Salman Khan as an astronaut in Big Boss 10 Promo

For the upcoming season of popular reality show Bigg Boss,  Salman Khan has taken up an interesting avatar for the promo.

The show which primarily features celebrities, is slated to feature the non-celebrities for the first time in the tenth season. And to highlight how history was created when man landed on the moon for the first time, Salman lands on the moon as an astronaut in this promo, to show that history will be created when common men and women would participate for the first time on the show.

The promo was shared by Raj Nayak, from the television channel Colors. Watch the promo.

10 comments on “Salman Khan as an astronaut in Big Boss 10 Promo”

  1. This Show is Actually not For Common People to Participate because is common people participate then they will not Fight & They Never Use Bad Words & They Will live peacefully as a Family & Show's TRP will Fall Very Very Badly.........................This Show is For Only Those Who Always Wanted to Fight Without reason who don't feel Any Guilt & Can Use any Baddest language to anyone just to Show of Who never Respect anyone.....................Bad Show

    1. For your information vulgar language is not allowed in big boss.This show provides entertainment which is what audience wants and that's why Big Boss is the most TRP gained show......Good show.

      1. Big boss isn't the most TRP gained show . Last year itself Big boss was beaten by Nagin tv serial's TRP . And for your information Comedy nights with kapil had most TRP since it started and ended now the most TRP gained show is The Kapil sharma show . Just google it and get your facts right .

        1. Obviously The Kapil Sharma Show is at the top of the highest TRP rated shows BUT that is because Big Boss 10 has NOT started yet.Just wait for it to kick-start then you will get to know who is at the top.

          1. We will see , this happend last time too . Everyone was like Big Boss will get higher TRP and result was clear that the new Nagin tv serial got more TRP than Big Boss . Salman khan thanked Big Boss contestants for this . Still let's see what happens this time . And I'm sure it cannot overshadow The Kapil sharma show . Peace out

  2. I think it will be most successful season of Big Boss, because this time they take common men and women also, it will be more fun to watch....

  3. this show is successful only because of Salman Khan. from season 4 to season 10, salman is going to be host of this show consecutively 7th time. salman is the best host after amitabh bachchan ji.

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