Rustom Budget, Screen Count, Economics

Rustom Budget, Screen Count, Economics

Akshay Kumar’s Rustom is also releasing this Friday. The film is directed by Tony Desai and produced by Neeraj Pandey. However, the general perception is that Rustom is helmed by Neeraj Pandey.

Rustom Budget:

Producers are yet to provide their official figures. But as per estimates, the film has been made on a budget of 45 crores including production cost and P&A. It does not include Akshay Kumar's fee. Probably it is one of those rare films where a high amount (15 cr) is spent on marketing as compared to production cost (30 cr). Mohenjo Daro production cost is double as compared to Rustom.

Rustom Screen Count:

Rustom will be releasing in around 2300 screens in India. The film has managed a very good number of screens despite the clash and the limited appeal. A lot should be credited the producers who have ensured a wide release, especially in urban centers. (It also includes shared screens with (MD)

Rustom Economics:

As it has been made on a low budget so the recovery will not be any issue. In fact, the makers are already in the profit zone. Akshay Kumar will share a profit in the film's business.

Budget: 45 Cr
Recover Cost: 75 Cr
Hit: 80 Cr
Super Hit: 115 Cr



Rustom is currently super hot as it is having excellent buzz and hype. However, a lot of expectations are being attached to the film unnecessarily. It is a thriller film and will mainly appeal to the multiplex audience mostly. So if Rustom crossed 100 cr, it will be considered as a huge achievement and will be a big hit.

Round Up:



Akshay Kumar,
Tony Desai
Zee Studios
Release Date
12 August 2016
Run Time
148 min
45 Cr
Early Reports


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19 comments on “Rustom Budget, Screen Count, Economics”

  1. if it will do 100cr. business then will be very hard for any actor to beat this record of having 3 , 100cr. movies in a same year.if he start doing only one movie for a year then each of his movies will go 250 to 300 cr.

    1. I m agree with u bro n this is fact if akki does one movie in a year. It will get surely over 200 correct like sallu.

  2. "Probably it is one of those rare films where a high amount (15 cr) is spent on marketing as compared to production cost (30 cr)."

    That shows the confidence of Team Rustom. If the Product was weak, they would have spent lesser amount. If they had spent Rs. 10 Crores lesser, they would have required 20 Crores lesser collection to be in same situation.

    Expecting Masterpiece in Rustom...

  3. Mohenjo Daro and Rustom

    #Boxoffice Prediction- Very difficult to predict Bcz here need to predict two films WOM and its also related to each other.

    #1)If Rustom got Positive WOM nd

    a)If MD got Positive WOM,
    Rustom- 77cr, MD- 167cr(120-190)
    b)If MD got Mixed WOM,
    Rustom- 90. MD- 101(80-120)
    c)If MD got negative WOM
    Rustom- 103, MD- 73(70-100)

    #2)If Mohenjodaro got Positive WOM,

    a)If Rustom got positive WOM,
    Rustom 77, MD 167
    b)If Rustom got Mixed WOM,
    Rustom-64, MD- 170
    c)If Rustom got Negative WOM,
    Rustom-52cr MD- 185cr

    If MD got extra ordinary WOM then 200cr sure.

  4. Comment:they r overpromoting it which shows they don't have confident on their product .on the other hand MD makers promote it like a normal movie and don't think of clash which showd their confident on MOHENJO DARO which is also selected @ international locarno film festival as a closing film

  5. Rustom Box office predictions with:-
    #Negative WOM: 50-55cr (BELOW AVERAGE)
    #Mixed WOM: 60-65 (AVERAGE)
    #Mixed to Positive WOM: 75-80cr(HIT)
    #Positive WOM: 105-115cr (SUPERHIT)
    #Extra-Ordinary WOM: 140cr+ (BLOCBUSTER)

  6. rustom 1 day 12crore 2nd 14c 3rd 17c 4rt 17-18c 5day 9c 6day 8.50c 7day 10 c first week 87.50-88.50crore . big hit

  7. day1 13cr. , day2 15cr. day3 17cr. =45cr. weekend
    day4 18cr. , day5 10cr. day6 8cr. day7 10 cr.=91cr. after 1 week
    second weekend 20cr. and rest 20cr.
    all total 130 to 135 cr.

  8. 1st day - 12 CR
    2nd day - 14 CR
    3rd day - 17 CR
    4th day - 15 CR
    5th day - 7 CR
    6th day - 6 CR
    7th day - 6 CR
    FIRST WEEK - 77* CR
    8th day - 5 CR
    9th day - 6 CR
    10th day - 7 CR
    11th day - 3 CR
    12th day - 2 CR
    100* Crore
    ANOTHER Hit by akki

  9. Every one knows that the budget of rustom is not 45 cr. Akki herself charges 55 cr. So kindly @Bollyarena go and cheat your grand mothers

  10. A lot of expectations are attached unnecessarily? Wow bollyarena, you have already started spreading negativity like u did in HF3.... A 3rd class trailer of Mohenjo Daro n you say it is good. And a fine thriller movie with super hot music creating curiosity to watch the movie. You are saying people are unnecessarily expecting the movie to be good. Shame..
    Please dont post your review on Thursday if you are going to give bad review. It will hamper the day one collection.. For both the movies.

  11. If rustom got positive wom then definitely cross 100 cr. .... phir chahe md ki wom positive q na ho. .... bollyarena fan. .akki ko bahut halke me le rhe ho

  12. Akki ki last 20 month me ye 7 vi movie h... agar akki bhi hritik ki tarah 22 month k baad aa rha hota. . Tab pta chalta. . Baby 97 cr gib 83cr sib 90cr hf3 108cr airlift 127 cr brothers 75 cr total collection 580 crore. ..... all movies r non holiday. .... love u akki. .. aese hi saal me 3-4 movies Krte rhna or apne fans ko entertain Krte rhna. .. others actor ki trh kbhi long wait mt krvana

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