Salman Khan granted bail In Blackbuck Poaching Case

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, who spent the last two nights in Jodhpur Central Jail over the blackbuck poaching case, is set to walk out of jail this evening. Judge Ravindra Kumar Joshi, who began hearing his bail request this morning, has ordered his release on bail.

Salman Khan has been told to file a personal bail bond for Rs. 50,000 and produce a Rs. 25,000 surety from two persons each who will guarantee that he will comply with all bail conditions.

The actor was sentenced to five years for killing two blackbucks 20 years ago in Kankani village, near Jodhpur in Rajasthan, during the shooting of Hum Saath Saath Hain.

26 comments on “Salman Khan granted bail In Blackbuck Poaching Case”

  1. Lmao all those who were flying over the moon is safely back to the world, thanks NASA for reporting that?‍♀️?

  2. Worst human being
    Charity ka dikhava krta hai apna kharab image ko sahi krne ke liye
    2007 tak kaha tha charity iska ..ram rahum bhi charity krta tha

  3. Zinda ho jao sallu fans tumhara buffallow khan kuch samay ke liye fir breath kar raha hai par andar to jana hi hai

  4. Baap bada na bhaiya sabse bada rupaiya
    Faith in money restored
    Paise kamane mai lag jao bhaiyo....once you have enough money, no matterwhat you do, nothing will happen...

  5. Great news..
    He has been in and out for over 15yrs nw..
    if given a choice in the beginning if he has to either serve 5yrs in jail or go through mental torture for 19yrs..he wudbhav chosen the former...

  6. Conversation between grandfather (srk fan)and grandson
    Grandson- grandpa grandpa who was your favourite star in your young age
    Grandfather - my son I was fan of srk the biggest star who ruled bollywood for 25 years.
    Grandson - really grandpa. I am very curious now. So as you say he was the biggest then definitely he had the most number of blockbuster.
    Grandfather- no grandson, it belonged to Salman.
    Grandson - OK, so definitely he had the most number of all time grosses and all time blockbusters.
    Grandfather - no it belonged to Aamir
    Grandson - so sad, chalo koi bat neli. So he would have definitely the most number of hgoty.
    Grandfather - nehi yaar Salman had the most.
    Grandson- what? Then he would have definitely most 2,3 and 4 crore footfall films.
    Grandfather - no it was Salman.
    Grandson- o shit, then he would topped the decade most times.
    Grandfather - no Aamir and Salman topped it.
    Grandson- then atleast he would have most number of record openers.
    Grandfather - no it was Salman
    Grandson- then how the hell he was the biggest star.
    Grandfather( replied angrily)- you go to study, Zada chapar chapar mat Kar

    Dear srkians this is going to be your condition in future.

    1. TBH noone gives a damn about these things outside social media. Noone cares about highest grosses, blockbusters etc. It is all about media perception and coverage. Jeetendra had more box office records than Rajesh Khanna but see the situation today. Vinod Khanna movies used to open better than Dharmendra movies but see the perception today. And ask every 90's kids, they will say "Salman to wanted ke baad aaya, aamir ghajini ke baad aya...."
      SRK has used the media very tactfully in the last 26 years. He will always be regarded as someone who ruled 17 years(1993-2010). It doesn't matter whether Aamir was ahead or Salman was ahead or who had more BBs. It's about media.
      Also SRK films till 2010 have tremendous repeat values and will 100% click with future gen particuarly KHNH, DDLJ, KHKN, Dil Se, MNIK etc. Sogeneral perception will be that SRK was the biggest star in 90's and 2000's no matter how ahead Salman or Sunny Deol were.

      1. Also magazines like Forbes have kept on highlighting it. 2nd riches actor, Mannat is a heritage place, crowd outside mannat blah blah blah......Media has been favouring SRK very well...
        Also not to forget that it will always be said (In the media) that SRK made Bollywood popular worldwide

        1. @Sad joke yes Truth is always a sad joke.. But it's a reality. And who says jeetendra had more box office records then Rajesh khanna??? And Vinod khanna was 2nd biggest star after Big B in late 70s. So nothing wrong with that. No one cares about 1990s and past. Your 2 rs srk is struggling actor and competing with the likes of varun dhawan and tiger shroff these days. He is not even near the feet of Aamir or even Salman in stardom today. Get lost and tall only when your grandpa's movie starts crossing 150 cr and then 200 cr and finally 300 cr without despika aunty. LOL.

      2. Instead of crying on social media better help your aukaatless star movie to open above 25 cr on non holiday and cross 300 cr. LOL. 150 cr to cross hote nahi aur nikle bhonkne. ?????

    2. Abe oo oversmart srk ke pass 7 all time highest opening hai ..salman ke pass 5 sirf
      Or sun 90s me srk 1st
      20s me srk 1st
      Salman kab rule kar lia sbse zyada decade ? Vo to aaj tak koi decade me 1st pe bhi nahi hua

      90s me srk 5 blockbuster salman 3
      20s me srk 4 blockbuster salman only 1

      90s me top 10 biggest hit me srk ka 4 movie salman ka 2 ..top 20 me srk ka 6 salman ka 2 hahahaha

      Salman jiska AUKAAT sb ko pata hai 2000-2009 tak .rakhi sawant se clash kaise haar skta hai 2007 me
      Srk 28 hits 59 movies me bas 19 flops ..salman 27 hits 75 movie ne or 33 flops hahaha

  7. Our bade bade datowale toilet type actor and mrs.ugly rukh face are the 2 surety person

  8. Salman is no 1 star .so he should have less number of flops and disaster .he should not lose any clash in career .
    Answer is No .most number of disaster belongs to criminal Salman .he is the one who used to lose clash against Rakhi Sawant and newcomer Ranbir kapoor .biggest hit HAHK takes disastrous 9 lakh opening .
    Shame shame shame !!

  9. @NK
    Bhai I am not SRK fan. I am Aamir fan too. And yeah today SRK is finshed.
    But I am talking about the past here. Jeetenra had more records. He had 3 HGOTYs in 80s. Even Anil Kapoor has 4 HGOTYs. But they are not celebrated today because they didn't use media properly.

    1. Jeetendra'a HGOTY were mostly female centric films and credit went to top actresses. He didn't have stardom like Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan, Vinod khanna and dharmendra.

  10. Aamir Khan is nothing infornt of the supreme megastardom of Salman Khan. SRK is over

    1. You are right. Aamir is nothing in front of supreme mega flop stardom of Salman khan. Because aamir is light years ahead of local star Salman in supreme mega stardom. Salman to aamir ke pair ki dhool ke barabar bhi nahi hai.

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