Salman Khan starts shooting for Race 3

Salman Khan has finally started shooting for Race 3 at Mumbai’s Mehboob studio today. A massive set has been built at the suburban studio.

Reportedly Salman Khan will be kickstarting Race 3 by first shooting for a chase sequence. Reveals a source, “Salman Khan will shoot a huge chase sequence today. A huge tunnel has been built on the set today and it is going to be an action packed day. All the actors are being called today on the set. Though the actresses are not required in the chase sequence, they are called to shoot for their dance sequence. Jacqueline and Daisy will be shooting for a dance number in the second half of the day. For that, another set is built in the adjacent studio.”


Directed by Remo D’Souza and produced by Ramesh Taurani, Race 3 will release on Eid 2018.

72 comments on “Salman Khan starts shooting for Race 3”

      1. @temperature triple standards

        11/08/2017 at 9:08 PM
        Not that easy Ruchir….some Megastars have not even crossed 134 crs… 140 cr (HINDI MOVIE) will be a dream come true for their fans

        This is the reply to Ruchir not me where there is no Ajay bashing regarding Akki

        11/08/2017 at 11:18 PM

        Listen bro,to be honest i dont enjoy trolling Akki sir. You have seen many comments of mine where i praise Akshay his stardom and popularity. I never came to this site to be trolling other actors if you observe i praise every single actor. I have an image here and i really dont want to tarnish it because of fans like you. Secondly let me be honest, had Akshay Housfull 2 grossed 200 cr believe me i would never use words like fluke, multi starrer because i know talking about Any franchise Akshay will star in ,he is definitely going to be the solo Superstar,show stopper but with great co actors surrounding him.

        Just c @temperature double standards
        Heights of insecurity ????

          1. @temperature is the only user who is so obsessed with me that can spend whole day for my comments n giving replies ????

            1. Ajay Achievements

              singham returns 2014 opening day
              32 cr +
              Drishyam 2015 opening day
              5.8 cr
              Rohit Rohit Rohit......
              32 cr = Ajay 6cr + Rohit franchise 26 cr

            2. Am on nightshift bro...i use the opportunity to chill out with my phone and b.town news..n am used to it between as a platoon leader i stay in more in ma office...i spend time with ma family from morning onwards and remember if its 8.00 there its 1am here...so am cool with it...

              1. ROHIT SHETTY has become a Rage now after the massive success of
                Biggest Multistarrer movie....
                Undoubted No.1 mass director of Bollywood....

    1. Srk last 5 HGOTY me 4 HGOTY clash me hi Dia hai
      2007 ok shanti om vs sawariya
      2006 don vs janeman
      2004 veer zaara vs Aitraaz
      2002 Devdas
      1998 kuch kuch hota hai vs bare Miya chote Miya ..usko kehte hai stardom ..Amitabh Govinda ek movie me tha usko clash haaraya 1998 me .Akshay Salman tha ek movie me usko clash haaraya 2006 me

      Don 53ce janeman 24cr hahaha ..Salman kar skta hai Aisa ?

    1. I am here to clarify everyone don't get carried away by @temperature who is trying to manipulate everyone
      This ADians claimed Ajay movies OUTIM n Golmaal series to be Ajay solo movies
      So I said Akki has Blockbuster franchises Housefull series n Hera pheri series
      These guys played double standards n paid them in the same coin
      It is just that simple..

      So don't go thru all @temperature nuisance
      Thanking u

      @temperature wants to manipulate everyone n turn towards him

        1. This guy saying when did I say Ajay solo for Golmaal series
          But when we said it's Multistarrer
          He is burning like anything with jealousy n giving long replies
          He himself is not clear what to say just manipulating with his own words
          Silly fellow????

          1. Look at my comment on GA 20th day. If anything like Jealousy was in me i wont dedicate 1 full page to justify Akshays Stardom...thats the real Hameed...its a shame you just come and make stupid comments evsn there i did not attack Akki...not until now again. So people whi knows me well know that had you not been such a jealous idiot obseesed with Ajay i have no problem with Akki.
            Anys...the more you come and talk bad about Aj sir this time its Double slapping of you... Start!

            1. Ajay Achievements
              GA - 200 cr
              Ajay Highest - 88 cr
              200 cr = Ajay 88 cr + Rohit franchise 112 cr

      1. Pls Quote where i said Golmaal and Ouatim was Ajay solo movie?...be man post fact bro!!
        My English is not really that bad that i cant differentiate between.... Solo Character movie and Main lead character movie for a Multistarrer!

        There must be a mainlead in any mainstream multistarrer dude...?

        1. Even now this guy wants to give whole credit to Ajay 4 Multistarrer GA movie

              1. Ok For your clarification GA is a Multistarrer movie with Ajay main lead
                Some people need long clarifications

                1. Dont change topic....you realised you are making a fool out of yourselves and protecting your Hindi medium school thats why you had to....now understand my point... ?

          1. Sorry had to break my promise about trollng Akki all because of your stupid jealousy...sorry akkians...

            Why not ? His the main lead...its his movie so you have any problem?? Or your problem is this fear?

            GolmaalAgain 3 biggest territories
            BO break down (next best fig):
            Mumbai ~ 85 cr. (#Raees ~ 42)
            Delhi/UP ~ 35 cr. (#TEPK ~ 33 )
            East Punjab ~ 15 cr. (#TEPK ~13 )

            Kisi bhi ek chiz me Canadian aage h ?

            Ans..?hai bhai flop me 57flop??

            Know your Aukat ...Give a solo worth 20 cr opening so that you can be grouped with Sushant and Ranbir ...Baap is always tera Baap....

            Case closes?

            1. Finally even Abhishek who had a pivotal role in Dhoom 3 , Riteish in H3 their names are not attached to those movies ,so use your brain talk more of a GOLMAAL?....Heros Entry in all 4 series Majestic??????.

      2. Bajrangi
        10/06/2017 at 6:09 PM
        Franchise ko band karna hai to next golmaal mein akki ko cast karna parega lead mein. Just like he was casted in ouatimd and finished that franchise before it can become a hit franchise.

        15 5

        2.0 @ 2000 CR
        10/06/2017 at 9:33 PM
        Pagle…. Hera pheri, Housefull, welcome ye sab Akki ki Blockbuster Franchise hai
        Aur Baat rahi OUTIM ki rahi toh iski Ajay ne shuruaat ki thi naa ki Akki ne….

        5 12

        Why misleading the readers here? That conversation was between @Baajrangi and you.....

        Where did i say solo hero????

        ? Dont make a fool out of yourself please... Lies after lies?? Come on bro you are a young man be bold stop behaving like a lady please!!

        @2.0 you really need to visit a Doctor..
        Am sparing you here so that readers here can continue with their posts...Shut up and leave

  1. Umm Guys for the few days if you hv been reading @2.0 comments ...heres the reason i call him a Double standard brat and you guys just dont take him serious after this...

    “So what’s wrong??? GA is not a Multistarrer, did u go to movie n watch only Ajay in the movie n nobody else???…
    Even I accept Housefull franchise is a Multistarrer so what’s wrong in it..
    Are Abhishek, Ritesh, John, Shreyas, Arshad, Tushar not stars not actors for you
    Are we just obsessed with Ajay n Akki”

    ☝He asked me today....

    ?His previous comment
    2.0 @ 2000 CR

    10/06/2017 at 9:33 PM
    Pagle…. Hera pheri, Housefull, welcome ye sab Akki ki Blockbuster Franchise hai
    Aur Baat rahi OUTIM ki rahi toh iski Ajay ne shuruaat ki thi naa ki Akki ne.

    1. “Are Abhishek, Ritesh, John, Shreyas, Arshad, Tushar not stars not actors for you”

      His previous assessment of Arshad Tushar and even Rohit shetty who he worships now?

      2.0 @ 2000 CR
      10/06/2017 at 4:45 PM

      Yes exactly….. Tum log nahin sudhroge!!! pata nahin ye Rohit shetty kab tak in Flop Stars ko lekar ye Crap franchise karega
      Bas bhi karo ab ye franchise band karo abhi audience ko inka torture bardaasht ke baahar hai…
      Plz Aamir crush this Golmaal 4 so that won’t be another golmaal.

      Height of insecurity and Double standard...just dont take his comments serious again....?....

  2. Very good…Duniya ke koi bhi actor number 1 hu parwa nahi but this Chillar superstar….who the hell he is boycott filmfare…ki koi movie number one na hu….promise

  3. After debacle of Tubelight Salman is only doing sequel of hit films TZH, Race 3.Dabangg 3 and KICK 2 are also in process.only Bharat is not a sequel but a remake of Hollywood film.

    1. you are an idiot

      tubelight itself was remake of hollywood film titled " little boy "

      bharat is inspired storyline of korean film " ode to my father "

      and all of this films you considered was on line from past years and from last year and early of this year were in the news even RACE3 . and making of this films doesnt have any relation with tubelight underperformabce .

    2. @PrashantAbhishek

      you are an idiot

      tubelight itself was remake of hollywood film titled " little boy "

      bharat is inspired storyline of korean film " ode to my father "

      and all of this films you considered was on line from past years and from last year and early of this year were in the news even RACE3 . and making of this films doesnt have any relation with tubelight underperformabce .

  4. There is a rumour floating about Dabangg 3 targeting Christmas 2018.on one hand Salman claim to be good friend of SRK.
    On the other hand he deliberately want to clash with SRK film which already reserved for Christmas.
    Double standard Salman !!

    1. Arrey don't worry clash nai hoga as srk postpone kr sakta hai apni movie or salman bhi kr sakta hai nd abhi toh dabangg3 ki shooting bhi nahi start huyi bhai..@Prashant

  5. Someone calls Housefull series Akshay Blockbuster franchises...For GA no its everbody franchise!!!

    Some praises Rohit as Biggest commercial mass Director, saying its every star movies but same person regards them as Flopstars before GA was tipped 200 cr movie and Blockbuster .....these Flop stars are now Stars???

    Karma always strikes back....sometimes in a unexplainable way...dont just call actors flop but in order to Single out Ajay, today these flopstars are stars while Houseful is no more Akki blockbuster franchise ?...

    1. You guys claim Multistarrers OUTIM n Golmaal series to be Ajay movies so I said Akki has Blockbuster franchises Housefull n Hera pheri series
      This is tit 4 tat
      You play double standards I pay u in the same coin
      It just that simple.....

      1. You dont even know how to defend yourself?? ??....dont even know how to lie??? go you are too small an amateurish ...dont make a fool out of yourself?

  6. record openers in different genres
    all datas taken from boi.com from 1994
    1. insaaniyat
    2. karan arjun
    3. koyla
    4. border
    5. hindustan ki kasam
    6. mission kashmir
    7. indian
    8. krishh
    9. ghajini
    10. dabangg
    11. bodyguard
    12. agneepath
    13. ek tha tiger
    14. dhoom3
    15. dus

    1. trimurti
    2. main hoon na
    3. happy new year
    4. baahubali the conclusion

    1. kabhi khushi kabhi ghum
    2. mangal pandey
    3. three idiots
    4. prem ratan dhan payo

    1. bunty aur bubly
    2. biwi no 1

    love story
    1. refugee
    2. fanaa

    1. ajnabee

    so the noticable facts are
    1. action genre is the most favourable for record openers with total number of 15 record openers
    2. thriller is the worst favourable for record openers with only 1 film ajnabee which belongs to akshay
    3. salman and hritik are best in action genre, srk is best in masala genre, aamir is best in drama genre, salman and abhishek are best in comedy genre, aamir and abhishek are best in love story genre while akshay is best in thriller in terms of record openers.
    4. aamir, salman and abhishek are the most versatile stars. all of them has 3 record openers in different
    genres. aamir has in action, drama and lovestory. salman has in action, drama and comedy. abhishek has in action, comedy and lovestory.

  7. Tiger zinda hai all time blockbuster and then race 3 blockbuster and then bharat will another all time blockbuster

  8. Only convern is remo...can remo do the justice in direction part....it will take historic start but if direction is good then it can run a long run....

  9. naya formula blockbuster filmonka remake aur bad me unka sequel karte raho
    flop hone ka khatra nahi varna tubelight.

    kya chal raha hai only copy paste,remake and sequel.
    salman ne bollywood ka mazak bana diya.

    khali paisa kama rahe hai baki kuch nahi.

    1. D3 bhi sequel hi thi parshya aunty nd SS k dukh mein ho abhi bhi parshya aunty ?? @parshya sab bolo parshya aunty ki jai??

    2. Amir ka kaman n vinod chopra story ka kanal film hit hone kelye h phir amir to story ke bina flop hi h low content per bhi flop ho ga q bhool jate ho tum sab ne kaha dangal story ki waja se hit hui h is m ms dhoni wala star bhi hota w bhi blockbuster bana deta dangal ko

      1. @Ji yeah that's why poor Vidhu vinod Chopra is struggling badly without megastar aamir khan. Mind it aamir is baap of Salman in stardom. Salman can never be as big as aamir. Teri [email protected] fatti hai aamir ki impeccable success dekh ke. Get a life and buy some burnol.

  10. Once 4 all even
    if u end the debate of Multistarrers then in simple terms GA is a Rohit Shetty franchise
    Case closed.....

  11. @ honest man, Who will tell SRK have also record opener in 3 different genres also .3 in both Action and masala and 1 in drama.

  12. Honest man, U missed Race and Singh is king.they were also record openers in 2008.

    1. @Abhi...excuse me...my no.? 4 what?? Why your fans always ask for others numb? If you want to warn me...(really?) Spit everything you have to say here cos phone or posts you passin same message...Mate do the warning here cz i know it aint more than that. Last time i saw such comment from you guys was to @Devgun saying if he is a man he should call you right? Just spit it out here and continue to protect @2.0 who causes Havoc here due to Ajay whenever peace wants to reign here!!

      1. Truth is always bitter
        Nobody can stop me from saying Truth
        So long as Bollyarena doesn't want to hear Truth....
        Ajay is a child under the shadow of Daddy Mighty Rohit
        I appreciate Ajay for trying to leave Daddy Rohit hands n try to walk on his own with movies like Shivaay, Drishyam n Baadshaho
        But result.........,

      2. Anyways, to candid and i mean it. Its unethical and immoral considering my profession to come on a general platform and drop my number. That too without any "courtsey, please, if you dont mind" as if you are ordering me?
        Though If you stil insist cos am never scared to see whats gonna cook,call this number and tell them to connect me to you but no way not my personsl numb...jot it down.

        "+61-1800801026....RAN (Royal Australian Navy).Canberra Australia..tell them to connect you to Lieutenant Hameed S.A. of INTS/ONE DIV." Or [email protected]....my email add.

  13. Salman is just making fool of himself by doing race 3 to make berojgaar yojna for all jobless actors such as Jacky, daisy, bobby, saqib, Freddy and so on.

    1. Dekhna sab low actor ko salman kis tarah hit karta h yahi to satardom h salman ka low chease ko blockbuster bana baqi kuch apni acting koi best story koi everything good hone koi good srar cast per film ko kamyab karwata h w bhi mushkil se like tere nam phir dekho devdas decdas m star cast best bhi tere nam h low thi dabang bodyguard ready prem ratan dham payo and other

  14. @prashant abhishek yes i missed them. so thriller has 2 record openers ajnabee and race. while masala genre has 5 record openers with singh is king being added.
    i have only considered solo films in that. unless salman is ahead of hritik in action as he has 4 record openers in that genre if i add karan arjun. considering solo films are important. unless dhoom 3 and happy new year will be considered as abhishek films and if that happens abhishek has 5 record openers in his overall career and also he is the most versatile star beating everybody because he then will have record openers in 4 different genre love story, action, comedy and masala. are you okay with that.

  15. Funny khan releasing eid 2018.
    To create buzz for film they declare date against Race3.
    Ate ate release date postponed kardenge.

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