Rustom Movie Review - Akshay Kumar

Rustom Movie Review: Rustom is a thriller film directed by Tinu Desai. The film stars Akshay Kumar, Ileana D'crouz and Esha Gupta in the lead roles. The film releases this Friday in India. Excluding all other details, let's go to Rustom review straight.

Rustom Movie Review - Akshay Kumar

Rustom has a story which is explained in layers. First of all, it is not based on Nanavati case and is fictional work where too many other things are going on. The director has tried to justify the tagline of the film murderer, traitor, and patriot. But Tinu Desai could not execute that well. The audience anticipated for that big punch which it could not deliver.

The film takes off quite an unusual way and comes straight to the point. Still, Akshay Kumar's character is built up brilliantly. I wish that I can say to say the same for the other cast. The weakest part of the story is the patriotic angle. The conspiracy theory involving India's Naval security makes no sense at all. The first half is a long wait and much of the drama happens after the interval. The editing needs to crispier which is required for thrillers. Rustom could have been shortened by 15-20 minutes as a lot of time is wasted on slow motions and flashbacks.

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Having said so, Rustom has been shot well and despite the low budget, production values are good. 1960's world looks almost perfect as the makers have kept a close eye on the detailings. The music and cinematography are another plus points. Tere Sang Yara which captures the romance between Akshay and Ileana is too good. The dialogues are fun. Few of the court scenes are stellar and Tinu seems to have got an inspiration from Neeraj Pandey. The background score is over-dramatic and does not leave a good impression.

Rustom Review - Star Performances:

I would like to repeat the same. Is there anything that Akshay Kumar cannot do? It is hard to believe that the same guy was playing the character of Sandy a couple of months back. As an honest naval Commander Rustom Pavri, he has played his character with full gusto. The intensity in his eyes, dialogue delivery, screen presence etc everything was perfect. It is a performance which is at par with Airlift and Baby. But again it is sad to see that he does not get much-deserved appreciation at the award shows. Do watch out for whistles on his entry in the film.

Ileana D Cruz is a powerhouse of talent and she proves it yet again. She excels, especially in the intense sequences. Esha Gupta does a commendable job. Special mention will be for the Police inspector Pawan Malhotra.

Rustom Movie Review: Verdict

Rustom has some well-crafted courtroom drama and melodious tones. But Akshay Kumar's stellar performance is enough to make it a good watch.

Rating: 3/5


Do let us know if you have watched and also what is your take on Rustom movie review in the comments section.

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    1. Bollyarena i just want to tell u that u gave 3 stars to FAN but that was a huge flop and u gave 1.5 star to Houdefull3 but that became a hit so i will never trust ur review bcuz thats ur thought and listen one thing review never matters for audience. U always gave ur on review

    1. Jokes apart, good review. I agree mostly, however
      1) The makers of the movie have conveyed from the start that it is has borrowed elements from the Nanavati case and other cases from that era, therefore mentioning it is mostly fictional work in a review was not warranted.
      2) Other reviews are raving about Esha Gupta's and other supporting cast's performances. Strange, that you did not find any others worth mentioning.

  1. bollyarena how much u have paid for mojo....as i have seen that rustom is getting excellent reviews from all over ,only u have given a 3star rating to it....
    pls be honest

  2. Mohenjo Daro First weekend = 50 crroe, Lifetime = 155 crore
    Rustom First weekend = 45 crore, Lifetime = 115 crore

  3. bollyarena is biased for mojo ........rustom recieves an ave. rating of 4-4.5 overseas ......

  4. It will recover it's budget easily....but MD has to be strong to recover budget
    Lets see

  5. So according to Bollyarena both movies are good although MJ has got a * higher but that may (or may not) be for Individual choice...
    Lets see how the Public responds to both Movies...
    My tickets for 9:00 am show of Rustom are booked :)

    1. I think only Bolly arena didn't like the movie that much. Although everyone on Twitter and other review sites have given a positive thumbs up to RUSTOM.. whatever I hope both the movies get profitable as we are one industry!

  6. So many people nd sites now saying that Rustom will cross 100cr if it gets Positive WOM.... But Iam still saying Rustom is depends upon Mohenjo Daro WOM....

    Mohenjo Daro and Rustom

    #Boxoffice Prediction- Very difficult to predict Bcz here need to predict two films WOM and its also related to each other.

    #1)If Rustom got Positive WOM nd

    a)If MD got Positive WOM,
    Rustom- 77cr, MD- 167cr(120-190)
    b)If MD got Mixed WOM,
    Rustom- 90. MD- 101(80-120)
    c)If MD got negative WOM
    Rustom- 103, MD- 73(70-100)

    #2)If Mohenjodaro got Positive WOM,

    a)If Rustom got positive WOM,
    Rustom 77, MD 167
    b)If Rustom got Mixed WOM,
    Rustom-64, MD- 170
    c)If Rustom got Negative WOM,
    Rustom-52cr MD- 185cr

    If MD got extra ordinary WOM then 200cr sure.

    My Prediction
    Rustom 77
    MD 169

  7. Good...don't care rating...because h3 was only 1.3 star then also it was hit....but it has batter than avg rating...that meins movie is good...plz update advance booking of both the movies....

  8. Team Bollyarena i know you blocked me after this comment but i have a expectation on you guys for sake of your predication justification...........Your review start with negative lines yet you given 3* for rustom. how much you guys know about ancient civilization ...Tell me......i also read your review on mhd where you wrote GREAT research word........You also wrote about poor VFX yet you given 4* to mhd..................I as normal guy dnt trust on these paid reviews...........SHAME ON YOU GUYS.

    1. vfx is not great so what?? ashu is a great story teller and vfx had nothing to do with story its a limited budget movie so u can'r expect a bahubali type of vfx.

  9. Rustom phir bhi superhit jayegi...amit bhai. ... don't worry. .. i can challenge bollyarena fan..rustom will cross 90 cr any condition. ...

  10. Mohenjo daro blockbuster.... Fantastic.... Hrithik back....eagerly waiting mohenjo daro hrithik..... Rustom flopppp

  11. look at how akshay fans are now feeling insecure after rustom and mohenjo daro reviews.

  12. Bollyarena good review for rustom .but biased review for mahenjodaro.4* we don't believe your review

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