Salman Khan to compensate the distributors for Tubelight losses

Salman Khan’s Eid release Tubelight failed to perform well at the box-office. While the producers made huge profits, the distributors have to face heavy losses. Reportedly the distribution rights of the film were sold for 132 crores.

Now according to the latest reports, Salman Khan has agreed to compensate the losses suffered by distributors. A few distributors met Salman to request him for a refund. The meeting was held on Saturday. "The distributors met Salman at his home, where his father, Salim Khan, was also present. Salman has agreed to compensate them for their losses," a source present at the meeting said. While the compensation amount hasn't been disclosed yet, it's believed to be close to Rs 60 crore.

Salman's father Salim Khan spoke to Mid-Day regarding this development and said, "When a distributor suffers a loss, the producer needs to show some responsibility and share the burden. We, too, have done the same thing. We met a few of them and are trying to find a middle ground. We will pay back the distributors."

Salim Khan adds that the practice of returning the money to the distributors isn't new. "We all have to work with each other in the future. So, it's good that like-minded people come together and make a decision, which acts as a win-win situation for both the makers as well as the distributors."

In the recent past, Shahrukh Khan had also compensated distributors for Dilwale.

35 comments on “Salman Khan to compensate the distributors for Tubelight losses”

    1. Tiger zinda hai k time par batana ye power.

      Koi b fan ya kitne b fan milkar ek a66i movie ka ku6 bigad nai sakte ya fir ek ghatiya movie ka ku6 fayda nai kara sakte..

    2. All the user of arena know me how much I hate sallu, but by this gesture he make me proud
      Salute to u salman sir
      But don't think I will not troll u further

    3. Parshya wait for TZH and after that u will never and ever dare to compare aamir with salman bhai....aamir is nothing without CHRISTMAS OK.....salman bhai will prove that.....if TZH will not be able to cross DANGAL lifetime collection in India which is 370cr+ then I will never comment and accept that aamir is bigger star then salman Bhai...

  1. Maza aagaya

    Sallu fans dekhlo Tumhare bhai ki power.. Fussssss ho gai re.. ??

    Sultan sirf ek hi Admi hara sakta hai aur wo hai khud sultan ????

    Arey lallu fans Aamir kabhi bhi lallu ka band Baja sakta hai. ???

    Bol rahe the sky is d limit ??
    Arpita bahen ne to ro ro ke publicity karayi thi..

    Aamir ne BB dekhi ATBB ban gayi
    Aamir ne Sultan dekhi blkbstr ban gai

    Aamir ki vajah se do filme chali

    Aab fusslight ka haal dekho. .
    Dangal ke khilaf bolne se pahle sochna chahiye tha. ???

    Aab bhugto..
    Sallu the flop star.

    1. aamir films are around the corner... tu udd abhi... whn salman fans stop watching his films.. anarth ho jaayega.. samjha pandu.. oh waise..
      tuje apna self respect mila??.. nahi???.. nahi milega.. tere paas wo tha hi nahi :D :D

  2. In the recent past, Shahrukh Khan had also compensated distributors for Dilwale.

    @srk insecure fan ☝☝☝☝☝?

    ydi Salman , Shahrukh ki jagah sunny leony leta.....to ye din nhi dekhne padte.....

    ydi SunnyLeony Raees me nhi hoti.....to uska b haal , Tubelite jesa hota .

  3. I heard he is gonna compensate only 10%. Rest 80% will go to BOI admins for declaring it average and changing footfalls of DDLJ and HAHK to further shameless extent, and rest 10% will go to Jodhpur court.

  4. Sallu fans before fusslight release

    Fusslight - 400cr
    Dangal to giyo ??

    Sallu naam hi kafi hai ????

    After fusslight released
    Niche film, avg rating, no heroine, no story, emotional that's why ??

    Ek kam Karo dub maro.. tumse na ho payega lallu fans.

    Sab lallu fans gayab hai. .. Bechare moo dikhane ke kaabil nahi rahe ??

    1. nahi me salman fan hu me koi argument nahi karta tubelight is decade me salman ki sabse ghatiya movie hai ...

      i m accept it ..

      tu itna dil pe mat le ..

      amir ki bhi 3 idiot aur dhoom 3 ke bich me talash aayi thi ...

      so be practical agar tubelight acchi movie hoti to minimum 300 cr to karti ...

      aur ha agar tera amir usme hota to 100 cr bhi nahi karti ...!!!!!

      1. @dipak

        Talaash k fail hone k bare me khi suna tune ??

        distributer k loss k bare me suna tune ??

        or bhai , Talash SEMI HIT h .

        vo Tubelite ki onethird screen par.

        Aamir ki jagah ,salman bhai ne movie bnayi hoti , to BOI ese SupetHit declare krta.

        Or Talash ek great Movie h , jise international Media ne mana h .

        1. @ mahaveer

          I know it ...

          Par parshya ke liye collection hi sab kuch hai ...

          Aur sab ko pata Hai wo Salman ko itna hat karta Hai ki practically baat bhi nahi kar pata ....

          And i m also good movie fan ...

          So collection SE accha he content ki baat ki Jaye ...

          Amir 1 alag content league me Hai ... except dhoom 3

          Aur Salman only bb and sultan me ...

          Aur ye me accept karta hu ...!!!!

  5. BOI said BB is d biggest movie of this century ?? if we don't consider bb2

    On which basis?


    It is clear that BOI is bakwass site paid by lallu

    Aamir ne to BOI ki pant hi utar di ??

    1. Abe lallu if you don't know English than don't bark

      Box office India mean India business so why you talk always China business

      Go China and talk there

      BB was biggest movie coz it was having more footfaal than pk and if BB1 was not release that time than it was surely above 4 Cr footfaal

      So don't bark and better go and bark in China as you know tingu is Chinese star ??


      1. @jakkas bhai ,

        esa ho jata , vesa ho jata nhi chalega ,

        Dangal ka jyada footfaal h BB se ,

        or boxoffice me to bhot aage h.

        varna hm b khenge , ki notbandi nhi hoti , or karina hoti , song hote , eid hoti ( 30 crore festival)

        to 5 crore ka footfall ho jata???...

        vese Tingu to salmaan b h???

        sath me MOTU b......?

        1. Mahaveer - Salman is taller than Aamir

          And Motu ha ha good joke Salman is ideal for physical

          Yeh bolker tune aur bi prove kar Diya you are bigger ---- than roric and parashya

          What iq leval you all fool have ????

          Too much fun

  6. SRK in his bad days is beating Salman left, right, centre. Sorry, if Salman had anything in centre, he would have married and settled till now

    1. Abe lallu srk fan - when srk beat Salman I'm dream ?

      Go and check in top 3 leave 3 go check top 5 movie opening , first weekend , first week , life time you will not find any srk movie and you are talking beating

      Ek movie kya flop hui all dog are barking

      Don't worry we will slap you again when hurricane tza arrive like earlier

      Sachin also got out at zero does not mean he is out of game

      Too much fun

  7. Toilet
    Kya hoga ye kumar ka toilet kumar.
    Amir talash kiya toilet ki jaga.
    Sharuk fan lagaya
    Salman tubelight jalaya
    Akshay toilet banaya.

    Ye sob milke ye film banare
    New film
    Talash toilet ki fan laga k tubelight jalake(TTFT).

    1. Not an Akki Fan, but Lagta hai TUBELIGHT disaster nai tere dimaag satka diya hai.
      Its "Shah Rukh", the official Baap of Salman since 1992.
      And though I hate Akki fans like @Utsav Rajpoot(Because they create unnecessary fanwar), but Akki was way ahead of salman from 1992-2010

      1. @sayar tujhse bettr hi h utsav wo bas akki ko kuch bolne par troll karta h ,i respect too akki bt akkians srk ko kuch bolte too mai bhi bolna pdta h bs ,tu mahaveer n roric jaise logo se jhgda karo aise logo ss nhi

  8. i dont think this is a wise decision.. bloody whn they make money do they pay producers????.. nonsense..

  9. @sayar 1st srkian's and bhaitards start this fan war than we reply here utsav is not saying anything bad against sallu but akki ko bura kehne par ham log bolte hain we don't have do much time for this fan war

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