Rustom Box Office Prediction

Rustom Box Office Prediction

Rustom trailer was released today and has received a good response from the audience. However, the film will not have a universal appeal.

Update: Despite being a smaller film Rustom has turned the tables. The marketing team of the film has done an excellent job. Tere Sang Yara song from the album is topping the music charts. It is undoubtedly much hotter film as compared to Mohenjo Daro. But yes the genre is not much favourable as it only appeals towards the multiplex audience. The question will be that whether this buzz will translate into box office collection or not.

Rustom is based on the story of Naval officer KM Nanavati, who shot his wife Sylvia’s lover. The case is considered to be a landmark for Indian judiciary since it was the last case to be heard as a jury trial in India, as the government abolished jury trials post the results of this case. So the story is its biggest USP as it has all ingredients to become a blockbuster. Now it only needs an accurate execution by the director.

Akshay Kumar is in great form recently and has delivered two 100 crore grosser this year. Though his core fan following is single screens of North India, but his recent two release Airlift and Housefull 3 had a very good run at multiplexes too. So full marks to the star factor.

Now coming to the clash with Mohenjo Daro which will be the deciding factor in determining box office fate. HR is coming back after two years while Akshay will have his third release of this year with Rustom. But Mohenjo Daro trailer received a mixed response probably due to the high expectations and Rustom trailer has a much better response.

Rustom is going to appeal towards a specific audience so there is a big chance that both films will work. Rustom is made on a controlled budget and will emerge success with a normal run. However the stakes for Mohenjo Daro are higher and needs something special for emerging hit.

Rustom Box Office Prediction:

1st Day: 12.2


If very good (Excellent word of mouth)
Weekend: 48 Cr
Lifetime: 120 Cr
Verdict: Super Hit


If Mixed (Average)
Weekend: 38 Cr
Lifetime: 75 Cr
Verdict: Semi Hit/Average


If Bad (Worst Case)
Weekend: <30 Cr
Lifetime: <55 Cr
Verdict: Flop


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So stay tuned with us and also write your own Rustom box office prediction in the comments section.

43 comments on “Rustom Box Office Prediction”

  1. Rustom can overcome MD if it has Good WOM and MD has neg to mixed! But i think both movies will do good business! My Prediction for Rutom and MD if both has pos WOM ( Which i think will happen):
    Rustom: Day1: 12cr
    1st weekend: 40-44cr
    1st Week: 65-75cr
    Lifetime: 120-130cr
    Verdict: Blockbuster
    MD: Day1: 22cr
    1st Weekend: 72-80cr
    1st Week: 105-115cr
    Lifetime: 180-210cr
    Verdict: Super- Hit
    Therefore, both of the movies can do good business if it both have Good WOM!

  2. Does not think the way you have explained Rustom has to suffer bcoz of MD
    1 Now a days the 80% collection comes from multiplex and Hrithik has a strong base than Akshay kumar in Multiplex.
    2 Only 20-30% of total audience of multiplex can afford to watch both the films.
    3 Rest audience would mostly prefer MD bcoz of Historical era as we already know that high canvas movie can not be watched on TV
    4 And Hrithik and Akshay both have the fan following in single screen more specifecally Akshay has greater fan base than Hrithik.

  3. Bollyarena How much akshay charges for an movie? Bcoz i heard that budget of Rustom is around 40-45 crore and nowdays its quite difficult to make movie in these budget with established star like akshay kumar

  4. We are not here to please fans but to report. You can disagree with us but it is not fair to accuse of association with a specific camp if something you did not like. The same has happened when we post open letters to the makers of Mohenjo Daro.


    Team Bollywood Arena

    1. At the time of "all is well" u prediict 2cr(negetive wom), 4cr(mixed), 6cr(positive).As per u word of mouth effect on 1st day is 200%. so funny.

  5. Whatever said accepted from different point of views....my final prediction based on the trailer response and number of screens as mentioned is that it will certainly cross 100 Crs within two weeks of time and further run will be bonus. Worldwide biz obviously will be 200+ Crs.

  6. Rustom will collect more on 15 August than MD
    If both movies get equal screen count Rustom will be winner


  8. hmm i agree with bollywood arena if ny movie did not get sufficient screen then how they will open 15 or 20 corore thts common sense nd we all know ritik is bigger star compare to akki thts establish true but after opening weekend content will work nd that tim rustam take lead lik bajirao mastani

  9. According to Me Rustom can Touch 90Cr. Easily, if WOM is Excellent it can go till 120Cr.

  10. rustam box office collection
    1st day 13 cr.
    2nd day 15 cr.
    3rd day 17cr. weekend 45cr.
    4th day 15th august 15 to 20 cr.
    5th day 7.5 cr.
    6th day 7cr.
    7th day rakhi holiday 10cr. ( 1week total 75 to 80 cr.)
    8th day 3.5cr.
    9th day 4cr.
    10th day 6cr.
    11th day 2 cr.
    12th day 1.90cr.
    13th day 2.10 cr.
    14th day janmastmi holiday 3.5 cr. ( total after second week 95 to 100cr.)
    after third week all time box office will be (105 to 110 cr.) third 100cr. club movie for akshay this year
    and yes mohanjodaro box office collection will be ( 150 to 160) both will be hit

    mark my word this will be actual figure

  11. India has 4500-5000+ Odd screens [Inc. A+B+C Centres] that runs Hindi Cinemas during a Festival release.Even if Rustom Manages to Get 2200-2300 nd MD 2700-2800.Even in Case of Dilwale vs BM it was 2800[Dilwale] vs 2300[BM] and Even AIRLIFT released on 2300 odd screens and there is no Doubt after the Super Success of AIRLIFT and Housefull3 and given Akki is a Superstar and has much more following compared to Ranveer ,so 2200-2300 Screens for RUSTOM is the least.

    Rustom Trailer has been appreciated more than Airlift as Likes/Dislikes Ratio of RUSTOM >> Airlift which itself was Huge.Secondly Airlift was a Slow Drama where as RUSTOM would be a Fast Paced Edgy Thriller.Airlift had only one Good Song "Soch Na Sake" where as RUSTOM has 5-6 Songs that too frm d likes of Arijit Singh,Ankit Tiwari,Atif .If the Song "Tain Hai" played in d Background of #RustomTrailer sung by Ankit Tiwari is any indication...Songs Gonna be Huge.AIRLIFT was moderately promoted movie....where as RUSTOM would be Promoted in a Big way if last few days are any indication at a time when Akshay kumar i away nd wait for coming week as New song releases on 6th or 9thJuly with Akki coming in ..Plus its Clash with MD that too in a INDEPENDENCE DAY with it Patriotic theme nicely blends with RUSTOM.

    So once for all RUSTOM wld be Bigger than AIRLIFT in terms of Target Audience nd appeal and similar Release Size ..no All Chances of it Becoming a Super Hit entering 100Crs as its made on 35-40Crs as its Akki Co-Production.

  12. Hahaha Bollywood arena the trailer of rustom is out baby.
    Watch the trailer first then predict .

  13. So @bollyarena according to you Rustom will lack universal appeal...!!!!!
    Then what about MJD do u think single screens audiences will be interested in seeing flying crocs on screen???

  14. Akshay kumar is had been dominated the industry from 25 years and hritik only from 15 years so who is bigger star akshay or hritik tell bollyarena, reply if you have courage

  15. @bollyarena, thank you for this article. Aa per my calculations too movie will not cross 100 cr, and which I publish on my fb yesterday only. Have liked the promo as its really gripping at the same time its has shown it drawbacks.
    1. Extra marital afair:- will not go well with aam janta of India. Hence family audience will not go for it.
    2. Trailer itself made is clear that it will cter to niche audience rathe only top 4 metros.
    3. Even in metros it will cater to young adults (age group 27-40). Which prefers to watch movies only in evening shows and not only friday and sunday. As they are mostly busy in corpprate/social parties.
    4. Stiff competition from mohadjodaro- which is a love story and presents a very fresh backdrop of old age.
    5. Popularity of HR is way bigger than AK and content of MJ wil attract every age group.

    Considering all this, according to me anything above 80cr is extra bonus.

  16. If you don't like our updates, please don't visit BollyArena. From now on any harsh/abusive comments will not be allowed and users will be blocked. Only healthy discussion will be appreciated.

  17. Akshay kumar popularity is bigger than hritik since akshay dominated industry by 26 years

  18. The trailer of rustom is the plus point of the movie and it will easily collect very good numbers and will become superhit....
    Ak is looking dashing and very good looking so if songs were good then movie will get a bumper opening of 10cr....and if content is appreciated then 100cr is possible for the movie.....

    On the other hand if mahenjodaro is liked then it has potential to cross 200cr and even 250cr is possible.....

    So best of luck hr for Md and an for rustom.....

  19. RUSTOM-
    Opening: 10-11cr
    weekend: 36-42cr
    week: 66-72cr
    week 2: 20-24cr
    week 3: 12-15 cr
    lifetime: 98-110cr
    ( when both md and rustom get +ve reviews
    otherwise it can go 10-15 crores higher or lower....)

  20. I REJECT your predictions.
    I am sure you will make some ACCEPTABLE predictions on 11th Aug...

  21. Why compare with mohanjodaro...akki is the khiladi of bollywood. ..He deserves for it. ..and also entered 100 crs in same year....2016... no one can do....Ruston collection it's around 135-140 crs.....

  22. mj has a run time of approx 3 hr. and rustom 2hr ....
    it means despite less screens it will have equal no of shows so why collection gap is that much high

  23. Comment:Rustom 200cr. (lifetime collection)- Blockbuster
    than mohanjodaro 89cr.(lifetime collection)-semi-hit
    akki is the great ......,

  24. Day 1: 12-13
    Day 2: 15-16
    Day 3: 18-19
    Day 4: 17-18 (15th August but Next Day working)
    Day 5: 7
    Day 6: 8 (Parsi New Year)
    Day 7: 10 (Raksha Bandhan)

    Week 1: 88-92
    Lifetime: 120+

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