Rustom 5th Day Box Office Collection

Rustom 5th Day Box Office Collection: Rustom collection has been steady on Tuesday. The single screens had a considerable fall however the multiplexes were solid in the evening shows. According to the early estimates, Rustom 5th day box office collection will be in the range of 7.70 crore.

Rustom 5th Day Box Office Collection Estimates

Akshay Kumar starrer has a huge Monday so the more than usual drop can be expected on Tuesday. The start was slow but once again the evening shows had a good turnaround which helped Rustom collection to sustain. As it is a multiplex oriented film which tends to perform better in the evening. The multiplexes were steady but the single screens have fallen further. East Punjab is doing terrific and it will soon enter into the top 3 grossers of 2016 here.

Rustom 5th day collection is a very good result. Though the film is not up to mark in mass centers, however the multiplexes can drive this film forward in coming weeks too. The growth in the second weekend will tell us a better picture where this film is going to land in the final run.

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Rustom box office collection in 5 days will be 75 crore and it is heading for the highest 1st week grosser for Akshay Kumar. Despite the clash and mixed reviews, Rustom has lived up to the expectations. It has received a decent response from the audience too. The film has already recovered all its investment in the first five days itself and now has started to generate the profit too. Iy has emerged hit at the box office and there is a solid chance that it can go on to become super hit.

Meanwhile, in overseas, it has been doing terrific business in Pakistan and Gulf. It has crossed the 100 crore mark at the worldwide box office

Rustom 5th Day Collection (Tuesday)

7.70 Crore



Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
75.93 Cr


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  1. MD review:
    Mohenjo Daro is a superb movie and god knows why ppl are spreading negativity about the movie. The story is so good and beautiful. The movie is fast paced and is very enjoyable. The VFX is not upto the mark but isn't as bad as ppl are saying. Ashutosh Gowariker's directing is so good and the editing of the movie is also good. The climax is marvellous!  Pooja Hegde was graceful  and stunning. Hrithik Roshan's acting is the best, like WOW! He should be receiving all the awards. The action scenes are well shot and has been executed superbly! Overall this is one of the best movies of this year and should be treated like one. I urge everyone to watch this movie and support it as there has been so much of handwork involved in it!  Please watch both Rustom and MD as both should be supported. My rating for the movie is 4/5!

    1. Please stop copy pasting same comment again and again.If it is really a superb movie then you will not need to post same comment again and again.

  2. Tahshir bhai your Comments are true but furzy fan crying unnecessary please going for md and enjoy a good movie. MD is movie of the year

  3. @Tahsir bro Same feeling bro..... I was saying the same things since 12th Aug.... But.. Some people dont care.... I am still surprised how critics labelling it as a bad film..... Just like u said only god knows....

  4. I am a fan of akshay but mohenjodaro is a superb movie!!! hope it would sustain well and earn more than 80 crores and rustom would surpass airlift record

  5. Tahshir bhai your comments are really true but some furzy fan crying unnecessary please please please going for md and enjoy a fantastic movie these type of movie. Coming a long time do not miss

  6. Rustom bhi ab mushkil se kamaegi...6cr...7cr early estimate but actual 6-6.5 Cr....don't be angry ...don't feel baad.it's my View....OK...rustom is good movie....

  7. we indian people like same old masala movies. Nobody appreciate creativity. If there was SRK or Amir khan in MD. Supperb film.

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