Salman Khan and Eid: A Box Office Love Story

Salman Khan owns Eid and there is no denying this fact. Eid is considered as the second best release period after Christmas. That is mainly because Muslims stay away from theatres during the whole month of Ramadan. This results in a huge boost to Eid which is a national holiday.

In recent years, Eid is associated with a Salman release. In fact, it was Salman who made Eid a lucrative period when he started the trend of Eid release in 2009 with Wanted. Since then, he has only missed it once in 2013 when he did not have any release. Almost all of his films have opened well and some of them were record openers.

Take a look at his recent Eid releases.



1st Day



Ek Tha Tiger
Bajrangi Bhaijaan

*indicates an all-time record.

Salman Khan and Eid: A Box Office Love Story

By looking at the list it is clear that a blockbuster is given for Salman Khan on Eid. The opening of films was historic on holidays and was excellent on a normal Friday. (Dabangg and Bodyguard were released on Eid day while Ek Tha Tiger on Independence Day).

Now Salman Khan is back with Tubelight. Interestingly he is working again with Kabir Khan who gave him the first ATBB on Eid. From the promos, it seems that Tubelight is also on the same lines as BB. Now it is yet to be seen if it can match BB in terms of lifetime gross.

What are your expectations from Tubelight? Let us know in the comments section.

74 comments on “Salman Khan and Eid: A Box Office Love Story”

    1. Just want to make one more statement here. Eid belongs to salman bcoz aamir never tried eid(after 2008).

      Right now u said eid is the second most eid release that is not true. But actually scenario is salman is second most succesful star in bollywood thats why eid is on second right now..

      Best release period right now..

      Christmas:- aamir
      Diwali:-srk + ajay

      Best release period after 2018:-

      Diwali:- aamir
      Eid:- salman

      So u vl realise that it is not about best release factor it is all about actor nd his audience faith on him.

      Mark my word diwali festival is way ahead as compare to eid nd christmas. Nd thugs of hindostan vl prove that.

  1. Bollywood Eid Releases 2001-2010
    1. Highest Grosser of all time In India-Chennai Xpress(Eid 2013)-SRK
    2. Highest Grosser of all time in Overseas-Kabhie Khusie Kabhie Gham-SRK(Eid 2001)
    3. Highest Grosser WW-CE/K3G-SRK/Hritik
    4. Clashes lost:-Salman has lost two Eid clashes(When Deewali-Eid coincided)
    -Kyun Ki vs Garam Masala against Akki
    -Don vs Jaaneman

    So I dont see any lovestory here

    1. Abey idiot, read the article again....It was clearly written that Salman makes Eid a lucrative release period in 2009-10. Till 2009-10 there was no concept of Eid release. So there is no point of blabbering those bullshits.

      As far losing a clash is concerned, yupp... Salman lost couple of clashes in past. But he never runs away from any clash unlike your galaxy ka sabse bada bhagoda-star...#Mind it.

      1. Tubelight achi movie lag rahi hai . Magar (Tiger -the real king) jaise insecure fans k karan mujhe shak ho raha hai . Bhai is tiger ne har comment pr reply kiya hai. Shows that he is insecure. I like Sallu but Tiger jaise fans k karan uska naam karab ho raha hai.

          1. @Tiger theek hai reply krna . I m die hard Akki fan agar koi uske bare mein galat bole to mai bhi reply krunga . But one or two times . Bro again and again looks bad . Some even call u insecure .

  2. I don't think arena why u wrote this article after disaster of fusslight iske haath se eid bhi nikal jaaeyegi

  3. Sallu's eid graph ?
    Let's see

    Fultan - 301cr(5cr manipulation) ?
    Fusslight - 280cr (20cr manipulation) ???

    Collection decreasing by 20cr from 2015 ?

    Poor Sallu fans and Sallu bahu.

    My prediction

    Fusslight - 280cr(20cr manipulation)

    Don't forget.. mark it. ?

  4. Sallu still chasing bb since 2015??
    What a shame!!

    local star local hi Rahega.. ?
    Kuch fayda nahi bhailog Wednesday tak enjoy Karo baad me rona hi rona hai..

    Fir chillanna chalu kardo ane do BZH
    All records will be history..

    Firse Sallu bhau fuss.
    Arey kya Isse local star kehna chahiye
    No. Isse to chasing flop star kehna chahiye ??

    Pasadena aya comments to like Karo bhailog..

    Maine kadwa such Bola hai ??

    Sallu tumse na ho payega.

      1. @billy the real cat ?
        What about marigolds footfall

        And ur Sallu also chasing it(MPK)
        Atleast Aamir gives ATBB N ATHG

        Tera Sallu Kab dega ATHG ?
        Shayad agale janam me.

        1. @parshya baby, Bhai's blockbusters footfalls are higher than your 2008 born aukaatless nata star's ATBB footfalls.... Eg- Sultan footfalls>>>3 idiots, Dhoom3 etc footfalls. Jitna bada star utna jyada footfalls chahiye movie ko ATBB banane ke liye.

          Not Salman it's your nata star who is chasing MPK till now...Salman has already crossed 7cr footfalls... But nata star yet cross even 4.1cr footfalls. #Feel the difference you idiot.

          1. hahaha..
            bihar me 40rs ka ticket hoga to 10 bar kya 50 bar dekhenge prem ratan bartan dhoke jao ..usme konsi nayi baat hai..

            Aamir jaisa megastar chahiye...log daude chale ate hai movie dekhne ke liye..aur wo bhi without promotion.

            lallu the local flop star..

            tere lallu star bhikari hai...TV pe,cycle pe,idhar udhar ghum ke promotion karta firta hai..lallu serial bhi nahi skip karta..

            Aur fultan ka kaise band bajaya Dangal ne.. shayad uss sadme se tu bahr nahi aaya..

            1. u r saying lallu crosses MPK footfalls by HAHB..
              its a madhuri starer DVD HAHB not lallu starer..

              all d movies of lallus in 90's were multistarer n sallu was supporting non actor.

              what about footfalls of lallus movies in 2000-2009..
              ex.3idiots>>>>>>>lallus all movies btw 2000-2009

            2. Why don't you talk about their overall career? Salman's debut movie (as lead) MPK footfalls>>>>Aamir's whole career footfalls... Hahaha.

              Ye apne pure career me Ajay/Akki se bhi kam hit denewala 2008 born aukaatless nata star is a Megastar now.....More jokes plz!

              If HAHK is a Madhuri starrer then Ghajini is a Asin starrer, 3i is a kareena starrer, Dhoom3 is a katrina starrer, Pk is a Anushka starrer and Dangal is a Fatima starrer.. That’s mean nata star hasn't delivered a single clean hit in the last 10 years.... What a shame!!!

              1. @Tiger

                bhai Maine Pyar kiya....ka footfall 4.3/4.5 crore h....or 14 crore kmaye the....

                Aamir ki Dil ne b 10crore kmaye the....

                or Dangal ka footfall 8 crore k pass phuch chuka h.....vo b Internet k jamane me....

                bhai old movie ki baat mt kr.....Amitabh or rajesh khanna ki movie 25-50 week chalti thi....

                to soch le unka footfall kitna hoga?????

                sholey ka to....10 times jyada footfall h....

          2. @ek thi billi

            bhai...aamir or lallu ki height me mushkil se 1 ench ka diffrence h...

            Sallu b TINGU h....

            jiski Anushka or Ashwarya se height km h???????

            esiliye kisi height wale star se kaam krne se darta h SALLU???

            Or boxoffice k mamle me to Tingu h hi?

        2. Ha ha parashya ha ha

          Your joke continue to rock

          Tingu still chasing mpk 89 footfall record and your talking athg

          Never talk for stardom where everyone knows aamir don't have stardom as his movie rum on contant only and Salman movie run on only his stardom coz as per some lallu people Salman movie are wirhout contant

          Too much fun

          1. @jhakas

            salman ka stardom

            eid ki muslim fan following se h....jo salman ki gatiya movie ko b eid ki vjah se dekhti h

            eid nikal lo to 100 crore b nhi bnege...?

            or Salman k8 movie se...masaala , song , big heroin, directer producer....

            nikal de to Salman kya h ??? zero??

            PRDP ko bhul gya...Rajshree benner , festival veding song , diwali release...

            fir b 200crore???????????????????ye salman ka stardom.......

            log lallu ko nhi....Rajshree ki movie dekhne gye the.....

            1. @ mahaveer

              Dont talk like lallu parashya otherwise u will be also become a big joke like him

              Everyone knows what rajashree has done without Salman so don't talk rubnish

              Prdp did 200 Cr only due to Salman stardom but you people always talk no sense

              But it's good you fool people make comments section entertainment like fool parahya

              But font be here full time like him like he dont have other work only sitting here

              Too much fun

    1. Local star 150cr walo ko bolte hai parshya aamir aur salman to neck 2 neck chal rahe hai pk aur bb ka difference 19cr hai aur bb ke footfall bhi high hai while dangal ka record is baar tubelight tod raha hai footfall ka aur collection ka bhi only salman and aamir have 300cr club in bollywood rest is struggling to touch 200cr so who is local star?

      1. SRK has been dominating overseas for 2 decades. He is not 2011 born star like Gangu Teli sallu with 3/4 overseas blockbusters. He is called the world's biggest moviestar by the westerns, no question of calling him a local star. You better worry about Eid made Gangu Teli sallu.

        1. @NN


          west me Srk ki movie 5000 crore kmati h na????????

          jo westners use Biggest movie Star khenge?

          bhai fact ko dekh....media ki bato me mt aa.....

          only srk jese looser hi media or press ka sahaara lete h??

          1. Abey bhikhari SRK can buy 100 bhikhari Aamir with his wealth. He doesn't need media for that. And as for the media, the biggest superstar always gets the biggest coverage, otherwise Sam worthington or bhikhari aamir will be called the biggest star...!!!

            1. @NN

              bhai indian media janta h , stk kitna bda bhikhari h....

              or 2 baar US airport pr roka gya h srk.....

              or na hi Aamir , kpil sharma show , reality show , big boss , twitter pr bhikh mangta h?????

              Or Aamir k pass kitna pesa h , ya nhi h , tuje malum h????.....

              shadi-party me pese k liye nachne wala Bhikhari king???

              1. Abey bhojpuri, SRK is a self-made Superstar, not a uncle-fed bhikhari like Aamir. His popularity has demand so he attends TV shows and social media. nobody wants to see bhikhari aamir so only his film's content has demand. The same officials who detained SRK in US apologised to him and sought his autograph. SRK has been given tribute in one of the oldest Film Festivals in US. Everybody knows what a bhikhari aamir is, his payment is even lower than Toilet Kumar...!!

    1. Ha ha look who is talking who don't have any blockbuster from last 4 year and run away from clash even when he have no 1 director with him

      Apni aukat Dekh phir bat Kar idhar

      Better compare with Varun and ranvveer don't bark here

  5. Dangal crosses 1200cr in china!! ?
    What about fusslight?

    Will it release in china?

    I think same story like bb..
    Sallu fans still hoping bb will release in china ??

    China me release karne ke liye quality movie chahiye..

    Copy paste wala Mal china me nahi chalta ?

    1. Maybe your nata star is the no1 in China... But as far as India is concerned he's not even in top 2....You can see BOI, Koimoi or any other sites ranking... Now don't cry that all the bollywood sites are fake and blah blah blah... Hahaha

      1. hahaha
        world wide top2
        Dangal ww>>>>>>>lallu bhaijan ww+fultan ww+coak ww+flop ho ww

        overseas top 2
        Dangal OVERSEAS collection>>>>>>>>>>>sallus all movies collection

        INDIA top2

        kaha hai tera lallu na India,na overseas,na ww...

        kaha Aamir the global megastar aur kaha wo lallu local flop star

        1. Abe dangal ka tex free tha to bhir bi 387+ kiya or pk ka 3 jaga se tex free tha to 339+ kiya or salman ki movie BB ko tex free nahi tha to phir bi 320+ kiya or sultan ne 301cr kiya with out tex free and last one bahubhali ne to dangal or pk ka barta bana kar tum logoo ke hath main de diya. Ahahhaah bat karta hai . Chup kar ke dhood pi or so ja .

    2. Abe lallu parashya as I told you earlier we are living in India and in India Salman is no 1 star and for higher grosser bb2 is no 1 and beat dangal like hell so don't bark

      Talking only China better you go and live there

  6. PRDP collected 40 crore on opening day on 4200 screens with lesser ticket prices 2 years back.so in 2017 Tubelight with more screen and higher ticket rates should collect atleast 45 crore on opening day.

    1. Abe pashya beta we are here before you check better in site comments

      Only difference that we are not here Everytime as we have lot of work to do in life not like you

      Full day idhar hi pada rehta hai

      When you also know that in India Salman is no 1 star and bb2 is higher grosser your tingu star not In top

      Better you go and post in China sites where tingu movie run well

      Too much fun

  7. are yar sultan was all time blockbuster and kick life time collecthion was 231 crore plzz correct it

  8. India – Gross – 542.34 crores (Nett – 387.39 crores)
    China – Gross – 1198 crores
    Taiwan – Gross – 41 crores
    Other Overseas Circuit – Gross – 202 crores
    Worldwide Total = 1983.34 crores

    kaha gaye fusslight........ dangal ka chodo.

    sab sallu fan depression me after next to next monday likh liyoooo

    1. china ke collections ko dekke bohut udd raha hai tu... SRK turned Aamir fan :D..
      tuje aur tarkeeb nahi mula salman ko counter karne ke liye????? :D :D
      tera roric kaha gaya be???? :D

  9. ha ha sallu fan abhi book kar lo ye friday se next friday ya next sunday diya tumko har sallu fan ye 10 days cantinues har fan 10 din bhi cantinue roj dekhenge na to bhi pk ka recornd na tutega...... likh liyo ya haat pe tattoo banwa liyo...
    fuss light lifetime max 315 ..... go and book all sallu fan...... ye to bb aur fultan ke beech me atkegi with manipulation of 25 cr warma to sach me to 295 mac life tim coll.
    yaha baat karke koi pramotion nahi hoga fusslight ka....... fuss fuss batti gullll... ha ha ha.....dekho sallubhai kitna pramotion kar raha hai fusslight tv ke har show pe.....har dance ya comedy ya tarak mehta ya you tube dekho..... thodi help karna har sallu fan 10 baar to high price pvr ya inox me jake hi show dekhna ....... kya hoga thoda fusslight collection 295 tak leke jana hai... go go go book your show sallu fans...

  10. footfall chodo tum sirf sapport karo 10 baar moovi dekhne javo sallu local star ki aur ticket lo theater me se andar under 30 min. me theater se exit...... aise hi to sallu local star ki thodi collection bhi hui hogi and 100% thoda bahot sallu local star ki moovi ka footfalll badha aur koi reason..hoga to bolo????

  11. Wow tiger the real bhagoda is back
    He ran away from bolly area in the fear of only one aamir fan and don't need to tell who is that aamir fan
    Finally the bhagoda fan is back

  12. my final honest prediction for tubelight. the buzz and the hype is not where they should have been and the 2 hours 16 minutes duration is also not great considering all the 300 crore plus grossers are longer in runtime but stll it’s a family entertainer and will trend well unless it’s very bad, i think it will trend better than kick but much lower than bb. so here is my prediction( i am assuming eid will fall on monday)
    day1 -25 crore
    day2- 27 crore
    day3- 33 crore
    day4- 32 crore( eid day)
    day5-23 crore
    day6- 18 crore
    day7- 15 crore
    first weekend- 85 crore
    first week-173 crore

    second week-56 crore
    rest- 25 crore

    lifetime-255 crore approx

    according to me even 25 crore opening is looking tough seeing the buzz but still i am hoping it gets 25 crore start.
    i know many will say 255 crore lifetime is less but this is the reality.
    hope i am proven wrong and the film performs far better

  13. y are haters getting nervous abhi se??.. arey aur do din baaki hai.. uske baad muh chupaake bhaago :D..

    Tubelight advance booking is rocking big time and its for almost a week!!!... record tho thodegi hi.. and if content rocks, tingu pingu bahubali ke fans idhar udhar bhaagne lagenge.. :D

  14. Are deshdrohion tubelight tum dekho aur pak and china chale jao saat main prashya ko le jao hindustan main tumhara kya kaam

  15. @karan singh faltu akki fan....
    this not tiger this is new entry min fan of amir not lik u........ twinkle twinkle little star...

    karan sing mind it..

    aaj se to teri bhi nind udavinga..
    same akki twinkle little star...
    yaad rakh liyo....

  16. @ jeet bhai pale tum naam badal liyo..... fusslight fan naam prem rakh liyo... phir muje bolna.... fus fus li8 gulllllll....

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