Rohit Shetty talks about Dilwale box office performance

In a recent interview with Deccan Chronicles, Rohit discusses the lack of critical acclaim for his brand of filmmaking and how that affects him, the pressure to meet box office numbers and why he just wants to be left alone to make his kind of films.

When he was asked that his die hard fans have not like Dilwale, he said," See, my film is a five to six-ticket film — it’s a family which watches the film. So the husband or wife may not like the film, but the children do. You have to deal with it that way. I am not claiming to make something that will change cinema. I am making a product that caters to children and family audiences and there’s nothing wrong in that.

Talking about the box office numbers he revealed," It’s too much pressure... I remember during the Golmaal days, the film hadn’t opened well, but at that time I was quite relaxed. There were no eyes on me. Now I get really nervous about what will happen. But that only lasts three days and then I’m quite settled. The stakes are so high — and appreciation I won’t get — so everyone waits for the box office collection. Dilwale didn’t get a start, so I was worried about the film opening at first. But we holding strong even after losing so much of business.

I don’t know… the market is such (that), I don’t want to take names, but some films that are critically acclaimed are not doing that great business. When I say ‘market’, I am talking about the audience.

Dilwale didn’t open well because there was Bajirao Mastani and we had a ban to contend with, but on the Web, we’re ranked as having the third biggest opening this year. So what happened? It is quite scary. There were great films this year — films that have worked with the critics but not with the audience and vice versa. We all need to sit and analyse what happened with the Indian market.


Via Deccan Chronicles

4 comments on “Rohit Shetty talks about Dilwale box office performance”

  1. Rohit Shetty just one advice after reading your interview. Just accept that you made a crap film and how do you expect the audience to take your crap. Don't blame it on limited screens , ban etc. Even bajirao mastani had the same problem lesser screens and there were protests but BM is a much better film and that's why it is doing very well . Bina matlab ke cars udate ho aap.This was your worst film ever.

  2. Rohit Shetty your film chennai express and Dilwale were not good films. But Goolmaal, singham and their sequels are good to some extents.

  3. The fact is Dilwale is the worst film of Shahrukh Khan & Kajol combo.The film clearly showed that Rohit Shetty was under tremendous pressure to succeed at the box office after hitting one blockbuster after another.Also with Sharukh,Kajol & Varun Dhavan,if he fails he is to be blamed.So he had everything to lose.So in order to make a good & entertaining film with such great star actors at his disposal,he tried to make a safe film.The film may be a hit as far as box office is concerned,but Rohit Shetty has surely lost his goodwill after delivering such a crap.Remind me of later films of Manmohan Desai & Prakash Mehra who became victims of their own formula which led to their downfall.

  4. Rohit sir we all audience love to see ua directed flim ups and down comes in evry film some go very hit and some may go to disaster level but seeing your profile from ua directorial debut film till dilwale all were fabulous even tough sunday and 1 more flim didnt stood well in the box office but it was enough to see ua comedy and action in both the flims my most awaited next flim is golmaal 4 is there any planning going on for this so please please fullfilled it soooooonnnn.......

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