Rustom 4th Day Box Office Collection: Official Figures

Rustom 4th Day Box Office Collection: Akshay Kumar’s latest release continues to roar big at the box office. As per the official figures, Rustom 4th day collection will be around 17.81 crore. The National holiday of Independence Day gave a huge boost to Rustom collection especially in the first half of the day.

Rustom 4th Day Box Office Collection Estimates

Rustom has managed to tickle the bone of the audience and is faring excellently at the box office. After the opening weekend, it got the benefit of the holiday on its first Monday which has made it one of the best trending films of 2016. The trend is on par with one of Akshay's best-received film Airlift.

The morning shows were higher as compared to yesterday and it literally went houseful in the noon shows. The North India rocked big time again where all shows were sold out even at the single screens. Later on, there were drops reported in the evening shows. Rustom collection can fall further in the night as tomorrow is a working day.

Rustom 4th day collection will be among the top 5 highest Monday collection ever in the history of Bollywood. It is almost an unbelievable achievement as earlier Akshay did not have a single film in the top 10. More surprising is the fact that he has achieved this feat with a film like Rustom which did not have universal appeal, clashed with a big budget film and also received mixed reviews. But the National holiday worked in favor of Rustom.

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Rustom box office collection in 4 days will be over 68 crores. The first week is looking to be the highest ever for any Akshay Kumar starrer. It will be an extraordinary result overall. Rustom Monday collection is also the highest of this year but that would be unfair to compare as it was a holiday.

The box office performance on Tuesday and Wednesday has become important in recent days. If the film maintains a 40% hold on Tuesday, it will ensure that it will get a super hit tag as there is one more partial holiday on Thursday.

Rustom 4th Day Collection (Monday)

17.65 Crore



Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
68.23 Cr


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27 comments on “Rustom 4th Day Box Office Collection: Official Figures”

  1. Watched MD today and this is my review. Will be watching Rustom tmrw.
    Mohenjo Daro is a superb movie and god knows why ppl are spreading negativity about the movie. The story is so good and beautiful. The movie is fast paced and is very enjoyable. The VFX is not upto the mark but isn't as bad as ppl are saying. Ashutosh Gowariker's directing is so good and the editing of the movie is also good. The climax is marvellous!  Pooja Hegde was graceful  and stunning. Hrithik Roshan's acting is the best, like WOW! He should be receiving all the awards. The action scenes are well shot and has been executed superbly! Overall this is one of the best movies of this year and should be treated like one. I urge everyone to watch this movie and support it as there has been so much of handwork involved in it!  Please watch both Rustom and MD as both should be supported. My rating for the movie is 4/5!

    1. I think because the expectation was very high was downfall for this film and also you mention th vfx was poor and at this stage and that budget I expected more, but the film is ok, the acting of all cast were great , and also the story doesn't give you much

    2. Monday independence day rustom 19.50cr official confirmed....but there are few sites who they work for khans like boi..was trying from the release of this movie how will we show less collection. from last three days they maintain with the other box office analyses but today they have shown ther true colour. According to all the anlayses rustom has crossed 70cr in first 4 days....boi no we have to cut 2.5cr...unless it will quickly cross ther fav haklas movie...

  2. Akshay has proven himself again..........#rustomrocks...
    Rip those who used to say ... akshay has bad choice in movies..

  3. Wow ....!!!
    but how much it needs to collect to be tagged BLOCKBUSTER... ?
    @Bolly arena

  4. Comment:frankingly speaking I thought today it will score 15 to 16.but 19 is outstanding..

  5. From 2mrw real test start for both film.let's see what will be the Faith of the movies.bstflk......

  6. Agar khas ke.jaisi 4500screen par release hoti to 250cr.pakka hoti is pta jalta hai.ki akki is real king.in bollywood 2 monts and big clash only 2300screen par akkki sir no 1 mega star in bolwood

  7. I don't know why people r doing negative publicity of Mohen jo daro movie .in fact.hrithik nd Gowarikr have done remarkable work .the movie carried good story .good dialogue ,action scene after all best climax.l had good taste of movie s watching from long tym actually it is best movie of 2016 up to yet .l m not in any body s favour but a person doing spending his 2 years for making a good movie should not be at all treated like this.Atleast you first watch the movie nd than post out any comments .before spreading ny negative view make sure it can be u or any body that can be criticized for ur best work.

  8. Wathced MD Today, I've just wasted 320rs. for a bullshit movie. they shown 2016 BC but their looks are like 21st century and dressup is like 19th century and they have some funny kind of accessories . climax is only plus point, and the whole movie is totally crap.

  9. Kumar Mangat bought Rustom all india distribution rights in 39 crore. and recovered only in four days so this is the proof how much big hit is rustom.

  10. Im big akki fan but dont abuse the creativity of film wether akkis rustom or mj..the only thing i did not like about mj was actress make up and clothing. They could have kept look of actress small town girl with no make up...apart from that evrything was ok to great no complaints about akkis rustom it was great film with fabulous act....

  11. Mohan is greater movie than rustom.but i don't know why people are doing negative publicity for mohenjodaro and hritik sir.

  12. Outstanding performance by akshay Kumar. It will be broke akshay's all record.it will be 135 crore .

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