Rustom Trailer Review

Rustom Trailer Review

The trailer of Akshay Kumar's Rustom was released this morning. The film which also stars Ileana D'crouz and Esha Gupta in main roles is directed by Tinu Desai.


The film features Akshay Kumar as the Parsi officer and Ileana D’Cruz as his wife of English descent, the trailer takes off with an insight into the life of this officer. He is true to his wife and dutiful towards his country until he learns of his wife’s affair with another man Arjan Bajwa.

Akshay rocks big time once again as he is looking dapper in the white Indian Navy uniform. It is hard to believe that, just one month ago, he made audience smile with his comic antics in Housefull 3. His transformation is legendary, to say the least. The film which carries the tag line ‘3 shots that shocked the nation’ seems to be power-pack with suspense and thriller. The setting, attires and gait seem in sync with the decade that the film is set in. The plot also looks colorful and appealing. Ileana and Esha both looks beautiful. The dialogues are appealing. Watch for Akshay's expressions when he says, "Trust me darling u can not" and "Matlabb bazi jeetne se hai phir chahe payda kurban ho ya rani".

The trailer is stretched to almost 3 minutes which is a minus point as thrillers should have short trailers/teasers. The whole story is also told in the trailer itself and we also get to see Akshay shooting Arjun. That could have been held as a secret as we have seen in other murder mysteries. We hope there will be some twists in the film. Rustom will mainly appeal to the multiplex audience.

Rustom Trailer Review: Verdict

The trailer is powerful and promises a lot. It also has a patriotism factor. The story has all the ingredients required for a successful film critically and commercially. We just hope that the makers will not add too many Bollywood cliches to destroy this epic story.



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20 comments on “Rustom Trailer Review”

  1. but award function always ignore akshay kumar i think this time also ignore the brilance performance of akki
    airlift & rustum both r award
    winning film
    but he did not win in bollywood award

  2. The whole story is also told in the trailer itself and we also get to see Akshay shooting Arjun.

    My 2 cents

    In court proceedings they show 4 versions of the murder mystery Akki,Illi,Aya and other X person versions .... Director intentionally show Akki version to mislead public ... finally he is not the culprit

  3. Well as said by You Only Appeal to Multiplex audience .. so business would be around 100-120 at best .. plus there is mohenjodaro as well so let see...

  4. much better trailer then mohenjoDaro. so what do u think which movie will win the clash MD or Rustom?

  5. Trailer is absolutely good and better than Mohenjodaro,

    But not extra ordinary or outstanding to change the mind of neutral audience who wish to see Mohenjo Daro First day it self.

    Congrats to Rustom makers for presenting a good trailer.

  6. You have 3.5 to md as well as rustom..
    When I think md trailer deserved 2-2.5 and rustom at least 4

  7. Positives

    #Excellent acting by Akshay sir
    #Top notch Supporting cast
    #Good and Thrilling story ( at least in trailer)

    Negatives( Nothing big but few things are,)

    1.Niche appeal ( but can surprise like Airlift)
    2.Akshay sir all Recent movies graphics work and production values are not so impressive.
    ( eg: Airlift good movie could have been awesome if they increased budget .
    Houseful 3: Graphics works was avg. even for a big film)
    3.Story looking good but the story is also very popular.If the Screenplay is not good then it fail to give thrills and fail to be a good film.

    All in all good trailer and very good for those who loves these type of films....

  8. Looks more like Aap ki Adalat serial just a suspense thriller which people usually love to see on TV rather than in theater bcoz atmost all film come on TV with in 2-3 month

  9. The trailer is good....
    Akshay has given his very good performance in airlift but not soo good in housefull3 and again rustom is looking good...
    I think this is the last movie of akshay to released in 2016....

  10. this era is know for only two star first salman khan nd second akki i am not fan of akki but no doubt he is one of the finest bollywood actor ever nd one more thing about aamir sir he is average actor with averege acting skill but his selecton of movies is ossum otherwise if we analysisis aamir khan carrer befor three idiot we had get disspointment so thts why i am with salman nd akshay

  11. rustam box office collection
    1st day 13 cr.
    2nd day 15 cr.
    3rd day 17cr. weekend 45cr.
    4th day 15th august 15 to 20 cr.
    5th day 7.5 cr.
    6th day 7cr.
    7th day rakhi holiday 10cr. ( 1week total 75 to 80 cr.)
    8th day 3.5cr.
    9th day 4cr.
    10th day 6cr.
    11th day 2 cr.
    12th day 1.90cr.
    13th day 2.10 cr.
    14th day janmastmi holiday 3.5 cr. ( total after second week 95 to 100cr.)
    after third week all time box office will be (105 to 110 cr.) third 100cr. club movie for akshay this year
    and yes mohanjodaro box office collection will be ( 150 to 160) both will be hit

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