Rustom 3rd Day Box Office Collection Estimates

Rustom Day 3 Box Office Collection: The early trends suggest that Rustom has an excellent start on its 3rd day. There is a very good jump as compared to Friday or Saturday. It is all set for a rocking day at the box office. Check Rustom 3rd day collection update.

Rustom Day 3 Box Office Collection Update

Morning Shows Report:

Rustom has a good opening in the morning shows. The overall occupancy was 60% which is way higher than yesterday.The most significant change is the jump in places like Bangalore, Kolkata and Mysore which are multiplex oriented circuits. The single screens are also performing better today. North India continues to do great and Central India has picked up too.

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Rustom will continue to grow from here. The noon shows will have higher occupancy and then in the evening it can grow further as tomorrow is a holiday. So the normal drop that comes on Sunday evening will not be here. It means Rustom day 3 collection will witness more than a normal jump. It can create history by becoming the highest single day for Akshay Kumar and that will depend on the performance of evening/late night shows.

Noon Shows Report:

Rustom is having 75-80% occupancy in the noon shows. It is almost sold out in North India and is houseful across Delhi and East Punjab. As Rustom is already performing to its full capacity, it will be interesting to see the evening/night trend. If it remained in the same range, then anything around 19-20 cr can be expected. And if it goes to houseful, then Rustom has a chance to go over 20 cr too.

Evening Shows Report:

The evening shows went very well for Rustom. It not only maintained the pace but also showed an upward trend at plexes. Tomorrow is a Nationa holiday which has given an extra push in the evening. If that is the case in the night shows too, it has an outside chance to collect 20 cr.

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Rustom Day 3 Box Office Collection Early Trends:

As per the early trends, Rustom day 3 collection will be in the range of 19.75 crore. The trend has ensured a clean hit status.

Rustom has collected over 30 crores in the first two days. The movie has also fared well in overseas where its collection stands at 8.30 crores. We will continue to update this page throughout the day with latest reports. So bookmark it and keep visiting. Tell us what are your views about Rustom day 3 box office collection (Sunday) update in the comments section.

35 comments on “Rustom 3rd Day Box Office Collection Estimates”

  1. For third day 1st Sunday my prediction for Rustom biz is 20-22 Crs. Tomorrow being a national holiday so Sunday & Monday biz may be 42-43 Crs. In 4 days itself Akshay will break the jinx of 70Crs tagged with him however he has already broken that tag.

  2. This is great.. The days of Singh is King are back.. Now one can imagine how big 2.0 will open.. Rajni+Akshay. From east to west and north to south, it will be Housefull everywhere. Keep it up Akki paaji. One more masterpiece in Jolly LLB2 is also in the way.. RUSTOM sure shot Blockbuster tag.

  3. If every thing ryt
    Rustom enter in 100 Cr club in this week. ...
    70+ Cr in first 4 days...
    5 and 6 th day 16+ Cr
    And thrusday raksha bandhan collect 15+ Cr. So first week collection 70+16+15= 101+ cr

  4. Yes, it's really growing day by day n today it will earn nearby 20 CR itself n it will cross 100cr feet ending of first week surely.
    It will be blockbuster cleanly.


  6. 1st day 14+
    2nd day 16+
    3rd day 22+
    4th day 15+
    5th day 7+
    6th day 6+
    7th day 10+
    88+ in first week

  7. What is happening to ur site. I am asking this question from days and weeks. Pls answer me. Why are u not posting WOM articles . Why are you not having any Q&A sessions. This is the last time I am asking or this is also the last time I am coming to ur site.

  8. I watch the RUSTOM . It will be crossed 100 crores. This will be third 100 cr of akshay this year. Awesome movie of Akshay Kumar this year.

  9. Am from punjab in Amritsar #Rustom hosefull every show housefull I. Can't believe but audience crazy for rustom

  10. @Bhai Bolly Arena
    Plzz make an article of Q& A of twitter and post here.
    it will help those who don't follow twitter.

  11. morning show 65℅
    noon show 85℅
    evening show 100 ℅ housefull in north indian

    dats blockbuster movie
    aray na hum amitab na dalip kumar
    hum hain sedhay sadhay akshay

  12. Comment:akshay the best hope it do more than 100cr which would be big achievment despite clash with md

  13. I think
    sunday- 19crore
    monday- 19crore
    tuesdsy- 9crore
    total first week collection of Rustom is
    14+16+19+19+9+8+16crore= 101 crore for sure and it is also sure that it will get the superhit status and then also out side chance to get blockbuster status it us my openion then what will be yours.... tell me friends.

  14. Rustom first day 14.11cr
    second day 16.45cr
    third day 20cr
    fourth day 20c
    fifth day 8cr
    sixth day 8.5cr
    seventh day 16cr
    eighth day 8cr
    ninth day 9cr
    tenth day 10.5 cr
    Total collection till second weekend---130.56cr
    eleventh day 4cr
    twelveth day 3.5 cr
    thirteenth day 3 cr
    Fourteenth day 2.5 cr
    fifteenth day 4cr
    sixtewnth day 4cr
    seventeenth day 4.5
    Total two weeks collection---150.06cr
    third week total 10cr
    total 3 weeks---160.06 lifetime collection
    Verdict ---all time block buster
    note 45 cr budget ...if total collection is three times then of budget then its counted as block buster and if even more than that then its all time block buster

  15. Wooo wht a great time for Akki sir Kiladi 007 in India wait for bif bif and big hit coming soon 2.0 along with Rajani Sir it will be world wide hit ...all the best Akki sir.

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