Salman Khan comes out in support of Padmavati

Superstar Salman Khan has come out in support of filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali's magnum opus Padmavati. The actor said that the film should not be judged before it is seen.

"No decision should be made without seeing the film #Padmavati. Sanjay Leela Bhansali makes lovely films and there is nothing wrong with his movies," Salman told Network 18.

The actor added that only the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has the power to decide if the film is suitable for release. "I want to say that you have Censor Board, they will take a decision. Sanjay (Leela Bhansali) makes very beautiful and excellent films.

"Heroines look very nice and beautiful. His films never have any vulgarity. Looking at his previous track record, one should know that he will never portray any character in bad light," Salman said during an interview with CNN-News18.

Salman has collaborated with Bhansali in films like Khamoshi, Hum Dil Chuke Sanam and Saawariya.

71 comments on “Salman Khan comes out in support of Padmavati”

  1. If actually totaal dhamaal clashes with toh it would very interesting..i am not here to justify the superstardom of 3 khans..cause everyone knows the truth except some shits..(most of them i think jokingly write their comnts) clashing small films with big films actually can be profitable if they are well made..and currently small films which offers good content are becoming successful nowadays..akki started it .. Bt again if it is a big screen experience..ppl will obviously go to watch the big film..and superstardom meaning i think is now becoming useless nowadays.. Fr exp a ready or bodyguard may not be very successful today..assume ranveer doing a tzh today..which may have outstanding content..it may end at 225 crorevt salman will take it to 300+...so as long as the film is good stardom will play..bt its actually astonishing how a completely non commercial film dangal did so well without any holiday(xmas on sunday),or popular heroines..kudos

    1. yede Dangal not bcz Amir..its Mr.Phogat ki jeevni...which is interesting and really thrilling how come a father ask to his daughter live like Pehlwan...this element work in this favor...so movie obviously became out of box idea...and there is sakshi tanwar talented actress much better than talentless Kat,Pcee...etc etc.she can emote emotions. there is entertainment in Broadway..not even single dull moment.

      got it dear....

      Put this Amir in KICK or HNY...result will be disaster.....THE LAASH /PANDEY is best example...

      1. Abe gawaar Jahangir compounder I can understand your frustration and jealousy because your bakri is out of the superstar league so frustration is expected. Who knew mahavir singh phogat and his daughters before dangal? No one. So aamir made it huge on his megastardom (which our bakri khan doesn't have) and then mahavir singh and his family got fame thanks to megastar aamir khan. Even they admitted that. Then who are you? Tujhe to koi jaanta tak nahi. Shalal acchi nahi hai to at least akal ka to istamaal kar compounder. Put bakri and salman in SS and it will be another marigold/ yeh lumhe judaai ke.

      2. Sahi Kaha Dr.... BTW ye Aamir khan fans Dangal ko non commercial kis angle se bolte hain??? ?

        @Cieling Bhale hi Sunday ko xmas tha but tujhe ye nahi pata k Xmas k time 21st se hi college school and winter holidays start ho jati hai to is sab ka bhi advantage hota hai... Ye sab kyun nahi kehte ho be... Eid and Diwali pe to sirf ek aur do din hi ka holiday hota hai....

        1. @Ragnorak Abe illiterate dehaati Dangal is non commercial movie. As simple as that. Because it didn't have any masala, item songs, action, fights, romance or any such thing that's why it is non commercial. Got it?

      3. @compounder
        Teri comments padke accha lagta hai tu Aamir ki tarif bhi karta hai usko nicha bhi dikhata hai
        Matlab tuze Aamir bahot pasand hai par tera dimag nahi chalta

        1. @Parshya, mujhe lagta tu pagla gaya hai, tujhe doctor k paas jane ki zarurat hai.... abey Dhoom 3 sirf Salman fans k liye Brand nahi ye sab k liye Brand hai.. Abhi abhi paida hua kya k tujhe ye nahi pata k Dhoom ek brand hai... Agar tujhe na pata ho to bata doon k Dhoom 2004 mein ayi thi aur us saal behtari films mein se ek thi phirr iska sequel 2006 mein aya aur Highest grossing film ever bana... To tere tingu k ane se pehle bhi ye Brand tha... Dhoom was the biggest brand at that and it's now too.... Aur ye Parshya bol raha hai k Dhoom sirf sallu fans k liye brand hai.... BTW tujhe na koi Salman ka fan banayega aur naa hi tujhe banne ki zarurat hai... Plz plz plz tu Aamir ka hi fan reh aur Salman ka hater ban k jee... Maza ata hai... Tubhi salman ka fan ban jayega to phirr hum log chidhayenge kisko.... Waise rahi film ki opening ki baat to Dhoom brand chhor de to Aamir k paas ek bhi 30 crs ki opening nahi hai wahi Salman k paas 3 30 crs ki opening wali film hai wo bhi sab non brand original films hain.... Ab chal kanti le yaha se.... ?

      4. Dr aamir wouldn’t do rubbish like HNY and Kick he has something called a brain which he uses I’d watch talaash over HNY and KICK

        1. Total Dml official starcasts
          Ajay Devgn
          Anil kapoor
          Madhuri Dixit

  2. +2 votes
    Proud to be a Bhai fan.... When everyone was trying to cash on the name of national/anti national/Pakistani/anti Pakistani things our Bhai openly supported ADHM and Raees and defended Pakistani artists for his friends Srk and Karan Johar. Now he's supporting Padmavati... Duniya kuch bhi kahe but jo Bhai ko sahi lagta hai aur sahi hai bhi Bhai wohi kehta hai...chahe iske liye use khudhi nuksan kyu naa uthana pade!....Box Office things will come and go but you can't find this quality in the entire galaxy.

    1. No doubt no one like Sallu bhai in the galaxy.

      We all Indicine fans watched GA together. Now lets get united in making TZH blockbuster. FDFS for the Indicine gang.

      SRK-Salman rocks. Every one else shocks

            1. @Javed My name at Indicine was Aamir Khan here was too but someone else came here with that name and dp of Aamir hence i changed my name to Ragnarok, but here on bollyarena i always changes my name ex- Apocalypse, Logan, The Force Awakens, Dawn of Justice etc... But at Indicine i used to use my another ID Aamir Khan with gmail of same name....

            2. And I'm the same whom aamir and srk fans used to say that m Hypocrite coz of my name as it matches with Aamir Khan's name and i used to bash him...


    1. Yaar yeh hai kaun jo apna name toh use nai krta aur aamir ki movie kaa name likh k uski bezzati krwata rehta hai lgta hai khudke name se chidh hai @Thug

  4. Good to see Salman is supporting Padmavati. Actually whole film industry should do that. But hardly any star will protest as many of them scared of current Modi-led BJP. Obviously I do not expect selfish star like Akshay Kumar will say anything in favor of anybody.

    1. Bro the protest is from all Hindu communities and from shiv Sena etc...
      So if any Muslim actor will come in support of it they will bash him or her but actors like Akshay, Hrithik should come in support of a good movie like this.... By the way I am also a Hindu and yes and I appreciate what Salman has said....
      Indian will bash good films like padmavati for changing past even without seeing the movie but they will watch baakwaas overactive movies like Judwaa2...
      Waah re Indians Waah.....

    2. Akshay kumar always supports our soldiers and speaks against terrorists. He raises social issues.There is no need to say anything about film
      padmavati. Padmavati was a rajput queen and therefor rajputs are opposing the movie on their queen. Directors always add some masala in movies to make hit as we saw in dangal where coach locked mahavir phogat in a room which scene was created only to make the movie interesting. Same in padmavati songs we saw padmavati dancing. Is it fare to show the brave queen dancing in front of public? SLB is good director and this movie will be blockbuster but rajputs are true in their Perspective..

  5. Well Said Salman Sir....
    He is most Secure Actor in our Industry.....Padmavati is releasing on the same month and still he is supporting it.....He is also a Perfect example of True friend, 1st he back out from Karan-Akki project because of his friendship with Ajay and now he is supporting his another friend (SLB), though things are not going well between him and SLB from sometime, but for Salman "once a friend, always a friend".......That's why even after a huge fight with Srk, now again they become Best Buddies, and always praise each other works.....

  6. Padmavati will be Beautiful Movie, I totally loved the trailer.....I wish it will do Humongous Business at Box Office....

  7. padmavati will open bigger than any srk film released on nonholiday, rest depends on content.

  8. Padmavati....going to flop badly...half the audiences already known that there is no scene between Ranveer and Deepika...BM jodi...so its flop....and whole india know Padmavati/Deepika set herself in fire is climax....(called Johar or Sati)...to save dignity of Chittord....thats it.

    1. You shouldn't bash a good movie like padmavati.... Its a good one and will definitely be a blockbuster(if faces no protest from so called Rajputs).....

  9. Salman is trying to impress SLB fans so that they come out in huge numbers to watch TZH,to beat dangal

  10. Dhoom 3-masala+brandy+action+kat+ hit songs=280

    Dangal mein kuch bhi nahi tha-380
    ha ha ha
    ab bolo aamir fans

    1. Very funny how many people knew mahavir singh before dangal you gawaar? In that case salman's career saved by south actors because he remade their movies. So Mahesh babu>>>>>>>> Salman.

  11. @Bose akki is a selfless person who always does social work and has been highest taxpayer for years even now he is among top 3 so how can he be selfish

  12. Nawaz preponed his upcoming movie Monsoon Shootout and avert the clash with Salman's TZH......

    Now I really feel bad for our Parshya Aunty, Nawaz was suppose to fulfil her last wish, and destroy TZH with his movie, but now he also ran away.....Parshya Aunty please don't leave hope someone will definitely clash with Salman's movie.....LOL

    1. maine kab bola nawazuddin will destroy TZH?
      tum log acche se comment padha karo
      maine kaha tha koi bhi clash kar raha hai sallu ke sath
      aur ye badi bat hai par Aamir ke sath koi clash nahi kar raha

      mukabla barabar walonka hota hai
      jab bhi Aamir salman bhidenge na box office pe tab
      jaroor bolunga.

      1. Oye parshya Ajay sir ne SS ka kya haal kiya bhul gye clash ki baat karte ho...ab bologe amir sir ka cameo tha.....pehle bolte the ki amir sir ka cameo hi kaafi h....hahahaha..

    2. Salman sir knows that padmavati is a crap film and it will be biggest disaster of Indian cinema.......ye ranbeer aur Deepika ne pehle ramleela me kiss and then BM me kiss lekin ab audience bor ho chuke h in dono se ,,especially ranbeer overacting ki dukaan and worst actor.....,,,Salman sir has big heart that is why he is supporting this crap movie....

  13. This crap film will be second Bombay velvet of Indian cinema,,,, SLB KO koi kahani nhi milti,,,,devdas,,,ramleela,,,BB,,black aise hi ghatia filme bnata h....sirf ek film achi thi iski HDDCS.....hum dil de chuke sanam.....iski filmo me hamesha controversy hota hh...

      1. Abe parshya me ranbeer KO bol raha hu samjha wo worst actor h and full of attitude,,, usko acting ati h dhyan se dekh Lena samjha..... Sabki apni apni rai hoti h me kisi bhi actor se nafrat karta ranbeer KO chod ke samjha....tu bhi to salman sir se nafrst karta h to ek baat bta ranbeer ki salman sir ke aage kya aukat h....aur ha tu bhi to salman sir ki filmen ki burai karta h to me kyu nhi kar sakta bol

  14. This man @ dishonest joker is born SRK hater.Always mention SRK unnecessary in his every comment.earlier I think @tiger the real king is biggest SRK hater.but he at least says true things and not do meaningless comparison.but this joker is a frustrated man.it seems he will get some crores if Padmavati opened bigger than SRK films.

  15. Guys total dhamaal is clashing with TOH next diwali..hahahahahha..is baar bhi aamir ki maari ajay sir ne

    1. @zuber shah
      Tum logoko such mein dimag nam ki chiz hi nahi hai
      abey release karne ki soch rahe hai release nahi hone wali

      tum log kabhi nahi sudhroge
      tum sallu fans ka prediction Tubelight-400cr
      abb bol rahe hai TZH-500cr
      abb SS pe ajayenge kyunki tum log cameo ko bhi nahi samjte

      compare karna hai toh D3,PK,DANGAL ke sath karo verna bakwas
      mat karo.

      1. Parshya kbhi apne barabar walon kaa reply kra kro phir pata chalega aapki kitni aukaat hai bacchon se toh koi bhi behas kr leta hai @parshya

      2. Yaar phir wahi baat..release hone se pehle aamir kaa cameo hi kaafi hai now jab movie average nikli toh tumhari wording change ho gyi atleast hum apna stand toh change nai krte @parshya aunty

  16. Mujh film cctc me ek sceen boht pasnd ha jb wo chines bnda toiler kumar per pisab krta ha
    Q k usy phly hi pta lg gya tha k is ka nam toilet kumar hone wala hai
    Bollyarena plz post my coment

  17. WOW, I didn't expect this from you @Bollyarena, being a user of your site I have rights to put my point of view on your article, didn't I? You gave 7 rating to TZH trailer and I put my point of views against it, and what you did, reject my comment.....I try to post my comment 4-5 times and every time you reject it, may I know why are you doing this?.....There are so many users here who post same comment again and again in different articles, so you cannot say that I am repeating my comment.....I want more people to see my comment, last time I was late that's why I am posting same comment in this article (which is also related to Salman).......Either you post my comment or accept that you are biased, and you hate Salman Khan....
    You gave 7 rating to that Trailer which has becomes "World's Most Liked Trailer", which is huge achievement, you even didn't make any separate article on it, if Srk or Aamir or other actor's trailer have achieve this, you will definitely make article.....which shows that how much you hate Salman Khan......Even you know that its a Perfect Spy Thriller Trailer but still you try to create negativity around movie.....So disappointed with you, being a trade site you should be neutral.......
    You also reduce PRDP collection and showing it below 200cr, One side you say that 10% difference is normal between Trade and Producer figures and you will give preference to producer figure in that scenario, then in the case of PRDP where difference is not even 10%, why you take trade figure....
    PRDP Trade: 197cr
    PRDP Producer: 213cr
    Difference is only 8%......
    Is this is not partiality????? Can you answer me why you take trade figure in case of PRDP collection.....Let see you reply or not.....Because if you don't then it is sure that hate Salman Khan.....200cr club is not an small achievement and you cannot take away such achievement from an actor without any reason....Salman never manipulate his movie collection and you also know this, so why he do it with PRDP......

    Now let see whether you post my this comment or not......

  18. Great gesture by Salman Sir......Feeling proud to be a movie fan ?????????????

    Why everyone trolling each other in name of their movies????......Please bollyarena avoid those comments which are full of negativity.......Please be helpful as bollywood need support of ours....

  19. Deepika with SRK CE/OSO
    Deepika with Ranveer RL/BM
    Deepika with Amitabh Piku
    Deepika with AKshay Kumar Chandni chowk to China...LOL....

    KAT with SRk JTHJ/
    KAT with Amir DHOOM3
    KAT with SallU ETT/TZH
    KAT with Akshay TEES MAR KHAN...lol

    Aishwariya Rai with SRK Mohabbatein/
    Aishwariya Rai with Sallu HDDCS
    Aishwariya Rai with Hrithik Dhoom2
    Aishwariya Rai with Akshay Action Reply...lol

  20. Kat's maximum super hit movies are with akshay kumar like welcome, singh is king, namaste london and more before she got success. Deepika-Houseful-superhit.
    Parshya sahi kahta hai you are a @compounder

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