Salman Khan promotes Shahrukh Khan's Dear Zindagi

We all know that Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan are close friends. They have also been promoting each other’s films ever since Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

Dear Zindagi released yesterday in which Shahrukh Khan is playing an extended cameo. Salman Khan promoted the film on Twiter and urged the fans to watch the film.

He shared a picture on Twitter and wrote, “Enjoy Dear Zindagi alia srk on anti obesity day. India fight so besity Dr Muffi I am in! Are you? B wise 2 B healthy and wealthy.”


That is Salman Khan's way of asking you to watch Shahrukh’s life lessons in Dear Zindagi, learn how to live a healthier life. In film Dear Zindagi, Alia's parents are big fans of Salman Khan. There is also a dialogue where Alia Bhatt's parents ask her if she has met Salman Khan.

11 comments on “Salman Khan promotes Shahrukh Khan's Dear Zindagi”

  1. And still some of his silly fans will insult SRK on each article... Both are great friends, stop being childish.

      1. @tiger he has not said about salman Bhai fans....
        Salman aur Srk fan fight Kr ke mar jaayenge but salman aur Srk dost rahenge....

  2. At the poster launch of 2.0 (just few days back) few Idiots (srk fans and some others) say that he has fat tummy, look at him now, and remember that he is still losing weight which he gain for Sultan movie......Just wait for some more time and you will see him back in his old fit look....

  3. Salman has such a golden heart......He always praises others work...Good gesture. Also he is looking young even at 50...I wonder how younger actors will look in that age,,,,

  4. middle finger salute for those who say Salman Khan shows fake abs through VFX. idiots, see the reality now. some brainless will still say this photo-shopped.

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