Salman Khan to put on 15 kg weight for Sultan


Recently Aamir Khan was in news for gaining a lot of weight for his upcoming film Dangal. And now Salman is following his footsteps as the actor has already put on seven kilos and is in the process of piling on eight more by November 22. That’s when he starts shooting for Sultan, which has him playing a wrestler.

To achieve his goal, Salman has been undergoing some “painful” training. Says the superstar, “The weight I need to put on is of the muscular kind. It’s got nothing to do with diet. I eat correctly — I have my protein, chicken and fish. I need to train harder and be focussed.”

His training regime includes different kinds of workouts. He says, “I am learning how to grapple, the floor work (important for fighters), how to kick and how to get kicked! It’s not that we cannot do what they (fighters) do, but they have been doing it for so many years, they do it with ease. I need to get that ease, the flexibility, power and quickness in me. I do about three-four kicks every day, but have to increase it to 150-200 kicks.” Salman devotes four hours to this workout and follows it up with weight training.

What’s interesting is that the Bajrangi Bhaijaan star is training on his own, having lent his trainer Rakesh to Aamir Khan for Dangal. “Rakesh helps me out whenever I need him, but right now, Aamir needs him more,” he says.
Ask him if increasing and reducing weight takes a toll on his health and he quips, “Of course, it does. But I am doing it in a healthy way. Earlier, I used to work out differently, now my workout is aimed towards making me strong.”

7 comments on “Salman Khan to put on 15 kg weight for Sultan”

  1. Kuch bhi kar lo beta raees will destroy Multan sure.... Raees only eid 2016.....postpone Multan...otherwise janeman jaisa hal kar dunga

    1. Abe ***** ke chamche vokna bandh kar.jab relese ho ga tab tujhebi aur raees ko bhi dekhlunga.

  2. suno gor se shahrukh walo. jitna bhi tum jor lgalo.phir bhi Salman rahega number 1 re . Sabne kha tum bhi kho

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