Salman Khan and SRK don't look at box office collections: Kabir Khan

Director Kabir Khan says superstars like Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan don’t bother about how much money each other’s films have made at the box office. He recently directed Tubelight starring Salman Khan and the film collected 118 crores in its lifetime run which was below expectations.

“I don’t think Salman is looking at what numbers Shah Rukh Khan’s film did and vice versa. They all are superstars in their own space. Some films may work sometimes and sometimes some films don’t. But they are all huge stars. I think it’s the race created by media, it’s fun to read. I don’t think in reality it exits,” he said.

He also said that he appreciates the work of other directors and says competition doesn’t exist between them. “We enjoy each others films. When I see the work of other directors, I feel inspired. I don’t think there is any unhealthy rivalry between the directors. There is a general camaraderie.

“I wish I could make Dangal, it’s a lovely story. We had the story in front of us, we did not pick it up. It’s a story that I would have loved to narrate. I love Raju ji (Rajkumar Hirani), he is my favourite filmmaker. I love watching his films,” he adds.

“We need to redefine entertainment. Audience today is reacting to films that are entertaining like Bajrangi Bhaijaan, PK and Dangal. Five years ago, these films wouldn’t be defined as entertainers. But such movies are appreciated and are commercially successful as audiences are enjoying them.”

57 comments on “Salman Khan and SRK don't look at box office collections: Kabir Khan”

  1. That's what is expected after giving All Time Disasters Fusslight and Jab Srk met Another Disaster

    1. Hahaha iska naam hi ek khud me troll hai ..hahaha tepj 200cr hahahaha 130ct bhi nahi gaya hahaha

      1. Baklol fan Base hamesa baklol hi rahega 11 days collection of Tepk is 118 cr wait and watch it will definitely cross 140 cr

    2. From today his name is W O M and SATURDAY MORNING STAR fact we all have to accept it!! Feel ashamed when indicine keeps mentioning Low budget movies always.

      1. Indicine 2 rs site srk is giving back to back semi hit and flops but but he has more stardom than akshay and ammir ????

  2. In the whole article Kabir Khan only talks about movies of Khans... For him, Bollywood means only Khans...

  3. srk should actually close his eyes because very soon varun dhawan's judawaa 2 is not only going to open better than jhms but also better than srk's raees and dilwale( after seeing the extraordinary trailer of judwaa 2 i can say that with confidence). so in short judwaa 2 will open bigger than srk's any film released on a working day. so there is no point of srk seeing this humiliation, he should leave bollywood or he may leave this world , that would be the best thing.

    1. With your logic Salman should have commited suicide in 1990 itself when Rahu Roy film was doing better than him.

      SRK is rich, successful. Care about your career. Your parents must be tired of you.

    1. Ye wohi director h jsne 300+ diya h.. Tmhre jjaise chote star kha phochege wha tk 134cr highest collection. Jake ranveer n rabir se compare kro. Khans ko bol ja

    2. Bhai 60cr ke aas paas to DDLJ ne 1995 mai jhi kiya tha.

      Akki's highest footfall is 2.15cr-Mohra. SRK has 7 movies whose footfalls are more than Mohra, and 9 movies which are in same or greater range.

      SRK has 2 ATBBs, 11 Blockbusters and 6 record openings.

      1. Airlift footfall 1.25 cr
        H3 footfall 1.16 cr
        Rustom footfall 1.27 cr
        Aur jolly aur tepk ka footfall nahi aaya hai vo bhi 1+ cr hi hoga
        Srk films in 2016,17
        Fan 84 lakh
        Dear zindgagi 66 lakh
        Jhms 55 lakh
        Akki >>> srk

  4. Kabir khan your movies r blockbuster only because of Salman sir...you were lucky to get script like bajrangi bhaijaan...else you r flop director....for me ...top entertainers of Bollywood r 1) Raju Hirani 2) Rohit Shetty....these both director s have fans n good following...

  5. @ Ruchi
    Kabir Khan believe in doing big budget project.. Jolly LLB was done by Arshad warsi and the producer look for big budget in second installment and they took Akshay..
    But Kabir khan believe in doing 100- 150 crore budget movie which cnt be done by Akshay.. Its like Arshad wari to Akshay in Jolly LLB to Jolly LLB 2..
    Its simple yaar, Akshay is believe to be small budget actor and khans are big budget actor..
    S off course, some movie may work and some may not work.
    If one movie or 2 flops then they cannot think of taking arshad warsi in 150 crore budget.. they have to think only khans..

    1. Is liye srk 100 cr budget se 60 cr karta hai Akki 50 cr budget wala movie se 130 cr karta hai srk 50 cr budget wala movie karega to 30 cr bhi nahi hoga???

  6. Tho Salman n Srk Kya dekhte Hain Kabir Sahab...ki distributors ko kitne return korna hain movie flop hone k baad...

    1. Beta Salman ke paas 13 bbs hai aur srk ke pass 11. Tere fav actor ke paas 2. Abhi wo south mai do kaudi ka supporting role karr raha hai and uss greedy actor ko Rajini se jyada paise mil rahe hai kyu ki rajini to profit se paise lega

      1. Lekin tera lallu ko koi supporting role bhi nahi dega south me Akki hits in (2001 to 2010) 12
        Lallu hits in same decade 3 haha

  7. YOU couldnt be more wrong that actors dont check each other boxoffice pull. Only a fool will digest that. In entertainment only returns in investments matter. And you know the one with the best returns is everything

  8. YOU couldnt be more wrong that actors dont check each other boxoffice pull. Only a fool will digest that. In entertainment only returns in investments matter. And you know the one with the best returns is everything . Stop faking

  9. Naam change kar le tepk 200cr akshay she na ho payega.....150 cr not done by his best trending movie....in his best phase....ar disaster ki baat na karo to achha h...akki is the king of flop and disaster... Link send karu kya.....yaha uske flop ginana is the toughest task

    1. Bollywood mai 200cr nahi huye, to ab south pe shift hua hai rajni ke saath kaam karne akki. Bollywood se dhakke marke feka gaya
      0 HGOTY
      0 2.2 cr footfalls

      1. Aur lallu 4 bar Akki se clash harta pura decade me sirf 3 hits diya rakhi sawant se clash hara
        0 125 cr movie on nonholiday
        0 200 ww on nonfestival
        Eid pe disaster deta hai south wala isko lega bhi nahi???

  10. @ honest man, abe chindichor have you lost your mind ? Comparing dusshera release with working day releases.Judwaa 2 will not beat Raees, Dilwale opening day.
    Your gangu teli criminal Salman should also leave the Bollywood or commit suicide when he was continuously giving flops and disasters.

  11. Abe idiots, what 60 crore,60 crore ? Raees and Dilwale k collection kya tere baap ne kiya tha.feel the difference.his films are semi hit in 130 and 140 crore.But akki's film are superhit in 125 crore.
    I want to tell akki fans celebrate till xmas 2018 .SRK will beat all akki films.

    1. Fell the difference Akki low budget movie
      With flop director crosses 100+ cr
      Srk big budget movie with best directors couldn't cross 90 cr ???

    1. ROBOT 2 kya karega humko usse kya?
      We care about bollywood films. Not Tamil/Marathi/English/Telegu dubbed films

      Bollywood mai to 0 ATBB, No HGOTY, only 2 chirkut Blockbusters hai

      1. 0 200 cr ww on nonholiday
        Lost 4 times clash with akshay given disaster In eid only 1 chircut BB on nonholiday ???

  12. Local actor
    Village actor.
    Chindi chor actor.

    Chote chote chindi film nikal k paise kamane wala actor.
    All exists in Bollywood

  13. Its very funny to see who is trolling SRK.2008, 2009 and 2016 born stars are trolling SRK.But he is a superstar from 1992 .

  14. Yaha pai 0 hgoty, 0 ATBB, 0 2.2cr footfalls, 2 blockbuster wale actors ke fan bol rahe hai. 60 plus disaster Akki ke fans.....Salman ko troll karenge.

    1. 3300 crore ki lifetime collection wale actor ke fans 3000 crore wale actor ke fans ko troll kar rahe hain... Kya galat hai...

      1. @Ruchir
        Ye 3300cr kya hai? Lifetime nett?

        Wo to Ajay Devgnr ke Amitab Bacchan se jyada hai.
        To kya AD>>AB

        120 filmein karo jinmese 60-70 flop ho. Unke collections jodke kya faida??

        1. Salman has done more movies than akshay in lifetime and still his total lifetime nett is lower. Salman started his career in 1989 while Akshay started in 1992... Both actors are working in same era and so can be compared... It's not like Ajay Devgun and amitabh bachchan who are from different eras...

        2. 70 flop tera papa count kia tha Haa lallu diya hai 70 flop vo bhi 80 film me flop actor of all time???

    2. 60 disaster Akki nahi lallu diya hai aur rakhi sawant aur John se clash hara hai lallu the flop actor
      0 200 cr ww on nonholiday
      0 BB on nonholiday

  15. Jo ye sb bolrh na robot 2.. Jb robot 2 aayegi Fr dkhna ye ktne uchlege. Fr b wo rajnikant k movie h us k karan 200+ hoga akshay k krn nh hone wala wo south k movie h fr b khans se peche rhega bs 134 p khush rho tm sb abhi

    1. ROBOT 2 kya karega humko usse kya?
      We care about bollywood films. Not Tamil/Marathi/English/Telegu dubbed films

      1. We care about Indian films in Hindi... We are not regional analysts who will just care about Mumbai made film...

        1. Okay
          Why no discussion about Ajith, Vijay, Rajni, NTR etc then?
          Why no discussion about Sairat then?

    2. Khan's se piche 4500 screens eid holiday pe 115 cr disaster aur ek khan 3500 screens rakha bhandhan holiday pe 60 cr disaster ? ?

  16. This guy "Utsav Rajput" is an Aamir fan. Yaha Akkian banne ka natak karta hai. Be aware of this silly person.
    Actually All akkians are some other actors fan.

  17. duba dala distributor ko RAKHI ke KARAN ARJUN ne...
    aab bhugto...

    Only Akshay n Aamir rules.

  18. Salman at 122cr pe filme flop hoti
    Ar akshay ki ispe highest grosser hoti h
    Tm sab akshay me fan baat hi na karo.......kyu compare karte.......compare him with sidarth. Tiger, arjun........ar ha don't compare with varun,ranveer,they r much better than him,

    1. Akki films collect 134 cr in nonholiday lallu film collect 110 cr on eid don't compare him with akshay compare him with tushar kapoor, Tiger

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