Rocky Handsome Budget, Screen Count, Economics

Rocky Handsome Budget, Screen Count

Rocky Handsome budget

Johan Abraham's action thriller film Rocky Handsome is arriving this Friday.


Rocky Handsome Budget:

The film has been made on a budget of approx 40 crore including production cost and marketing. ( Official Numbers Awaited)

Rocky Handsome Screen Count:

The makers are planning to release the film in around 2500-2600 screens. It will be a pretty good number as there will be a holiday on Friday. So the film can take full advantage of that.

Rocky Handsome Economics:

The film will recover cost after collecting in the range of 45 crore and will be considered a hit if it crosses 55 crore.


The early reviews are on the positive side but the reports from distributors are mixed for Rocky Handsome. Though the makers are planning previews on Thursday which means that they are confident of their product. It can be a tricky move as if the response is positive, it will help to spread positive word of mouth.

Keeping in mind all these factors, we expect Rocky Handsome to open around 25% on Friday.

Round Up:


Rocky Handsome

John Abraham, Shruti Hassan
Nishikant Kamat
Johan Abraham
Release Date
25 March 2016
Run Time
126 min
40 Cr
Early Reports


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2 comments on “Rocky Handsome Budget, Screen Count, Economics”

  1. It should have been a 40 cr even if it got mixed reviews but now KndSons and Batman v Superman will cost huge lose for them. Hope it will receive great reviews and will be a success.

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