Salman Sir and Team Race3?

  8. Tiger zinda hai will be all time blockbuster and if race make impact like tzh then will be blockbuster also

  9. Hello good morning all bollyarena members. Myself mentally retarded Jahangir khan. I am a mental patient and I am suffering from hallucination decise and I call myself a doctor. But truth is I am a mental patient and I have never passed science even in my first grade. So forgive my shenanigans. I am facing from dual personality syndrome so don't be surprised if I come back with my Dr. Jahangir khan ID.

    1. @Mental....u r really mental....please visit me whenever you free...i will treat you right left center....

      1. Hey dear myself stop being Dr again. I just reminded you that you i mean I too am a mental patient and not a doctor. So hey dear myself please forgive me. Ok dear myself I forgive you. ??

  10. Remove superman salman....Race 3 has the weakest star cast among the 3
    no abbas-mustan,weak supporting cast
    megastar Salman part of a stylish film

    1. Not really because bobby deol is also there. He is awesome in thriller movies. Watch Gupt, soldier, humraaz, ajnabee, naqaab, jurm, baadal, bichchu and you will know what I mean. So he will rock in race 3.

  11. I put all my money on only Salman Khan for this movie, I have full faith on him.....Beside Salman other Big thing in Tace 3 is the Story, I believe that Salman and Ramesh.T have good Script (with lots of suspense and thriller) that's why they are making it in such a huge level.....Another thing which excites me is the music, I am sure the music will be superb.......Can't say anything more before I see something from this movie...So just wait....

  12. Beside Salman the other supporting cast is not so excited/big, but I believe that if Script is powerful then it does not affect much, even in TZH beside Salman and Katrina their is no Big Supporting Cast, but still TZH has break the internet and got huge appreciation from every where.....

    We need only 2 things "Salman and Script" that's it, with these 2 combination no one can stop Race 3 to become Huge Grosser/ Blockbuster/ ATBB.....

  13. TZH crossed 800K likes mark in youtube, and it was trending at No.1 spot on Youtube from last 6 days (continuously), now it came down to No.4 spot.....

    TZH will Roars at BOX OFFICE......

    1. Those who disliking my this comment are the ones who like to run away from reality, I mean how can you dislike this its visible on youtube, its not like if you dislike then its going to change reality.....

  14. Mai aaj k bad koi comment hi nhi krunga, I hate your site because u r not right site,,, plz improve.......

  15. Sure flop,,, agli wali eid b bekar,,,, bakwass lg RHA lallu,,,, 2014 born star ,,,race franchise ka nam duba dega.....

    1. Sallu yani lallu k din pure ho gye ab,,,,bigg boss b flop, tzh b 150cr k upr nhi kma payegi, race 3,bharat,kick 2, dabangg3 sbke 150 phuchne me b lale pd jayege,, bhut din apni ghatiya acting se paka liya......

      1. Agree. Poor flop actor flop show host is now trying hard his luck on his outdated crap movies sequels and other actor's sequels like race and just trying to cash on. Original me to hit ho nahi rahi an bus franchise aur remakees hi bache hai.

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