Salman Khan ripped up for Tiger Zinda Hai: New Stills

Salman Khan is all geared up for his upcoming action movie Tiger Zinda Hai. The actor is currently shooting for the film in Abu Dhabi.

Director Ali Abbas Zafar tweeted an image today with the caption, “Heat, Guns and Blazing Fire, I hope this December is going to be Warm @TigerZindaHai.

In the photo, Salman can be seen shooting for an action scene in a ripped avatar. The actor will be seen reprising his role from Kabir Khan's Ek Tha Tiger which was the first film in the installment.

Also check out some more stills from the sets.

The movie, which also features Katrina Kaif in the lead role, is slated to release on December 22.

47 comments on “Salman Khan ripped up for Tiger Zinda Hai: New Stills”

  1. Lol..showing just his arms definition and you call this RIPPED??? XD

    we all know his true physique.... he's got a round belly,period.

    Then there will be the camera works and vfx etc..

    Let's just hope it's a content driven movie with loads of action/gun firing.. that will be paisaa vasool <3

    1. Beta ,he is currently 50+, but still has body like 35-40 years .....what do you expect ????

      Can you post your full image through a link???...be sure it's yours not any one's else..

      1. Beta that's why they say when you ARE 50+ and you LOOK 50+ then show your true self on the camera...
        "His" arm which you saw in the pic, do you truely BELIEVE that's his??
        You, just like us all here knows its camera effect brother...
        I've got nothing against salman...he should just be more natural and true to himself and that will made him look genuine in his movies and we shall all appreciate it much more...

    2. Must've seen your dad last night with he round shape, Salman Khan arms are looking ripped and even the one when he's sitting on the table!

      Reminds me a bit of Hollywood commando!
      Huge blockbuster this will be, Salman bhai overseas is waiting!

  2. This is the best chance for salman​ to comeback strongly after tubelight debacle.huge canvas, grand event movie starring biggest super star, nothing can get bigger than this in Bollywood apart from bahubali series.hoping Ali will deliver this time, because sultan was strictly average, salman's hard work made that movie OK OK type.stunt, action, scale will be never seen before in Bollywood (budget is 200cr excluding salman's fee) only story needs to be good then dangal lifetime will be history.opening will be biggest ever in Bollywood (iam expecting 45+) despite nonholiday first day Which will be challenged by only Race3, thugs​ but these 2 will do this with holiday advantage.salman should cross dangal this time as he has the biggest movie this time interms of scale (even bigger than thugs according to reports), else thugs will definitely cross dangal as internal report coming to me.

    1. hello brother u got wrong information TZH budget is 105cr and TOH budget is 200 cr. And salmaan and aamir take profit share not fee.

      1. Its confirmed bro,even box office weekend has also confirmed this and even i said that excluding salman's fee means only production costs+publicity=200cr for tzh, and thugs budget will be more than 230cr at the end because yrf projected budget is 210cr, it will go over budget.wait for boi confirmation your doubts will be cleared.iam not here to do fan war,I had always given true news,so don't be blind in hatred.

  3. in OS this movie will not above 20m$. Because he has no following like aamir and srk in OS. So main target is to beat d3 ww

  4. Earlier, Salman had said the film has never-before-scene sequences “Tiger Zinda Hai is going to be bigger than Ek Tha Tiger for sure. Hahahaha lol..U r believing him…He is a liar too…Never believe him…He was to produce akshays film with karan johar,but he backed off because he is jealous of akshays success…Some days before there were news that the film has been shelved,then salman tweeted in usual style ek baar jo maine commitment kardi,film with karan and akshay is happening…And now where’s his ek baar jo maine commitment kardi..He is just a mentally ill person having issues with almost everyone in the industry..He is starting with akshay too bcoz we know akshay took 15 Aug Tepk for his release which salman found for Srk’s film thinking that no one has now the power to realise on this date as I have fixed the date

  5. it should become salman's first 30 crore plus opening film on a working day. anything below that will be dissapointing looking at the scale of the film. but final predictions can only be made after seeing the trailer. right now looking at the grandness and scale from the stills it should open around 30 crore considering bajrangi bhaijaan opened around 27 crore net 2 years ago which was much lesser in terms of grandness in front of this film.

  6. Raees - 3400 screens, clash , non holiday - 134 crore
    Tubelight - 4400 screens, solo Eid release - 120 crore
    Salman's solo Eid release can' t beat non holiday clashed release Raees.
    Shame on biggest gangu teli

      1. Yes all tarki khan (SRK) fans are spreading hatred everywhere. Because srk is a flop tarki actor.

        1. Tarki lol ? he has stayed committed to one women all his life! He don't go around having sex with women his daughters age!

          You think we don't know when it was on the news that a certain Superstar slept with his co star who was his daughters age! Tell me if shah rukh Khan matches up to this discription, nor does SALMAN Khan add up to this discription because they said he was a family man, now I doubt it could be Amitabh bachchan,

          So @ritu it's AAMIR Khan or else your saying it's mr. Bachchan! Which is impossible!

          We are spreading hatred I see more AAMIR Khan Fans bombarding SRK and Salman Khan page everywhere, trailers of their movie is not even released yet and you guys already start predicting!

          So don't give me that bullshit of spreading hatred!

          1. Dirty srk flop khan is tarki because he is involved in extramarital affair with his daughter aged Priyanka chopra. Shame on tarki Dadaji khan. And lallu is a criminal who killed innocent people on footpath, animals and many more. Whatever you bark aamir is much bigger star than your dirty khan and criminal khan

            1. Then send me the bloody links or any huge poll or media reports from huge channel like CNN or BBC which counts all actors in the world, you have non you idiot!

              Every superstar of Indian cinema have been popular right from the start, the ones that gain success when they are older are not exactly successful,

              Dilip Kumar ruled since day 1
              Rajesh Khanna since day 1
              Amitabh Bachchan ruled since day 1
              SALMAN Khan ruled since day 1
              Shah Rukh Khan ruled since day 1

              AAMIR KHAN rules on day no 1247243987
              He got so frustrated with SRK success in the 2000 he went missing from the industry!

              Do you know how old priyanka chopra is?
              Definitely not his daughters age!

              Give me proof that he killed people on footpath, th court hasn't said he's guilty,so basically your saying the court of India is bullshit and you have no trust in them! Maybe you support people like Ram Rahim because I've never heard you say anything about that case!

              I agree AAMIR is a much bigger star than everyone! Because he don't come in the category of superstardom which is only enjoyed by

              Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan
              Shah rukh Khan and Salman Khan

              So you do agree that AAMIR Khan is having an affair with Fatima sana shaik, I'll agree he had an affair with priyanka chopra, now let others decide which is worse!

              Fatima 25 with AAMIR Khan 52


              Shah rukh Khan 51 with priyanka chopra 35

              And you call shah rukh Buddha when AAMIR is older than him, where's your brain at!

              Jin ke khud ke ghar sheeshe ke hote hain woh auron par pathar nahin penkthe jaani! ?☠️

          2. Still having affair with Fatima is much better than secretly having sex with deepika, priyanka and many many more which our very own tarki khan aka shahrukh khan is known for. Shameless womanizer who is married only once and tries to portray himself as clean image but from inside everyone knows what cheap, shameless womanizer person he is.

  7. ???
    Fake picture

    Aab to gaya TZH isko koi nahi bacha sakta.

    Picture fake Hai to movie kitni faltu hoping ??

    Distributors in tension
    Kam se Kam 250cr ka business karna padega hit ke liye.

    Aur TZH to 90cr pe na latak Jaye ??
    This movie will not cross 150cr.

    1. Parshya I challenge u agar TZH ne 150cr+ collect kar liya to kya tum ye site chod ke bhag jawoge bolo....agar dam h to challenge except Karo.....TZH collection will be 300cr+ in India ok

      1. 150 cr is small figure. Agar dum hai to 250 cr cross kar ke dikhaye tab baat hogi. 300 cr my foot? We all remember what happened to tubelight oops I mean fuselight. LOL.

  8. Where is babab bollyarena user
    Prediction dedo bhai

    Tumne tubelight ka diya Tha 1800cr
    Aur wo 1500cr ne miss hua. ??

    Aab TZH - 20000cr
    Kuch jyada hi ho gaya do zero nikal do

    1. @parshya now tell me who's the hater how many SRK fans do you see here giving hate to SALMAN Khan and this movie, its all AAMIR Khan Fans! And this movie hahahahahah even if it's a crap movie it will end up hitting 150-200cr,

      If it's average 200+
      Positive wom 300+
      If it's called one of the best action movies after a long time, then Dangal will be out!

      Overseas 200cr most likely!

      1. First decide whether you are salman fan or srk fan you double faced retard? Or are you suffering from dissociative identity disorder? Because sometimes you become fan of Akshay and sometimes salman and your id says you are fan of srk and Varun dhawan which seriously makes me doubt about your mental consition. ??????

        1. No it worries me about how people like you are allowed on this planet, I praise people I like, I like AAMIR work I praise it, I don't like AAMIR Khan i say it!

          Akshay Kumar and his work I like both of them Same with Salman but after bajrangi bhaijaan, I'm his fan!

          If you don't understand this, then your just plain dumb! You can only see AAMIR Khan but we just praise good work, JHMS is shit, Dangal is legendary work!

          Mela is shit, KKHH is legendary work understood! It's simple logic do you get it? If your still unsure, see you in hell!

  9. I'm not going to saying anything to you, because I like SALMAN Khan, he's realistic and helps everyone around him!

    1. Yes he helps everyone around him by running car over them on footpath and hunting innocent animals and slapping his girlfriends. What a human being.

  10. tubelight never gave those vibes about how huge the film will be.. mannnnnn.. but TZH is here to provide some blows to its criticizers..
    Finally, salman we love gonna rockkkkkkk!!!!
    one dumb fellow comments sultan was average itseems.. thts the most wierdest thing i have heard fr a long time :D

  11. Dangal world wide 2000 crores n still counting ...How come Tiger gonna break this invincible record? Get real no one can come close to Aamir's Dangal Success.. not even Aamir..Dangal is Sachin Tendulkar of Bollywood Cinema..

    1. thts ok.. v dont aspire tiger to break record overseas by releasing in all corners of the world.. indian main ache kamayen.. wohi khaafi hai.. if tiger's content is also good.. bye bye dangal to third place behind bahubali and tzh!

      1. Abe lallu india me to Dhoom 3 Ka bhi kuch nahi ukhad payegi forget Dangal. We all know lallu is not even in 3rd place so how can you say bye bye to best movie of the decade? Aamir Ka record todna salman jaise chote mote actor Ka kaam nahi hai. Kahan global megastar aamir khan aur Kahan local actor salman? No comparison. Bye bye gadha zinda hai. Ek tha gadha was a crap and it worked due to hype and songs and YRF banner and Katrina who was top star at that time. That's no longer gonna be the case anymore so forget anything. 190 cr bhi bahoot hai aisi movie ke liye.

        1. Decade?! Bahubali 2 is the best movie of the decade!

          1. Baahubali 2 is nowhere close to Dangal. Dangal is by far the best movie of the decade. But I must agree that baahubali 2 is definitely far better than crap DDLJ and all movies of srk in his career.

            1. DDLJ is still a higher grossing movie than Dangal in India! Inflation!

        2. yawnnnnnnn.. such a boring comment @ritu.

          I can sniff smoke from haters with just one poster of TZH!!.. woohh! Salman to return with a bang bang!

          1. Your name and comment everything is boring so better not judge others. There is nothing to sniff smoke for you. The movie will be shit and will not cross 100 cr if it's crap. Get a life moron.

            1. It's better than your ritu, I'd rather call myself prince than ritu lmao ? I'd rather die than call myself ritu, weird name! Ha hahahahahah

              SALMAN Khan superstar AAMIR Khan Actor its in the initials

              S for SALMAN and superstar

              A for AAMIR and actor. ??

              1. Never seen a bigger jerk than you. Yes Salman is none actor and we all know that. And aamir is far better actor and person than lallu. Initial doesn't have anything to do with stardom. Still aamir is biggest superstar and much bigger than Salman. Salman can only dream to achieve superstardom like megastar Aamir Khan. Get a life bhojpuri.

  12. Can Aamir beat his own record of 3 women! Let's who fourth? Maybe when he's 70 years old he'll go for another little girl who's in her 20's! Dirty Khan!

    1. Hope that bakri khan can break the record of his own multiple countless women. Bloody cheap dirty khan. Shame shame.

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