Salman Khan receives Global Diversity Award in United Kingdom

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has been honoured with the Global Diversity Award 2017 from the British Parliament House. The actor was honoured for his contribution to the Indian film industry as an actor, producer, television personality, singer and philanthropist.

Presenting the award, Keith Vaz, Indian-origin MP in Parliament, said, "Salman Khan is a role model and a hero to millions of people worldwide. Besides his Indian cinema success, Salman is a well-known philanthropist and his NGO 'Being Human' has done life-changing work supporting the underprivileged in India. It is a tremendous honour to present him with the award. I am proud that young Asians worldwide have role models like Salman Khan."

Calling the award a tremendous honour, Salman said, "My father would never have believed that I would make it here. I would like to thank the fans for the respect that they have shown me. Although I have received many film awards, this is the first I have received personally, so I am incredibly humbled."

Check out some of the pics.

30 comments on “Salman Khan receives Global Diversity Award in United Kingdom”

  1. About time! Haters will say it's fake!

    Do not worry about the past, think about the future!

    Global diversity award!

  2. he deserves all the accolades coming his way and never ever gave up during his slide.. Big heart to the most handsome man in india with amazing nack to enthrall audiences all over the world!!!.. congraaaaatulations to the man himself.. Mr entertainer!

  3. This is y people and specially me adore & love him:
    ....... I have seen him presenting free treatment to the needy without even hesitating and wanting nothing in return..
    Sure he would have started the NGO after his court cases.. but that doesn't mean he should never ever help the needy after that. anyways, how many earning peopl help peopl the way he does? r they waiting for some court cases to start?.. anyways i am sure salman need not explain this to anybody.. nor will his detractors understand.. and his fans are least bothered abt it too..
    ....... Now coming to films @jeet ur comments always carry logic and dont argue just fr the sake it... hats off.
    ....... Salman is a king.. not bothered if he is king of boxoffice, but he surely knows how to entertain all.. and he has ensured most of the bollywood fans are now routing for him.. thats the magic he recreates every movie..
    So to sum, he is the most DESERVING!!

  4. even at 51, he gives many youths run for their money with his extraordinary and stunning looks. @Jeet.. agreed man!..
    Probably the best looking man on screen.

  5. salman don't need these crap and worthless awards. give these awards to 60 crore actor gangu teli srk, he needs them badly .

    1. @honestman SRK got this award 3 years ago, that doesn't take anything away from Salman Khan!

      Fake awards, awards like these are proud moments for India not national awards, that is indside india! When a celebrity of any kind brings in an award to the country India you guys should be proud instead of calling it fake!

      Awards as such have been received by SRK numerously, the list would not end!

      That is why Salman Khan global diversity award is high time he got it, it's too late though but better late then never because I think he should've got this award much before!

  6. Abe gawar, SRK doesn't care these fake awards.he win them with his hard work.so 37 crore actor deserves these awards very badly.
    Don't tell yourself a Salman fan.you can't be a fan of any actor.tu insaniyat k naam par dhabba hai .

    1. ha ha ha good joke. Parshya commented on Salman and without any negative words means :1.The sun must be raised from West. 2.KRK started to rating movies 3*. 3. Abhishek is back with a Block Buster solo film. 4. Producer figure and Trade figures are coming same for movies. 5. Amir Khan started to attend all award function. 6. SRK left his own production house movies and getting 300c 7.Akshay Kumar got Film fare. 8.Ajay has done a dance movie. Means all are happy now.

  7. After reading so much comments of parshya in d past
    I concluded that he is the only person on this site who believed in reality
    He always appreciated the good work and criticized which has to be
    So it is vry bitter truth to someone but yeah digest it as fast as u can.
    Go ahead parshya

    1. aahh.. no no @dinesh..no profanity pls.. lets keep healthy arguments and debates..
      its good fr industry if Salman and aamir are competing with each other.. although aamir is a little ahead in terms of indian collections now with 375cr..dont rule out TZH if it meets expectations.. if it exceeds.. bye bye BB2 records

  8. Bollyarena, why don't you block this idiot dishonest joker ? He is very frustrated and does hatred comments.

  9. chalo court me dekhane kam aayega.....aaj ye award nahi milta tu mera paiso par se wishawas uth jata....

  10. Salman is a puny dwarf compared to shree amitabh bachchan. Just watch any film of Salman with amitji and you will realize how funny it looks to see a dwarf standing alone with amitji. LOL.

    1. abey.. aamir ka fan salman ko lilliput bhula raha hai :D :D :D.. and nw they r working together.. :D.. omggggg

      1. @Jeet Abe lallu I am big b and akshay Kumar fan. You loser. Get a life. Salman looks like dwarf in front of amitji and akki.

  11. Dont underestimate powar of king akki.........is ne abhi tab bolloywood ko bachaya hai......har bar lagataar blokbuster movie karra hai ye bollywood king akki........sab se zyada blockbuster movie diya king akshay ne aur super duper hit films bhi ........akki is baaaaaaaap of bollywood and khans

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