Rustom Music Review

Rustom Music Review: Rustom stars Akshay Kumar, Ileana D'crozu and Esha Gupta in the lead roles. The music of the film is composed by Raghav Sachar, Jeet Ganguli, Ankit Tiwari and Arko. Lyrics are written by Manoj Muntashir and the production company is Zee Music.

The film does not have situational numbers except title track. The makers have tried to make a chartbuster album and have less resemblance to 1960's plot of the film. There are 6 original and four reprise songs in the album. Let's take a look at Rustom music review.

Rustom Music Review

Tere Sang Yara:

Singer: Atif Aslam

Pakistani singer is back with the romantic track and he has done a tremendous job. The melody is dipped in romance and emotions, with heartfelt lyrics by Manoj Muntashir. It is one of the best romantic songs in recent times. (4/5)

Rustom Vahi:

Singer: Sukriti Kakar

It is the title track of the film which introduces the lead actor. The song has been brilliantly crooned by Sukriti Kakkar and composed by Raghav Sachar. However the pace was too fast at times and you did not get addicted to the song. It also reminds of you Aaj Ki Raat from Don. There is also a theme, Marathi and male version of the song which have nothing different to offer. (3/5)

Tay Hai:

Singer: Ankit Tiwari

The song takes a soothing start but soon it turns into a typical Ankit's style. The composition is pretty much simple and looks familiar to earlier tunes but still it is Ankit's voice which makes it extremely pleasant to listen. (3.5/5)

Dekha Hazaro Dafaa:

Singer: Arijit Singh & Palak Muchhal

Dekha Hazaro Dafaa takes to you a dreamy world. With musical arrangements that are easy on the ears, Arijit Singh and Palak’s vocals work their magic equally well. Again the composition is kept simple and the more focus is in the singing department. (3/5)

Dhal Jaun Main

Singer: Jubin Nautiyal & Aakanksha Sharma

Jubin Nautiyal is probably the most underrated singer. He once again impresses with his versatility. Manoj Muntashir has done a tremendous job with his lyrics. That song is going to stay here for a long time. A clear winner. (3.5/5)

Jab Tum Hote Ho

Singer: Shreya Goshal

A composition that is similar to Aashiqui 2 and Ek Villain. It may appeal to you but there is a lack of originality. (2.5/5)

Tere Bin Yaara - Reprise

Singer - Arko

It was targetted as a sad version of Tere Sang Yara but we did not get the feel of the song as the tune is pretty much romantic. (2.5/5)

Rustom Music Review: Verdict

Four music composers were roped for the film but still there is not much variety except first two songs. Ankit Tiwari and Jeet Ganguly are being repetitive as the songs resemblance to their previous works. Overall the album is a winner and will be a delight to romantic/sad music lovers. It will also help Rustom in providing an extra buzz.

Our Picks: Tere Sang Yara, Tay Hai, Dhul Jao Main

Rating: 3.5/5

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30 comments on “Rustom Music Review”

    1. Tere Sang Yaara- 4.5/5
      Rustom Vahi- 3/5
      Tay Hai- 3.75/5
      Dekha Hazaro Dafaa-3/5
      Dhal Jaun Main-3.75/5
      Jab Tum Hote Ho- 2.5/5
      Overall- 3.75/5. The album is good but all of them are romantic songs except Rustom Vahi.
      My pick: Tere Sang Yaara, Tay Hai and Dhal Jaun Main.

    1. @ranbir warriors , this guy is really frustrated , i pray ye dil hai muskil do well or else he will never come on this site

    2. @ranbir looks like ur Hrithik fan.. Well dude so am I a fan of him and Rahman and Javed. But unfortunately they habe gone wrong by not changing with times. For me Mohejodaro music doesnt work. I cant tolerate the videos nor the music nor I can hum their songs.. Whats the point. Wheras Rustom has all 3 Gods - Arijit, Atif anf Ankit -singing and lovely lyrics by IIFA winner Manoj Nuntashir. If you think Rustom is crap then I think you need a reality check

  1. For me Rustom Tere Sang Yaara was an Abv avg song just like Mohonjodaro first song Tu Hai (But I really loved the Sarsariya song).

    Hope Rustom songs are good

  2. This is my Prediction for Mohenjodaro nd Rustom just after the trailer release still I am not intending to change it..

    Mohenjodaro and Rustom Prediction after Trailer

    Mohenjodaro- Good but disappointed by huge expectation

    Rustom- Very good but not outstanding to Change the minds of neutral audience who wish to c MD on FDFS it self.

    #Boxoffice Prediction- Very difficult to predict Bcz here need to predict two films WOM and its also related to each other.

    #1)If Rustom got Positive WOM nd

    a)If MD got Positive WOM,
    Rustom- 73cr, MD- 167cr
    b)If MD got Mixed WOM,
    Rustom- 90. MD- 118
    c)If MD got negative WOM
    Rustom- 103, MD- 97

    #2)If Mohenjodaro got Positive WOM,

    a)If Rustom got positive WOM,
    Rustom 73, MD 167
    b)If Rustom got Mixed WOM,
    Rustom-62, MD- 170
    c)If Rustom got Negative WOM,
    Rustom-47cr MD- 185cr

    More over even a great site like Indicine is agreeing with me on this prediction

    1. dosent matter +WOM, critics and all that shit , its akshay movie if rustom content click it will go 100cr. no one can stop if not still 85cr.is sure thats hit status as budget is just 40cr.,
      mohanjodaro if content click 170 on the way thats hit status , if not still 100 to 110 cr. is sure but will call flop cause budget is 140 cr.

  3. My predictions for latest releases-
    Wom expected-Mixed
    Wom expected-Mixed
    Wom expected-Mixed
    Day5-7 -80cr
    Wom expected-Positive
    Day5-7 -75cr


  4. best album of the year!!!! hope movie will earn 150 crore!!!! ? hope both movies will give more than 250 crore

  5. Have to tell something.. If Rustam featuring SALMAN OR SHAHRUKH then this music reviews, I should say rating will be 4.5/5 but as d film featuring AKSHAY KUMAR rating coming down to 3.5/5. U r totally biased bollyarena.
    This album is far better than SULTAN infact one of best soulful, touchy, love ballads of 2016 with no ridiculous meaningless lyrics too.. Overall rating perhaps 4.25/5

      1. So Rustom Music Review = Sultan Music Review?
        He meant if Sultan's was as good as Rustom's Music, you would have rated 4.5.
        I don't know about that but Rustom's Music deserves more for sure... Its far far better that Sultan

        1. u r right ,@love bollywood, i have seen how this site promoted crap sultan. but just see the collections from monday drastically droping

  6. 4/5 very very good album in comparison of crap md album in which all songs are boring my rating for md music is 1/5

  7. @bollyarena
    Paying humble respect, I have to say that if SULTAN Music review was 3.5/5 ( Rustam also score same), then it must be a biased one. It's my point of view only. Rustam music is thousand time better than SULTAN ( both music & lyric wise)
    Note: I'm an ardent follower of ur Site, visits numerous times a day. Ur most of the articles r fabulous, meaningful but when it comes to KHAN (ESP. SALMAN & SHAHRUKH) then u r litter biased that's I've to say.

    1. Dear Emran even after checking the reviews, you are still saying we are biased. Only God can help you in that regard
      If we were biased then why we rate Sultan and Fan as 3 but Airlift as 3.5?

  8. best album of the year!!!
    all songs are appealing!!!
    mine fav is (dekha hazaaro dafa apka) arijit rocks again!!!

  9. But bollyarena in sultan there is no good song without jag ghoomeya and in rustam there is amazing songs, so why u rate just 3.5 so bad.

  10. LOVELY ALBUM.....
    as I said/expected some MELODIOUS songs make RUSTOM much more potential to be SUPER HIT at BO....

  11. Who is bigger crowd puller in overseas...khans or akshay...????
    Who makes Indian movies to reach globally and gives more foreign exchange to india akshay or khans....????

    I think you get the answer of your question....my friend.

  12. Abe o shAntanu mind ur language , what do u mean. Bollyarena plz block this mental and idiot

  13. Comment:bakwas album.sultan songs are way better than this rasam not rustum.just one song is good others are horrible.

  14. #Rustom #RustomTrailer #akshaykumar #IleanaDcruz #YouTube trailer views crosses 1.2+ mn & #Mohenjodero views as well.

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