Rustom 2nd Week Box Office Collection

Rustom 2nd Week Box Office Collection

Rustom has done good business in the second week. There was no major competition at the box office as there was only one release Happy Bhaag Jayegi which did well in Delhi/NCR and East Punjab only.

Rustom 2nd Week Box Office Collection

Rustom box office collection in the second week will be 26.11 crores. As reported earlier it got the benefit of the holiday on Wednesday and Thursday as the collections went up. In North India, the film has performed best as compared to the rest. In the third week, A Flying Jatt is not posing much of a threat as of now. Thus it can have another two weeks run at the box office.

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Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
1st Week
90.90 cr
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Day 12
Day 13
Day 14
2nd Week
26.11 cr
117.01 Cr


Also, tell us what are your thoughts on Rustom 2nd week box office collection (2nd Wednesday) in the comments section.

14 comments on “Rustom 2nd Week Box Office Collection”

  1. Relax Akshay fans, your superstar can't even cross 140 cr and you're happy as if he had crossed 300 cr ^^

      1. This excuse is rubbish, Salman created Eid, SRK created Diwali and Aamir created Christmas... Before them, nobody cared about holiday. Akshay doesn't deserve a big holiday, he's a superstar, not a megastar.

        1. Oh buddy... just see this was his third release and if som1 still manages to pull audiences into theatres and grabs whopping 100 crores, he is surely some1 , to whom producers will always have an eye. Also, at the age of 48, he is still having stamina comparable to varun, ranveer etc. that he is able to give time to 3-4 films per year.
          Let's appreciate Khans but also remember they don't have courage to come thrice a year. Trust me darling , they can not! ;)

  2. He no need to cross 300cr. It was his third movie of the year so if movie does 125cr. That awesome job done by him

  3. Salman and akshay are both best actors in their own league. Akshay does more than two films a year and still manages to pull crowd to cinemas and puts up good number. This year he has done 3 movies and 3 100 crore. He may not be able to do 140-150 because number of releases he does. And there is a reason why he does 2 or more movies a year because producers see him as a bankable star. On the other hand Salman does one movie and sometimes two and it becomes biggest hit of the year because he releases him movie on festival, after a long gap of months. So you can not compare two actors who are good in third own league and are important to Bollywood. People who are making these silly comments about akshay and Salman and comparing them are those people who go to cinema to watch Hollywood movies and help those movies get better collection than Bollywood in India. Because these people will only go to watch movies of their favourite actor not based on good story.

  4. Now I want to say every khan fans that our akki has great courage to release his different types movies without any Holidays and his movies accept everyone,so stop every thing about akki;So guys request your khan's for release their different type movies -Mark my word;without any EID,DIWALI or CHRISTMAS,because it is long n very long weekend's OK,then talk to me.

  5. Another 2weeks run ...
    That's nice bro...
    130 Crores plus is achievable..
    1st week 90.9
    2nd week 26.1
    3rd week 10
    4th week 4

  6. Khans took a lot of time to come to a comfortable zone of giving 1 film per year and that made them enter into 200/300 cr Club. But before that , what?
    They didn't even get the hit status when they released their films frequently.(Ex- shades was a flop, though kal ho na ho was avg.)
    And Akki even at this age of 48 is able to act in 3-4 movies per year and is able to still get crowds into the theatres to make up 100 crores. So, believe in him man.
    And Khans don't have courage to come up 3-4 times a year. Trust me darling, they can not! ;)

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