Robot 2.0 Teaser 3D Review

Robot 2.0 Teaser Review

Robot 2.0 is one of the most awaited Indian films. Despite being made in South, it has huge anticipation in Bollywood too thanks to the presence of Akshay Kumar.

2.0 Teaser was launched in 3D. It was not a proper teaser but more of a graphical introduction. But still, there was a lot of symbolism there. We will try to interpret it for you.

The tagline of the movie is "The world is not only for Humans" indicating the presence of Robot/Supernatural powers. Thus it could be the battle between two superheroes/villains.

In the movie, Earth seems to be under threat from an evil Dr. Richard (played by Akshay Kumar). He is a raven like mutant who wants to invade Earth (raven is a form of crow). Now it is up to the Chitti (Rajinikanth) to save the world. Akshay Kumar was seen at the start but there was no full-fledged image of Rajinikanth in the promo. There are no dialogues in the teaser. The background score of AR Rahman seems to be great.

But here is an interesting twist that we would like to break for you. Not only Akshay Kumar but Rajinikanth's character will also have gray shades. Rajinikanth also said the same at the launch. He also revealed that Akshay Kumar is the real hero of Robot 2.0

In the teaser, a Robot bullet attacks a Raven's feather. There can be two interruptions for that. It could mean that artificial intelligence can attack natural subjects. Thus Rajinikanth could turn out be a bigger villain.

There are many cultural depictions of ravens. In Game of Thrones Raven is considered to be a symbol of God. However, in Tamil Nadu, it is associated with evil. So Robot 2 can also be about the traditional good vs evil battle.

As 2.0 teaser is in 3D so you need to have 3D glasses to watch it. The normal promo could be released later on You Tube. The film is completely shot in 3D and will be released in both 2D and 3D formats simultaneously. As it is more of an introduction promo, so we cannot rate it. However, it is surely going to set new benchmarks in Indian cinema.

Have you watched the teaser? Do write your Robot 2.0 teaser review in the comments section.

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  1. what a site this is......earlier claimed bajarangi won on baahubali now akshay as hero......if rajni said akshay is hero akshay said I was very excited at its biggest acheivment to share screen with rajni then y u didnt mention that....racist bastards....first get to know difference between teaser,trailer,firstlook.its just first look an ordinary poster but u dont know differnce and claiming it as teaser how can like u maintain a sit and comment on movies..rajni and akshay was shown equally but highligted rajni name again n again.....raccist feeling jealous as bollywood cant make this kind and trying to give credit to akshay

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