Salman Khan joins hands with Cartoon Network & Pogo to promote Sultan

The promotions of Salman Khan's Sultan are going in full swing. While YRF was criticized for poor marketing for Fan, but they are setting new benchmarks with Sultan.

Turner Internationa has partnered with Yash Raj Films as two new special TV entertainers inspired by Salman Khan’s character from the forthcoming movie Sultan are being brought on the small screen. The association brings two new specials on POGO and Cartoon Network.

Salman, in his Sultan avatar, will be seen giving life-saving tips and encouragement to face challenges in each phase of life in these new TV specials created especially for his fans.

Cartoon Network will be airing a special Dhobi Pachhaad with Sultan and Kris on July 2 and POGO will showcase Dholakpur Ka Sultan, which will be aired on July 10, read a statement.

Dhobi Pachhaad with Sultan and Kris is from animated TV series Roll No.21 on Cartoon Network. A description of the special episode reads: The Haryana ki shaan, Haryaana ki jaan – Sultan Ali Khan will give Mathura ka Kris tips on wrestling the odds of life. He will teach Kris and the audience on how they can do‘’do do haat’’ with the challenges that life throws at them.”

Dholakpur Ka Sultan on POGO will highlight the core values that both Sultan and Chhota Bheem stand for.

13 comments on “Salman Khan joins hands with Cartoon Network & Pogo to promote Sultan”

  1. can't wait to watch sultan..I think sultan will be one of best performance of salman khan

  2. Sultan box office predictions.
    1st day...Wed 41cr (Eid)
    2nd day..Thu 31cr
    3rd day...Fri 28cr

    [Weekend 3 days 100cr]

    4th day...Sat 30cr
    5th day....Sun 32cr

    [Five days extend weekend _ 162cr]

    6th...Mon 20cr (Partial holiday)
    7th....Tue 14cr

    [First week 196cr]

    8th....Wed 12cr
    9th...Thu 11cr

    [First Extend week 219cr]

    Fri 7cr
    Sat 9cr
    Sun 12cr
    Second weekend 28cr
    Second week 40.4
    Third week 9.45cr
    Remaing 6.9cr

    Verdict = Blockbuster

    And this is salman khan,s 4th back to back 200 grosser
    And nobody till now gave more than 2 back to back 200 grossers

    1. Lallu, I want to see your original face after 6th July, instead of this cartoon's face! See you in the ring on 6th July!

  3. Sultan box office predictions : Day 1 is 45 crores,Day 2 is 40 crores,Day 3 is 35 crores Day 4 is 40 crores,Day 5 is 45 crores once again, Day 6 is 25 crores Day 7 is 20 crores,Day 8 is 15 crores,Day 9 is 12 crores,Day 10 is 15 crores,Day 11 is 25 crores,Day 12 is 15 crores,Day 13 is 12 crores,Day 14 is 10 crores,Day 15 is 15 crores,Day 16 is 20 crores n finally Day 17 is 11 crores...Verdict is ATMB...Record breaking movie...No force on earth can stop this tsunami...Best wishes to the entire crew for thier super success of Sultan this Eid ?

  4. lol kids don't watch 52 yr old budda khan's movies,except mentally challenged youth or senior citizens :P

  5. Nice strategy by yash raj to promote their movie in a grand scale....
    Sultan is having 5 extended day weekend and 2 open weeks till the arrival of kabali so it will very easily cross 200cr and 250cr will not be a tough task....

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