Rustom Vs Mohenjo Daro Coverage

The much-anticipated clash of Rustom vs Mohenjo Daro is about to happen in just four days.

From now on we will be having the special coverage of the clash. Most of you know that it means that we will be sharing each and every detail of both these films and only important news of others (if required) will be updated.

The budget, screen count and box office predictions will be updated tomorrow. The advance booking will be updated on Wednesday and reviews will be out on Thursday.

We are also offering you guys an opportunity to write for us. If you want to write anything related to Mohenjo Daro or Rustom, send your articles on [email protected]

If you have any suggestion, do let us know in the comments section. We also wish best of luck to both films and hope these will be big hits at the box office.


Team Bollywood Arena

33 comments on “Rustom Vs Mohenjo Daro Coverage”

    1. @ranbir warriors , i think u r the biggest chu,,,,ya , i have ever seen in this site ,sorry in the world.

    2. Kustom does not even make sense in English/Hindi. Boy, do you even language? I usually refuse to give more fodder to trolls but you are everything that is wrong with fans and more. Chalo, let me break it down into something you can understand.

      Say, your relative had a child the same day you were born (a pity it happened, alas) and someone comes along and says illiterate and disgusting stuff about you or your cousin brother/sister. How the f**k would you feel? Exactly! In case you didn't get it, treat Rustom and Mohenjodaro as cousins, dumbnuts.

  1. SALMAN BHAI ne jo bol di ki RUSTOM dekho ...to bas ... ab to hum apne ap ki v nahi sunenge...... RUSTOM zindabad

  2. Please update the Kabali worldwide box office collection.Its my humble request to bollywood arena

  3. think you team Bollywood Arena your site is really grow up very fast and it is become my fov site for bollywood updates I hope both films do well but I waiting more for rustom because of akki sir

  4. Humble request to all Salman’s Fans…
    Plz comment { Re Sultan ?} when Sultan cross 300 crore…it will be a good punch of sign to all Sultan’s hatters….plzzz

  5. @bollyarena block this ranbir warrior
    with no reason he is spreading negativity...about films..
    both movie will be superhit....

  6. I am waiting for MohenjoDaro. ....hope film should do well at the Box office ...Day 1 ...would be around 15-18 Cr and for Rustom ..Day 1 Will be near 10-12 Cr ...neck 2 neck competition....!!!

  7. mohanjodaro should do 180+ business as budget is 150 cr. and rustom sholud do 120+ as budget is 40cr.
    but one thing is really surprising everyone that one man who is coming after two years not creating buzz as much as the guy created who is coming just after 2 months.

    1. This is due to the negativity around the movie, or else it could have a huge hype if it had a mind-blowing trailer like Shivaay's!

      1. i agree , wt i m thinking is akshay is doing three 2 four movies a year n releasing all of them on non holiday but still all the movies doing well joining 100cr club , just think if he stop doing these many movie a year n make only one movie for a year , how big will be the collections n openings.

    2. Comment:bro MD budget including advertisment cost is 115 crores it is confirmed now ,and already has recovered 60 crores from music & sattelite rights ,so now it needs 45 cr. from domestic & 15 cr. from overseas to break even

      1. If u talk about satelight n music rights then Rustom has collected all its budget satelight right 30cr. And music rights 12 Cr. So now wtever movie will collect that will be profit so it's better for u to do not talk all that only domestic box office matters.

        1. Comment:first of all i'm saying MD budget is 115 cr. not 150+ cr. and u guys include hrithik's fee while talking about MD's budget and don't include akki's salary while talking about rustom's budget. Is akki working for free ?? answer is no. So rustom budget is easily 75-80 cr. including marketing cost & akki's fee as i don't think so production cost of rustom will be less than 30 crores .
          Same was in the case of bang bang its budget was 140 cr. Including HR's fee otherwise its a 100 cr. Movie and earn 180 cr. ,so should be a superhit.......
          & I don't say it needs 45 cr. In dom. And 15 cr. In overseas to become a hit i said to break even which means producers will not be in losses.

          1. all i say is both the movies should do well , as lagaan and gadar.as i m fan of both the actors.thats why i said in my above comment MJ 180 and rustom 120

  8. Mohenjodaro first day 16 to 18 crores from around 3000 screens....Rustom 10 to 12 crores from 2200 screens....looking at the moment...Monday se jiska wom positive hoga woh lead karegi....

  9. Good job bollyarena team....u coverage each and evary news related to bollywood.... u r the best box office site in india....keep it up....thnks.....

  10. I hope both movie superb... both actors are so reliable and hardworking...in Bollywood

  11. i hope both will be disaster.......one bhai is promoting...second Kabil makers not allowing SRK to release Raees...

  12. I'm fan of Akki but true is that the star power of hrithik is like khans ,khans always afraid of hrithik bcse of Hi huge collection so sallu promoting Akki .
    Lol sallu know Akki can not surprass his record but hrithik has capacity to do thies all knows that's why s.k is afraid of him

  13. I'm gonna watch Rustom kyon kai bhaijan na kaha hai.... abh to Mai apni aap ki bhi nahe sunnta

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