Rohit Shetty is the King Kong of masala entertainers: Ranveer Singh

A few days ago Rohit Shetty announced his new film starring Ranveer Singh. The film titled as Simmba is a collaboration of Karan Johar with Rohit Shetty.

Ranveer in an interview to Grazia India talked about the director Rohit Shetty. “I am damn excited about the coming year. I always wanted to do a balls-out entertainer and who better to do it with than Rohit Shetty. We have a great chemistry because we are both lovers of masala, and he’s the boss, the King Kong of that genre. It’s a privilege to be foraying into this genre with him.”

Ranveer also feels that he has some kind of a personality disorder because he can dissolve into any character, but is still discovering who he really is.

“I have some kind of personality disorder - an identity crisis to some mild degree. My entire life is an exploration of who I really am. Through playing these different characters, I try and understand myself better. I can be mercurial-one way a certain day, another the very next day. It’s a definitive quality of an actor- they are moody. When you manipulate your own moods for a living, it can make your moods, your choices and your demeanour very erratic. I am different things on different days which is amazing as an actor, but hazardous personality.”

Simmba will release on 28 December 2018.

25 comments on “Rohit Shetty is the King Kong of masala entertainers: Ranveer Singh”

    1. Bollarena bro tumhe nahi lgta thugs of Hindustan bhut zyada risky project hai ?
      Movie bhale achaa ho Lekin shayad indian audience Ko ye nahi pachegi ..pirates of Caribbean 5 India me bas 25cr kamaya baki Hollywood ke mukabla bhut kam

      Mujhe Aisa hi lag rha ye movie bhut se indian audience accept nahi kregi .. multiplex me chalega ..or diwali me SB entertainment movie dekhna chahte hai .total dhamaal clash hi Gaya to Bura haal Hoga ..PLZZ answer

  1. Worst film of prestigious 200 crore club is Golmaal again. FAN was 100 times better film than nonsensical GA .but audience is interested in nonsensical masala entertainers.

    1. Dude now even inception is infinity times better than fan or ga..bt is ppl going to see it in india??even if aamir acted it would be failure in india..and as the indians like films should ve made in that way..
      We have world class directors like raju and anand who gave gems..rohit is a master and knows indian pulse..haider or omkara was way better than ga in terms of quality..bt entertainment..ga was one of the best i have seen in lst years..no pint in making films like bombay velvet,rangoon,jhms..cause they are indian ppl and make films preferring to them..ppl like vishal and anurag seem to live in different world where they think rangoon and bv are family films..lol

    2. @prashant

      Nice one man!! What a coincidence Both our WORST prestious elite 200 cr movies are directed by the same Director only different starcasts ?

      1. Anyway... Happy for Ranveer especially being my best upcoming Superstar by miles!! this movie will be bang.. Ranveer is a good learner and Rohit gives you the avenue to express yourself... They will definitely do a good job... Excited!!

  2. That's what I wanted to say ☝
    Bollyarena hit it right now..

    Rohit Shetty is the Biggest commercial director of all time.....
    Then parineeti now Ranveer.....
    Everyone acknowledges it......
    Even though I am not fond of Masala entertainers but ROHIT is the Biggest Mass Director ever...
    Rohit ZINDABAD ✌✌✌✌

    1. @Temp this is last one to u from my side.....

      I have nothing against u as long as u r not against Akki n me......

      I know everyone has different views n aspects n I don't expect u or want u to buy into my views n vice versa coz I speak Truth.....

      I don't to trouble all the users here at ur expense.......

      Signing off now......

      1. Smart and wise move.

        Am not @bollyarena to suit your requirements, good you keep than in your mind, though.

        What I can say is that will be myself as always but will never start trolling Akki sir 1st or for no reason that's a guarantee to all the Akkians out there as I don't consider you as one. Nothn personal from my side tho.

        1. *But will not be the 1st to say anything against Akshay. Or for no reason start trolling him.*

  3. But listen
    Golmaal 2 Golmaal 4 worst ..dilwlae all the best bol bachane average
    Rohit Ko comedy ki jagah action movie banana chahiye

    1. SRK believes in fake awards show...
      bcz his all filmfare awards are won fake....& srk fan...
      1.Amir kabhi nahi jata...
      2.salman kabhi apne hato se leta..nahi
      3.Akshay kumar inki openly bajata h..
      4.Ajay Devgn never interested.
      5.Hritick ki acting >>>>>>>>>>>>1000times better than srk.

      so one & only fake star srk & his fake awards....

  4. Hum ko maloom hai apko personality disorder hai

    simbaa toh dwarf ko khattam karega

    1. @Temp comment on Kaalakandi article ?

      12/07/2017 at 5:15 PM
      Also.. You don’t tell me who to bash who not too… I speak my mind be it anyone… (((((((?Despite your fans saying they gonna ignore Salman n Aamir fans)))))))))… I personally wanted to address, @tiger but when I saw floods of Ajay names in all the comments that followed just changed the whole scenario! Tho was never surprised. In my conclusive paragraph I even stated personally I believe Akki has 3 cos have never been a fan of Boi…((((((((((? Nor am I those that leaves Boi verdicts and collections and use other sources as back up if it does not favor my actor if not since I would have like 4-5 major TRADE SITES wit my actors numbers of centuries)))))))))… Koimoi hungama adds indicine box office capsules Hindustan times.. But never did I cause all along just for this site users who always wanted Boi figures for some actors I just danced to their tunes just for here but now if you guys deviate from Boi and choose the least followed site as sources… What’s that? Is it fair??

      See this guy (Highlighted one☝) unnecessarily bringing me indirectly in the discussion while I have nothing to do with their chat.......

      Show me the comment where I referred him indirectly unnecessarily on any chat.....

      If he doesn't like my comments or views he can simply ignore me rather than showing his frustration here...

      Signing off....

      1. Today over 10 articles only for me??
        Thanks mate!!

        What proof do you have I was referring to @2.0 2000cr?? If you were in a military or Civilian court... I would have filed easily a charge for Character Assassination!!
        Is that a proof?? ? I would not even have to get a lawyer.. Just like how Akki did in Rustm fighting his case I would've done the same and prove you wrong with those excerpts of mine?.

        Kidding, But I mean just grow up one day man. I even started appreciating every single word I wrote.. So straight so matured... Thanks for retweeting it. More pls?

        1. Since morning till this time you want to say it is because of that ☝. Gosh you are so sick.. ? pls treat yourself 2.0 earlier the better. Me too am signing off.. Don't want to make it a routine for the users. Just stay within your jurisdiction... I stay where I have always stayed!! Good luck

      2. This one was just to show u the mirror as I had ignored ur comments previously.......

        Now just go ahead with whatever u have.........

  5. In December 2015 , Dilwale vs BM clash Ranveer was on the winning side because he had Sanjay Bhansali in his side .
    In December 2018 Dwarf and Simmba will release 1 week apart.But this time Ranveer will be on losing side because SRK have Anand Rai in his side.

    1. Dilly door nhi P/Abhi dekhte hai !!!!!!hum new generation se hai (main aapni baat kar rha hu ) Hum tou Ran-Veer ko sport karenge jung jeete ya hare !!!!!!! SRK sir unke time main king they (BW) ke but ab wo baat nhi rahi un main !!!!!! but best wishes for both !!!

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