Salim Khan slams Arnab Goswami for his outrage against Salman

Anchor and editor-in-chief of Times Now Arnab Goswami have been slamming Bollywood actor Salman Khan for supporting Pakistani artists working in India.

Salman Khan on Friday spoke against the move to ban Pakistani artists and emphasised saying, “They are artists not terrorists. It’s the government who gives them permits and visas.”

Arnab Goswami has criticized and ridiculed Salman in his show. This did not go well with the film industry and his fan base. Salman's father Salim Khan has broken his silence on the matter as he questioned that Arnab pays to Pakistani guests on his show for bashing India.

Salman Khan and Salim Khan

"Jawed sahab called and said Pak artists have gone back. Mogambo khush hua. But Gabbar says Bahut na insafi hai that the person who made this coup possible calls Pak retd. Genrls air marshals on his show. Raj Thackrey and Shiv Sena pls note. Wonder how much the panelists get paid for being bashed up regularly. If not then they are not genrls and are generous. But there is a diff between Pak actors and genrls while the actors were paid & didn’t speak against Pak, the genrls were paid to speak agnst India. And he says the film indstry is full of hypocrites.

Note. This is not in favour of Salman or pak actors, it is for the preacher who does not practice.

Salman Khan fans were also angry at Arnab Goswami as they trended TIMES NOW RAPIST OF JOURNALISM on Twitter yesterday.

15 comments on “Salim Khan slams Arnab Goswami for his outrage against Salman”

  1. Salman fans were angry............last sentence..hahahah that makes me laugh who are salman fans first recognize them..let me tell you guys in clear one word who are salman fans illiterate people who has not been to school or has failed at some point in ther life...so go to hell u salman fans...

    1. chal be ch*** akki fan. nationalism kya hota hai ye hume mat sikha. pehle apne dogle akshay kumar ko dekh jo ek taraf to paiso ke liye nationalist movies banata hai wahi dusri taraf canadian citizenship leke betha hain. dogla kahin ka.

      1. Ohhh illiterate.....zaahil,gawar the whole bollywood movie watchers know salman fans are illiterate...n ur one of them zaahil....wat school did u go to? What college? What uni? Ur probably one of those who must have been kicked out at age of 5 from the beginning...chal be 5.5ft ke fan chu......

        1. @akki! So u r the most literate fan base on this planet! R u a scientist or a doctor? Hv u done such great things in ur life that u wasting ur time commenting ur moronic views out here!
          Whatever it is, ask ur star to cross 150 crores first, ohh he won't be able to coz I guess u are a tiny little fan base just like Pluto revolving around a huge mass called 'sun'! ??

  2. a tight slap by Salim Khan on the face pseudo-nationalists like arnab goswami, Shiva Sena and MNS who think that nationalism is their monopoly. These morons think that bashing Pakistan artists over Uri Attack make them a true nationalists. But the real nationalism is to love our own motherland but not hate other nation. What makes you a true nationalist? loving india or hating pakistan?
    If these jerks do not want Pak artists in India then why don't they question our Govt. for this. because it's our Govt. who gives VISA and work permit to Pak artists.
    Salman praised our soldiers for killing terrorists in Surgical Strike and raised a valid point that why to pressurize Bollywood to stop Pak artists if Govt. itself gives them Visa and work permit. No Visa and No pak artists. Simple....
    but these jerks want to make some political gain out of this serious situation. where were Shiv Sena and MNS during 26/11? Waise to bade nationalist bane firte hain, baat baat pe sadako par nikalke protests karte hain, tod phod karke logon ko nationalism ka paath padhate hain. mumbai ke baap bane firte hain, jawaano ki jhooti fiqr karte hain phir 26/11 waale din kyu chup gaye. kyu nahi nikle sadko pe us din terrorists ko maarne.
    jab Bihar se log aate hain Mumbai un par saalo ka jor chalta. tab to bahot bolte hain ki mumbai humare baap ki hai. aur jab terrorists ne attack kiya mumbai pe tab inke baap nahi thi mumbai?? kya bihari log indian nahi hain??
    saale dogle log, bhadve kahin ke. MNS aur Shiv Sena waale saale apne parvar ke toh huye nahi desh ke kya honge? Raj Thackarey and Uddhav Thackerey dono bhai hain lekin dono ek dusre ke khilaf alag party bna ke bethe hain. pehle apne parivar ko to ek krlo saalo, baad mein desh ke logo ko nasihat dena chutiyo.

    1. kya bat kya bat kya bat...kaha the jab 26/11 terrorist naga nach rah tha...and those who saying terrorist are muslims...
      terrorist ka koi religion nahi hota...in 26/11 52 ppl killed they wer muslims....agar terrorist muslim hota tu kya Andha dhond goliya chalata...

  3. Akshay 21m follower in fb
    Salman 32m follower in fb
    Akshay 14m follower in Twitter
    Salman 19m follower in Twitter
    Dekh diffrnc ktna h smjha... India k bhrr jaa akshay kon h nh jnte
    Isly jtna h uthna he rh.... Agr nh h psnd mt krr. Bakws k comment.... Waise b tmhre ghtiya commnt se uss k fan base m. Kooi kami nh anee wli h.... Or rhi fans k bat toh salman jaisa fan bnn b nh skte tm..... Srk n sk jaisa fan koi nh bnn skta... Akshay ka fan h kya kr lera kc nh.. Gao wala hero. Lgta wo...

    1. Ek aur illiterate...cant even put one sentence proper that tells where and what and how salman fans are... exactly like him....chu....

  4. How can any tolerant society accept this kind of behavior by a news show host? Indeed, US has Bill O' Reilly and other nutjobs, but they do not get the prime time slots.

  5. Terrorist ka koi religion Nahi hota India se jyada attack Pakistan main ho raha hai.milatry school main bacho k par golibaar Karna,sucide bomb se leke bahut kuch.main agree karta hu ki India main talent ki kami hai Jo hum Pakistani actors aur actress ko film main lete hai aur Ye bhi sahi hai pakistan artist terrorist koi terrorist Nahi hai.main pure Hindustani par kuch things Hume sochne padegi agar sania Mirza ki baat Kare to ideally wo Pakistani honi chahiye par koi bhi tournament le lo wo India ko hi represent karti hai aur pak govt aur Pakistani ne kabhi aawaz Nahi uthaya.main na hi India k khilaf hu na hi Pakistan k khilaf Sab ko gussa rehta hai uri main ya jammu main terror attack main jitne mare usse kai jyada dono desh main desh Ander hi marte hai pehle desh k Ander ke terrorism khatam Karo Sab kuch solve ho jayega.rape Mara Mari sucide se kitne log Mar rahe hai Ye real problem hai

  6. Ban Arnab Goswami's shows. He is a traitor, who insults our great country and good actors. He should be beheaded for calling Pakistani guests on his show for bashing India.

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