Salman & SRK are bigger stars than me, I am like a waiter: Aamir

Aamir Khan called Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan being bigger stars than him at the poster launch of Dangal today. The actor even went ahead and said he was a nobody and likened himself to a waiter.

"Salman is a huge superstar. When he enters it looks like the star has entered and when I enter, I look like a waiter”. Khan immediately realised he made a blunder which might land him in a controversy, he took his word back and said, “Oh I shouldn’t have said that. Waiters also work hard”.

Aamir admitted that he wanted to encash on the huge buzz generated by Salman’s Sultan for his own film. “I hope the millions of people who will come to watch Sultan will also see our poster and know there is a film called Dangal coming too.”

When asked if he was implying Salman was a bigger star than him, Aamir answered in positive. “Salman has always been a bigger star than me. What’s new in that? I have always considered Salman a bigger star. I have always considered Shah Rukh a bigger star. I consider Amitabh Bachchan a bigger star. There are a host of stars who I feel are very very big in India. There is Hrithik (Roshan), Ajay Devgn, Ranbir (Kapoor), Ranveer (Singh). So many actors are hugely popular. It’s very difficult to compare who is ahead and who is behind.”

It is interesting to note earlier Aamir condemned Salman's rape remark comment. And then he compared himself with waiters. Though we hope it will not cause any controversy as it was a slip of tongue.

13 comments on “Salman & SRK are bigger stars than me, I am like a waiter: Aamir”

  1. bolyarena where is advance booking detail report of sultan...in nepal almost 70 percent tickets are sold

  2. i m a big fan of him , but here somewhere he showed his arrogance , hope dungal will do well or else he will be surly look waiter.

  3. another fact is dungal poster looks very simple and raju hirani is not a director at this time.so he shouldnt make that comments

  4. Amir is the biggest superstar in the country followed by hritik roshan....seriously mat lo amir is taking dig at salman and shahrukh ??...nd dangal would collect min. 250 crores plus in any case...

  5. True about Salman, but no way flopstar srk is bigger than Amir khan. He is just being nice .

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