Safar Video Song - Jab Harry Met Sejal

What happens when Shah Rukh Khan, Imtiaz Ali, Pritam and Irshad Kamil get together to make a song ? Pure Magic!

Safar, the third track from Jab Harry Met Sejal is here and it's going to topping your playlist in no time. Jab Harry Met Sejal releases on the 4th of August, 2017.

Music - Pritam
Lyrics - Irshad Kamil
Singer - Arijit Singh

75 comments on “Safar Video Song - Jab Harry Met Sejal”

  1. Blockbuster song, perfectly fits into the movie


    Can't wait not long to go!!!!!!

      1. Really osm song.. 200cr for sure..

        Some people find that srk run away from clash but actually they took best decision. Dont forget aamirkhan was coming on that date as well despite srk's movies next week.

        1st week :- 20+23+25+23+12+10+8
        123 cr
        2nd week:- 50-60cr with clash tepk

        Lifetime can be 200cr plus..

        I m 100% aamirkhan fan but v shouldnt underestimate srk. He is in top3 as well.

        1. Jhms ko jitna kamina hai wo sirf 1st week mai earn karega...baki second week se uspe grahan chadh jayega...maximum 20 cr uske baad...
          1st week if collection =120 cr then,
          Total collection =120 +20=140 cr....

      2. Achhai ko critisize na kia to kya maza achhe song ka... Media and radio ..song will top the charts.

  2. SRK has been the part of 80% chartbusters of 90s/200s and some now. What happened now? And this stupid Pritam gives all good songs to Ranbir only. Current day1 prediction-13cr. .Final after trailer

    1. You cannot be a SRK fan! And aaj kal gaane ache kitne nikal te hain, India ke rappers scene par agaye hain, you want good music then go find Nadeem-Shravan and bring them back! They will give you the best music again, but don't have huge expectations from today's music it only gets as good ae dil hai mushkil!

      First day: 13cr are you mad hahah!

    2. @srk fan is decade me bhi srk k songs hi chartbuster h ,challa song ,saans ,lungi dance,manwa laage ,gerua ,janam janam ,aur last realese raees ka zalima crossed over 125 million

  3. Release trailer not songs. Ek bhi dhang ka gaana nahi hai(Except Radha, I liked it). Isse to fuselight ke gaane 100 times jyada achhe the. Songs will further keep audience away. Leli RCE ne. Ab opening nahi milne wala. Bhugdo....

    Also please note, I am bashing RCE and Pritam, not SRK. So dont call me fake fan.

    1. @sayar bakwas band kar ,srk ko hate karne ko haters jhuthi jhuthi news create kar rahe h ki pakistan ko help kiya k iske film ko boycott karna chaiye k deshdrohi j k hindu virodhi h ,yehi sab baat ko akki aur uske acchi se usr kr rhe h deshbhakti ki natak had hogaya yr in logo ka unke bich ek tu h khud srkian bolkar

      1. Abe har baat me Akki KO kya Lata hai
        Deshbhakhti film banane ke liye vaisa personality hona chahiye Buddha srk 5.5 feet Ka actor KO koi patriotic movie nahi dega Kia bhi to flop hi hua tha like Swadesh, phir bhi dil hai Hindustani etc???

    1. No, Arijit's best songs are Tum hi ho, Rabta, mukurane ki vajah, channa mereya.....
      Geruya no doubt is a superb song but will not count among his bests.

      1. @djbolly

        Gerua is a gem, but your right them songs you named will become classics as the best of this decade by far but I'd like to add one more song to this list and that is agar tum saath ho!

  4. @ ajay Salman fan, kuch sharm kar be.
    Your idol given a big flop on Eid.but still u are praying flop for other actors.
    Bhagta hai ki nai yaha se !

  5. SRK congratulations for having the most watched bollywood movie on youtube KKHH 19milion views!!!!

    1. Sorry bro get your facts right. If you are talking about most watched bollywood movie on you tube its never KKHH.

      1994 Dilwale 32 million watched Ajay
      Gangajaal 22 million watched Ajay
      Singham 19.8 million watched Ajay
      KKHH 19 million watched SRK.

      1. Yaar why rubbing Salt on ShahRukh fans? You know they seriously hate Ajay Sir and now you are putting up these facts they will abuse him more and more??

          1. @Chandra other Ajay fans are talking good about JHmS does not mean you disrespect him. Dont you get it,these are neither Ajay fans rather those that like to cause rift berween Ajay and SRK.
            Ajay and Srk have genuine mutual respect for each other Srk even did Singham song on colours award night they are matured but fans like you always cause abuses between them. Between i too am an Ajay big Fan but SRK my IDOL but i wont say bad to Ajay sir it has no gains to be honest. For me Ajay is still a power pack you can compare Hrithik over him but looking at his nos of movies and respect he commands i stick with Ajay being @no.5 just after Akki. 3 rd most succesful movies verdicts and 4th highest Hit he has at Boi he demands some respect.
            #a proud Srkian for life#
            @Sheheer exactly not all Srk fans hate Ajay no i can vow for that.
            @Peace W exactly too your comment on Baadahaho dialogue suggest just like us you have no problem with Ajay.
            Srk fans also have respect for others just dont bash us directly!!

            1. @ Sht: Agree with u bro. Stars at times have minor differences but they are mature enough to sort it out and bury the hatchet. Some fans though keep fighting with each other their entire lives. Very silly and time wasting stuff but that is the way it is. I have learned to ignore these fans on both sides (including some SRKians do). Though some racist comments (like kalwa) which some SRKians say for Ajay is pretty embarrassing stuff. Hard to understand how an educated person bash on the basis of the skin color of a person.

              If Ajay does something bad to SRK then it will make sense for a SRKian to have a grudge against Ajay. But why should I hold a grudge against Ajay if some silly fan of his says something bad to SRK? All these fan fights are extremely silly. None of the stars be it SRK, Ajay, Salman, Akshay etc will ever own the comments and stuff that some of their fans do.

              Anyways I have learned to ignore all this stuff going around and just control myself.

          2. @Chanda Mamma sleep sleep yes Ranbir + kjo+ ash + anuksha + Negetive coup d'etat approach by Critics + controvery succeded Shivaay that made 100 cr wit Single screens(like Akki did for RR and Salman for Ready). Sos vs jthj the opening day was not as huge as Kaabil Raees or Dilwale BM and mind you 2nd week the whole collection fell on Sos favour but dont forget if Team kjo suceeded Shivaay what of Har Har Mahadev Ranveer vs Team Dilwale? Did you see how BM trashed Dilwale to semi hit and did you observe the margins?

          3. Jthj verdict Hit Sos verdict Hit.
            1st weekend jthj winner
            2nd winner SoS winner
            Still this clash remains one of the most profitable clash of recent.
            Meanwhile Dilwale vs BM remains one of the most one sided clash of top profile A listers just like Rustom vs MD.

          4. Idiot even Srk fans are disliking your comments on Ajay Devgn. That says alot of Ajay and the respect he commands from even Shah rukh fans.
            Talking about clash dont forget even Srk Salman have lost clash against youngster but that does not mean they are not who they are. I remembered i came across Q&A indicine who they stated that Shah Rukh and Ajay have nothing to prove again in the industry so why not instead of Trolling Ajay you appreciate what both of them along with the other Khans and Akshay have survive so long and still have more movies on offer than even the younger generations.

      2. What of Sholay and DDLj? Any idea how many watched it and also 3 idiots . i know not upto Kkhh but i think they are all around 15 million each.

  6. JHMS is in danger!!

    Mahabakwas song..
    I think JHMS ko Aab trailer bhi nahi bacha sakta.

    Really boring video, dialog promos.
    Waiting for big flop to join d club of fusslight ???

    SRK Aab romance king nahi raha.
    Kuch Naya Karo. Shobha nahi deta srk aur Sallu Jaise buddhe logonko ?????

    Aamir-the biggest global megastar

    1. I dislike ur comment. I know that aamirkhan is the megastar but u should understand that srk is also superstar.

  7. With every song being released, the quality of music is increasing. Amazing song. The stills of Anushka and SRK dancing in the farm on possibly a Punjabi song (Raula sung by Diljit Dosanjh) are good too. They should now release the trailer and Raula song (which will appeal to masses more due to local flavor).

  8. Sallu aur srk Aab koi nahi bacha sakta.

    Only Aamir rules ?
    Audience bore ho gayi hai copy paste and romance dekhke. ??

    Aamir se kuch sikhna chahiye inko.
    Aamir 2000cr me khel raha hai aur ye dono 700cr pe.

    1. So you are saying romance is bullshit, for you then all the actors from the 60's, 70's are all shit like Dev anand, raj kapoor, shammi kapoor, Rajesh Khannna because they gave more romantic movies than what Aamir Khan is giving to day, Shah Rukh Khan is the only actor today who is taking there legend forward and has proved to be the greatest romantic hero to have ever walked on to the planet!

      50 years later when people actors talk about romance or give a tribute to romantic movies it will start and end with shah rukh Khan and his movies, but Aamir Khan they will only say yaar acha actor tha, samjhe!

      What's wrong with the song its talking about his journey, concentrate on he lyrics you idiot, and you will understand!

      Collections will always go up and down, one day another actor will make more box office collections than Aamir Khan hen what will you say that Aamir is a shit actor and needs to something new!

      1. @srk unsecure fan

        Mirgi Fan............bhai aamir ne

        1) qsqt
        3) hm h rahi pyar k
        5) Raja hindustani
        7) dil chahta h
        9) Dil h ki manta nhi
        10) gazni
        11) Fanna bnayi h
        12) akele hm , akele tum

        SrK ki sari love movie , HAlKAT or THAKELI h....???

        kuch b nya nhi h unme......

        Aamir se jal kr hi vh , romantic movie krne lga.......

        SRK se phle aamir Romance ka hero bn chuka tha.....

        Ha pr SrK sabse jyada romantic movie bna k , pkaane valo me jana ja skta h?????????????????

    2. @prashya ye sab romance tere aamir se nahin ho sakta h isiliye buddhe ka role ka rha h ,dhoom 3 me dekhe h na sb ne katrina dance karti ye bs baithe dekhta rehta h whi aata h bs aamir ko

  9. New trend by srk haters."Iam srk fan but movie is shit and blab blah blah"
    New strategy by haters loved it. lol.

  10. Finally a great song ! Radha was good but not amazing and the club song was average. This one is full of poetry. Best is yet to come ! With 1 or 2 more chartbusters + a good trailer JHMS will be able to silence all the stupid haters.

  11. SRK should leave Salman and grow closer friendship with Aamir.
    Accept it or watch Marigold/Yeh Majhdar /MAMK in loop.
    Agreed with @Parshya

  12. If SRK really wants to bounce back, he needs to do a film outside Red Chilles and YRF. #FACT.

  13. the song is decent, video is good but if you think this is the music of the man who has given yjhd, adhm, love aaj kal it sounds like a crap.
    the films trailer will release before 10 days of the film release. the film will release on approx 3500-3700 screens according to trade. in 2nd week it will retain around 2000 screens.

  14. If Chennai express had all three days holidays in weekend then it also become the record opening weekend.Break the record of Ek tha tiger weekend of 56 crore by huge 30 crores.ETT also had 1st day 15 august and 3rd day Sunday.

  15. Interestingly I enjoyed it. The lyrics Made sense. I dont like beech beech only the beats but i think this is overall is a good number✌

  16. Taking back my comments @ 7:23 pm in which I called it just an ok song. Hadn't heard the full audio version by then. Its a very good song and great lyrics. Listening it on loop.

    Ab bahut bajega beta tu
    You have been insulting SRK a lot
    Its been 3 years that SRK has no clean hit.
    1. Longest period without a clean hit is Akshay Kumar(1996-2003, after KKK before Andaaz)
    2. SRK in non holiday:
    -Karan Arjun-Blockbuster

    Working day:
    Karan Arjun-Record opener
    Koyla-Record opener
    K3G-Record opener
    Main Hoo Na-Record opener

    Akshay in holidays:
    BLUE, jaaneman-FLOP
    Aitraaz-Avg-TMK=Semi hit
    ATHWS(X mas)-Flop
    Action replay-Flop

    Dont make accuses of clash. DDLJ/KKHH were also in clash but still ATBB.

    SRK's top hits and approx footfalls
    DDLJ-Originally was 6cr, now 4.78cr
    KA-Approx 3cr
    DTPH-Nearly 3 cr


    Non holiday 100cr
    SRK-Raees(Dont tell Raees is holiday, by that logic even Airlift is holiday)

    So NON HOLIDAY ka bahana banana chod

    And "CLEAN HIT"

    SRK's semi hits earn more than Akki's clean hits.
    Plus longest period without clean hit is Akki(After KKK to Andaz, 7 years, Yes 7 YEARS)

    SRK will have 11 blockbusters after BOI updates Baazigar. Akki has 2 in entire career.

    Ab na holiday ka bahana chalega na clean hits ka

    Akki has no ATBBs and HGOTYs also.

    And if postponing movie is being Bhagoda, tere canadian ne bhi bhagaya tha apna OUATIMD CE se

    1. Dekho srkians Ka logic raees is nonholiday release tab to tubelight bhi nonhoiday release hai pehle ghar me thora padh le uske baad mujhse debate Karna aur srk Gaya tha ekta kappor ke pass bhik mangne ki clash se hat jao aur tum srkians Akki KO troll Karo to aacha hai ham bole to kharab kya Kar lega Tu boluga bhagora bhag Gaya ????

      1. Chal be utsav akki chkki k fan ....
        Akki ki history utha k dekh..with clash or non clash kya hal hua tha uska...3-4 movie regular hit dene se kisi bal nhi ukhad liya usne....
        Or srk akki ka clash dekh ....sbi clash tera chakki hara h....

        Or aaj tu bat bna rha h.... ki akki srk se jeet jayega ....

        Srk 1 clash m thode km kya kma gya....tu sir pe hi chd gya.....tere akki ko or tujhe murga bna k marunga saale tuchiye......

        Fan utsav apne bap ko bol jab avtar-2 ayegi tb apni robot release krega pta chlega.....tujhe pta chl jayega kya h akki....

        Or tu yad kr akki ki phli sbse bdi hit srk ki vjh se mili thi---dtph....

        Wrna iss se phle akki ki sari movie average ya flop hoti thi.....

        Janeman m 2 star the ...wo srk ka bal b nhi ukhad ske..bat krta h.....???????????

      1. Okay if Raees is holiday release, then Airlift is holiday reelease.
        Aur to Fan ki bat karraha hai.
        Ek ddlj ka record todne me tere akki ko 13 saal lage.
        Did u know SRK crossed Joker's lifetime 4 times all in 1-2 single day.

        Ladkiyo ke jesa emojis lagata hai. CHal bhaag bhagde ki aulaad

      2. 13 saal lage ter makkhi ko ddlj ke collections cross karne mai
        Aajtak mohabbatein ka ffs cross nahi kar paya
        k3g ka overseas cross nahi karpaya
        HOLIDAYS mai flops/disasters diye hai

        7 saal tak clean hit nai diya tha(1996-2003)

  18. @prashant abhishek ett did not have 3 back to nack holidays like ce and never was it's third day a sunday. ett was released on wednesday which was national holiday of 15th august and then the next two days were thursday and friday which were working days.

  19. First time in History Actor, Director, composer ek ghatiya gaane pe daru pike Ghatiya dance kar rahe hai ?????

  20. Abe chomu Rajpoot.
    Fan with only srk-85cr
    Brothers with siddartha, jacqueline, kareena item dance=71cr
    Meri biwi ka jawaaf nahi=20 lakhs

  21. Sayar....
    Maine phle hi bola yar...akki ki tarif mt kro...
    Jitni akki ki tarif kroge...ye utni hi srk ki bura bilte h...

    Jis bnde se aaj tk ddlj ka collectiin cross nhi ho paya uske fan khte h....srk clash m har jayega....ab unse koi puchne vala ho..ki srk kbhi clash m hara h.....

    Or rhi bat...YLJK...movie ki to utsav bta du..ye movie release nhi hui thi....qki ye movie 1992 se bn rhi thi...or 2003 tk bn hi nhu paai.....jisko bad m internet pe leak kr diya gya tha...or iss movie ko dekhio kbi....iska endcomplete nhi h....

    Interval k bad srk nhi h iss movie m...

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